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Freeport City Highlights

  • Pro
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     Beautiful beaches 

  • Con
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     Too many tourists! 

  • In a nutshell
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     An ok vacation, there are better options for your money 

Freeport City Things to Do

  • Snorkeling reef from a deserted beach

    If you're looking for an inexpensive way to get out and snorkel a great reef teeming with sea life in Freeport, then visit Paradise Cove. It is the only sign of civilization on this side of the Island. Paradise cove has the most welcoming group of employees. They can supply the equipment at a small fee, and then you go through a small introduction...

  • Snorkeling in Freeport, Bahamas

    We were in Freeport for just a day, and I knew I wanted to be in that beautiful, blue water! We took a snorkel excursion through Carnival Cruise Lines, and went out on a catamaran called Seaduction. Everything was so perfect - the weather was beautiful, and the water was so clear. And when we got into the water, it was ever BETTER!I have never seen...

  • Beaches are the Other Reason to Go Here

    There are a lot of beaches and resorts along the water coastline to see. One of those was Paradise Bay, in a cove about 10 miles from Freeport harbor. They offer stays in the motel, snorkeling, diving, fishing, and much more. But the main goal is to sit in the sand and jump in the water now and then

  • International Bazaar

    I did not get a good pic on the way by these shops, located in between Freeport harbor for cruise ships and Lucaya town. The prices are more on the high end, and there is a casino there besides. From what I heard, this again includes many items found elsewhere that may be more reasonable in price.

  • Cruise Boats for a Ride

    There are a few boats that take you for a slow trip out to the ocean for 3-4 hours and see the coastline with motels and resorts along the way. The cost is ranging from $25-45 for most boats. They are located in Lucaya harbor. The cruise ships can arrange the tour for you to take.

  • Semi Submersible Boat

    This is another feature that you can take for a 3 hour ride. It is a boat that is half submerged, and you stand in the center and watch the underwater scenery go by through portholes, or open window type setting. Price for the ride is $40.


Freeport City Hotels

Freeport City Restaurants

  • Jovaninis, Ltd.

    This is a tiny restaurant, so either make reservations or go really early. It is small and informal, but has really good food that is not expensive. The first time we were there, 6 couples were celebrating something, and the table stretched almost the full width of the restaurant. They wanted pictures taken of the whole group, so I did that (4...

  • Fat Man's Nephew

    This is NOT in Freeport City. It is in Lucaya Marketplace. On our previous visit this restaurant was being remodeled. It is upstairs over another restaurant. This time, we ate here when we were both groggy from being up for 36 hours. We were early for dinner and could sit on the rail and look out at the harbor and marina. The service was a little...

  • Eat Where the Locals Eat! YUM!

    We asked a local who was selling stuff at the entrance to Lucaya National Park. She said the food was good and the seafood fresh and fresh-made. She directed us to go to the third stoplight on the way back (just before the Mall road where the International bazaar is) and turn left, and it would be two buildings down on the right. We found it with...


    1. Shoney's-Quality FoodActually, this is being unfair to Shoney's Restaurants. Shoney's food is at least edible.2. Menu MisprintsBe sure to ask if the description on the menu matches what you will actually receive. Numerous "Misprints." When you order an item and it arrives not as described, it's the customer fault. Just ask the manager who...

  • Save money on food

    The food in the Sheraton and Wyndham is very overpriced. Head right across the street to Port Lucaya for a variety of food at much more reasonable prices. There is everything from fast food to formal dining! Enjoy! Excellent food at the Greek restaurant - I think it is called Zorba's. Anywho it is the only greek place in place - great service and...

  • Italian with Bahamian overtones

    This is a tiny restaurant, so either make reservations or go really early. It is small and informal, but has really good food that is not expensive. The first time we were there, 6 couples were celebrating something, and the table stretched almost the full width of the restaurant. They wanted pictures taken of the whole group, so I did that (4...


Freeport City Transportation

  • Take the local Shuttle to Lucaya town

    Local buses are available from Freeport harbor where cruise ships dock to Lucaya town; about 10 miles away. Price is $5 each way, and usually crowded when a cruise ship arrive to port. We were offered free transportation by Carnival line because this was not a stop planned for the cruise. They had to dock here to repair a propeller thruster that...

  • Taxis

    If coming by cruise ship, taxis from the harbour into town or to Port Lucaya will cost $5 per person. The taxis are minivans and the friendly drivers will give you a nice tour and talk about Freeport and Grand Bahama during the drive. It takes about 15 minutes to get from the harbour to Port Lucaya.

  • Quebec Air

    This airline ceased to exist in 1988. It mostly flew in Quebec with a couple of flights to Toronto and the US. They also did charters such as the one we took in Feb. 1975.


Freeport City Shopping

  • International Bazaar

    The International Bazaar is a shopping area in Freeport with all kinds of shops from jewelry and clothing to souvenirs and liquors. There are a few restaurants located there, and a casino.The International Bazaar was closed due to hurricane damage during my visit. We drove by slowly with our taxi driver who said it is very popular when it is open.

  • The big pagoda

    The international Bazaar is, I am told, the place to go for souveneir shopping. I didn't stop by, but others ont he trip told me there is a pretty big selection and a lot of haggling going on.Look for the big pagoda. Souveneirs, novelties, party tircks (Okay, that is my "Top Secret" reference for this page) Sometimes way too much, haggle, haggle,...

  • Freeport City Hotels

    20 Hotels in Freeport City

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Freeport City Local Customs

  • A costumed Show for the Tourists

    When a cruise ship docks here, of which there are over 200 annually, they locals dress up in costume and walk around beating drums and indigenous musical instruments. It is load, and flashy, but also colorful. The noise can be unbearable while you are trying to concentrate on buying trinkets. It keeps up for a couple of hours for each ship coming...

  • Kindness

    When I was mopeding around, the local people were so nice. Everytime I stopped to check out the map, at least one person stopped to ask if I needed directions. The accuracy and detail of their directions was amazing!

  • Absolutely do not bring...

    Absolutely do not bring anything live or that has lived with you if you want to get through Customs without a lot of hassle. We had a plastic orange that had held juice and the Customs officer made us unload the whole plane looking for produce. I felt like a drug smuggler.


Freeport City Warnings and Dangers

  • Tacky Monuments Abound

    The flavor for classy statuary and sculpted pieces lack on the island. The closest thing to a fountain for display is Freeport harbor which has The fish and flamingos in the water; not real. The phone boot is on display by the shops in Lucaya town, and the symbolism is beyond me.

  • Toilets-Hard to Find When Needed

    There are toilets at Freeport harbor, but you need to look hard to find them off to the side and behind some shops. Maybe the lines in que help to find the way.

  • Drink in Moderation

    The sun can get hot, and if you are sitting around drinking alcohol, it can take the toll on the head pretty quick. This cruise patron looked like an example of "having a good time" having tried to local beer for the island. Prices for a 12 ounce beer is $5, and that seems steep to me, and no cheaper than of the cruise ship. Mixed drinks and exotic...


Freeport City Tourist Traps

  • Alicja1's Profile Photo

    by Alicja1 Written Apr 16, 2004

    They driving like in England on the left hand side of the road.! It has been practiced here since the horse & buggy. So be careful when you rent the car because its no easy to drive with the steering wheel on the left

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Freeport City What to Pack

  • Bring somehting warm, just in case

    A lot of people had their luggage delayed by a day, so bring one change of clothes on a carry on. When I was there, there were a couple of days that it got pretty cold, fortunately I had a few long sleeve shirts, since I was working. Sun block! good picture taking, bring what you need

  • Packing List

    You would dress light and wear easy wearing shoes to take in the sites and walk thought the market square.Don't forget the nightlife wear either. Resort i would buy my own drinking water and use it for my coffee and tea making !!!! lots of sun block and your shades of coarse. I just love saving sea shells and their is a place you can get all...

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Freeport City Off The Beaten Path

  • Exotic Affordable Paradise in FREEPORT

    Are you looking for paradise off the beaten path? If you are on a budget I have a great off the beaten path spot for you.First use Southwest Airline and fly to Ft. Lauderdale. Stay at the Holiday Inn Express locally. $99 each way and $89 for the hotel.Then take a day cruise offered by the Princess Hotel in Freeport and that cruise includes 1 week...

  • Get to see the "real" Freeport

    As a few of my friends and I were getting our hair braided at the straw market nearby, we talked with some of the women doing braiding. We really wanted to do something "non-touristy" so she said a friend of hers was a cab driver and he would take us on a private tour of the west end of the island. Sounded good to us!We hopped in a van the next...

  • Most travelers miss one of the...

    Most travelers miss one of the most beautiful beaches of Grand Bahama Island located near the village of Pelicans Point a 40 minute ride East from Freeport. It is one of the most amazing beaches you would see in your lifetime.


Freeport City Favorites

  • A City, not a beach destination

    There are two quite reasonable markets in Freeport. We've been to the Winn Dixie. There are also hardware stores which have reasonable stocks. A Bahamian lady on her way to work (in the other supermarket) saw me struggling along after my husband (he was way ahead), and she stopped him and chastised him for not waiting for me. Then she tried to...

  • Grand Bahama, do a Booze...

    Grand Bahama, do a Booze cruise1 or a wine and cheese sunset cruise,Go to Churchill or Fortune Beach for a long walk,Go to Billy Joles beach shack on Port Lucaya beach-west of Our Lucaya and try a fresh conch salad or a burger!Get out to Margaritiville-or club Cariabe for a bond fire,beach volley ball,or to relax and slurp up a few cool ones!Get to...

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