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Paradise Island Highlights

  • Pro
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    XanderDone says…

     Beautiful, Perfect Family Place 

  • Con
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     Expensive and the wait staff treats you like 'a number', not so friendly 

  • In a nutshell
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     A good romantic getaway, but you won't be alone 

Paradise Island Things to Do

  • Atlantis

    Atlantis is one of the most impressive resorts in the world. It was modeled after the famous lost city of Atlantis, and is a vacationer's paradise. Complete with casino, beach, restaurants, entertainment, shopping, and more, just walking through the resort is worth a visit in itself. The resort took only 11 months to build using thousands of...

  • Luxery everywhere

    Visit the Atlantis Hotel. It has a great indoor shopping corridor, beautiful fountains and outside in the seaside garden and an aquarium with big fishes.

  • Atlantis

    Atlantis is one of the most impressive resorts in the world. It was modeled after the famous lost city of Atlantis, and is a vacationer's paradise. Complete with casino, beach, restaurants, entertainment, shopping, and more, just walking through the resort is worth a visit in itself.The resort took only 11 months to build using thousands of...


Paradise Island Hotels

Paradise Island Restaurants

  • The Columbus Tavern

    The Columbus Tavern is located at the small boat harbour of Paradise Island. From the first floor of the restaurant you have a nice view over this harbour and the adjacent bay. Everything on the menu is OK, but try out the Bahamian coffee at the end.

  • Fathoms

    The food was ok. You mainly just eat there and pay the price for the surrounding underwater aquarium. They have a couple of dancing and fire shows while you eat. They might pick you out to do some dancing routine (just how i was pulled into it) Conch Salad. DO NOT get mango flan. I ordered it despite my husband's protest and it was awful...

  • The Cafe at the Great Hall of Waters

    Atlantis has 17 restaurants of a large variety of types. This is one of two restaurants where you can look at the fish while you eat. There is a picture of the restaurant on the Atlantis website. The ceiling is two stories up. The restaurant is down a level from the ground level, with the aquarium in a semi-circle around the side of the...


Paradise Island Nightlife

  • NightClubs at Atlantis

    Aura, is a huge and hot nightclub, which is upstairs from the largest casino in Nassau Paradise Island. There is this grand red staircase from the casino up to pulsating nightclub. It has a glass dance floor that is surrounded by seating, it has two bars, two VIP sections and a private VIP Parlour. Order champagne in here and it comes with a...

  • Paradise Island Casino

    The casino is pretty big, lots of poker tables, black jack, carribean stud, roulette, craps and slot machines. Its always exciting and loud, lots of people gambling away.The decor is centered around the theme of the ocean, and neptune, the ancient god of the ocean. It is richly and ornately decorated, thereby a feast for the eyes. This is pretty...

  • Great outdoor club

    This is my favorite club in Nassau. It is very, very large, and provide a lot of different things to do. There is a dance floor (of course), and several outdoor bar areas. In addition, they have an indoor area with an additional dance floor and pool tables. There's also a pool, but no one ever goes swimming..The music is fun, and it's always packed...


Paradise Island Transportation

  • Chalks Ocean Airways

    Arriving by seaplane directly to Paradise Island was wonderful. You even get to see Atlantas from the air, which is an impressive sight. The landing is gentler than you can imagine, as the planes' belly cuts through the water. And take-off from the water is the most amazing feat. I will never again fly into Nassau and pay an outrageous taxi fare...

  • Walking Around Atlantis

    We found that walking around the Atlantis Marina to be quite easy. There were planty of maps posted to get us where we needed to go. As we wandered through the resort grounds looking for particular exhibits we got lost. Too many twist and turns plus we were distracted by some rays. We picked up a map and continued our journey without getting lost...

  • Take a Taxi

    Because Liz didn't feel well on the ride over and it was a bit of a walk back to the landing point we decided to just get in a shared taxi heading back to the piers. Everyone had told us ahead of time that this trip should be $6 each and that is all it should be. So we got in along with four or five others and each paid our $6 upon arrival.Was nice...


Paradise Island Shopping

  • Jamba Juice

    Jamba Juice is a chain of stores that specialize in juices and juice blend drinks. During our visist to Atlantis we came upon a Jamba Juice in the Atlantis Village. This location was rather busy since it was terribly hot outside. Liz ventured inside for a Strawberry Surfrider for us to share. The drink was fristy and refreshing and was a perfect...

  • Crystal Court Shops

    The shops carry a variety of items from the typical souveniers such as tee shirts and post cards to the designer shops with Gucci bags. We had just finished wandering through one of the Marine exhibits and wanted to take a look at what the shops had to offer. I bought an Atlantis tee shirt in a light green color. The tee shirt was under $20

  • Marina Village at Atlantis

    The Marina Village has a variety of shops selling everything from sunglasses and bathingsuits to jewelry and high end bags. We wandered in and out of shops and wern't impressed by most of the store prices. Only the perfume store seemed to have better than home prices. Liz bought her Mother some perfume since she said it was $30 less than what she...


Paradise Island Local Customs

  • Easy to Follow Maps

    As soon as we got off of our water taxi we followed the signs to Atlantis. We found ourselves at the Marina Village Entrance. There were maps at the netrance detailing the stores and restaurants in the Village. The maps also showed us we were right on track and could walk easily through the village and onto the Atlantis resort and Casino.Maps are...

  • Sea Pass

    When travelling on a Royal Caribean Cruise ship you are issued a Sea Pass. Your Sea Pass acts as your room key, identification card and is used to charge items onto your room account. When you check in at the Port you are iasked for a credit card to link to your Sea Pass charges. Then a photo is taken for your Sea Pass. When entering or leaving the...

  • Slow, Stop, & Reverse and Vendors

    Things run a lot slower in the Bahamas than they do in the States. It requires a little more patience on the traveler's part. Also, the vendors on the beaches and even in the streets are very forward about getting you to come look at their merchandise. If you don't want anything, please don't be rude to them, just say no thank you or not today.


Paradise Island Warnings and Dangers

  • Extra costs!

    7) Figure an extra close to $50 in taxes. Plus they add an extra per-day gratuity charge to your room -- in our case $30 per day. 8) Gratuity is automatically included on your bills, so don't overtip.

  • Bring Your Key Everywhere!

    Your key will be monitored by hotel bouncers every morning to make sure you're really staying here. For some reason or another, they seem to disappear around noon. They're all hiding in special spots every morning ready to seek out the next fraudulent passerby. I happened to leave my card in my room at Beach Towers and this lady in the picture sent...

  • Watch out for the locals!

    If you are a young woman you need to watch out for the local men. They will approach you and try and talk to you-just walk away! We made the mistake of being nice and talking to them...they found us on the beach every day we were there. Dont talk to them! we finally had to go to the very opposite end of the beach to get away.


Paradise Island Tourist Traps

  • the Atlantis Resort

    The Atlantis Resort is the ultimate tourist trap on paradise Island... ugly, huge, overpriced and very tacky. I have not stayed there, so it might even be that the accommodation is great, but the look of it is truly disgraceful.Moreover it's a really BIG tourist trap... one that doesn't fit in (scenically) with the beauty of the island. Here are...

  • Cable Beach Golf Course - Can you say...

    It was was different than the Ocean Club...but it wasn't worth $180!!! From time you arrive, to the clubhouse (or should I say starter's shack) to the carts, you get a nice warm municipal golf course feel.In defense of the course, it had it's moments, it was fun. Wide open hacker's course for the most part; outside of a couple holes on...

  • Booze Cruise

    Not worth it! The snorkeling was awful. I didnt see one fish, the life jackets didnt fit, and the food wasnt very good. Also drinking on a boat in the hot sun isnt a good combo! Drink water not booze in the hot sun!


Paradise Island What to Pack

  • Pack Light

    A Roll Aboard will do. Tee shirts, shorts, short sleeved linen shirts and shorts for clothing. Sandala and flips for walking about. Shampoo, shaving cream, razor, body wash, deodorant, hair gel, contact lenses, lens solution and lotion. Digital camera and memory card reader.Video camera Bathing suits and sun glasses Plenty of sun block.

  • Food, water and a jacket

    Bring a light jacket. Even though it's warm, the restaurants and the comedy clubs can be cool. It's nice to have a light jacket to cover up with. Bring snacks and water/soda. It will save you money. I brought Pop tarts, water, soda, Nutri-grain bars and assorted other snacks. My kids are light eaters, especially at breakfast and these saved us...

  • Resort Wear

    Anything goes as far as luggage and bags, there are bellhops to help you carry your luggage. Its also just a hop skip and jump from the airport, its like door to door service. Of course, the luggage with wheels are, most convienant. Clothing and shoes to bring: normal resort wear. Lots of bathing suits and books to read at the pool/beach. Sarongs...


Paradise Island Off The Beaten Path

  • the lighthouse

    Paradise island has an interesting lighthouse on its grounds. it can be best seen either coming to Nassau by boat or else from Fort Charlotte. it is supposed to be the oldest lighthouse in the Bahamas and - maybe - even the oldest in the West Indies. The lighthouse is located on the western rocky tip of the island and it is still being used... a...

  • Try and find out about a...

    Try and find out about a snorkeling trip. We went on a half day trip to the other side of the mainland, but it was well worth it. We went out by boat to 2 different reefs, and even got up close and personal with a shark feeding!

  • Paradise Island Hotels

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Paradise Island Sports & Outdoors

  • Parasailing over the Ocean

    Parasail boat trips are offered at the Ocean beaches of Paradise Island. A camera to take some fantastic pictures.Parasail equipment is included in the rent.

  • meet the dolphins...

    if you want to swim with dolphins, or simply stand in shallow waters with them, it's definitely possible on Paradise Island. The Atlantis Resort has its own Dolphin Cay where you can meet and greet bottlenose dolphin... for a very helfty price. We were really intrigued and went to have a look, but the experience really seemed too impersonal (far...

  • Cabbage Beach

    The beaches on Paradise Island are supposedly some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. There are plenty of beaches to choose from. Cabbage Beach is a beach by Atlantis. Nearby is Paradise Beach and Cove Beach. Along with sunbathing and swimming, there are other activities available.


Paradise Island Favorites

  • Paradise Island

    Paradise Island is just a few minutes away from Nassau, the capital of of the Bahams Islands localed onNew Providence Island. It's a separate island but they are connected by two bridges. A taxi there will cost about 10 dollars, or else you can take the Paradise Island Ferry for 6 dollars per person. In the past its name was less appealing, as it...

  • Bahamian Currency

    If you are staying in the Atlantis Resort, you will not need to exchange your money. Most everything can be charged to your room and then charged directly to your credit card on file.If you leave the resort, then you may need Bahamian money, however shop owners are very willing to take USD and may give you either a mixture of Bahamian and USD...

  • Proof of Citizenship

    You'll need to make sure your passport is up to date before traveling to the Bahamas! For US citizens, a birth certificate and a photo ID are also acceptabe forms of citizenship. Citizens of British Commonwealth countries do not need visas.


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