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  • Lucaya National Park Beach
    Lucaya National Park Beach
    by Marilu33
  • Lucaya National Park
    by Marilu33
  • The far side of the island
    The far side of the island
    by cjg1
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Paradise Island


Grand Bahama Island


Coco Cay


Freeport City




Eleuthera Island


North Bimini


Norman's Cay


Little San Salvador


Alice Town


Great Stirrup Cay


Great Guana Cay


Dunmore Town


Abaco Island


Chub Cay


Frazer's Hog Cay


Pelican Point


Allen Cay


Marsh Harbour


West End


Little Exuma Island


High Rock


Cable Beach


Andros Island


Andros Town


South Bimini


Little Inagua Island


Great Inagua Island


Gorda Cay



See all 661 Nassau Tips
  • Atlantis at Paradise Island

    Nassau Things to Do

    We had understood from past reviews that we would be able to go into the lobby of the Atlantis resort, but were told by our tour guide that the pressure of cruise ship and other tourists in the place was so great that they had decided to close off most areas of the resort to outsiders. We were able to go in through the casino, and down the hallway...

  • Sandals Royal Bahamian Spa Resort &...

    Nassau Hotels

    We spent our honeymoon here in August 2006. This is an adult, couples-only, all-inclusive resort,...

  • Bahamian Food

    4.5 out of 5 stars

    Nassau Restaurants

    Out of all the restaurants we ate at, Twin Brothers was the best. We loved the conch fritters (Bahamian specialty) and the strawberry daiquiris (the best). The drinks (non-alcoholic) were made with fresh ingredients. You can mix and match your desired fruit i.e. mango/strawberry, pineapple/mango, etc … The first time we went the waitress was nice,...


Paradise Island

See all 192 Paradise Island Tips

Grand Bahama Island

  • Beaches

    Grand Bahama Island Things to Do

    Beaches on the south side of the island are the prettiest, Coral beach which is accessible by Coral road is amazing, that's where Sheraton and Westin are located, Taino beach is kind of like a public beach with parking and little beach restaurants, not crowded though. Fortuna beach is gorgeous especially the part where Viva Wyndham is, they...

  • Old Bahama Bay Hotel

    Grand Bahama Island Hotels

    I have stayed at Old Bahama Bay several times and I fall I fall in love every time! The place is...

  • Kentucky Fried Chicken

    Grand Bahama Island Restaurants

    We wanted to have lunch in Freeport and couldn't see any place to eat except Burger King, KFC, Subway etc. So we started out on foot to look for a place to eat. A local lady asked if she could help us, and we told her what we wanted. She led us to two local places but they were closed (as in not opening for lunch), so we finally ended up at KFC...


Coco Cay

See all 43 Coco Cay Tips
  • Not a Boring Port

    Coco Cay Things to Do

    When we booked this cruise I thought this would be the least fun port, but it turned out to be my favorite! I do not sit on the beach and tan. I would rather be exploring local culture and having new experiences of all kinds and this didn't look like a good spot for that. However, it turned out I just needed an attitude adjustment. Once I decided...

  • Snorkeling on Coco Cay

    Coco Cay Things to Do

    I first thought I would pay for the kayak and snorkel combo for $60 so I could snorkel when I wasn't kayaking, but my brother suggested we bring our own gear and pay just the $38 for the kayaking. Amazon has sets for around the $33 it would cost to rent gear on the island and would give us the option to snorkel at our other ports also, so we did...

  • Kayak Adventure Shore Excursion

    Coco Cay Things to Do

    Sea Kayaking was on the top of my shore excursion wish list and Coco Cay was the ideal place do fulfill that wish on this cruise. The cost was a reasonable $38 for 1 1/2 hours. There are two tour times, 9 am and 11 am. We went at 11 and went on shore at 9 so we had time to snorkel for an hour before going to Barefoot Beach where the kayaks are. The...


Freeport City

See all 61 Freeport City Tips
  • Fat Man's Nephew

    3 out of 5 stars

    Freeport City Restaurants

    This is NOT in Freeport City. It is in Lucaya Marketplace. On our previous visit this restaurant was being remodeled. It is upstairs over another restaurant. This time, we ate here when we were both groggy from being up for 36 hours. We were early for dinner and could sit on the rail and look out at the harbor and marina. The service was a little...

  • Sunrise Resort & Marina

    Freeport City Hotels

    208 Kelly Court and Knotts Boulevard, Freeport, F42663, Caribbean

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Couples

    Hotel Class 3.5 out of 5 stars

  • Snorkeling reef from a deserted beach

    Freeport City Things to Do

    If you're looking for an inexpensive way to get out and snorkel a great reef teeming with sea life in Freeport, then visit Paradise Cove. It is the only sign of civilization on this side of the Island. Paradise cove has the most welcoming group of employees. They can supply the equipment at a small fee, and then you go through a small introduction...



See all 58 Lucaya Tips
  • Lucaya National Park

    Lucaya Things to Do

    We wanted to get away from the crowds and experience a more natural part of the islands. We found the cheapest way to do what we wanted was to rent a car and drive out. The drive is an hour from the cruise ship. We had to have the car back by three, but had plenty of time to see the caves, swim and walk the beach and had the advantage of getting to...

  • Bell Channel Inn Hotel

    Lucaya Hotels

    P.O. Box F-43817, King Road, Lucaya, Grand Bahama Island, 43817, Caribbean

    Satisfaction: Very Good

    Good for: Business

  • The Pub at Lucaya

    3 out of 5 stars

    Lucaya Restaurants

    While roaming around the Market we got hungry and stopped in here. The food was pretty good, prices about average, the view was great, people were friendly but the service was OK at best, but all in all not a bad place to eat. This place was rather busy, we thought it kind of suprising for Christmas time. We would eat here again, the food range was...


Eleuthera Island

  • Cruise port

    Eleuthera Island Favorites

    Princess Cays is another of the growing number of cruise ship sponsored ports that are open only to cruise passengers. I don't believe there is ever more than one ship in port since it is Princess' own port and I think two ships would overwhelm the small space. This is a tender port so you have to take a smaller boat to get to and from the island....

  • Snorkeling

    Eleuthera Island Things to Do

    There is an area where you can snorkel from the beach or Princess had a boat trip you could take. There is a place to rent snorkel gear which is an extra cost, or like us you can bring your own. The snorkeling was OK here, nothing out of the ordinary but I understand that there is no reason to pay for the ship's excursion

  • Lounge on the beach

    Eleuthera Island Things to Do

    Most people get off the ship and head to the private beach, only cruise passengers have access to this beach. The lounge chairs are free to use and there is plenty of shade to plant your lounge chair under. If you just can't stand the idea of mingling with all the riff raff from the ship, Princess also provides, at an extra cost naturally, private...


North Bimini

See all 17 North Bimini Tips
  • The Anchorage at Bimini Blue Water

    North Bimini Restaurants

    Restaurant sits on the top of a the rise looking out over the Gulf Stream. There is a bar with a TV and also tables. Service is attentive, and thoughtful. I had a wonderful lobster special and Bob had the catch of the day. The bread was hot and they gave us a pitcher of iced tea. There was lemon cake for desert.

  • Bimini in need of refurbishing

    North Bimini Favorites

    The people are very nice and helpful. This was our first trip there. We went for the weekend. This island has great potential but it is currently very run down. So many places are abandoned. The beaches are spectacular until you look up and notice that everyone dumps garbage on them. We saw bicycles, air conditioners , etc. dumped. The other end of...

  • Relax

    North Bimini Things to Do

    Alice Town has a small museum which is interesting. There are some restaurnants and a lot of bars. You can take the water taxi to South Bimini and look for the Fountain of Youth that is supposed to be over there. You can walk down to the point where there is a cemetery. You can buy Bimini bread and coconut candy or T-shirts at the Straw...


Norman's Cay

See all 5 Norman's Cay Tips
  • MacDuff's Bar & Grille

    Norman's Cay Restaurants

    The only place to eat on the island where someone else does the cooking is MacDuffs. We dinghied in one afternoon, and had drinks at the bar (didn't eat there). Bob had a sprite and I had a rum revenge without the rum. (Pineapple, orange & coconut). It was very good. During the super bowl, there was a super bowl party here, and the revelers tried...

  • The Downfall of a Drug Dealer

    Norman's Cay Favorites

    In 1977, a Columbian of German ancestory named Carlos Lehder, who was a part of the Medellin cocaine Cartel, bought a villa on Norman's Cay. Carlos was apparently a quite a forceful flamboyant character with big ideas. His idea was that drug running could be even more profitable if small planes were used to fly cocaine in to the States, rather than...

  • MacDuff's is IT

    Norman's Cay Restaurants

    The only place to eat on the island where someone else does the cooking is MacDuffs. We dinghied in one afternoon, and had drinks at the bar (didn't eat there). Bob had a sprite and I had a rum revenge without the rum. (Pineapple, orange & coconut). It was very good.During the super bowl, there was a super bowl party here, and the revelers tried to...


Little San Salvador

  • Horseback Riding on land and sea through...

    Little San Salvador Things to Do

    The horses were used to people. We rode on land then went into the ocean. The water was to the horses' chest, and they loved it. They worked hard to go as fast as they could in the water. Beautiful, pristine beaches. Really friendly stable hands.

  • gorgeous nature...

    Little San Salvador Local Customs

    On Haf Moon Cay not only the beach and the sea are fantastic, the nature is gorgeous, too. There are many trees and animals to admire and the easiest way to discover them is by following the marked trails and reading the interpretive signs with descriptions. You'll learn a lot about the surrounding nature and will learn to identify many birds, too....

  • the BBq and the chickens

    Little San Salvador Restaurants

    The Food Pavilion is the only eating option on the island. Basically it’s a buffet BBQ facility where cruise chefs, after having transferred the food to the island, cook a barbecue for you… this barbecue is not exactly what the name suggests – as you really only have a choice of burgers, hotdogs or chicken legs. There are 15 open-air dining...


Alice Town

See all 27 Alice Town Tips
  • The Anchorage at Blue Water Resort

    Alice Town Restaurants

    Restaurant sits on the top of a the rise looking out over the Gulf Stream. Service is attentive, and thoughtful. I had a wonderful lobster special and Bob had the catch of the day. The bread was hot and they gave us a pitcher of iced tea. There was lemon cake for desert.

  • Learn the history of the island

    Alice Town Off The Beaten Path

    Try to visit the Bimini Museum which tells the history of the island(s) including Lerner marine laboratory, the old time wreckers, how sports fishing became popular, the wild children (like Adam Clayton Powell) who vacationed here, smuggling during prohibition, the immigration card of Jimmy Hoffa, and the sports hero records. It is housed the the...

  • Breakfast and Lunch

    Alice Town Restaurants

    This place is in front of the Sea Crest Hotel and across the street from the Sea Crest Marina.It is not air conditioned- just has a fan, but it is good for breakfast and lunch- only open until about 2 pm. I've been here twice to have lunch after we crossed the Gulf Stream and checked in. Each time I've had the bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich...


Great Stirrup Cay

  • Simply lay in the sun or take a dip in...

    Great Stirrup Cay Things to Do

    NCL has a great private island experience. Once you tender over to the island from the ship they serve a beach lunch complete with live music. The beach is lovely. The water was cool the day we were there so we did not snorkel. There were other people snorkeling though.

  • Do Not .........

    Great Stirrup Cay Warnings and Dangers

    Do not drink the tap water on the island. While there are signs posted all over people still do it and then they get sick. Shuck out a few bucks and buy the bottled water. In the long run it is a lot cheaper then the possible medical bills!

  • Eat drink and be jolly!

    Great Stirrup Cay Things to Do

    While on the island you can take advantage of the BBQ that NCL puts on for the cruisers. This is included for no fee and is pretty darn good. Hamburgers, hotdogs, chicken, and assorted sides and deserts. There are picnic tables scattered all over so we snagged one in the shade. At least it started out in the shade. There is also a nice little band...


Great Guana Cay

  • Albury's Ferry Service

    Great Guana Cay Transportation

    Unless you decide to rent a boat, or arrive by one, there’s only 1 way to get around from Cay to Cay. Albury'’s Ferry. From their ‘hub’ in Marsh Harbour on Great Abaco island (where the airport is located), they travel to and from the various cays several times each day. The company was founded in 1959, and is still owned and operated by the Albury...

  • Guana Seaside Village

    Great Guana Cay Hotels

    Great Guana Cay, , Great Abaco Island, Caribbean

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Families

  • Best Place to Watch the Sunset

    Great Guana Cay Restaurants

    We never had the opportunity to eat at Guana Sunset, but I can tell you, their house rum drink, the Guana Grabber, is aptly named! A yummy concoction of Rum (of course!) and various fruit juices, they are delicious, and deadly.Another special feature about Guana Sunset is their weekly Pot Luck. Each Wednesday evening, all you need to do is bring a...


Dunmore Town

See all 15 Dunmore Town Tips

Abaco Island

See all 13 Abaco Island Tips

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