Caribbean and Central America Tourist Traps

  • Bahama Mama leaving the dock
    Bahama Mama leaving the dock
    by grandmaR
  • Fake Prize Tickets
    Fake Prize Tickets
    by briantravelman
  • Manchebo Beach
    Manchebo Beach
    by briantravelman

Caribbean and Central America Tourist Traps

  • Varadero

    Varadero Tourist Traps

    One night I stopped one of the "old taxis" said I wanted to go to Cardenas, 10 kms away. The Lady driver looked at me and said "OK". I got in and she turned around and started to drive me back towards my hotel, turned around again and stopped in a garage parking lot to do the "paper work" time ,destination, etc.. She then started the meter as we...

  • Hard Rock Cafe

    San Juan Tourist Traps

    Of course, there's a Hard Rock Cafe in San Juan, and so many gringos would rather stay with the tried and true (expensive hamburgers and beers) than dare to try other chow places. Too bad. There are actually very few true Puerto Rican restaurants in the Old City, and not too many souvenir stores run by locals. That's not bad, but there are one or...

  • Street Vendors

    Antigua Guatemala Tourist Traps

    They would give you the better price if you are interested in. However, the price is much higher than everywhere. Give them 55% discount of the price. Tell them that you've bought a lot of similar souvenirs.

  • International Bazaar

    Grand Bahama Island Tourist Traps

    The International Bazaar has to be at least 35 years old by now, and it shows. Once a vibrant gathering spot off Ranfurly Circus, this tourist destination has fallen on hard times. Billed as a mecca for shopping and dining, it is neither. Just take some pictures and leave. Take a memorable picture of the torii-gate out front. Stroll what could be a...

  • High Prices

    The Bahamas Tourist Traps

    Look, the cost of living down there is outrageous. Everyone who goes complains about the costs involved. Problem is they don't do their research. There is not tax in the bahamas but you do have to pay duty. Talk to the bahamians about buying a car! They drive the same things we do but they pay 85% more. When it is cheaper to eat fastfood like...

  • Taxis

    Belize Tourist Traps

    Watch out for the people who have a sob story for you-it is probably not true. When taking a taxi from the airport know what the taxi fare is (i believe it to be about 30)they like to rip you off. Won't really have to much trouble with this.

  • Nassau

    The Bahamas Tourist Traps

    It was a disappointment the visit to Nassau - no impressive views, buildings, or shopping. Of course, the beauty of Bahamas is in the sea, but we were expecting more from Nassau, a sort of small common city. We had not much time to it, but left with the sensation of not missing much.

  • straw market

    The Bahamas Tourist Traps

    The straw market is a great experience. It is nothing like in the states. Where else can you haggle someone down from $100 to $30. The straw market is filled with many souveniers as well as tons of replica designer purses. These include prada, gucci, burberry, coach, louis vuitton and many more. you can get anything there for very cheap just never...

  • Hair braiding

    The Bahamas Tourist Traps

    We just got our hair braided in Nassau and boy was it a hit. I love the hair braiding. If I go anywhere involving heat and humidity and water excursions, I get me hair done right off because it's just so much more manageable. However, here's the deal. Each time before it's cost about $35-40 and I have a bob just past chin length. This is the hair...

  • Yellow Bird / Becky's

    The Bahamas Tourist Traps

    Our resort publicized a Dinner-Show activity, promising 'The finest Bahamian cuisine' and a fabulous show afterward. The price was $45 per person including transportation. We were picked up by a dirty taxi and taken to a restaurant with an atmosphere reminiscent of Denny's called Becky's. The food wasn't nearly as good as Denny's. After dinner, our...

  • Tour Guides

    The Bahamas Tourist Traps

    I only had a couple of days in the Bahamas and was really excited to go on the Pirate Tour. I really love pirate lore (in my local area I can recommend the Wydah exhibit in Provincetown, Cape Cod about the exploration of this sunken pirate ship) so was very exhibited to take the pirate tour. What a rip off. Normally guided city tours are excellent,...

  • ST. LUCIA never again!

    I only write this to save someone from getting in trouble in St. Lucia We were going to take the local mini bus which are in the market area turn left going out of the port and it's on the left. We were lied to by more than one person about were the buses were and wanted us to take their expensive taxi ride. We ended up not getting into a mini bus...

  • The Trip to HELL and back

    I agree with other VTer's that this is a tourist trap, but it was certainly novel. This small town got its name because of the grey, clumpish bed of rocks formerly of limestone and dolomite which were eroded through millions of years into strange looking shapes.The town attracts tourists to this area of Grand Cayman, called West Bay, to see this...

  • look at what you sign

    on most ships, when signing for a drink at the bar a 15 % gratuity has already been added to your bill. Most people throw the bar tender a few extra bucks not knowing. - ships except for Disney Cruise Line charge for soda so it is best to buy a soda card on your embarkation day for the remainder of your cruise. Another biggie is in the port of...

  • SENSATION TIP - Photos! Photos! ...

    There's every kind of cheesy, Prom-Night, Titanic Staircase, fake Beach Scene and "fun" background you could imagine for you to pose in front of, on a Fun ship. It's fun to pose for as many of these as you can. Our group consisted of 2 gay boys and 2 gals so most of the photographers had no clue how we should be coupled up and frankly, we enjoyed...

  • SENSATION TIP - My Ghetto Manicure

    Spent way more on a manicure, on board, than I normally do. There was no water bowl to dip my hands in, my nails weren't cleaned and I had to remind the Manicurist to use a base coat. They looked fine when finished but for that amount of money I expected a bit more. Well, I saw a lot of hideous hairdos being created but I suppose these women liked...

  • None, that't the best part of...

    None, that't the best part of Placencia. The place is so low key and the people so friendly, I never felt like we were being taken for a ride. I'm sure there are some in the other parts, where there are larger resorts, but Placencia was really tourist-trap free.

  • this is not a tourist trap but...

    this is not a tourist trap but a curiosity towards tourists ;-)...: don't forget to greet back all people saying hallo to you on the street maybe because they are at least as curious about you as you of them or simply very friendly... a nice memory: the conductor of the bus saying 'hi Italia, how are you?' while passing through by bike and pointing...

  • As you can understand from my...

    As you can understand from my describtion, off my travel to El Salvador, I was lucky to know a good family and this is the keyword, when travel in El Salvador at the moment.As you can see on picture, this is my 'family' in El Salvador.If you want to know any thing special, please write me on :

  • Like everywhere else St Lucia...

    Like everywhere else St Lucia has its share of crime, you meet very nice people or the opposite. Dont pick up hitchhikers if you are driving around the island. You never know what you can come across especially if are a tourist. The people are friendly if you treat them with respect and understanding.

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Caribbean and Central America Tourist Traps

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