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  • A beach at night.
    A beach at night.
    by Dizzyhead
  • At a famous water fall in Tobago.
    At a famous water fall in Tobago.
    by Dizzyhead
  • The map of Tobago.
    The map of Tobago.
    by Dizzyhead

Tobago Highlights

  • Pro
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     Relaxed days on sunny beaches 

  • Con
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     Outside if Crown Point, you will likely need your own transportation. 

  • In a nutshell
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     Diving and beaches are decent. Time best spent liming away watching the sunset. 

Tobago Things to Do

  • Birding in Tobago..

    Tobago is known as an international destination for viewing exotic birds and you can see some of the many species that inhabit or pass through here either by guided tour or simply by chance as you explore the countryside or beaches. Even just hanging on the porch at Jemmas I saw hummingbirds and Mot Mots and an interesting little blue bird that...

  • Life’s a Beach..

    In spite of the selection of beaches you can find in Tobago to hang out on…there’s so many beautiful ones, my favorites are Grafton Beach lining the shores of Stonehaven Bay and Turtle Beach just a little further north on Grand Courland Bay. I suppose that I’ve always gravitated to these beaches because I enjoy the pounding surf and I’ve always...

  • Sunsets on Tobago…Grab a Seat…and Watch...

    During the time I spent on my recent visit to Tobago I was treated with some spectacular sunsets that in some ways reminded me of all of the glorious sunsets I experienced on Phu Quoc Island in southern Vietnam. I honestly never thought I’d see such beautiful sunsets as there.Tobago though proved my thinking wrong and I had more than one...

  • Scarborough…HOT SUMMERS…In the City..

    I’ve ventured into Scarborough a few times in the past and this recent visit to Tobago I made no exception to this tradition. Scarborough is the capitol city of Tobago and is populated supposedly by about 17,000 people. First settled by Europeans during the mid sixteen hundreds, it’s been the site of battles many times and governed by various...

  • Leatherback Turtle…

    Some of the beaches of Tobago are renowned for the annual visits of these “living dinosaurs” and every spring season turtles return to these beaches to lay they’re eggs and renew its cycle of life. The Leatherback turtle is on the World Wildlife’s List of Endangered species, in fact they categorize it as being “critically endangered” which...

  • Get YOUR Goat …Lets GO RACING!!!

    Goat Racing is a MUST see event to witness when you’re visiting Tobago. I had read about it a little but never really gave it much attention until I realized that I was going to be visiting Tobago during the annual Easter festivities when this annual exhibition occurs.It was really a unique and exciting experience. I had NO IDEA that goats could...

  • Speyside Bay/Goat Island and Little...

    This is a view from the trail above Speyside Bay showing Goat Island and Little Tobago. There used to be a scuba camp in the bay run by an American, but no longer.

  • Rainforest

    In a nutshell, Tobago has the oldest rainforest reservation in the western hemisphere, since 1765 Tobagos big green trees and little furry animals have been protected from the evil doers known as humans, its also nice to see that us Brits can do somethings right whilst displacing indigenous populations and conquering foreign lands.....So, go to the...

  • Beautiful Buccoo Reef

    Head straight to Buccoo beach, where there are boats which goes every day morning and afternoon at a specific period. Mostly these boats are glass bottom boats, which facilitates viewing of corals at the Buccoo Reef. Most boat will provide you life jacket and snorkel equipment and allow you to snorkel for 30-45 minutes.Else have your own boat and...


Tobago Hotels

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Tobago Restaurants

  • Good Wood Fired Pizza...

    La Cantina is a GREAT little pizza joint located in the south end of Tobago in the Crown Point area.YOU have to make this a pit stop for a meal when you’re visiting here, the pizza that they serve is a thin crust version and the salad that accompanied our meal that night was fresh and crisp. The place is fairly informal and it’s likely popular...

  • Tiny Roti Shack..BUT OHHH SO GOOOOD!!!

    This is a small Roti Shack located in the little hamlet of Pleasant Prospect, a five minute drive or thirty minute walk from the Turtle Beach Hotel. At some point I was talking with someone about this little place after my second and last visit and they thought it was called Mona’s place…and hence the confusion. If I’ve named it incorrectly let me...

  • GREAT Hospitality and a VIEW to MATCH...

    Shore Things is a really cool little experience overlooking the waters of Little Rockley Bay in a community named Lambeau, just a short drive from Scarborough. The exterior of the business from the road is maybe a little ambiguous but once you walk through the doors you’ll realize that you’ve just stepped into a rather unique little hideout.Shore...

  • Good local food & cheap too

    The small restaurant has a few tables, but is just as frequently used as a take-away restaurant by locals.There is a small buffet-style display case of vegetables and sides. Point to what you want and the staff will serve it up.As for the main dishes of chicken, fish, steak, etc. Simply choose what you want and they will grill it on the spot. The...

  • Local dishes island style

    This restaurant is a little trendy, but not as bad as the steak and lobster places in Crown Point. It is an open-air restaurant about 10 minutes drive from Crown Point.The kitchen closes early, so it is recommended to dine early as well. The kitchen closes at 10pm.Many restaurants close on Mondays, but this one is open. Therefore it is closed on...

  • Flame oven pizza

    This restaurant appears to be nothing special. It has a small bar and a few tables inside which provide views to the pizza oven. Outside are a dozen tables. All the pizzas were great. They are made to order anyway you want. They also have a fully stocked bar if you wish to wash your pizza down with something.


Tobago Transportation

  • Sheppy's Auto Rental

    I prefer to explore an area under my own steam rather than take an organised tour where I often feel that I am herded from place to place in line with someone else's time scale. The dive centre where I was diving recommended Sheppy's Auto Rental as a company that was reliable.A reservation was made with a phone call and I arranged for the car to be...


    LADY IN RED CAR RENTAL is the most dishonest money hungry business i have ever come across in on any of my travels. This is scam central. The owner is a thieving so called "godly woman" who has a bunch of illiterate boys running her business. You WILL be charged well over the average cost of your vehicle, and I can guarantee you when you return it...

  • Ram’s Taxi Service..

    I didn’t have a rental car and I crossed paths with Ram on a rainy afternoon when I had had enough of walking...I broke down…I was hanging out at Grafton Beach close to Black Rock and it had rained quite heavily and I asked one of thee girls at the Beach Bar…maybe Janet…or call me a taxi.Ram showed up quickly and that was the first time...


Tobago Shopping

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  • Self-catering holiday needs

    In Tobago, I think your best option will be the "Penny Savers Supermarket" in Canaan. While other markets may have some decent things at good prices, Penny Savers is the largest and therefore will offer the widest selection and typically the most economical price. Penny Savers carries everything from toiletries, food, produce, breads, dishes &...

  • Beach Vendors are a FACT of Life…

    Most that I crossed paths with wile enjoying either Grafton Beach or Turtle Beach were simply easy to interact with, and as is often the case, some were annoying, and that’s not uncommon anywhere I suppose.I ended up spending plenty of time hanging out on both of these beaches and the majority of beach vendors were found on Turtle Beach.Two guys in...

  • Local arts and carved wood

    There are a few boutiques and clothes shops in Crown Point and Scarborough. There is also a large mall just west of Scarborough that will carry most mainstream goods.However, the souvenirs to get in Tobago is most commonly accepted to be carved wood pieces. Mostly carved by the local Rasta community, their skill is easily seen in their handy...


Tobago Local Customs

  • Greggor58's Profile Photo ICE COLD pause...

    by Greggor58 Written Jun 18, 2011

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    When I’m not drinking water in this climate I like something with a citrus kind of flavor and both the Angostura Lemon and Lime and the Ginseng Lemon Up fit the bill quite nicely.

    Both are manufactured and bottled close by in Trinidad and both beverages are quite popular here.

    Unlike here and probably the USA they aren’t a twist off cap so you’ll have to have a plan for opening them…I don’t carry a bottle opener these days and I don’t normally carry a Swiss Army knife. Methods from the “Olden Days” still work today…a lighter, a spoon, a kitchen knife..they all still work.

    The Angostura is made by the same company that makes Bitters and has been around since the late 1820’s and is today still used around the World. Bitters is a major component of this beverage and is quite unique and tasty..

    Ginseng Up is available in different flavors and as you can tell Ginseng and its medicinal properties is what this product is all about. Lemon Up is my flavor of choice.

    If you would like a refreshing drink that doesn’t include alcohol than you probably would enjoy these beverages!

    Most corner stores stock them and at most cost $ 12.00 or $15.00 TT Dollars…about $ 2.00 CAD or USA, its a cheap little flavor thrill.

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Tobago Warnings and Dangers

  • Moments Tobago VRBO 328066 = Filthy

    We recently stayed at "Moments Tobago" (VRBO 328066) on our 2nd year anniversary, and were shocked at the condition of the accommodations. First of all, food and ketchup(?) were stuck on several plates, AND we found a cockroach in the glasses cupboard, and also a dead one in the pots and pans cupboard. The dishes weren't clean; greasy fingerprints...

  • Moments Tobago – VRBO# 328066 – DON’T...

    Beware fellow travellers – the description of this villa is not accurate and is misleading. This villa is neither private, nor is it a retreat. During our early communications with the homeowner, we specifically asked her if we could rent the whole house/villa for just the two of us as we wanted our privacy. This is word for word from her email:...

  • Armed robbery and sexual assault

    Please, please, please, everyone who travels to Tobago, don't be deceived by anyone saying that it is safe. I live in Trinidad and was always told that Tobago is the "safe" island. Armed robbery attacks and sexual assaults on visitors staying in villas are more common than anyone is reporting.I would advise against women traveling alone anywhere on...


Tobago Off The Beaten Path


    Part of Crown Point in Tobago is named Bon Accord.The Bon accord Lagoon is ideal for windsurfing and sailing.Bon accord is situated between milford road and a nature reerve, it is a pretty new village with nice houses.

  • Cross Country from West to East

    From Parlatuvier Bay, we took the hill road to reach the other side of Tobago (West to East)…this road wind up thru’ the tropical rain forest. You feel like you are totally in a jungle and not in tiny island. It took minimum an hour to do this cross section, on the way you can also have a look on the lovely country side of Tobago. This road starts...

  • Tobago Hotels

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Tobago Sports & Outdoors


    The big private beach on Tobago (entrance fee) . A favourite place for windsurfing. All windsurfing equipment, also a small aerea for snorkeling.

  • Scuba diving with R & Sea Divers

    There are a number of dive operators on Tobago to choose from. In the end I chose R & Sea divers and I was not disappointed with my choice. Initial emails that I sent as enquiries were answered promptly and all information that I requested was readily provided. I provisionally booked my dives and arranged to be picked up from my hotel. R & Sea...

  • Mountain biking in Tobago

    I really enjoy exploring and getting off the beaten track when I am travelling. Mountain biking offers an energetic way of doing just this. I booked a day's mountain biking with a guy called Sean de Freitas who offers personalised and tailor made tours. Tobago is a mountain bikers paradise with many off road trails that can be quite technical but...


Tobago Favorites

  • Greggor58's Profile Photo
    Scotiabank Drive Through,Milford Road, Tobago.

    by Greggor58 Written Jul 17, 2011

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Favorite thing: This "tip" is for those of us that still use Travelers Cheques...This bank charged me NOTHING to convert AmX cheques without CHARGE..

    The Scotiabank located at Gulf City Mall in Lowlands was THE BANK to cash traveler’s cheques…there was NO SERVICE CHARGE to process Amex cheques and in fact the service was pretty fast and more personal than that of the competitor that I used on a previous occasion.

    The Scotiabank here offers a drive through service and I think is the ULTIMATE choice for banking needs when visiting in the south of Tobago.

    I used the service here on the Thursday before Good Friday on Easter weekend and as I walked into the bank, I was greeted by a little boy and a little girl dressed in they’re Sunday best. They each had little baskets and they were handing out chocolate eggs, a really nice touch.

    Given the setting…I didn’t TRY to take photos….although I wanted to…the kiddies were pretty cute to say the least..and the service came with free smiles!!

    Fondest memory: Milford Road, Tobago.


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