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  • Remote sugar mill ruins--St. John
    Remote sugar mill ruins--St. John
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    Another way to go around the Island is Hiking.

    by Waalewiener Written Feb 25, 2003

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    Just like the little fellow , or girl ??, hiking trails are on the Island , the website of hiking trails is posted below.
    It is not advisible to do it like our little friend,but he or she did a good job staying on the side of the road.

    Don't worry I am not on the road.
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    Hike to the most remote beach on the island!

    by cara15 Written Jun 7, 2004

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    Take a ride up to Peace Hill right ouside of the main town of St. John. On top of Peace Hill is an abandoned sugar mill and a private hidden path down to Dennis Beach. This path is overgrown and winds down steeply through brush and trees. But once you get to Dennis Beach, paradise has been reached. The sand is perfect white and the water crystal blue. No one is on the beach so you can have it to yourself. Although, wierd things have happend on this beach and sometimes you are not alone.....

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  • Nude Beach area : Solomon or Trunk Bay

    by Sunbum1000 Updated Feb 23, 2004

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    The reference was made to Solomon , but I have always known the area as Trunk Bay. Depending on who is 'on duty" as far as the rangers and all will depend on how far down the beach you need to go. Topless sunbathing has been allowed farily close to the visitors center from time to time; but normally you need to go to the left of the center towards a rocky area at the far left end of the beach, the closer you are to this area determines exactly how much you have to wear. If you go on the other side of the rocks, there is generally no problem being nude. Alot of sail boats occasionally will drop anchor in this area as well as the people on the boats can remain nude or come into the beach. My wife and I have used this area since 1982 without any problems...after all the park service and US govt does not have a law restricting nude sunbathing on govt owned or run property...hope others find the area and enjoy the sun as well...

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    Hiking St. John

    by vanderlust Updated Sep 3, 2009

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    Because 2/3 of StJ is National Park, you can find trails of all difficulties. Here is the best map I have found of StJ. It can be found at Trailbandit

    Much of the tips below are from VInow
    Hiking tips:
    -Use a map to plan your hike.
    -Tell someone where you are going and when you will return. Avoid hiking or swimming alone.
    Allow for sufficient time to explore, swim and rest.
    -Remain on park trails - some trails cross private property, do not trespass into private property.
    -Wear cool clothing, comfortable walking shoes. Sandals are not recommended. Sneakers are your best option.
    -Protect yourself against the sun and insects.
    -Bring water and snacks.
    -Do not leave items or garbage on the trails. Make sure you leave with all the items you brought with you.
    -Do not remove anything from the park property; this includes but is not limited to shells, rocks, artifacts, flowers, plants and animals.
    -Pace yourself to prevent fatigue. Watch footing on wet rocks and trails made rough and slippery at times by heavy rainfall.
    -Do not eat unknown fruits, nuts or berries. Some plants and fruits are poisonous and can cause allergic reactions. Do not touch unfamiliar plants. Avoid handling or picking plant life that may harbor stinging insects, cause rashes, scratches or skin punctures. Many plants have thorns beware, look but don't touch. Some ground covering scrubs cause severe itching - it is in your best interest to stay on trails.
    -Do not climb on fragile historic structures. Leave artifacts in place.
    -Hike early and return early.
    -Carry and drink plenty of water. There is no safe drinking water along the trails. You can easily get dehydrated from the heat and from the exercise of hiking.
    -Protect your skin and eyes from the sun. Use sunscreen, wear a hat, a shirt and UV protected sunglasses. The sunlight is most damaging between 10am and 2pm. Sun burns and sun poisoning are dangerous and painful.
    -Don't leave valuable items exposed in your car or on the beach. Theft is not a big problem, but do not tempt potential thieves by leaving valuables in the open.
    -Large, shore breaking waves are dangerous. Do not venture into the open ocean along coastlines. Use caution when entering and leaving the water when the surf is high.
    -Do not feed or harass the wildlife.

    from www.trailbandit.org
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    Virgin Islands National Park HQ

    by vanderlust Updated Sep 29, 2008

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    You can also find maps and trail descriptions at the National Park website and Visitor center in Cruz Bay.
    Virgin Islands National Park
    1300 Cruz Bay Creek
    St. John, VI 00830
    (340) 776-6201 ext. 238

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  • Nude Beach

    by alaskamaximus Updated Apr 25, 2004

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    Soloman Beach is not talked about much. Trail from behind Park visitor center, mostly level trail but very rocky. Has turn to left downwards for beach. (little over one mile hike) Park occationally gets hair up butt about nudity so be careful. If you see others start striping, then go for it. During the winter of 2003-04, never saw any rangers.

    Bring water since none at beach.

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    hiking trails part 2

    by vanderlust Updated Sep 3, 2009

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    Much of the content below is from VInow

    Leinster Bay Trail/Road
    (Distance 0.8 mile, Approximate Time: 30 minutes)
    The trail follows the old Danish Road eastward along the shore from the Annaberg picnic area to Waterlemon Bay. This is a good place to swim. Snorkeling at Waterlemon Cay is very good.

    Johnny Horn Trail
    (Distance: 1.8 miles, Approximate Time 2 hours)
    This trail begins at Waterlemon Bay and crosses the ridges southward to the paved road at Emmaus Moravian Church in Coral Bay. The trail passes through sunny, dry forest.

    Brown Bay Trail
    (Distance: 1.6 miles, Approximate Time: 2 hours)
    The National Park cautions that this trail is NOT maintained! The trail begins from the ridge 0.7 miles out of Johnny Horn trail from Waterlemon Bay. The trail branches to the east and descends through a dry thorn shrub area and into a valley. The trail borders Brown Bay for a short distance and then ascends over a ridge which overlooks Hurricane Hole. The trail ends at the East End Road just a little over a mile passed the Emmaus Moravian Church in Coral Bay.

    Reef Bay Trail
    (Distance: 2.2 miles, Approximate Time: 2 hour)
    This trail begins on Centerline Road. The trail descends 937 feet through a shady forest. There is a variety of plant life to be seen while hiking. The visible remains of four sugar estates and a more recent farming community are found along the trail. The trail ends at the Reef Bay Plantation ruins near Genti Bay. Guided Hikes are available with a National Park ranger.

    Petroglyph Trail
    (Distance: 0.2 miles, Approximate Time: 15 minutes)
    This trail starts 1.5 miles down the Reef Bay trail. Mysterious rock carvings are located at the end of the trail. In rainy season a small waterfall and stream run through the rocks; in dry season the stream becomes small brackish pools.

    Lameshur Bay Trail
    (Distance: 1.5 miles, Approximate Time: 1 hour 15 minutes)
    This trail connects Lameshur Bay with Reef Bay trail. The hiking is through dry, open forest. 1.2 miles from the Reef Bay junction a spur trail leads 0.3 miles to a salt pond and coral rubble beach at Europa Beach.

    Yawzi Point Trail
    (Distance: 0.3 mile, Approximate Time: 20 minutes)
    This trail leads from Little Lameshur Bay Road through thorny vegetation to isolated coves.

    Bordeaux Mountain Trail
    (Distance: 1.2 mile, Approximate Time: 1 hour 30 minutes)
    This is a steep, open to the sun trail. It connects the shady Bordeaux Mountain Road with Lameshur Bay 1,000 feet below. Bordeaux Mountain is the highest point on St. John at 1,277 feet.

    Salt Pond Bay Trail
    (Distance 0.2 mile, Approximate Time: 15 minutes)
    This trail begins at the parking area 3.9 miles south of Coral Bay. The trail leads down to Salt Pond Beach through cactus and scrubland. There is good snorkeling and swimming at this beach. This area is usually particularly hot and sunny.

    Drunk Bay Trail
    (Distance: 0.3 miles, Approximate Time 20 minutes)
    This trail begins at the south end of Salt Pond Bay Beach and turns to the east along the north side of the salt pond. In the past salt from the pond was harvested, some residents still collect salt during the summer months for personal uses. The windy conditions and salt have stunted the growth of many plants in the area therefore along the trail you will pass many short shrubs. Drunk Bay is a rocky bay and is not safe for swimming. Figures made of the coral rocks on the beach are often left by visitors. A deer and man can be made out in the picture shown.

    Ram Head Trail
    (Distance: 1.0 miles, Approximate Time: 1 hours)
    This trail begins at the south end of Salt Pond Bay Beach. This rocky trail leads to a blue cobble beach and then leads back up the hillside to an overlook 200 feet above the Caribbean Sea. Use caution when walking near the edge of cliffs.

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    StJ hiking trails pt1

    by vanderlust Updated Sep 3, 2009

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Much of the content below is from VInow

    Lind Point Trail
    (Distance: About 1 mile, Approximate Time: 1 hour)
    This trail connects the National Park Visitor Center in Cruz bay with Honeymoon Beach and Caneel Bay. The trail ascends to the scenic Lind Point overlook. The overlook is at an elevation of about 150 feet and offers a great opportunity to take pictures of Cruz Bay. At approximately at .7 miles, a side trail leads to Salomon Beach. The trail weaves through semi-dry forest and cactus scrubs.

    Caneel Hill Trail
    (Distance: About 2.5 miles, Approximate Time: 2 hours)
    This trail joins Cruz Bay with Northshore Road entrance to Caneel Bay. The trail leads up to a scenic overlook atop Caneel Hill. The overlook is at an elevation of 720 feet. The trail continues to Margaret Hill, elevation 850 feet, and then descends to North-shore Road.

    Caneel Hill Spur Trail
    (Distance: About 1 mile, Approximate Time: 40 minutes)
    This trail starts from Lind Point trail. It crosses Northshore Road at an overlook of Cruz bay and Caneel Bay. It joins Caneel Hill trail at .4 miles.

    Water Catchments Trail
    (Distance: 1.0 mile, Approximate Time: 30 minutes)
    This trail leads between Centerline Road and Northshore Road. The trail joins the Caneel Hill trail over a portion of its route.

    Turtle Point Trail
    (Distance: 0.6 mile, Approximate Time: 30 minutes)
    Trail begins at the north end of the Caneel Bay Plantation. Hikers on this trail should enter the property and register at the front desk.

    Peace Hill
    (Distance 0.1 mile, Approximate Time: 10 minutes)
    This short trail leads to a scenic grassy flat overlook with an old sugar mill tower. A road/parking area just off of Northshore road is the beginning point of the short hike.

    Cinnamon Bay Self-Guiding Trail
    (Distance: 0.5 miles, Approximate Time: 1 hour)
    This trail passes through sugar plantation ruins and forested areas. Placards and signs along the trail indicate historical and environmental points of interest. The trail begins near the entrance to Cinnamon Bay campground and beach.

    Cinnamon Bay Trail
    (Distance: 1mile, Approximate Time: 1 hour)
    This trail begins around 100 yards east of the entrance to Cinnamon Bay Campground. This forested trail leads up an old Danish plantation road and junctions with Centerline Road.

    Francis Bay Trail
    (Distance: 0.5 miles, Approximate Time: 30 minutes)
    This trail begins at the west end of the Mary Creek road. The trail passes through a dry forest and leads past the Francis Bay Estate House and onto the beach. There is a mangrove forest and brackish pond at the end of this trail. A viewing area close to the mangrove forest allows an opportunity to bird watch. Snorkeling is good from the beach. The deep-water around Mary Point should be avoided.

    Annaberg School Area
    (Distance: 0.2 mile, Approximate Time: 15 minutes)
    This trail leads to ruins of one of the Caribbean's oldest public school houses. The school offers great views of Mary Point, Leinster Bay and Tortola.

    Annaberg Area
    (Distance: 0.2 mile, Approximate Time: 30 minutes)
    This trail joins the paved Leinster Bay Road. A mangrove forest and shallow reef provides a good wildlife viewing area. Land crabs, wading birds and other marine animals are a common. A self-guiding walking tour of the Annaberg Plantation Ruins is a short distance uphill from this area.

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    by kyoub Updated Mar 19, 2008

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    Some very large nests can be seen in the trees out on the trails. These nests are not housing anything that will bite or sting, they are termite nests.

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