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    Trunk Bay, St. John
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    Dawn arrival
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Saint John Things to Do

  • Sweet Views at Annaberg Sugar Mill!

    The Annaberg Sugar Mill was part of the open bus tour which we took at St. John’s Island with our then 2-year old twins. Anna was supposedly the name of the baby daughter of one of the owners of this 18th-19th century ruins (first established in 1718). If you walk up the hill, you will find a sugar mill, a horse mill and some very old public school...

  • Catch a rainbow at the beach and swim!

    There are several beaches where one can swim in St John. We liked the beach we were in (I think it was Trunk Bay ) - because the water was so blue and there was even a RAINBOW landing on the waters! We did not have our swimming stuff with us, so we just bought everything at the shop (from our swim apparel to beach bag - and they were nice quality)....

  • Ride the Open Bus Tour at St John!

    This 15-kilometer island (the size of Manhattan?) of St John in the US Virgin Islands can be efficiently toured using the open-sided safari-style bus tours.They drive you around the city and then into this botanical paradise where the driver will point out certain plants and their characteristics. The highlight of the trip would be a visit to the...

  • Sea-kayaking + Snorkeling

    We took the 3-hour Adventurer Tour with Hidden Reef Eco-tours and it was just awesome!! Snorkeling in Saint John is always wonderful, but we are beginners and having a guide was very helpful. we went by kayak to a perfect snorkeling spot and then we jumped into the water. what we saw was amazing: lots and lots of colorful fish and corals, and a...

  • Sailing/Snorkel Day Trip

    I especially enjoyed the day trip we took on board a catamaran. We stopped at several spots to snorkel then made two stops in the British Virgin for lunch at Foxy's the other at White Bay for the Soggy Dollar Bar (there's no dock, you must swim in to shore, thus the soggy dollars).

  • Beaches

    Go see the beaches! They are the most beautiful in the world. Rent a jeep or catch a cab in Cruz Bay and set off, map in hand, to explore the island. Hawksnest Beach is one of the most beautiful places I've ever seen, especially in the morning. The sun hits the clear water and even standing on the beach you can see fish and rays swimming in the...


Saint John Hotels

Saint John Restaurants

  • Budget Dining

    Budget Dining on St. John;Food and provisions can be a big expense on St. John especially if dining out. There are a few grocery stores on St. John, Starfish Market is my favorite because of selection. There is also Dolphin Market and Pine Peace Market. All three of these are in Cruz Bay. There is a market in Coral Bay but the name eludes me right...

  • Don't Miss The Fresh Local Food

    The food is fresh and dellicious. Windy Level opened in September of 2007. Menu changes every day. It's breezy and comfortable place to dine. I enjoyed several dishes of Ms. Carryn Powell who is the owner and chef. I had conch, stew chicken and local fish dish and enjoyed them all. Her food has flavor.

  • Best food on the rock!

    Located in Coral Bay, this is my favorite restaurant on island. Offering East Indian and West Indian Cuisine. Chef Rose and her husband Prince are fantastic and the food is beyond delicious. My recommendations: Spicy Crab spread on Tostones and West Indian Chicken Curry!


Saint John Transportation

  • vanderlust's Profile Photo

    by vanderlust Updated Apr 4, 2011

    Budget transportation on St. Thomas & St. John;

    Taxi and public bus rates are listed at the above website. Vitran buses are not the most reliable mode of transport. They have taken term island time to new levels ;).
    Hitchhiking is common on St. John and is safe for both the hitcher and driver.
    Hiking trails are a common route for those not renting a vehicle. The National Park Service keeps the major hiking trails in good shape.

    Rental cars and jeeps are available for a reasonable price of about $300 to $400 per week during off season.

    REMEMBER stay LEFT when driving!!!

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Saint John Local Customs

  • Water use on St John

    Unless you're in a resort or a public restroom, the water that feeds the toilet probably comes from rainwater. If you use all that water up then people won't be able to take showers. Take your showers by first wetting your body, then turning off the water and lathering up. Turn it back on to rinse. There's also a saying regarding the toilet -- "If...

  • Greetings on St John

    One of the nicest customs -and virtually mandatory if you want to get an answer from an islander - in the Virgin Islands is to initially start any and all conversations with "Good (Morning, Afternoon, Evening), how are you?" and then give them a moment to respond. THEN you can ask a question. This is common even in the grocery stores, buying ferry...

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    3 Hotels in Saint John

Saint John Warnings and Dangers

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    by welbourn3 Updated Aug 22, 2009

    There is a tree that usually grows near the shore, and it has branches that are low lying and spread out. There is a fruit that grows on this tree that in the early stages looks like a crab apple to me, but others have said it looks plum-like when very ripe. I am writing about the Manchanilla (or Manchaneel Tree). It's sap and fruit contain a corrosive substance that can cause pain and blisters on the skin, and if eaten can possibly (in the worst case scenario) eat through your innards. At best, it will just make you very, very ill. There are Manchanilla trees on St. John. We found one out at the East End.

    As for donkeys, they can be a nuisance. While eating smoothies at a road side stand, they came begging for food. Persistent buggers!

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Saint John Off The Beaten Path

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    by eight_08 Written Oct 31, 2004

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The whole island is off the beaten path. It's one of those places you go to truely escape, see nature and enjoy the peace and quiet. 3/4 of the island is national park so it is preserved from commercialism and development. The difference between St. John and St. Thomas is amazing--St. John is much more laid back and so quiet. There are petroglyphs and rock drawings to look at and trails to hike and sugar mill ruins to visit. The island will bring out the explorer in you. Rent a jeep and tool around for a day or a week and snorkel on some of the remote beaches, like Honeymoon or Hawksnest Beach. Many of the nature trails empty out onto beaches so you can have a land-and-sea adventure all in one day.

    Remote sugar mill ruins--St. John

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Saint John Favorites

  • Small History of St John British Virgin...

    Here is a small part of the history of St. John, to better understand the nature of the islands...On November 23, 1733 slaves carrying bundles of wood were let into the fort at Coral Bay. Concealed in the wood were cane knives, which the rebels used to kill the half-asleep and surprised soldiers who were guarding the fort. One soldier, John...

  • expensive or not?

    Hi,St. John does not have to be expensive. You can find a small room to rent, or camp at the campground. Food is expensive in the grocery stores, but if you plan well and have a place to cook, you will be ok. Getting around the island is easy, you can hitchhike to north shore beaches, or take the bus from one end to the other. I live on St. John...

  • Wild and laid back

    St. John is about 3/4 national park so it is mostly undeveloped. Even in Cruz Bay, the main town, things are understated and laid-back. A horse got loose when we were hanging around waiting for the ferry to take us back to St. Thomas. It was a brown and white paint and he was just munching grass over by the gazebo while his owner called and cajoled...


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