U. S. Virgin Islands Warnings and Dangers

  • Traffic is on the 'wrong' side!
    Traffic is on the 'wrong' side!
    by DAO
  • crab hole
    crab hole
    by grandmaR
  • dirt road leading away from the beach
    dirt road leading away from the beach
    by grandmaR

U. S. Virgin Islands Warnings and Dangers

  • Do no rent a sedan if traveling to St....

    On our first trip to the U.S. Virgin Islands, my friends and I rented a Ford Taurus. That turned out to be a very bad idea. First of all, getting on the car barge at Red Hook took forever due to the low clearance at the bottom of the car. Everyone had to step out of the car and we had to unload some luggage to be able to move up the ramp of the car...

  • St Stomas,Not As Bad

    St.Thomas can be an WONDERFUL island to be the first island to go when you are younger (9-12) i went there for my birth day when i was 9 (my age now) and it wasn't so bad it's really beautiful depending on where you happen to be i haven't seen any body get in to your cars I'm going on a cruise for 10 days that will my 2nd time being in the U.s....


    You mix the impoverished locals with the relatively rich tourists staying at resorts, and of course you are going to have incidents of theft on a regular basis. STT & STX are worse than STJ for all crimes. Charlotte Amalie is bad for pickpockets & purse snatchers during the day, and it's a veritable den of iniquity at night. It used to be a great...

  • Sunburn / Sunstroke / Dehydration

    Wear sunscreen & protective gear as appropriate, especially in your first few days on the islands. And be sure to drink lots of water - bottled water, that is - so you won't get dehydrated, especially if you've been drinking alcohol. You don't want to ruin the balance of the trip because you were careless in the beginning!

  • Common Sense Swimming Safety

    Please check with the local tourist information to find out about any swimming hazards you might encounter, where & when. At sheltered beaches like Magen's Bay on the Caribbean side of STT, you won't have to worry so much about tides or undertow, & there will be lifeguards on duty. This would be much safer if you'll be bringing children with you,...

  • Goats on the road!

    Yes, it's true. And that's not all. These islands are hilly, the roads are difficult to maintain so there are potholes where you least expect them, there's usually no safety shoulder on steep curves, the locals drive like madmen ON THE LEFT, there are lots of half-drunk American guys later in the day who will try to plow you down even if you...

  • Fragile Coral

    Please be careful, whether snorkeling, diving or just wading & swimming, to avoid damaging the coral & other sealife. Coral is incredibly fragile; it takes many long years to grow back. I have already seen SO much damage done to the popular underwater spots on these islands. Novice divers often inadvertently crash into coral on their first few...

  • Back Streets of Charlotte Amalie

    Charlotte Amalie is a relatively small city by continental US standards, but comes replete with its share of dangers nonetheless. The island overall is not very wealthy, and some neighbourhoods (especially those which are mainly public housing) can be unsavoury. Even in the historic districts, some back alleys are to be avoided, lest one wishes to...

  • Unlicensed Cabs

    Since the cabs in the Virgin Islands are usually nondescript old vans, many people try to fool tourists into believing they're licensed cabbies in order to earn an extra buck. When I was shopping for groceries in the town of Red Hook, St. Thomas, a guy climbed down from a bar perched above the supermarket parking lot and offered to help us...

  • Atlantic swells

    The north beaches on St. John and St. Thomas can be adversely impacted by unusually large waves (Atalantic swell) on occasion - happend one day during our week. This both makes the currents stronger and ruins underwater visability - we couldn't see anything on Coki Beach in St. Thomas as a result. On a day like this, have a backup south shore beach...

  • If you travel to the Virgin...

    If you travel to the Virgin Islands by ship, don't feed the birds from your balcony, or the deck of the ship. I did so as we were entering port at Charlotte Amalie - BIG mistake! Instant scene from a Hitchcock film. We were descended upon by a flock of birds before the croissant I tossed out could even hit the water! (see picture above)The seagulls...

  • For the most part people are...

    For the most part people are friendly and helpful, you'll often see a lost item hanging from a bush - a local habit of placing found items where they can be seen by an owner retracing his steps. However, in any densely touristed area you need to watch your pockets (mostly on St. Thomas). St. John is quieter and has less crime, but use common sense...

  • We spent a year on St. Thomas....

    We spent a year on St. Thomas. Only go there on your way to somewhere civilized, such as St. John. St. Thomas continues to spiral down into anarchy: the government is as inept as it is corrupt; violent crime, despite attempts to conceal it, continues to soar. The island remains true to the pirate and slaver ethos from which it sprang: visiors are...

  • In St Johns, it seems that...

    In St Johns, it seems that there is some drugs business....and I believe it. But at no time we were into troubles, even at night.Tortola is 100% safe...and I would be the first surprised if something should ever happen on this heaven !

  • They drive on the left side of...

    They drive on the left side of the road here, like in Britain. Be careful! My uncle had a little bit of trouble with this and was rewarded by a shout from a local driver, 'You're on the wrong side of the road. Stupid.'

  • I was there during the...

    I was there during the 'off-off season'...not many tourists in town after sundown, so you may be a target for panhandlers, some of whom were very aggressive! DO NOT travel in town alone at night, and try to park close to your destination if you will be spending the evening in town.Also, if you are an American citizen born outside of the US, bring...

  • Intense sunshine or cloudshine...

    Intense sunshine or cloudshine can cause sunburn to the unprepared. Always use sunscreen and apply several times during the day.

  • Sometimes bathroom locks turn...

    Sometimes bathroom locks turn deadly. Rita is trapped in the bathroom while the captain takes off the door to release her and repair the faulty lock. Art consoles and keeps her company.

  • Most of the Islands are safe,...

    Most of the Islands are safe, especially during the daytime. However, you should use common sense at night and stay away from certain areas.

  • St. John is a relatively safe...

    St. John is a relatively safe island,although St. Thomas, a short way away, is not. Be careful of your property as you would anywhere. If you are camping beware of the 'cute' wild donkeys. They steal food and know how to unzip a tent. Really!

  • Please remember that nature is...

    Please remember that nature is endangered. The coral is especially fragile. Be very careful with your flippers when you are snorkeling. This is one really big change I have noticed over the past 20 years. The snorkeling and health of the coral have greatly deteriorated.

  • Charlotte Amalie, the capital...

    Charlotte Amalie, the capital of St Thomas, can be a dangerous place, principally because of drug problems. Best advice is to get out of there as soon as possible. The rest of the islands, and especially the British Virgins, are quite hospitable.

  • We did not have any problems...

    We did not have any problems but other people in our hotel reported problems with people breaking into rental cars. I suspect rich tourists are a tempting target for some of the poorer people that live on St. Thomas. No place is immune to crime, but St. John Island may have less crime because it is more isolated from the more populous St. Thomas...

  • TAXI CABS-These are quite a...

    TAXI CABS-These are quite a rip off. They are supposed to charge a base price and then a reduced price for each additional person-they charge per person and they change the price according to what they feel like when they pick you up. This summer we will be renting a car and not depending on cabs again.


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U. S. Virgin Islands Warnings and Dangers

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