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  • Bulevard Zogu i Pare
    Bulevard Zogu i Pare
    by maykal
  • Painted Apartment Blocks, Tirana
    Painted Apartment Blocks, Tirana
    by maykal
  • National History Museum
    National History Museum
    by klea&R

Tirana Things to Do

  • Pyramid of Tirana

    The place is quite a mess as it is much unloved by the people of Tirana for representing the old Communist Regime. You cannot go inside, nor would you even want to given the state of disrepair.The building was once the Enver Hoxha (former communist leader) Museum, then a convention center, then home to a radio station. There are broken windows and...

  • Et'hem Bey Mosque

    Worth a visit as it is unusual for being painted inside with scenes of living things. Most mosques have only abstract designs inside, so the frescoes here are a rarity. The mosque is somewhat small, but is one of the few surviving historic buildings that survived in the Tirana area. Make an effort to see it.

  • Dajti Mountain

    This national park, located at 25 km east from Tirana, is accessible by a cable car. Unfortunately I went there in the evening and had no a great view over the city.To reach the cable car from central Tirana, we have to take the Bus Line Linze - Qender. Then, we walk for a few minutes following the sign "teleferic". FareOne way, 500 ALLReturn, 800...


Tirana Hotels

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Tirana Restaurants

  • Traditional Food

    When I was visiting the Old Bazar, I have found this traditional restaurant and soon wanted to try Fërgesë e Tiranës and makarona me gjalp. I have found both dishes really tasty.Both the service and ambience are good, and I recommend strongly this restaurant for its genuine dishes.As I had bough some food in the market, this was the best place to...

  • Cheap and clean

    If you feel like having some snaks and don´t want to go to a formal restaurant, for some cheap fast food close to Sheshi Skënderbeg (square). the Sev7en is a good place. I had some quite good Pizza slices.

  • Albanian Food

    I was looking for a good and cheap place to taste traditional Albanian food. I was advisable to visit this charming restaurant managed by a family from Gjirokastër.I ordered Fërgesë e Tiranës, a dish made with chicken liver, pepper, tomato, some oil and gjize served in a dish of clay. It is a traditional Albanian dish. In spite of having it...


Tirana Nightlife

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  • Cafe Opera

    This is a clean, bright and conveniently located bar on Skenderbeg square, where you can drink Korca beer, and watch football on the big screen. It's nothing special, but it's easily located underneath the big Opera sign on the Palace of Culture.

  • Tirana Coffee Culture

    Central Tirana is filled with coffee shops. It is not unusual to see several coffee shops strung along the same street, at a short distance from each other. The offerings in the coffee shops reflect the colorful history of the country. Turkish coffee, with a layer of coffee grounds at the bottom of the cup, is a staple, testimony for hundreds of...

  • Bar Moma

    my couch surfer and friends took me here - as it was a monday night and the only place that was reasonably busy.its a cool trendy place with cocktails.i had a cuba libre for 400lek, £2.50) - music was cool, ambient and a good atmosphere, am sure it goes off at weekends.


Tirana Transportation

  • Tirana Airport.

    Tirana Airport is located 11 kilometers from the center of Tirana and is named after Mother Teresa. There is actually a little statue of Mother Teresa outside the airport.The airport has recently been modernised and is a very comfortable little airport to fly to and from.There are not many airlines serving Tirana, but you have many flights to Italy...

  • Bus from central Tirana to Dajti Express

    To reach the Dajti Express, just take the bus Bus line Linzë - Qender -Linzë as far as Porcelain. Then walk for 1.5 km following the sign "teleferic"Fare30 ALLTrip Duration25 minutes

  • Train from Tirana to Durrës

    As the train station in Tirana is closed, the nearest train station to make connection to Durrës is at Kashar. There are many trains a day, from 06:10 to 19:00, and the trip tabes about 40 minutes. There is a bus service linking the old Tirana train station to Kashar train station. The bus leaves 20 minutes before the departure of the train.Another...


Tirana Shopping

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  • QTU

    On the highway to Durres there are some department stores where you can find international brands like Mango etc. you can take a free bus in Scanderbeg square going there every 15 minutes. the names of the stores are QTU, Casa Italia, City Park. http://www.qtu-al.com/web/index.php

  • Clothes from Italy and Greece

    The main street for clothes, shoes etc is Myslym Shyri str., most of the products coming from Italy and Greece. You can find other smaller boutiques in the Bllok area. Some brand shops like the Beneton, Sergio Tacchini, are around Durresi str. As for other stuff, like ceramics, you will find some very good ones located at Shallvare buildings. more...

  • Handmade figured plates

    I think the souvenir shop is on the Kavajes Street. I bought figured plates by a local artist. Souvenir of Tirana wasnt attractive to me because Im from Istanbul and those souvenirs of Tirana is quite familiar to me. Ottoman style souvenirs coffee pots, tea sets, Ottoman daggers, clothes etc could be attractive for many people but not for a guy...


Tirana Local Customs

  • Do you need a car?

    I came across this old car when I was walking back to my hotel. An old Swedish Volvo Amason from -66 for sale in Tirana! These were very popular when I was young.The engines would last for ever, it's not at all unusual to hear about cars that have rolled 400.000 or 500.000 km or even more.

  • Some books, anyone?

    I saw quite a few men selling second hand books along the strech of Parku Rinia. Unfortunately all the books were in Albanian so there were nothing I could use.

  • Locals at the mosque

    At any time at Et'hem Bey Mosque, one may find an Albanian reading the Koran, or Muslims praying in the mosque, or visitors immortalising their trip by taking photographs, or enthusiasts of art history wishing to satisfy their curiosity.Please have a close look at the decoration of Et'hem Bey Mosque.


Tirana Warnings and Dangers

  • Albanian Defence System - Potholes

    Albania defends it's city and town centres from foreign incursions in an economical and ingenious manner. Every major road entering every town or city is riddled with stupendous potholes, filled with muddy water, denying rapid entry to foreign interlopers.The national fleet of vehicles (90% of which seem to be 2nd hand Mercedes) are so banged about...

  • Safe City

    Despite Albania's Wild West reputation, Tirana proved to be a very relaxing city. People were curious, and I caught many people staring at me, and then quickly looking away when they saw that I'd noticed, but whenever I interacted with anyone, they were always incredibly friendly. A surprising number of Albanians also spoke English.Even late at...

  • Driving in Tirana

    Tirana has wide streets with several lines for each direction. However, there are very few markings on streets, so you never actually know in which lane you are driving. But, I have to admit that local drivers were very considerate when they saw car with foreign registration plates, and I had no trouble driving around. However, pedestrians love to...


Tirana Tourist Traps

  • harido's Profile Photo

    Formerly the mausoleum of...

    by harido Written Aug 26, 2002

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    Formerly the mausoleum of dictator
    Enver Hoxha, it has been turned into
    the International Center of Culture.

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Tirana What to Pack

  • Tirana has most things, though ...

    I would suggest bringing your own razors, since the American razor brands can be extremely expensive and difficult to find. Also bring a good flashlight (torch) as Tirana is plagued with frequent and lengthy power outages.

  • Backpackers and...

    Backpackers are good. But bring some good clothes for the nightlife as well. The locals tend to be a bit fashionable. You can find almost every little thing. There is a lot of import going on with the neighbouring EU countries.

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Tirana Off The Beaten Path

  • Durres

    About an hour from Tirana by bus or train is the ancient city of Durres. It's worth the trip to see the Adriatic coast, the Roman amphitheater, and King Zog's palace. It's only about 50 cents for a return ticket on the train, and the train journey is an experience in itself.

  • Tirana By Night

    I liked Tirana by night and took this photograph. When I think of Tirana, I do miss day and night view of Et'hem Bey Mosque and Clock Tower.

  • Tirana Lake

    To get to the lake you can go through the park behind the University & Sheraton hotel. After a short walk you'll come across it. The lake is artifical & has a path that goes all the way round it, crossing the dam too. There weren't many people there when I visited, only a few people jogging & fishing. It was nice to have a bit of peace & quiet away...


Tirana Sports & Outdoors

  • Qemal Stafa Stadium

    The stadium is just off Mother Teresa Square & next to the Sheraton hotel.Two of Albania's top teams Sk Tirana & KF Partizani play here. It also holds matches for the Albanian national football team.There is a ticket office next to the main entrance.

  • Soccer in Tirana

    Tirana sports a fairly run-down soccer stadium near the downtown (across the street from the Sheraton Hotel). The local and national team play regular games there virtually year round and generally on Sundays. Admission is nominal but be careful, as the crowd can get pretty out of hand.

  • Qemal Stafa Stadium

    Albania's national stadium is an unimposing building, but it has a reputation for making opposing teams wilt. It's been the stage of a few famous victories in recent years, not least of which the 2-1 defeat of local rivals Greece in their very first game after winning Euro 2004 in Portugal. I can just imagine how happy that would have made the...


Tirana Favorites

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  • Changing Money at the early morning

    If you come by bus from Greece or Macedonia you probably arrive around 4 or 5 am somewhere close to Sheshi Skënderbeg (square). The Tirana International Hotel, Sheshi Skënderbej 8 between Muzeu Kombetar and Opera has fairly good exchange rates (135 to the Euro instead of 139 at daytime exchange office rates, October 2014).

  • How to find the objects.

    I have put links to Google Map in my tips to make it easier to find the objects mentioned, when possible to get the right position. The links are marked in italics. Unfortunately Google Map isn't very precise and too often points to other buildings than the wanted one.

  • Recycling.

    Nowadays you can find recycling stations a little here and there in Tirana. I did not see any outside of Tirana though during this journey, but one has to start somewhere....


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