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  • Restaurants
    by Juzzepe
  • Restaurants
    by Juzzepe
  • Restaurants
    by Juzzepe

Ishull-Lezhe Things to Do

  • Excellent dinner

    After we had got our room, it was almost time for dinner. We came back to the terrace near the dinning room. We wanted to be outside but not at the table under a tree as there was no electric light. Instead, we chose a table on the terrace with a small light, which was easy as we were the only customers! Would we have a decent dinner? Indeed, we...

  • Who mewls?

    During the night, on several occasions, we heard very soft mewls but were unable tio establish from where did they come. In the morning, we had a closer look and found that just under our window, there was a whole family of cats. : a mother licking her kitty and a tomcat (the father ?). I tried to take a photo through the mosquito screen, it is why...

  • Other rooms ?

    From the window of our room, we had a view on a patio with overgrown vegetation and, perpendicular to our building, another wing. There seemed to be other hotel rooms but they did not seem to have been renewed (hum!) like ours, but who knows, may be other travelers will be happy to have a ceiling for one night!

  • Rustic room (and plus if affinity!)

    There were two rooms to choose between. They were almost the same, rustic (that is what we were expecting, hehe!) but perfectly clean but one was dimly lit and the other was very dimly lit. We took the former; of course.The room was wide, almost square, with a a table in the middle and a bed in a recess between two huge cupboards. The boarded floor...

  • Quiet terrace

    The terrace was welcoming (photo 1) but as there were tables standing in the open, we chose to have our large beers under a tree (photo 2). There were no other customers remaining in the estate. After a while, the guy that seemed to be in charge told us that they had prepared a room and that we should come to see if that was fine for us.

  • Fire place

    In one corner of the dining room, there is a stone fireplace with sofas around. When we arrived, there were four exhausted young guys lying in the sofas! At least, we had found human beings! We learned later that they were exhausted because they had all day long several busloads of visitors and we had seen the last one leaving. Obviously, they were...

  • Dinning room

    Photo 1 shows the large dining room (sorry, it is a bit blurred as it was not well lit) with a long, empty table. On the wall, several large naïve paintings of landscapesPhoto 2 is a close up on one of those paintings.Photo 3 shows several bozuq, a long necked string music instrument closely related with the Arab buzuq and with the Greek bouzouki....

  • Surprise !

    Let’s come in!The inside is all wooden and well kept. The first room was empty, though, with two doors, one on the left and one on the right (photo 1). By the half opened door on the right, stood a device that looked familiar.Photo 2 : it is indeed what I thought it was, a photocopy apparatus, standing proudly on a low table in the middle of an...

  • The right entrance

    At the end of the alley, stands another entrance, symmetrical to the one written “hotel”. This one is less decayed than the other. It is framed by two plants in their pot and an empty chair stands on one side (photo 1)In front, the porch leads to a closed gate and another abandoned patio with overgrown plants (photo 2).

  • Scattered tables

    Tables were scattered in the park, under the shade of the trees, in the middle of what had once been a lawn and deserved now better the name of meadow. But still no living soul, not even cows! There should be cows with all that grass to graze! That is pure waste ! The tables had “worked” not long ago : they had a neat table cloth and some of them...

  • The front alley

    Right to the “hotel” entrance, a paved alley framed with trees lined the front of the building on its entire length. I understood why the corridor was so dimly light by the windows : they were shaded by the trees. A few minutes before, the school children heading to their bus were going out of the other corner of the building. Let’s hope there is...

  • Hotel Gjuetise entrance, 2009

    We parked our car on the desert parking lot and right there, there was a vaulted entrance written “hotel” (photo 1). There was even a cat in the middle of the entrance, welcoming us. Great, we will have a bed to sleep in to night !Photo 2 : a wider look showed that the roof was invaded by weeds and that the eaves-gutter was partly missing and that...

  • The main entrance, 2009

    Photo 1 : After a few kilometers on a narrow road, we arrived to the entrance into the park of Hotel Gjuetise. There was a bus with schoolchildren that were embarking and would leave soon. At that time of the year (May), there are plenty of school travels all over the country, before the end of the school year. Photo 2 : The park looked nice with a...

  • The Park, 1988

    A beautifully trimmed park surrounded the lodge, with stream of water running slowly on two sides (photo 1).Children were sitting on the cistern that collected rainwater (photo 2). They were obviously eager to look discreetly at foreigners as in 1988, there was a very limited number of foreign visitors. We were a rare species!

  • Dining room, 1988

    The inside of Count Ciano hunting lodge was very comfortable and cosy. Unfortunately, I did not take many photos (dias) as it was the beginning of our trip and though I had taken a lot of rolls, I did not want to run out of rolls at the end of the travel.The first photo shows the dining room with our party of altogether 12-15 peoples, including the...


Ishull-Lezhe Restaurants

  • fresh Seafood

    Very nice and friendly ,beautifull location , very fresh food, wee serve all tradicional Albanian foods, fresh fish ,and drinks , wee cook with wood, Welcome Steaks & Fish its fresh very testy, very cuality service,and Less expensive than average.

  • Restaurant Gjuetise

    Should I advise you to try Restaurant of Hotel Gjuetise ? Undoubtoudly yes. I have full described in several separate tips our adventures. I can understand that going to the hotel is not for everybody but the restaurant is a very different thing. There is not much choice but what they serve is excellent. As a starter, we had a tomato salad with...

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Ishull-Lezhe Off The Beaten Path

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    by JLBG Written Jul 11, 2009

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    The device shown on the photos is a kalimerre. During our 1988 visit, I saw a man using a small one, hand launched ( Rrethi i Lezhes. The device is made with a square net that is dropped into the river. The device is let at the bottom of the water for a while and drawn up to catch fishes. This device, under various names, is used widely in the swamps of the whole southern Adriatic, from Montenegro ( Donji Stoj, to Greece, including Albania and I have seen some on several occasions but never one of this size.

    Photo 1 shows that it extends from one bank of the main canal that drains the waters of the swamps between Lezhë and Ishull Lezhë. I feel it is 10-15 meters wide.

    Photo 2 shows that in order to collect the fishes collected in the kalimerre, there is in the center a device that can be opened over a tank in a small boat.

    Photo 3. Of course such a huge kalimerre requires a machinery to be maneuvered. A winch has been home made with a strong rope and 4 used oars. On the right, the sole of an old shoe prevent it from grinding that would scare fishes.
    Photo 3 and 4.The winch is set up under a shelter, with a comfortable bench. It is designed for a whole party of half a dozen men to sit in the dark, waiting for the kalimerre to be drawn up. I feel they have a jolly good time, smoking and drinking all night long!

    king size kalimerre King size kalimerre king size kalimerre King size kalimerre
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