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  • Blue Eye - Syri i Kaltër

    Sarande Off The Beaten Path

    Syri i Kaltër or the Blue Eye is a unique spring near Sarande, half way between Sarande and Gjirokaster actually. It's the source of the river Bistrica, whch springs out from the deep 50 meter hole with its crystal clear water. Blue Eye has a discharge of 18.4 m3/s. The beauty is stunning!

  • Hotel Mediterrane

    Sarande Hotels

    I had a room with a great view. The hotel is situated on a hill at the top of the entry road to...


    Sarande Favorites

    I never thought I would ever see Sarande without being shot dead. In 1986 I stayed in a resort on the Greek island of Corfu. One night I looked out across the water and I could see a dark and rugged coastline across the water. A waiter walked up to me because he saw me staring at this piece of land in the distance. I asked him if it was some rural...



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  • The cable ferry.

    Butrint Transportation

    To cross the Vivari strait you will have to use the small cable ferry. It runs whenever a vehicle comes. Pedestrians travel for free, but they have to wait until a car or even a bus needs to be ferried over.

  • To get there by bus.

    Butrint Transportation

    You can use the regular bus service to get from Saranda to Butrint. The journey will take about 45 min. Bus stops are located at the main town square as well as in front of the Hotel Butrinti.

  • What is this?

    Butrint Off The Beaten Path

    If coming from Saranda you will probably see some strange structures in the water of Lake Butrint, on your left hand side. It is mussel beds.



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  • Ali Pasha fort ?

    Konispol Things to Do

    About 1 km north to Butrint, a new road sign tells the way to Ali Pasha’s fort. This is a fort that controlled the entrance into the Vivari Channel. We parked along the road and walked on a path that climbed on top of the hill that controlled the Vivari channel … and after 200 meters, the path ended on a flat summit with some lined stones around!...

  • Vivari channel, 2009

    Konispol Things to Do

    Both photos of the Vivari channel were shot 1 km north to Butrint, on the road to Ksamil and Saranda.The first photo shows the open sea and the swamps that surround the channel. The mouth of the channel is on the far right. In the background, the island of Corfu with Mount Pantokrator, the highest point of the island.The second photo shows the...

  • Butrint ferry in 2009

    Konispol Transportation

    In May 2009, the Butrint ferry was still working but there seemed that a bridge would soon be built. I bet that next year the ferry won’t be there any more! This soon will be a piece of history!The first photo shows a truck that drive into the ferry.On the second photo, the ferry-man shows that he will not take an other vehicle for the short ride...



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  • Ujvara's Profile Photo

    by Ujvara Updated Apr 16, 2010

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Each plate in the “Waterfall” restaurant is a piece of art which we enjoyed. Borshi miracle center, where the greenery of the trees located in the throat spilling infinitely resources gives the sensation of Heaven. The kitchen chief with his experience and techniques makes everything require your taste. Restaurant is typically Mediterranean, the philosophy of its genes to the complexities of drinkable water that comes from ice sources, tries with their fruits, vegetables, see foods, and everything else cooked to the Waterfall is organic and fresh.
    The menu is changed every year, where we read a more extensive set of wines from all over the countries. Is one of the most perfect wine lists and that goes with all the dishes, not forgetting the one by the glasses.
    Excellent combination of food and service would give everyone unforgettable memories.
    Reservations are essensional and should be made in advance. “Waterfall” entered the line of exclusive top restaurants, high quality and was worth every cent. Personalities of all fields are visiting this place at all times the taste of gastronomy and the pictures from the environment itself created by mother nature live you with no mind.
    The main room in her dizzying ceiling has 600 spots, 20 neon’s and 200 candlesticks, windows surrounded by high columns of glasses, where each table has the possibility looking every where in a space full of green gardens. Flowers carefully selected to provide the peace of a grand park where the hours spent there will appear minutes.
    Main hall for weddings up to 200 people, with spectacular decoration, and fantastic seating, are one of its caned. With its menus and modernity of the open kitchen “Waterfall restaurant becomes everyone's experience to be there for lunch or diner known for homemade dishes it will make your day one of the best..
    Menu is generally meat, fish, pasta and risotto which is cooked in the special daily and can be viewed from the client. Melting in the mouth are the dishes cooked with olive oil Borshi which adds to its taste even more appetite to consume up to the last meal.
    Breakfast throughout the morning, eggs in any style, cheese, mix greens, fruits plates, juices and milk are the menu in this restaurant.
    The lunch with the top meals, like soup or salads, pasta, risotto, fish, filet, pork chops, beer or wine cooked from the creativity of head chief make you enjoy this miracle.
    Diner in the Waterfall is the experience that will remain in memory for ever.
    Open 12 months 07am until 24pm 7 days a week Waterfall environment is frequented not only in summer but in winter to, where main dishes are squalls, birds, chickens, sea foods and meat. Classic appetizers salads, cheeses of fruits are part of this menu. Surprise of this beautiful that this restaurant has is the diversity where you can seat. Veranda full of couches covered by a timber where your morning coffee comes. Inside the class restaurant has capacity of 25 diner tables, candlesticks, spots, neon, and open kitchens full of light gives you the pleasure of eating.
    Part of the rear part is the beautiful itself, waters arising from land in the form of waterfalls, tables near the water, and the big trees around makes this place a beautiful resort. Club Millennium second floor open at 9pm mohitos, margarita, bacardi, whiskey and vodka are the drinks consumed in this bar. Music choice gives the sensation that everyone finds itself.
    Young people with their dancing and entertainment make the Millennium Club stays open until morning. The complex itself has 180 tables and ”The Waterfall” with 4th places in the season is always full and there is no common place to another.
    The restaurant operates in partnership with the American Business Group company, nr1 for importing American products such as alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages, lumber for building houses and villas, american cars, car parts, and also this powerful group has invested in travel agency, material construction, pubs, discos, supermarkets, and the great line of franchise sandwiches.

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  • Entrance into Syri i Kalter Nature...

    Delvine Things to Do

    Two hundred meters after the fork, the road is closed by a gate and you have to pay 150 leke for the car and 50 leke for each passengers. After that, the single lane road passes over a small a dam and winds up and down between woody hills.

  • Stairs going to the spring

    Delvine Things to Do

    No sign told where was the spring but it was obvious that if we followed the pupils, we would get to the spring! They joked and played all the way as all pupils do when they are out in a group! And after a short walk (200m) on a narrow path we reach Syri i Kalter, which means “the blue eye” and unlike in 1988, it was really a blue eye!Syri i Kalter...

  • Shortcut!

    Delvine Things to Do

    After we had visited the spring, we discovered that a newly built wooden bridge allowed to walk back directly to the place where we had parked our car! However, I advise visitors not to use it to go to the spring: you will better enjoy the sight if you go the usual way which is not very long, anyway, not more than 200-300m. Use the bridge only for...


Kalive Gjoka

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  • Small beach, 2009

    Kalive Gjoka Favorites

    Ksamil has several beaches. This one is a small one but it is almost in the city center (photo 1)A large house stands in the middle of the small bay (second photo)Another part of the bay seems ready to welcome visitors (photo 3) but early may is a bit to early! In the background the Ksamil islands.Photo 4 shows the two Ksamil island that are about...

  • Ancient new building in 2009

    Kalive Gjoka Favorites

    This is what happens to illegally built houses ! I have seen several of them and when a house has been built illegally, the authorities do not destroy it entirely but pull one or several pillars, which makes a significant part of the building to fall down. It is let as a warning or a reminder to others!Is that the house that I had shot in 2007 ?...

  • Ksamili in 1988

    Kalive Gjoka Favorites

    In 1988, not surprisingly, Ksamili gave a very different figure! On the first photo, small three levels building were the home for farmers that kept their horses around. Sorry, I meant, “that kept the community horses they were in charge around”!The second photo shows the Sea Eagle, an hotel and restaurant where we had a drink in 1988. VT Illumina...


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