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  • Dhermi
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  • Dhermi
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Dhermi Things to Do

  • Leaving Dhërmi towards the north

    These three photos were taken from the road that leads to Palasë and Llogara pass, leaving Dhërmi.Photo 1 shows the central part of Dhërmi with the main part of Gjilek district.Photos 2 and 3 show the part of Gjilek district that overhangs the see. On photo3, in the background, a small part of the beach district can be seen. I have made an...

  • Dhërmi village from below

    The three photos show the village of Dhërmi, from the road leading to the beach.Photo 1 was taken shortly after the embranchment of the road and shows only the northernmost part of Dhërmi.Photos 2 and 3 were taken from further down and show a larger part of the village.

  • Dhërmi Plazh, view from hotel Luciano

    From the terrace of the hotel, the view was outstanding. While we were sipping a bier (though in May, it was very hot !), I took a few photos, from our table.The first and the second photos were shot northwards with hotel Dhërmi in the backgroundThe third photo shows the shoals in front of the terrace.Photo 4 was shot southwards with the beach, the...

  • Dhërmi Plazh

    The first photo was taken in the late afternoon, from the terrace of the hotel.The second and third photos were taken in the early morning from the balcony of our hotel. There is a herd of horses playing on the beach.Photo four is a close up on the horses.

  • Dhërmi Plazh hotels

    n 2007 we stayed in the village of Dhërmi. In 2009, we decided we would look for a hotel in Dhërmi Plazh (Dhërmi Beach).The road to the beach is a narrow road leaving the main road at the northern entrance into the village. It is 2-3 kilometers. On the way, there are several old road signs advertising for a hotel.The first photo shows the beach...

  • Dhërmi, 1988

    The three photos on this tip were taken in 1988. I feel they were taken from almost the same place that the 2007 photos on the previous tip. Some were obviously taken with tele lens.I have been able to make a comparison with 2007 photos only with photo 1.Photo 4 is an enlargement that shows a part of Gjilek district.Photo 5 is an enlargement of the...

  • Dhërmi, climb upper than the church

    I felt that climbing a little more might give a better view on the church and on this part of the village. However, very soon, the path became wet, passed under a stone bridge and was obviously at the same time a path to go further (we met a group of children that went down) and the bed of a torrent that carried the (few) wastewaters from the upper...

  • Dhërmi, climb to an unnamed church,...

    The first photo shows a general view of the Gjilek district with the church in the middle.The second photo shows the clock tower, once we were closer.The third photo shows that the enclosure where stands the church was closed and locked with a chain and a padlockThe fourth photo shows the building behind the church. It looks like a school. May be...

  • Dhërmi, climb to an unnamed church

    Two hundred meters south to our hotel, there was a nice and wide path that climbed to a church. As I had read that there was a church with interesting wall painting, I figured out that it might be this one and we decided we would climb towards it. The beginning of the alley was welcoming!

  • Dhërmi, Dorian Hotel, half Kondraq, half...

    Amazingly hotel Dorian Hotel stands over the torrent that split Kondraq and Gjilek, at the bottom of a narrow valley and inside a tight road hair pin (photo 1, from the south) !Photo 2 shows it from the north; On this photo, the situation of the hotel, inside a hair pin as clearly seen.

  • Dhërmi, Kondraq district, horse below...

    Just below the church, I noticed a man that came with a horse loaded with a heavy load. Though I used my binoculars, I do not know exactly what he did with the load but after may be ten minutes, the horse was unloaded (photo 1) and they both climbed back the path (photo 2) and the man let his horse graze the green grass (photo 3).

  • Dhërmi, church in Kondraq district

    Dhërmi is said to have 30 churches : Church of Santo Stefano and church of Santo Mitri from the XIIth and XIVth century. Santa Harallamb was, under Enver regime converted into a picture house of which it has kept rows of wooden seats.On top of the village, Agios Maria Panaiotis (our Lady), orthodox church, displays medieval frescoes depicting the...

  • Dhërmi, Gjilek district, overhanging the...

    Gjilek district overhangs the sea and is separated from Kondraq district by a deep and narrow valley that widen near the sea. The main road connects them in an upper part, where the torrent has not carved much its bed. This is where stands our hotel “Dorian Hotel Restorant Disko”.

  • S entrance into Dhërmi, Gjilek & Kondraq...

    The photo shows the three districts of the city : Dhërmi district in the foreground, Gjilek district in the middle and Kondraq district in the background. In the far background, the new road to the Llogara pass makes a scar on the mountain slope.

  • South arrival into Dhërmi, Dhërmi...

    Dhërmi is considered as one of the most beautiful villages in Albanian Riviera. It is built high over the sea on the slopes of the Cika mountain.Dhërmi is made of three districts : Dhërmi/ Drimadhes in the south has given its name to the whole city. It is followed by Gjilek and finally, in the north, by KondraqAs many houses are not inhabited...

  • South to Dhërmi

    South to Dhërmi, the landscape over the sea, far down, is fantastic (first photo). Along the beach, there seems to be several houses and even a few small buildings.On the second photo, taken a hundred meters forward, a wall has been built from the road to the beach. Enlarge the photo and you will see how long it is! Some one has spent a lot of...

  • Near Vuno

    Near Vuno, the landscape is superb. It looks almost as Bryce canyon with the read earth that is deeply carved by erosion. However, though this landscape lies on a good distance, it is a bit far from the road and the evening light is not the best for photos.Next morning, we decided to drive back but the morning light was not much better and we were...

  • Another small bay north to Gjiri i...

    This small bay, a little further north, is wider than the previous cove and at first sight looks equally welcoming. Though…Have a look at the second photo, an enlargement of the first one. There is a small quay with a boat that looks like a… Wow, but this is a military boat and in the background, there is a tunnel to hide any other boat. There is...

  • Small cove north to Gjiri i Palermos

    Seen from the “main road” this small cove looks very welcoming with a tiny little beach but there is no hotel and we have no tent with us! Too bad, I am sure we would have spent a wonderful night in this place.Look at the second photo, there are already 2 camping cars that are ready to stay there! We “know” them as we have overtaken them, they have...

  • Beach near Gjiri i Palermos

    The first photo shows a desert beach near Gjiri i Palermos.On the second photo, on the same beach, you can see that Enver Hoxa’s bunkers, with a proper painting, can become an element of the décor on the beach!The third photo was taken in 1988, in the same area.

  • Near Gjiri i Palermos

    The photos of this tip have been taken near what I feel is cape Gjiri i Palermos (the Rough whirl?), in the background of the first photo.The second photo is a close up on the cape, taken from a little further.The third photo shows the southern side of cape Gjiri i Palermos, in the background.

  • The road, near Borsh

    How is the road? Most of the time between Saranda and Dhërmi, it is a dirt road. Most of the time it is not bad. Some parts are dilapidated but can be handled by any good, strong car, given that you drive slowly. A 4WD is not needed.The road is most of the time narrow, almost single lane, and you will have to maneuver to cross the, gladly, few cars...

  • Donkey near Borsh

    There is nobody around but a nice looking donkey grazing above the sea in a fantastic landscape. I know some touristy places in other countries where, when you stop to shoot such a photo, there will be each time someone coming out of the slope, asking for money to be allowed to have a photo of HIS donkey and HIS bay! No such thing in Albania, you...

  • Near Borsh

    The landscape given here should have been shot a couple of kilometers after Borsh. Once at home, I discovered that I had taken almost the same photo in 1988 (photo 2). Nothing has much changed. The beach is still desert. There is still the same large house close to the beach. The trees have grown but I do not know if they are cared and give...

  • Near Piqeras

    After Lukove, near Piqeras, the road overhangs the sea and the sight is fantastic. As there no good shelters between Saranda and Vlora, there are almost no boats fishing in this area. From time to time, a small boat that can be towed on the shore can be seen but they are very few.

  • The terraces of Lukove, 2007

    However, just after the dilapidated entrance into the estate, the terraces appear and have a very different aspect.The first photo seems to represent almost the same place that was pictured on the 1985 booklet (previous tip). In the background, on the left, a versant of the mountain is well grown but the shape of the terraces is almost invisibleA...

  • The terraces of Lukove, 2007,...

    The first photo shows on the left, in the background the village of Lukove, 20 kilometers north to Saranda. I feel that the dilapidated majestic entranceway was for the entrance for the headquarters of the estate. You can see on the far right a dilapidated, one level and roofless, large building.It is better seen on the second photo. It is not...


Dhermi Hotels

  • Drymades Hotel

    Dhermi, Vlore, Albania

    Satisfaction: Very Good

    Good for: Business

Dhermi Restaurants

  • Restaurant Luciano

    Hotel Luciano is also a restaurant and a bar. To reach hotel Luciano, look at my hotel tip.They have a wide terrace (look at my tip “Dhërmi Plazh, view from the terrace of hotel Luciano”). They have a wide selection of dishes but as. They had lobster on the card, I asked whether they had any. And they had a freshly frozen one! Our choice was soon...

  • Dorian Hotel

    In Dorian hotel, we had a nice meal. Nothing outstanding, but everything was very fresh and well cooked. The first photo shows our meal with various grilled fish with fries (made out of actual potatoes, trimmed in the restaurant, just for us (neither frozen nor made out of mashed potatoes!). A tomato salad with olives and local feta cheese. What...

  • Dhermi Hotels

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Dhermi Nightlife

  • suela's Profile Photo

    DAR Bar in Drimades: Relaxing at sunset and lively at night

    by suela Written Aug 18, 2010

    3 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Lively atmosphere during the day, cool people, great cocktails, chill out, bossa nova at sunset, dance music at night - right in front of the beach of Drimades

    Dress Code: None

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Dhermi Off The Beaten Path

  • Delphinium orientale

    Near our hotel in Dhërmi, there were several tall plants with magnificent blue flowers. I was able to identify it as a wild Delphinium, closely related with the Delphinium planted in gardens but was unable to identify specifically the species. May be Delphinium orientale.

  • Cistus near Vuno

    As we were parked to gaze at the Albanian Bryce canyon, we had a closer look at the bushes that covered the slope of the mountain. They were covered with bushes of a special Cistus with pretty pink flowers. It seems to be Cistus albanicus, an endemic Cistus of Albania.

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