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  • Transportation
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Albania Transportation

  • Shkodra to Ulcinj

    I did´t find (april 09) a bus from Shkodra to Montenegro, but i was able to hire a furgon (shared cab) with other people to Ulcinj/Montenegro (€ 7.50, car change at the border). The other way, maybe Blue Bus (Herzog Novi based) is having buses to that border( i did see one parked at there), otherwise in the center of Ulcinj is a cab stand, if you...

  • Railway to Macedonia

    The ride up to Pogradec near the border is slow but passes through quite good scenery as it slowly climbs.There are currently two trains a day at about 6AM and Noon. They take about 7 hours if there are no problems.Pogradec is something of a hell hole but you can walk from here into Macedonia. If you head south you can get a bus once over the...

  • Furgon time table and prices

    Albanian network of buses is not that good,but there is very good network of furgons, going to nearly every town in the country and are very cheap. here are the time tables and prices:Last update 1 Nov 2012 ·Bajram Curri Fierzë (Ferry landing) Furgon Central square in front of Bajram Curri statue 200 - 300 6:00 ·bajram curri gjakova(kosovo) Furgon...

  • Albania Furgon/Minibus schedules

    I was in Albania in 2008 and in Ulcinj, Montenegro in 2010 and think one of the best ways of getting around is by bus or FURGON (minibus) ..The buses tend to run according to a timetableand the furgons simply when the vehicle is full. We found that most people travel before noon except in Tirane when the transport leaves a bit later as is the...

  • South Albania routes: serviced by...

    One can take the train from Belgrade/ skopje to Thess@loniki in Greece (12/5 hrs), then walk across the street from the station there and catch a direct bus to Abania, Alvavel is the major company's name, it may drop you some kms outside Sarande and then u catch a taxi.BG-Thessa 12 hrs- 30+ euro, twice a dayThessa- Saranda/Ghirokaster, daily...

  • Dubrovnik to Tirana

    Hello, I just traveled with some friends from Tirana to Dubrovnik round trip a few weeks ago. It took us around 7 hours since we had to stop at each border. X4 Albania,Montenegro; Montenegro,Croatia The roads from Tirana to Shkodra is new and wonderful. The road from the Albanian boarder through Montenegro was a little rougher than I expected, but...

  • Albania by railway

    The trains in Albania are not very frequent.They run very slowly.There is a trainline between Durres and Tirana.Perhabs there will be trains to Shkoder again.The Albanian railway company has no homepage.The timetbale is printed in the "Kursbuch Europa" from the German railway company.

  • Friendly buses

    Buses in Albania are cheap and a great way of meeting people, and you see much more of the countryside than you would squashed up, hurtling along in a furgon, but they tend to take a long time, at least for the moment, because of bad roads or road works (especially south of Tirana) to modernize them (the roads, that is). Road works continue even on...

  • Transportation of Bicycles.

    Hello, here is the translation of what Bashkim Wrote in italian;My name is Bashkim, i propose guide tours with bicycles, 4X4, rafting,trekking.I have an Land-Rover defender 110, 9 seats with an small trailer to tow 14 bicycles.Bye and thank you.if you need any information, my name is Bashkim Hyka, i speak italian, french and an little bit of...

  • Rent a car by Eurocar

    We rented our car for 10 days by Eurocar it was cheapest option. We should get our car in Airport in 9.00 AM when we came on 8.30 office was closed ,as offices another companies,and it was not weekend, but after we contact with head office in Tirana, in 30 minutes Eurocar executive brought us a car. On the last day we drop off car in Tirana without...

  • Pristina-Tirana

    There are different buses from Prishtina to Tirana during the day. There is one at 4pm every day and arrive at midnight at Tirana. The pric is around 15-20 euros and from Tirana to Durres there are different minibuses or buses every hour from the train station of Tirana to Durres and it takes one hour and it costs 1-2 euro.if you need something...

  • Rent A Car in Tirana, Albania

    Ok so a lot of you emailed me about this company I rented - NOSHI Rent A Car because they obviously are very cheap and comparable to Western European car rental rates.Just like so many of you, I also checked myself and Avis, Sixt, Hertz, and Europcar start at 60-70 Euro per day for their smallest cars. NOSHI Rent A Car starts at 19 Euro!Their fleet...

  • Albania on a Rental Car

    Albania is one of the most beautiful places in the Balkans especially during the summer. We rented a 4x4 for about 60 Euro / Day from a place in downtown Tirana called NOSHI Rent A Car (that was the cheapest rate for a 4x4 by the way, average is around 100 euro / day) and went to all major cities in the Central and South Albania. The weather was...

  • Taxi to and from Airport to Tirana or...

    I met a taxi driver who speaks English and is allowed to enter the baggage area of the airport. This is a extra help as trying to find a driver after departing the baggage area can be a little daunting. Everyone comes up to you asking if you need a driver. So, You can call the number and leave a text message with the name of the passenger, date of...

  • Podgorica to Shkoder

    From Podgorica to Shkoder is approximately 28 miles, the border lieing roughly halfway between the two cities. No scheduled transport of any kind operates across the border (Han I Hot) so the journey needs to be made by taxi. I got my hotel to order a taxi and was charged €20 for the trip to the border. Along the route my driver offered to take my...

  • From Tirana, Albania to Skopje,...

    Hello! I have just traveled from Tirana to Skopje. Using a buss is easy. Every day there are several buses from Tirana to Tetovo and vice versa. Buses from Tirana depart every evening at 9.00, from rail station of Tirana. It is situated only 1.2 Km in the north of central square of Tirana. Travel agencies are Drita and Pologu. The name of the bus...

  • Buses From Tirana-Athens

    There are buses from Tirana-Athens or Thesaloniki. Prices are from 25euros -35 euros. There are an lot of Albanian travel agency that they propose this travel.They Live From Stadiumi Dinamo(Tirana) and arrives in Metro-train station Syntagma(Athens).P.S. Careful, the greek driver will say that you are not allow to smoke in the bus but he's allowed....

  • Round albania

    hi there!Yes it is possible.I’m not sure about hire a car. You probably can hire one from the airport in Tirana. Regarding the border crossing there is only a fee that you need to pay 10-15 euro and no other formalities.The border control is quite relax over them parts of the country.

  • Raund Albania

    If you wish to travel round Albania your best bet is to hire a taxi or use the bus.I’m not sure if there is a service in Tirana airport to hire a car. It may be one but you need to be aware of the poor condition on the roads.However there are plenty of taxis or you can use the bus service to central Tirana and from there you can get a bus to any...

  • Travel around albania

    hi there!If you wish to travel round Albania your best bet is to hire a taxi or use the bus.I’m not sure if there is a service in Tirana airport to hire a car. It may be one but you need to be aware of the poor condition on the roads.However there are plenty of taxis or you can use the bus service to central Tirana and from there you can get a bus...

  • Tirana to Montenegro

    Hi I read your answer, I need a car and driver to drive me from Tirana airport to the border near Ulcinj where i have freinds who are driving down from Dubrovnik to meet me. Can you tell me how to find a car and driver at Tirana airport please.

  • Driving from Dubrovnik to Meteoron

    >>1. According to Michelin this trip takes 265 km in 4 hours along the E762 ( Shkoder, Tirane ), how realistic is that?At first sight, I felt that it was very unrealistic and checked with Michelin. Actually Dubrovnik-Kalampaka is 798 km and 12h08. I am afraid you made a mistake somewhere. If your goal is to drive as fast as possible from...

  • Bus

    There are regular busses between Tirana and Shkoder. There are also minibuses from Shkoder to Ulcinj. Then, do not worry, you will easily find your way from Tirana airport to Ulcinj. Moreover, if you are ready to hire a car (which will be more expensive, of course), you will have no problem at all.

  • Train from Tirana to Skhoder, bus to...

    If you're going from Tirana towards Montenegro, I highly recommend taking the train! Buses are faster, but generally leave really early in the morning, while the train goes every day at 13.00. It costs just 1 euro, and takes about 3 1/2 hours to get to Skhoder. It is a bit of an old rickety diesel-affair with run down compartments, but I think that...

  • Corfu to Albania Hydrofoil

    The hydrofoil to Saranda in Albania runs from the new harbour in Corfu town in Corfu. It's a very amateur setup and the service is actually run by Ionain Ferries. I had to buy the ticket from a shipping agent who was wandering about in the terminal as there doesn't appear to be a manned office in the terminal at Corfu. He carried the tickets (and a...

  • Tirana's new airport

    This was the first time that we had used the new airport as we had driven here. We were quite impressed with the building and it reminded us of Stansted airport in the UK!! There were a few shops to look round and a couple of places to have a drink. Once through passport control there was a tiny duty free shop!!! and nothing else to do but sit and...

  • Driving in Albania

    The roads in Albania ARE as bad as people say they are. Even if you are used to driving in Eastern Europe, you're in for a surprise ! It took me 12 hours to get from Shkoder to the Kosovo border. On the upside : the scenery is really great.

  • Ferry from Italy to Albania

    The procedure in Trieste is similar than in Durres: Before entering the ferry its important to get the "White Card” with a boarding number. This card will be issued in the ferry line´s office near the vessel. It will be collected together with your passport while boarding and returned to you when the ferry reaches Durres. You also will get a sheet...

  • Tepelene transport

    The best place to get the bus or mini buses is from the area where the road goes through the town on the way to Tirana and the other way Gjirokaster. This is near to the monument of Ali Pasha and the big hotel in Tepelene. Just over on the other side of the road from here near to a garage and little old looking shop is where the taxi's wait to pick...

  • Gjirokaster transport

    There are two places in the town where you can get a bus/mini bus or a taxi. One place is at the bottom of the town on the main road that goes through near to the petrol station and the other place further into the town you can get taxi's from the bit next to the park and football pitch. This is the best place for a taxi as whenever i have been...

  • Buses in Tirana

    In the capital Tirana you will find stops where all the buses are with signs in the front windscreen (as you will see in my picture, that bus is going to Himare) telling you were its going. Once you have left a boy will come round and ask where you are going to then you pay him the amount of money.I found that the mini buses were good and very...

  • Roads

    Before 1991, only Party officials were allowed to own and drive around in cars. There were about 600 cars in Albania, most of them deluxe Mercedes and Volvos. When the restriction was lifted, Albanians brought thousands of cars into the country from Italy and Greece. At the time, there were no traffic regulations, no driver's license requirements,...

  • Albanian roads leave a lot to be desired

    The majority of the roads on the route I drove looked like this. They were not good, not wide enough for the volume and size of traffic. But even the worst roads were not as bad as the UK foreign office made out, they claim travel is only possible with a fourwheel drive vehicle we only found a 10km strech that warranted 4wd (see main page).

  • Okay so not every road is bad

    Around the capital city, Tirane, the roads probably improve a bit. This was more like it. We pulled off the riverbed road right on to this newish looking dual carriageway complete with crash barrier, it connects Tirane with Durres, the country's main port.

  • Eventually found a stopover parking spot

    Just when you thought you were in the middle of nowhere a young albanian lad would pop up from the roadside juggling bbq'd corn on the cobs (presumably because they were too hot to handle) and run along the side of the van trying to tempt you into purchasing them.After driving for 8 hrs we eventually found Ali Pashas Taverna where we spent the...

  • Out of town buses are Transit minibus

    Most of the buses that I saw in Albania take the form of a white transit minibus, especially in the rural areas, they are everywhere and on more than 1 occasion I had Albanians waving me down from the roadside. The other vehicles packing the roads are older Mercedes and BMW taxis with Albanian number plates but original country id badges mostly 'D'...

  • The dangers of driving here spelt out...

    There was absolutely nowhere to pull of the road to stop and we passed roadside graves on almost every bend in the road between Fier and Palokaster, all with photographs of the tragic victims, some for whole families lost in a single accident. It made driving very nerve wracking especially since I couldn't get any insurance cover for driving in...

  • 300 miles of back roads

    Not all Albanian roads are rubbish, just most of them. A policeman at Durres advised me to turn inland at Fier and take the road toward Tepelene and on to Gjirokaster then on to the Greek border at Kakavi. This road resembled a single track country road, it was virtually bend after bend and you could only average about 50kph. The only thing that...

  • Albanian fuel more expensive than Greek

    As we journied south of Tepelene the roads definately improved although It had still taken10 hrs constant driving to travel the 500km across Albania.Fuel was more expensive in Albania than in Greece or Serbia Montenegro at 100 Lek =1 Euro a litre for Diesel and 120 for Petrol.

  • Ferry to Saranda

    The best way to get to Southern Albania is to take a ferry from the main port in Corfu town, opposite the Hotel Atlantis (the port is a 10-minute taxi ride from Corfu airport). There at least one passenger ferry per day ( the Kaliope).The ferry journey takes 1 hour and 40 minutes. There is also a hydrofoil service operated by Petrakis Lines (the...

  • 2005, the border at Muriqan

    When we crossed the border between Montenegro and Albania in 2005, we fist found, 50 meters before the border a car wheel washer : a “pond” across the road, with 10 cm deep of water, across which you had to drive and that was supposed to “disinfect” the bottom and tyres of the car. Strange! What for, I do not know! The first photo was taken on the...

  • Tirana airport 1988

    This was Tirana airport in 1988, with the Swissair jet that made the flight to Basel. It did not really look like an airport but more like a park! It is now called “Mother Teresa’s Airport” and I suppose that the building has been extended.

  • Public transportation, 1988

    In 1988, when the people had to go somewhere, they could either walk or take the bus. There were many busses, often with a trailer. Most of them were not in good condition, had broken windows, doors that did not close and they were absolutely packed. In Tiranë, there were queues at every bus station. The exhaust expelled large clouds of a terrible...

  • Albania by plane

    The only Albanian airline is the "Albanian". Flights are not very frequent.The prices are not very cheap. But if you have no other possibilty ...Tirana is also connected by a few other European airlines.

  • Connection to Macedonia

    To Tetovo: Departing daily from Tirana at 09:00, arriving in Tetovo at 18:00. Departing daily from Tetovo at 10:00, arriving in Tirana at 19:00. Also minibus run the route (min. 8 people). The bus starts near the train station.There also runs a daily bus to Kumanovo near Skopje. At 21h in the evening.It starts from the office of the comany. This...


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  • Hotel Berati

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    Good for: Solo

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    Satisfaction: Average

    Good for: Business

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