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  • Paris bridge - Puente de París
    Paris bridge - Puente de París
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    modern art
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    street, Andorra la Vella, Andorra 2009
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Andorra la Vella Things to Do

  • casa de la vall

    The Casa de la Vall is where the old Parliament of Andorra had its seat. it is located in the old pedestrian area of Andorra, at the end of a lanedeparting from Plaza Princep Benlloch.Its a simple square building, but what gives it its charm is that it is entirely built in local stone nad in Catalan style. Now no longer in use (the parliament does...

  • sant esteve church

    Sant Esteve Church is a lovely romanicchurch that you will come across as you'll be looking for the old Parliament of Andorra la Vella. It is located in a square, from which little pedestrian lanes start off. It dates back to the 12th century (and obviously later restored) and the bell tower is really something to write home about.. It is a...

  • museo del perfum

    This little museum, located inside a shopping centre, is interesting to visit only if you are a fan of perfumes. I found it, generally speaking, very little interesting. There's a cover charge, and it is worth paying it only because once inside you are allowed tocreate your own essence, which can be kind of nice, especially on a rainy day.Of more...


Andorra la Vella Hotels

Andorra la Vella Restaurants

  • casa canut

    Before being a restaurant, Casa Canut is a gastrononic hotel. Five stars, so we didn't sleep there. However we went for dinner. The dining rooms are elegant and look like turn of the century becauseof its old decor. Great attentive staff and menu... 50-70 euros for a set menu or a la carte. Everything we ordered was delicious, especially ther...

  • a marisqueria high up in the mountains

    We went to Don Denis to have a cup of cava while waiting for a good time to go for dinner. It is a marisqueria but on the right side as you enter there are some tables that are not reserved for meals only so people going there for an aperitif are not looked down on. we had a cup of cava and some oysters... fresh enough considering it was easter...

  • italian food in extra large portions

    A very popular Italian restaurant in Escaldes - Engordany, which is the modern counterpart of Andorra la Vella - basically up the road where the designer shops are.. Large portions of homemade pasta: it's a mix and match restaurant. You pick your favourite type of pasta or tortellini, pick your favorite sauce... and end up with a portion that's...


Andorra la Vella Nightlife

  • orlikins's Profile Photo

    by orlikins Updated Nov 26, 2002

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Cant say I was impressed with the nightlife... unusually there was no Irish bar to be seen at all (which is no bad thing). From what I could see, bars tended to be small & 'local', nothing outstandingly flashy.

    Dress Code: Casual

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Andorra la Vella Transportation

  • andorra by bus

    This wonderful company operates shuttles to Andorra from Toulouse Airport, Barcelona and Girona Airport. Great service and it leaves you right by your hotel in Andorra a Vella and comes to pick you up there, too. Defniely worth the price. Bookings are necessary and - in theory at least - can be made online. But somehow the website did not accept my...

  • Only by road or... helicopter :-)

    Andorra la Vella is located in southwestern Andorra along main France - Andorra - Spain road (CG1 and CG2) only 11 km from Spanish border and 33 km from the French one (map here). The nearest airport (LEU) is located in La Seu d'Urgell, Spain that is only 20km from Andorra la Vella but it's a local airport. International cheap flights reach...

  • NOVATEL AUTOCARS - Avoid this bus...

    Novatel Autocars is a company to avoid when traveling to Andorra from Barcelona International Airport. We booked four tickets through them, and then waited at the marked (and only) bus stop outside Terminal B. When we realized our bus was not coming, we called the company, and they told us that we were not suppose to wait by the bus stop with their...


Andorra la Vella Shopping

  • Out of stamps?

    In Spain, the estancos (tobacconists) sell stamps. We tried that in Andorra and failed miserably, but were directed to the tourist information office on the Plaça de la Rotonda, which sells both stamps and postcards.

  • Need a book?

    If you've run out of reading material, this is a good place to try. Not only do they have Spanish/Catalan books on the ground floor, upstairs they have a small selection of French and English language fiction as well.

  • Tax free shopping?

    Driving to Andorra in 1994 I was attacked by numerous advertisings which reminded me many times that Andorra was a tax free area. Indeed, it is currently a prosperous country mainly because of tourism and its status as a tax haven. Andorra is not a full member of the European Union, but enjoys a special relationship with it, such as being treated...


Andorra la Vella Local Customs

  • In red uniforms

    Pretty and smiling policewomen of Andorra la Vella show off on the middle of some main intersections. They wear bright red jackets and caps, white shirts with a tie and black skirts above knee. I had to stop and amaze their very useful job for both drivers and pedestrians.Well, I've got to know that Andorra has no military forces thus can save a...

  • Other Andorrans

    A big surprise for us was this lizard what enjoyed evening sun in the handrail of observation area. The lizard looked friendly and didn’t react to us. Later I mentioned a small snake, but the contact was very nodding and short (I don’t like snakes).

  • Andorrans

    It’s so hard to guess who are Andorrans or not Andorrans because there are so many tourists. From my short observations, I can tell that Andorrans are friendly, pleasant and looking good people. If you’re still doubt in my words, please look at the picture.


Andorra la Vella Warnings and Dangers

  • Nothing to declare?

    Be careful travelling out of Andorra, particularly into France, if you've bought lots of cigarettes. The French customs officers / police didn't seem to care about anything else, but if you had ciggies on you, or looked like you might, it was time for the detailed bag search. My partner's bag had every millimetre combed, whereas he took one look at...

  • Traffic, parking and air pollution

    In Andorra la Vella it took me some longer time to park my car on a street and I was looking exclusively for free of charge parking space. I had to drive up and down steep and narrow streets to park a car on backstreet. The traffic became heavy in late afternoon but thanks to job of policewomen it worked smoother.It seems that there are more cars...

  • Andorra - be aware of Spanish customs

    I could not believe the scenes at the border with Spain and even inland. Buses stoped, passengers out, luggage split open and lots of customs official euphoria. This spectacle puzzled me because it reminded me more of Bg-Turkish border than "In-the-heart-of-Europe" frontier. It is time to shake these stereotypes finally. Think twice before you buy...


Andorra la Vella Tourist Traps

  • Wonderful town among the mountains

    Of course the main trap is shopping ;)The shops are everywhere.By walking on the streets, we saw the modern-church far ahead. When we go to visit it, became clear, it is not the church ... it was Caldea, the SPA ;)There is lot of modern art-sculptures on the streets. If you haven't lot of time, then my suggest is only one - walk on the streets at...

  • Duty Free

    The streets of Andorra-la-Vella and Escaldes are lined with countless Perfume shops like Gala and Julia, off-licences and hotels. Duty free prices for perfume & cosmetics are highly overrated, I found there was little to no difference between Irish prices and Andorran. But booze prices were brilliant :))

  • Andorra la Vella Hotels

    60 Hotels in Andorra la Vella

Andorra la Vella What to Pack

  • Sunglasses, sunblock, photo filters!

    Dress accordingly to weather. Check 10-day weather forecast for Andorra la Vella and keep in mind that in the mountains weather can change very fast.Always take sunglasses. The sun in high mountains is always very sharp! Do not forget sunblock and do use it on time! Once I've seen a woman with severely burned face after only 1-2 hours on the sun...

  • Shoes

    Bring good tough shoes with a firm grip. Snow on the sloping footpaths could cause you to slip & fall in the street. All main European brands are available here at duty free prices if you need them

  • Packing List

    You will need to bring a rucksack, sun protection for everybody... it doesnt matter if you have a good tan, you will need it!!!, sun glasses, sport clothes... you know... full equipment to go to the mountain.


Andorra la Vella Off The Beaten Path

  • Hang on the rocks

    When I walked a little bit futher west of the old town, I saw houses hang on high rock cliffs with balconies overlooking the valley down. They were built in typical for Pyrenees style: made of natural stones and rocks, covered by gable roofs and had wooden balconies.In contrast to vast valleys I have seen in the Alps, the valley of Andorra la Vella...

  • Observation area in the border of the...

    Above the parking for busses is a long observation area. Everyone can get there using stone stairs. From the observation area is a great view to Andorra la Vella and mountains.

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Andorra la Vella Sports & Outdoors

  • trotador's Profile Photo

    by trotador Written Jan 29, 2004

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    For skiing just check my Andorra's page. There you can find a couple of station I like to go. Pal - Arinsal and Soldeu - el Tarter, very close to Andorra la Vella.

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Andorra la Vella Favorites

  • Andorra La vella

    We chose to visit Andorra la Vellapa center, which is oen of the largest in EUrope. We expected very little from Andorra, but we were pleasantly surprised. It is true, however, that the town - for my taste at least - is too full of fashion stores andl iqueur stores. Getting into town from France was really great, as we passed some amazing...

  • What I would do again in Andorra La...

    Walking on the streets and at the river.Enjoying the views and magnificent landscapes.Checking out the art-sculptures, buildings and structuresVisiting some shops. Nature, mountains, mountain-river

  • Receiving Mail - A Piece of Advice

    Everybody (well, almost!) likes receiving letters - I certainly do, though there are other, more modern and efficient means of communication - e-mail, phone, and such like. However, if you simply like getting letters or if you need, say, the originals or paper copies of some documents sent to you while you are on the move, you can use the poste...


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