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  • view from Kaiser Josef's Hoehe
    view from Kaiser Josef's Hoehe
    by halikowski
  • the two summits
    the two summits
    by halikowski
  • Heiligenblut
    by globetrott

Heiligenblut Things to Do

  • Skiing

    From the centre of Heiligenblut you can go up by cable car to the ski slopes. You can ski in an altitude of up to 2.900 m. After about 15 minutes you reach the "Mittelstation" where you can already ski, or you can continue by a second cable car for another 15 min. The best thing was that the skiing grounds weren`t crowded at all- sometimes I found...

  • Hunt the Marmot

    Marmot's live across a large part of Europe and Asia from the Alps right across to Mongolia and the far east.They are rumoured to be elusive and difficult to find. So get your camera and go on a marmot hunt.

  • Kaiser-Franz-Josefs-Höhe Visitors’...

    When up on the Grossglockner, you've sated yourself on the marvellous roads, avoided the car drivers and their passengers, and the hikers, oh and the cyclists (respect to the pedal brigade!), then take some time to have a cool down and visit the visitor centre.See the web link for a better explanation rather than me plagiarising their work.Well...

  • Kaiser-Franz-Josefs-Hohe Glacier

    At the end of a spur off the Grossglockner is one of Austria's glaciers.From the parking you can take a funicular railway to the foot of the glacier and then take a walk on its surface.

  • Ride the Grossglockner

    This is high on the list of things every biker must do when touring abroad. Possibly only the Stelvio Pass in Italy is more highly rated.From the moment you sit at the foot of the Pass by the toll booths at the northern end of the Hochalpenstrasse the anticipation builds. What’s the worst that can happen? You’d have to be pretty dumb to fall over...

  • Swarovski-Warte

    Swarovski-Warte is the name of the great observation-point high above Kaiser-Franz-Josefs-Hoehe, you may see it on my picture, reaching out of the parking-house like a giant crystall ! The name of Swarowski does in this case not stand for the well-known cristall works of art, but rather for their traditional productions of optical lenses with high...

  • Kaiser-Franz-Josefs-Hoehe

    The austrian emperor Kaiser Franz-Josef was hiking in 1856, in the age of 26 years, from Heiligenblut in direction to the Grossglockner and he reached the area that is still called after him and is nowadays the central place for most of the tourist activities. From there you can step down to the Pasterze-glacier, or you can also take the short...

  • Fuscher Lacke

    Fuscher Lacke is the name of this small lake, that you may see on my main picture. Around that lake you may see an interesting exhibition of various simple machineries and other exhibits, that had been used in order to build that alpine road by primitive means, totally without giant catterpillars, instead by thousands of unemployed people, who came...

  • Grossglockner - with 3.798 m the highest...

    Grossglockner is the highest mountain in Austria with a hight of 3.798 m above the Sea-level. In the year 1800 the first successful expedition reached its peak and still today you may get there only when you are an experienced climber.Grossglockner-Hochalpenstrasse passes by this mountain in a distance of several km, you will have a great view to...

  • Fuschertoerl

    Fuschertoerl is just a monument to memorize all of the workers, who lost their lives, while building Grossglockner Hochalpenstrasse between 1924 and 1935. The austrian architect Clemens Holzmeister built this monument in a hight of 2428 meters above the sea-level at the place with the best view of the Grossglockner.Fuschertoerl has a large...

  • Alpine Naturschau

    In this small museum called "Alpine Naturschau" you can see the flora and fauna of the area above 2000 meters, where trees will not grow anymore and learn about species that may exist only in this area. Around this museum you will alo see a path with different kinds of minerals and mountain-grasses explained.That museum is free of chargeand it is...

  • Gamsgruberweg

    Gamsgruberweg is a quite easy hikingpath that will take you from the large parking at Kaiser Franz-Josefs-Hoehe to the upper part of Pasterze-glacier. That hiking-path is partly in the open air, partly through various tunnels and these tunnels are also used for exhibitions and interactive installations explaining the history of the glacier and some...

  • Kraft-Wellenberg

    Kraft-Wellenberg is the name of this monument at the large square at Europaplatz and it was made by the artist Johann Weyringer. This large boat made of bronze symbolizes the golden boat that - according to an old ledgend - was sailing here at the Pasterze-glacier millions of years ago.

  • Pilgrimage church St. Vinzenz

    St. Vinzenz is quasi the landmark of Heiligenblut. It is a very nice new-gothic church with a partly baroque interieur which was finished in the 15th century. It is said that the saint Briccius brought a little bottle with Christ`s blood to Heiligenblut- the bottle is kept now in the church. In the crypt you`ll find Briccius`gravesite. Around the...

  • Horse back riding- western style

    In Großkirchheim, about 8 km from Heiligenblut, you`ll find the Hotel Schlosswirt. They have 15 Haflinger horses and offer excursions from 1 to 3 hours, or you can spend the whole day on horse back. You can book horse riding vacations for a few days or for a week too, even with a night in a mountain hut- they are quite flexible. Haflinger are very...

  • Heiligenblut

    Heiligenblut is one of those truly romantic mountain villages high in the Austrian Alps where the "Hills Are Alive" and seem to sing from the "Sound of Music" to you. It is idyllically situated high in the Hohe Tauern National Park and is nestled at the foot of the mighty Grossglockner mountain which at 3,798m above sea level is Austria's highest...

  • The fun village

    In Heiligenblut, an exciting mountain village in the heart of the National Park Hohe Tauern, you will find active nature- and mountain experiences before the breathtaking backdrop of the Grossglockner mountain.The fascination of the mountain world with 40 mountains above 3.000 m -an unchanged nature along with the protectiveness and coziness of a...

  • Driving the Großglockner...

    Driving the Großglockner Hochalpenstraße and take a walk on the Pasterzenglacier.There are a lot of so called 'Murmeltiere'. Get the experience of walking on a glacier at the Franz Joseph's Höhe.Don't miss the travelogue and click this link : Historic Großglockner Route


Heiligenblut Hotels

Heiligenblut Restaurants

  • Top of the world Mama!

    Everything from a sausage to full blown meal with a spectacular view over the glacier! Sausage and beer.....

  • Sausage and beer!

    Not really a restaurant but pretty much of a sausage and beer stand in the square outside the Hotel Post and owned by someone else!After a day on the Grossglockner it is an ideal place to wind down and chat about your experiences! Bratwurst and beer!

  • great food & view

    Berggasthof "Edelweiß-Hütte" has perfect panorama-view from the terrace and and from the restaurant and so I dedided to take my coffe and cake there. Edelweiss-spitze is the highest place that you may drive to in Grossglockner-Hochalpenstrasse and it is also a great place to rent a room or even a small alpine hut, as you may see in my hotel-tips...


Heiligenblut Transportation

  • Stand away from the car! Leave it at...

    Please, please, please don't take your car to the Grossglockner, not in the height of summer anyway. You'll only get in the way of us bikers that are trying to enjoy ourselves on the hairpins and mountain roads! And if you go up the "bikers nest" then don't park in the marked motorcycle spaces!It is a motorcyclists' paradise. Miles and miles of...

  • Take Postbus 610 from Zell am See

    Exploring Grossglockner Hochalpenstrasse without your own car makes sense and is a lot cheaper as well, as you totally save the fee for the toll-road. There is 1-2 buses daily and all of them will have a stop of 30 minutes at Kaiser-Franz-Josef-Hoehe, so you dont see that area only by bus, but will have the chance to walk around a bit, watch the...

  • Gletscherbahn

    The Gletscherbahn is a funicular that takes you down from Kaiser-Franz-Josefs-Hoehe to Pasterze-glacier. Of course you can just as well hike down to the glacier, but the path is quite steep and slippery,so the funicular makes sense for most tourists.


Heiligenblut Local Customs

  • watch the murmots & use them for your...

    The best area to watch marmots is at Pasterze and Kaiser-Franz-Josef-Hoehe, where they will mostly come rather close to your camera-lenses, when you throw them something to eat. On my 5th picture you may see the place, where they mostly will be : under the wall facing the Pasterze-glacier and Gletscherbahn.In case that you would like to take a...

  • great decorations

    Even when you dont intend to taste the great Kasierschmarrn in Restaurant Fuschertoerl, you still should take a look for the great decorations inside of the restaurant, they include many animals that you will hardy ever see in the free nature.

  • Taste the fresh mountain-water

    Dont hesitate to taste the fresh mountain-water that you will see coming out of the wells all over the austrian alps. This is the water that was stored inside the alps for millions of years, filtered by best minerals inside of the mountains and a lot better and more tasty than any bottled mineral water that you may buy for a lot of money in a...


Heiligenblut Warnings and Dangers

  • leave your fashion-shoes at home

    When taking a walk on Gamsguber-weg or any of the parking-lots of Grossglockner-Hochalpenstrasse you wont need special shoes, BUT as soon as you decide to go for a hike bejond the asphalted paths, you certainly need good hiking equippment including real mountain-boots, a weather-gear, some food and a lot to drink. Wells with fresh mountain-water...

  • the weather may change quickly

    The weather may change quickly from one minute to the other and it might be sunshine at the northern part of Grossglockner Hochalpenstrasse and storm and snow at the southern part, south of Fuschertoerl or vice versa. Above 2000 meters sealevel it may snow even in the best summertime, when it is just raining in lower parts of Austria.For that...

  • Heiligenblut Hotels

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Heiligenblut Off The Beaten Path

  • Grossglockner Hochalpenstrasse Road

    Along the long and winding Grossglockner Hochalpenstrasse Road there are many car bays to stop and cool your car engine and to enjoy the mind blowing scenery as it unfolds before your very eyes.There are dainty alpine wildflowers and even the occassional beaver if you are quick enough to spot one.Update 21/09/07 -Many thanks to globetrott for...

  • Wildpark Ferleiten

    Wildpark Ferleiten is a small zoo at the large parking, before you enter Grossglockner Hochalpenstrasse from the northern side in Fusch an der Glocknerstrasse. There you are in a hight of 1145m above sea-level already and may see more than 200 animals of the area like bears, woolfs, ibex, marmots and many more.There is a restaurant and hotel at...

  • Heiligenblut

    Heiligenblut is the first village you will get to, when driving over the Grossglockner Hochalpenstrasse and going to the south, to Kaernten. After the crusades some drops of the holy blood of Jesus were taken to Heiligenblut according to the ledgends, so this is where the name comes from.A long time before that alpine road was built a mountain-path...


Heiligenblut Sports & Outdoors

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    Fly-fishing / Fliegenfischen is possible opposite of the Wildpark Ferleiten in the scenic landscape with the Grossglockner in the background. This part of the landscape is still outside of the area, where you have to pay the toll for the Grossglockner Hochalpenstrasse

    Equipment: Bring your own equipment, in any case you have to apply for a fishing-card !!

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