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Villach Things to Do

  • River Cruise.

    A ferry cruise boat leaves town centre near bridge on the the river Drau.--Enjoy a boat tour , see Villach landmarks ,bridges , churchs, castle ,and nearby mountains. Contact is Schiffstation Vllach-Congress =Center , Europlatz 1 Villach.

  • Go to the Villacher Kirchtag

    It´s a kind of Oktoberfest in august (2015: starting from 26. july until 2. august). If you want to dress up (but definately no need for that) its a Dirndl for girls and Lederhosn (short ones prefered), Haferlschuh and Stutzen for boys

  • Kirche im Stadtpark

    The church in the citypark is protestant and was built in neo gothic style from 1901-1903. Behind the church you will find a park with a garden. Also in the city park you will find a large children's playground.

  • Heiligkreuz Kirche

    The church of the holy cross was built from 1726. The benediction of the church was in 1744 and the inauguration in 1751. The church is built in baroque style. Until the end of the Austrian-Hungarian monarchy the church was very popular with pilgrims and later for weddings. Since WW2 it is one of the parish churches of Villach.The church is...

  • Nikolaikirche

    The Nikolai church is situated between the railway station and the old town. The church is in neo-gothic style and dates back to 1896. The Nikolai church is a monastery and parish church looked after by the Franciscans.You will also find the statue of Franz of Assisi on the Nikolai square.

  • Visit the tourist office

    The tourist office is conveniently located on the way from the railway station to the old town just before the bridge over the Drau river.I ended up before the closed doors just one or two minutes after 5 pm. There was still a lady inside that left through the side door but she asked me if I needed something. I asked for a city map and she went...

  • Burg (castle)

    The Castle of which you get an excellent unobstructed view from the train if you travel from Villach to Ljubljana (just when you cross the Drau river and sit on the left) used to be the seat of the Bamberg administration.Villach was under Bamberg rule for 752 years until 1759 when the Empress Maria Theresia bought it back.There is a castle chapel...

  • Climb the Stadtpfarrturm (steeple)

    The Stadtpfarrturm or steeple is the highest one in the state of Carinthia with 94 meters. I climbed the about 240 steps and was rewarded with a spectacular view. The wooden stairs are quite comfortable except for 39 steps on the so called “Schneckenstiege” which means snail staircase. These 39 steps are extremely narrow and hard to climb with a...

  • Relief of Kaernten

    Here in this building you may see the state of Carinthia (Bundesland Kaernten) as a relief on 182 m2. It is three dimensional at a scale of 1:10’000. The length is 19,5 meters and the width 9,3 meters.The relief was made of concrete from 1891 until 1913 and the present building dates back to 1912.For me the mountains and valleys were not that...

  • Riverside.

    In good weather its great to sit by the river at the bar with a beer or other. The riverside is a busy place for biking and walking.

  • Climb the Tower

    St Jacobs tower is in Villach centre, the church is from the 14 th century, the tower is 95m high and stands seperate from the church.. A charge of 2 euro and you get a good view at the top. The wooden stairs are easy to climb, but the last 30 or so are single file.

  • The whole region in less than 200 square...

    This relief of Carinthia reproduces the region on a 1:10 000 scale. Its surface is 183 square metres, and although it is 90 years old it is still the largest relief in Europe.A map is enough to identify the shape of a lake, but mountains are a different matter. A relief like this is very good way to get familiar with the profiles of the mountains...


Villach Hotels

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Villach Restaurants

  • Lovely Meal.

    Local food well cooked and the hotel Goldenes Lamm in the street that leads from the rail station in Villach..Austria. The currency in Austria is the Euro which divides into 100 cents.

  • Gasthof Kasino

    The restaurant Kasino belongs to the Gasthof Kasino where I stayed for a night. The restaurant offers the usual local fare and has regulars eating there. There were also locals coming to have their beer. I sat in the Gaststube of the Gasthof to have dinner. There was also another hall which had an Asian tour group for dinner. Then they have a third...

  • Villacher Brauhof

    I came here for a warm lunch because I was forced to spend over an hour in Villach on the way back from Ljubljana as the train got stuck for 70 minutes due to early October snow and didn’t continue to Salzburg. The Villacher Brauhof is just down the road from the railway station and is huge. As you enter there is a big section for smokers with...

  • Home Cooking

    What better way to enjoy the local food, than with a bunch of friends, right?? Well, Cris' family certainly were excellent hosts and allowed my to sample the local fare. You simply cannot beat Austrian sausages and meats. And, like I told them, even the worst Austrian beer is better than the best American beer in my book.

  • Cafe

    Right along the main pedestrian road through town are many cafes and hotels. We stopped for a quick cappucino in town. Being as though Illy is of Trieste and I was with Triestians, it seemed appropriate.

  • Villach has a lot of nice...

    Villach has a lot of nice places to eat. Most restaurant and small lunch cafees are to be found in the Hauptstrasse (Main Street).


Villach Transportation

  • Villach stop over.

    On my journey from Skopje Macedonia via Belgrade Serbia by train, Villach was a great place for a stop over.Arriving at 0917 am on the 2150 night train from Belgrade it gave me all day to sightsee in Villach. The bus station is at the front of train station, bikes can be rented at the station. In the picture the train station is the red roof

  • The Train Ride to Villach from Salzburg

    The train ride from Salzburg to Villach is very beautiful and scenic. Here I am admiring one of the many beautiful valleys that can be seen from this train ride.When you arrive at Villach Hauptbahnhof, the central station, getting situated is very easy. It is a train station with about 10 platforms and is a close distance to the central area of...

  • Arriving by train

    Passenger trains arrive at two stations - Hauptbahnhof & Westbahnhof. Ostbahnhof is used only for cargo. For info on trains check Austrian Railway at www.oebb.atSee previous transportation entry for info on how to reach ski jumping hills from the Hauptbanhof.


Villach Local Customs

  • Log Fires

    According to my hosts, Villach is the land of wood and forests. So, all of the towns around have almost soley wood-burning heaters. I had never seen a heater like the one in my friends home. It was a box about 5 feet high by 2 feet by 4 feet across. You through in the wood through a little hatch in the bottom and after a few hours the thing emitted...

  • Kirchtag

    I'm not sure exactly what this festival is celebrating, but it sure brings a lot of people with it. It occurs in early August and features folk music and beer. Many people are dressed in traditional clothes and are happily drinking away. There are tents near the city hall and St. Jakob's church that sell beer, food, and traditional crafts and...

  • Visiting Christian Churches

    Christian churches - be they Protestant, Orthodox, or Catholic - are a vital part of Europeýs cultural, artistic, architectural, and religious heritage, and as such you are likely (and I really recommend doing this:)) ) to visit many of them. However, most of them are even today not only major tourist attractions, but also religious sites where...


Villach Warnings and Dangers

  • Before you take the plunge

    There are several lakes near Villach and all of them are popular for water sports. However, if you plan a holiday there in summer and love swimming or windsurfing, remember that the water of these lakes is cold. The lake with the warmest water in this area is the Faaker See. In fact it is not as deep as the other lakes and it is situated in a sunny...

  • If you bring USD cash, make...

    If you bring USD cash, make sure to have banknotes $50 or smaller. On weekends, when banks are closed, you can not change $100 bills at hotel receptions or railway stations.Also, if arriving by train, check beforehand what station your train arrives at as many international trains do not arrive at the main railway station (Hauptbahnhof) but at...

  • When walking in the mountains...

    When walking in the mountains on small paths you have to be carefull. Sometimes paths are slippery or small stones fall down.


Villach What to Pack

  • Packing List

    If you're coming for ski jumping, make sure to have warm jacket and trousers (ski trousers would be best), also good shoes/boots to keep your feet warm as you'll be standing for 2-3 hrs on cold ground. Warm refreshments were available at the stadium at very affordable prices. Make sure you've got enough film with you as you can get very close to...

  • Packing List

    Anything you like. When moving around a lot, a backpack might be more handy then a suitcase. In summer it's very warmn here, but keep in mind that rain can always fall here. In the mountains clouds can come up very quickly so bring a long that umbrella, those boots and that raincoat! Mmm maybe some suncream when you go in the mountains. Enough...

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Villach Off The Beaten Path

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    Although we didn't have time to venture into hills, from what I've heard, one can really find oneself off the beaten path there.

    Villacher Alps as seen from the ski jump
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Villach Favorites

  • Receiving Mail

    Everybody (well, almost!) likes receiving letters - I certainly do, though there are other, more modern and efficient means of communication - e-mail, phone, and such like. However, if you simply like getting letters or if you need, say, the originals or paper copies of some documents sent to you while you are on the move, you can use the poste...

  • Practical Information

    To get to Villach's tourist office, Rathauspl. 1, from the train station, walk out to Bahnhofstr. over the bridge and through Hauptpl. to Rathauspl. The office is at the far end. (24 44 40; fax 244 44 17. Open in summer M-F 9am-6pm, Sa 9am-noon; off-season M-F 9am-12:30pm and 1:30-5pm.) The regional tourist office in St. Ruprecht (420 00; fax 427...

  • Roam around through the...

    Roam around through the mountains. Walking in Austria, especially Kärnten (Karintia), Tirol, Salzburgerland and the Steiermark is of unique pleasure and the Autrian touristboard does everything to create new routes and pleasurable walks for all.


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