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  • Ratzersdorfer See in winter
    Ratzersdorfer See in winter
    by PetraG
  • playing hockey on the lake
    playing hockey on the lake
    by PetraG
  • Frozen Ratzersdorfer See
    Frozen Ratzersdorfer See
    by PetraG

Sankt Pölten Things to Do

  • Libro-house

    Another wonderful example of the baroq style that is found everywhere in St. Pölten. I call this house the Libro-house, because it containes a big book, paper and Music-store called Libro. (special shopping tip!!)

  • Dom

    The Dom, our main church, isn't very exciting from the outside. But if you take the time to have a look inside, you can admire lovely paintings, golden ornaments and baroq style architecture.

  • Englische Fräulein-Chapel

    This picture was taken inside the little chapel of the Englische Fräulein-school. The sculpture is very famous, because thesaw in it's hands is made of pure gold...

  • School of Englische Fräulein

    This private school is said to have the most beautiful braoq front in whole Europe. Inside there is little chapel that you should absolutely visit. It's worth it!

  • Franziskanerkirche 2

    This is the inside of the Franziskanerkirche.You can find there a very famous sculpture - the black madonna.These black madonna-sculptures are very special and rare. Not many of them exist in the whole world.

  • Franziskanerkirche

    This church is - to me - the most beautiful in St. Pölten. The outside and the inside are breath-taking.

  • University

    St. Pölten's only university is the one for religion. Many young men start their theological career here (like it or not...)

  • Herrenplatz

    A nice little place in the City Center with lovely baroq houses around and this monument in the middle. It's dedicated to the victims of the "black death" in midage.

  • Prandtauer-house

    Jacob Prandtauer was the most famous architect in the baroq period - and he lived in St. Pölten. This is the house he owned. He designed it himself as well.

  • sight seeing in town centre

    Sankt Pölten is famous for it's buildings from the baroq period. Most famous are the City Hall (picture), the School "Englische Fräulein" (most beautiful baroq building in Europe) and many more...

  • City hall

    Our city hall is 500 years old, but has been renovated several times. The inside is brand new, but on the outside on the corner you can find some pieces of wall that were kept in their former "outfit". If you get the chance to have a look inside the police-office, you can see how the inside looked in former times. Really beautiful!

  • Synagoge (jewish church)

    This has been a jewish church in fromer times, but nowadays it's used for concerts and exhibitions. You have to take a look inside: it's a wonderful atmosphere!


Sankt Pölten Hotels

Sankt Pölten Restaurants

  • lovely atmosphere

    a nice coffeeshop with a great arts-outfit!It offers drinks and snacks. Good by day and also to go out at night!

  • US style pub

    The Mahattan Café is a little pub located in the Promenade-shopping mall. The local radio station is the owner and so the music is nice. You can sit around enjoy the drinks and snacks while having a rest from shopping. Great atmosphere!

  • Sankt Pölten Hotels

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Sankt Pölten Transportation

  • On the main Vienna-Salzburg line

    St Pölten is on the Westbahn line - between Vienna and Salzburg. If you are travelling from Vienna, then you can reach St Pöten in 40 minutes on the fastest InterCity trains - non-stop - such as the train to Zurich and/or all services to Salzburg and Munich. Otherwise there are also the slower Regionalzug (regional train services - their numbers...

  • by bike

    In St. Pölten you can find a lot of very nice bicycle paths. You can rent a bike at the train-station and bike around the whole town easily. You'll see, it's very nice, and you won't miss any of the must-sees!

  • by train

    You can easily reach my hometown by train from Vienna in about 3/4 of an hour. You'll arrive at our main station (picture) and find yourself here directly in the City Center.


Sankt Pölten Shopping

  • Pedestrian zone - shopping with baroque...

    It is Austria's second oldest pedestrian zone with a great flair. Most of the shops are located in Baroque or Jugendstil (art nouveau) buildings. It reaches from the central station to the tawnhall and the cathedral. Many cafes and restaurants invite to a nice break. Dont miss the market days at the cathedral! You can buy everything - from shoes,...

  • Vis a Vis

    An outdoor Shopping center just next to the Traisenpark shopping mall. Sportin goods, toys, shoes, clothes, cosmetics, .......and there is a Mc Donalds restaurant with drive through! quite cheap

  • everything you desire

    It's the biggest shopping mall in St. Pölten with 70 shops, 10 restaurants and an ice-skating-hall.Shopping in the city center is nice, but when the weather is bad, this is the perfect place to spend your afternoon. Here you get everything: shoes, clothes, crafts, gifts, stationary, food,.... Most shops are quite cheap, only some more expensive...


Sankt Pölten Off The Beaten Path

  • art at the wall

    Keep your eyes open when you walk through St. Poelten. You will find art everywhere. Many walls and buildings are decorated with paintings of famous artists. This is a very nice one telling about the hard work people in Austria had to do after the second world war to build up their houses and towns.

  • Wiener Straße

    This street leads from the city center to the modern Landhaus district. Along it you can find some shops and restaurans.

  • St. Pölten artificial

    This nice modern sculture is located just infront of the local health-assurance. It's nothing special, but I like it though.When you've found it, be sure to have a look across the street. There you'll find a nice little art gallery. It's the gallery of Heldenmut, a famous local artist. I lofe his paintings a lot! Maybe you like them, too, and take...


Sankt Pölten Sports & Outdoors

  • PetraG's Profile Photo
    Ratzersdorfer See in winter 2 more images

    by PetraG Written Jan 16, 2006

    The Ratzersdorfer See ("See" means lake) is a small, but lovely little lake in the north of the city. We call it our "sea", because in summer there is a lot of beach activity there. Most inhabitants like to go there for swimming or sports activities like Beach-Volleyball, Beach-Soccer, Soccer, Mini-Golf, or just having a nice walk. It's a perfect place for meeting friends and refresh on a hot summer day. You don't pay any entrance fee, just 2 EUR per car for parking in the huge parking lot.

    In winter when the temperatures are below zero for a week or so, the water freezes quite thick (about 14 - 20 cm thick) and it's perfect for iceskating or playing icehockey. Many inhabitants go there on nice winter weekends to spend their time on the ice.

    Equipment: You don't have to bring food or drinks with you, because in summer there are stands that sell everything you desire. There are also two restaurants on both ends of the lake that are opend the whole year long.

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Sankt Pölten Favorites

  • Festivals

    St. Pölten is a party-town. There isn't much action here, but when there is a festival everyone is dancing in the streets...We've got festivals and feasts the whole year through - summer and winter. There are stages, bands playing, discos, stands, ... and a lot of music and fun!! The most famous ones are:City-Festival (2 days): beginning of July -...

  • Rathausplatz

    The main place of the city is just adorable. It's surrounded by the baroq church of San Franciscus, the City Hall and lots of nice baroq houses. Many restaurants and cafes offer places to sit in the open air. A lot of events are held here:Easter and xmas market, City festival at first weekend of July,Film and Culture Festival in Augustand many...

  • Bischofsteich

    This place is a very beautiful one. The fountain and the little park makes it a nice oase in the middle of city-life. Just next to this place you can find the City-park. Beautiful for sitting on a bench watching the bird or doing a picnic.


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