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  • Linz
    by jgacis
  • A street in the Altstadt.
    A street in the Altstadt.
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  • The Pöstlingbergkirche towers over the city.
    The Pöstlingbergkirche towers over the...
    by Jerelis

Linz Things to Do

  • A walk along the Danube.

    Ah, the Danube. How could any city be on the Danube and not have something special about it. As I exited the last clump of buildings before this enormous river, the vista opened up onto a busy esplanade drawn along the side of this famous river. The Danube is the second biggest river in Europe, dwarfing the Thames, and in Linz I swear it is wider...

  • Linz Railway Station

    Linz is well connected with all the major cities in Austria.Also many transnational trains too have a stop here.For instance the Orient Express from Paris to Vienna also stops here.

  • Schloss: View from the Terrace

    The new steel and glass wing is partly a bridge, with an open terrace underneath. This terrace offers a fine view of the old town and its towers. The steeples and spires are higher than the terrace and they are rather close, in other words, have the camera ready. The architecture also provides options for some photo tricks like photo 5 or the...

  • Schloss

    The castle, or better palace, of Linz dates back to the early middle ages. What you see now, however, derives mostly from the times around 1600 when Emperor Rudolf II had it enlarged and refurbished.The Schloss is located on a rock close to the river bank in the Northwestern corner of the old town. The way up on foot involves, no matter from which...

  • Pöstlingberg: Do the Circular Walk

    To get an idea of the place and the surrounding landscape, there is a walking trail that leads all around the summit. The walk is more or less flat and takes about 15 minutes. It is best in the winter half of the year when the trees are bare, otherwise the leaves will obscure most of the view. The trail is marked as “Rundgang" – simply follow the...

  • Pöstlingberg: The Church

    The church on the summit of Pöstlingberg is a sanctuary of the Virgin Mary and a pilgrimage centre. It was founded in the early 18th century. Pilgrimages take place only on certain dates. The church, though, is always open for visitors during daytime hours. The baroque church suffered damage from fire twice in the last century but was repaired and...


Linz Hotels

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Linz Restaurants

  • You really MUST eat at this restaurant

    I am really sorry I do not have a photo to share of this restaurant, but there is no doubt that you will have a great experience here. The atmosphere is wonderful, the service extremely friendly, the food absolutely delicious. I could write much more, but don't you think this says it all?The menu features Austrian and international cuisine, in a...

  • Main Drag Linz

    Right in the City Center on my walk from the Viking Sky, got a beer and a sit down while most were watching the World Cup, I was people watching. The menu had plenty to look at, but a beer was all I can vouch for, and it was fresh and delicious. Beiren

  • Outside under the trees.

    The restaurant building is in main street of Linz, but the garden restuarant is right through the building at rear. Schnitel with boiled potatoes,salad and roast potatoes.


Linz Nightlife

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  • Linz by night

    If you're looking for nightlife while in Linz, you'll want to stay around the Hauptplatz area. The Hauptplatz itself isn't exactly teeming with activity, but the small sreets leading away from the Hauptplatz are home to numerous bars and some clubs. Of course, depending on the hour, you'll also have the option of enjoying a quieter evening in a...

  • A real nice irish pub called...

    A real nice irish pub called Kitty Kiernans real nice atmosphere ;live music in the week-ends ;friendly irish staff! be how you are

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Linz Transportation

  • Pöstlingberg Tram

    For a long time the slopes and top of Pöstlingberg were reachable by a narrow-gauge cogwheel train that ended on the Northern river bank. In the context of Linz becoming cultural capital of Europe in 2009, the track was substituted by a modern tram line which runs on the same gauge as the other trams in the city. This tram is said to be the...

  • Tram Network

    The distance from the train station into the city centre is walkable but taking the tram saves time and effort. The tram stop at Hauptbahnhof is underground – just follow the signs with the tram symbol in the station hall and you’ll easily find it. Trams 1 and 2 go straight to Hauptplatz every few minutes. Tickets can be obtained from the ticket...

  • Tram - Very good public transport...

    Being in Linz makes you realize that the city has a very good public transport service. A part of that service is the local tram. A map of this tram system (and also bus lines available) can be seen on the internetsit of Linz. Have a look at it and you will also find the on-line time table, which means that you can have a look at it before your...


Linz Shopping

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  • Traditional Austrian costumes

    You'll stumble upon several stores that sell traditional Austrian costumes and dresses. This one goes by the name of Thalbauer Trachten. Pictured is an example of a traditional dress (Dirndl). Price tag says this specific set costs approx. 160 euro.

  • Shopping in Linz

    If you're looking to shop in Linz, the place to go is Landstrasse which leads south from the Hauptplatz. This pedestrianized thoroughfare is home to many shops, agencies, bakeries, restaurants, etc. You're going to find just about anything you need somewhere along this street. In my picture, you see the Ursulinenkirche in the background. Keep in...

  • Linz is a great place for shopping

    I was one day in Linz on my cycleyour from Passau to Vienna..but when i come back in Austria i go back to Linz..Nice place for shopping and much nice terrace.. There much nice shops ...


Linz Local Customs

  • Christmas Market in Hauptplatz

    Linz’s main Christmas market occupies about one quarter of the large central square (Hauptplatz). It is not very big but nicely decorated and illuminated. Merchandise isn’t really special, anyway nice to look at. If you are in for a mulled wine, the stalls offer a wide variety of Punsch and Glühwein types. It is worth checking and comparing the...

  • Voltage, frequency and plug ins.

    Maybe it sounds a bit weird, but as an experience traveler I know that you every now and then need this kind of information in advance: electricity in Austria is 230 Volts, alternating at 50 cycles per second. If you travel to Austria with a device that does not accept 230 Volts at 50 Hertz, you will need a voltage converter.There are three main...

  • Talko to someone who knows ...

    I guess we all agree on this on; there is nothing more exciting than going travelling - exploring another country, experiencing a different culture, travelling around in new ways, sampling the local cuisine and chatting to the local people for a different perspective on life.However during our travels we learned that there is one certain thing that...


Linz Warnings and Dangers

  • Do drink enough!!!

    For years, we have all been told of the importance of water. The general guideline has been to drink 2 liter of water each day. For a person who is not living an active lifestyle this may be enough, but if you are physically active, you need more water than that. That is especially true if you are hiking in the Alkmaar area due to the fact the...

  • Reading a map!

    Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus, the catchy title of the 1992 bestseller by John Gray, succinctly expresses an ancient dilemma. What--if anything--do men's and women's brains do differently?The general statement that men and women respond and behave differently under the same circumstances is true; For example, from the crib, male babies...

  • No hostel

    Do not stay in the hostel on the other side of the Danube (away from the Hauptplatz) and it is located in Linz's tallest building. You have to go through a weird parking garage in a gigantic building and the place is full of bizarre carnies. Most Pensionen on the main Hauptplatz in Linz are fine and inexpensive compared to other areas of Austria.


Linz Tourist Traps

  • Hauptplatz – All kinds of things to...

    For hundreds of years the Main Square of Linz has been a busy place where all kinds of things happen. Once it was the market place, today it is cultural events, the flea market of curiosities, the Christmas Market and the many sidewalk cafes in the summer that draw people here. We were lucky to enjoy a small fair. Of course this was a huge delight...

  • Hauptplatz – Dreifaltigkeitssäule.

    Without a doubt is the Hauptplatz the busy centre of the town and a true tourist trap. But is this a good reason to avoid it and not visit it? No, not at all. You can also put this main square in the tip section "Must see"! And I can also tell you why :) First of all we noticed right at the middle of the square the Dreifaltigkeitssäule...

  • Hauptplatz – The main square.

    On a heavily cloudy day I decided to go the city of Linz, and I was not sorry for that. Funny thing was that at the moment we entered the city the sky opened up and the sun did arrive! The reason why I wanted to go to Linz was rather simple, because it’s the third largest city in Austria and the capital of the federal province of Upper Austria....


Linz What to Pack

  • Travel light!

    * Map and guidebook;* Crackers;* 2 Liter of water;* Fruit / power bars. * Hiking boots;* 1 extra t-shirt;* Shorts with many pockets;* Sunglasses;* Fleece type jacket;* Hat / cap;* Raincoat. * Lip balm;* (Neck) sunblock;* Band-aids. * Camera and lots of films!* Filter;* Extra batteries;* Lens 210 mm. * Binocular;* Compass.

  • Climate in Linz

    Rainy season: There is no special rainy seasonAvg. Temp. in Spring: max.: 8 – 19°C ( 47 - 66°F ); min: 0 - 9°C ( 32 - 48°F )Avg. Temp. in Summer: max.: 21 – 23°C ( 70 - 74°F ); min: 11 - 13°C ( 51 - 55°F )Avg. Temp. in Autumn: max.: 5 – 19°C ( 41 - 66°F); min: 0 - 10°C ( 32 – 50°F )Avg. Temp. in Winter: max.: 2 – 4°C ( 36 - 39°F); min: -3 - 0°C (...

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Linz Off The Beaten Path

  • Check out the facades!

    Check out the facades for interesting details. We came across this savage looking guy holding a bottle or an amphora. Not sure what flows out of it, if it is water he is probably a river god, but if it is wine, he is presumably a bacchant or priest of Bacchus, the god of wine among the Romans (the Greeks called him Dionysus).

  • Pöstlingbergkirche - Overlooking the...

    The Pöstlingbergkirche perched high above the roofs of the city and is the landmark of the Upper Austrian capital. Because of its unique location it is really worth while to visit the church. After we were finished inside the Pöstlingbergkirche we stepped outside to have a look at the panoramic view over the city of Linz. Lucky for us it was quite...

  • Pöstlingbergkirche - Lighting a candle.

    Although we were quite late when we arrived at the Pöstlingbergkirche we were still allowed to enter it. A huge advantage of our late arrival was the fact that there were almost no tourists at that time. Either the bus / coach did already leave or everybody was having an early snack and cold beer at the pubs in the city. Whenever we visit a church...


Linz Favorites

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  • The Blue Danube

    The Danube River ranks at the top of my list of favorite things about Linz. Primarily because of the beauty and serenity the river adds to this bustling city, but also because of the significance of the river to the city. Without the Danube, there would most certainly never had been a Linz. The Danube has served the city of Linz as a source of...

  • Centre

    Have a walk through the old centre. Picturesque buildings and narrow streets invite for window shopping.

  • When crossing the donau you...

    When crossing the donau you come in another part of Linz called 'Urfahr' here you can take a small train up a small mountain that's called the 'pöstlingberg'here you will find a beautyfull church and an incredible vieuw over Linz really amazing .There is also a train that go's in the mountain,it's for kids ,wich is fun for both you and your...


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