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  • The cog train at Schafberg mountain, Austria
    The cog train at Schafberg mountain,...
    by victorwkf
  • Great view of Wolfgangsee lake and surroundings
    Great view of Wolfgangsee lake and...
    by victorwkf
  • Schafberg mountain, Austria
    Schafberg mountain, Austria
    by victorwkf

Schafberg Things to Do

  • Schafberg top train station

    When you take the cog railway up Schafberg mountain, the final station would be the Schafberg top train station located at 1783 metres (top of the mountain). If you stay here for a while, you will get to see the historical cog trains going up and down the mountain. Before leaving the train station, the station staff will ask you which train you...

  • Schafbergalpe train station

    The Schafbergalpe train station is located somewhere in the middle part of the mountain and you can actually alight here and take a climb up to the Schafberg train station on top of the mountain. The price of the train ride would also be cheaper if you alight here (see transportation tip). You can also take the train up to the top station and walk...

  • Flora of Schafberg

    During the summer season, the slopes of Schafberg mountain are filled with wildflowers of various shapes and colours. The best way to see the flowers is to take a simple hike along the trail which links the Schafberg train station on top of the mountain to Schafbergalpe station in the middle part. The entire hike takes about 2 hours going downhill...

  • View of surroundings from the top

    The views of the various mountains, lakes and towns of the Salzkammergut region from the top of Schafberg are stunning on a clear day. You can see the various major towns such as St Wolfgang, St Gilgen, Strobl, Mondsee etc as well as the major lakes such as WolfgangseeAttersee Mondsee TraunseeHallstatter See GrundlseeAltausseer SeeFuschlseeMore...

  • The various lakes of Salzkammergut

    Salzkammergut is the land of many lakes, and you can see them on a clear day on the top of Schafberg as well as the journey up and down the mountain. The major lakes here are:Wolfgangsee (major towns: St Wolfgang, St Gilgen, Strobl)Attersee (major town: Attersee)Mondsee (major town: Mondsee)TraunseeHallstatter See (major town:...

  • Introduction of Salzkammergut &...

    More information about the Salzkammergut region of Austria is at my VT Sankt Wolfgang im Salzkammergut page. Below is the information extracted from that page:The Salzkammergut is a very beautiful region east of Salzburg made up of majestic mountains, several beautiful lakes dotted with classical Austrian towns. The name Salzkammergut is related to...

  • Slopes to explore

    From the hotel at the top of the mountain, there is a long slope that runs down the face of the mountain. It appears fairly gradual and easy, but be forewarned, it's a little trickier than it looks. Watch your footing and take your time on the way up. The altitude can make you run out of breath faster than you think. Look closely at this picture...

  • Great landscape

    The trees are thick and durable, the grass is toughened by the winds and the peaks are jagged and rough and yet this place will not leave you hardened for visiting it. You'll leave more serene than before. You'll leave with lasting images in your head (and as a VTer, even more images in your camera). And you'll leave feeling rewarded for your...

  • Lakes, lakes, lakes everywhere

    Everywhere you look from up here, you'll see a lake below. Weather permitting you might be able to see as many as a dozen lakes from here. In this photo, you see the Mondsee ("see" means lake). For more information on the town of Mondsee click here.

  • Meditative place

    You might notice this cross at the top of Schafberg. I'm not sure why it is there. I hope it doesn't commemorate a life lost in some tragic accident. To me, it was an appropriate symbol for the meditative quality of the mountain. Because it was a bit cold, most of the visitors were inside at one of the two restaurants, so there were not too many...

  • The ascent . . .

    If you take the train to the top of Schafberg, don't take a nap on the way up. There are some interesting views as you make the ascent. You might come across some interesting (and probably exhausted) people hiking the mountain or some wildlife like these cows. One thing is for sure: You'll definitely see some great views over the lakes below.

  • View of the Alps

    One thing that cannot escape the visitor is the amazing view of the Alps one has from up here. Of course, in order to see such a view, one must get to the top of one of the Alpine mountains. But the position of Schafberg is a bit unique as you can see the Osterhorngruppe, Tennengebirge, Hoellengebirge, Totesgebirge, and Dachstein mountain ranges....

  • The Schafbergspitze (Schafberg Summit)

    So, aside from the beautfiul view of the lakes and mountain, there one more thing worth looking at at Schafberg. That of course is the summit. It stands at 1783 meters above sea level and looks quite impressive. Looking at that mountain from afar, one can see the summit as it stands out a bit from the rest of the mountain.

  • View of the Mondsee

    Another beautiful lake is the Mondsee. This smaller lake lies just north of Schafberg. This is one of 12 lakes that rumor says one can see atop Schafberg. Granted, good weather is required. Notice the Ihrsee (also known as the Zellersee) just north of it.

  • View of the Attersee

    The next lake that you just can't miss is the Attersee. This is the largest lake within Austrian borders and my wife's home town is only minutes away from it's northern most point. This lake is completely drink water quality and a dip in the lake is so refreshing! No wonder the view from atop Schafberg is so appealing!


Schafberg Restaurants

  • Gasthof Schafbergalpe

    If you intend to stay and have your meal at the Schafbergalpe train station area, there is the Gasthof Schafbergalpe (just next to the train station, runned by the Poller family) which consists of a restaurant and accomodation (rooms at 30 euros per person including breakfast, dormitory at 17 euros per person including breakfast).The restaurant...

  • Himmelspforte

    There is a nice restaurant at the Himmelspforte Refuge located on top of Schafberg mountain. During the warmer months, you can have your meals in the open area where you can have great views of the surrounding mountains and lakes. The food here is local Austrian food and dessert e.g. sussages, germknodel etc. It is quite delicious and the warm soup...

  • Or . . . you can eat at the hotel

    I didn't eat here either, but I walked inside and it looked comfortable (and warm considering the blustery wind up there). In warmer weather, I'm sure the outdoor seating on the front terrace is popular. The wooden accents give the place a cozy feel.

  • Not too many options

    When I was at Schafberg, it was significantly cooler up there than down in the village of St. Wolfgang. There are only two places to eat up there, so you might have to deal with some crowds. This small restaurant doesn't have a lot of seating so it fills up fast. I stopped in and had an Apfelsaft, just to quench my thirst.

  • Patio seating on top of the Alps!

    To be honest, I didn't eat her as we chose the smaller of the two restaurants to eat (see Himmelspforte Tip). My wife's family has been here before and they said this place offers great traditional food at a bit higher prices than the Himmelspforte. The luxury is that they have patio seating which is perfect considering the incredible view one has...

  • Austrian cooking at high altitudes

    This small restaurant nestled atop the summit of Schafberg offers excellent Austrian dishes in a quite unusual place. There are two restaurants up at the summit and this is the smaller of the two. We stopped here for a light meal and were very impressed with the food. Prices were quite cheap and the service was nice. This is no fancy restaurant as...


Schafberg Transportation

  • Schafbergbahn - Cog Railway (Part 1)

    One of the highlights of a visit to Schafberg is to take the famous Cog Wheel Railway up to the mountain top. If you are taking the Postbus bus, there is a bus stop just in front of the railway station at the bottom of the mountain. The train leaves about every one hour and the journey takes about 1 hour. As it is normally crowded during summer...

  • Schafbergbahn - Cog Railway (Part 2)

    If you are taking the famous Cog Wheel Railway from St Wolfgang up to the Schafberg mountain, the important thing to note is try to sit on the left hand side because most of the beautiful scenery will be on that side while the train is going up. You need to queue early at the train station because it is normally very crowded, especially during the...

  • The Schafbergbahn

    The best way to explore Schafberg is of course to hike up and back down. However, for most people, the Schafbergbahn (Sheep Mountain train) is the best way to do it. The Austrian rail system (?BB) operates this small train which runs up to the summit of Schafberg. The trains are what are called Zahnradbahnen, or "cog-wheel" trains. The reason they...


Schafberg Warnings and Dangers

  • Unpredictable weather

    The weather on top of Schafberg mountain is very unpredictable. It may be sunny and warm at the bottom of the mountain, but can be windy and cold up there because it is 1783 metres above sea level. Also, the clouds can gather quickly especially in the afternoon and during the warm summer time, so visibility can decrease quickly (this can cause...

  • Dangers while trekking at Schafberg

    Trekking at Schafberg is rather simple and should take about 2 hours at a leisurely pace from the Schafberg top train station down to the Schafbergalpe middle slope station.However, there are a few things you need to take note:- Weather can be cold, windy and wet, so do be prepared. Also, bring along water and protect against the strong sunlight.-...

  • Be careful up there

    For the most part, the hiking that you'll do up here involves gradual slopes (although they can be difficult after a few hundred meters or so). However, there are occasional steep slopes, cliffs and jagged edges, so beware and watch your step. Another thing that you should watch out for is the altitude. While it's certainly not the Himalayas, if...


Schafberg What to Pack

  • A few things to remember . . .

    If you're visiting Schafberg, come prepared adn don't be surprised if it's significantly colder up there than it is down below in St. Wolfgang. Come prepared with appropriate clothing. You'll also want to be prepared with your best camera gear. You should definitely bring a telephoto lens to capture the views of the lakes surrounding you.

  • It can get cold in the Alps.

    Forget these unless you plan to stay at the Hotel Schafbergsptize! When visiting Schafberg, be sure to bring some clothes intended to keep you warm. Temperatures can drop dramatically as you get to the top of the mountain so be prepared. A warm rainjacket would be ideal. Just look at how cold my wife, her sister, and her mom were. An this was...

  • Schafberg Hotels

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Schafberg Off The Beaten Path

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    This photo was taken in June and as you can see the snow-capped peaksof the Dachtein indicate some serious altitude. You'll find some panoramic maps at the top that illustrate the mountains that surround you. In addition to the Dachstein, you'll see the Osterhorngruppe, Tennengebirge, Hoellengebirge, Totesgebirge and the Untersberg ranges. However, in my opinion, the jagged rocky peaks of the Dachsteins are the most impressive and are certainly the easiest to spot amidst the greener, lower and more subtle mountains around them.

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Schafberg Favorites

  • Interesting small lorry (Steyr Puch...

    In order for the restaurants and accomodations on top of Schafberg mountain to bring goods up the mountain, they need to use small lorries (see photo) which can move along the small mountain trails all the way up to the top. The lorry is rather interesting and cute :)Note: Michael (VT member Globetrott) later informed me that this lorry is a Steyr...

  • Animals at Schafberg

    Besides the wildflowers, I managed to spot beautiful butterflies and other insects among the flora of the mountain. Also, you can see several dogs plus a cage full of rabbits on top of the mountain near to the Hotel Schafbergspitze and Himmelspforte Refuge.

  • Flowers during summer (Part 3)

    More photos of the beautiful canopies of wild flowers on the slope of Schafberg mountain during June 2007.


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