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  • the central square
    the central square
    by Mikebond
  • A bit of old town wall
    A bit of old town wall
    by leics
  • Stadtpfarrekirche (1400s)
    Stadtpfarrekirche (1400s)
    by leics

Bad Radkersburg Things to Do

  • the Main Square

    You can enjoy watching some excellent old town architecture and views from this square when you sit down for your glass of local wines from one the cafes by the side and the wines are excellent in this region!The core and facades are (as you already know) finely conserved - for which work they were by the way awarded and that's very good for city...

  • Langgasse, the main street

    A lot livelier than Murgasse is Langgasse - the old street connecting both ends of the old city core with its main square. The beginning of street served as one entry point to the town in past, low houses are linked with eachother into compact line, its facades finely restored, colorful yet remain in simple historic fashion. Each gates to the...

  • Murgasse, paved by stones from Mura

    Nicely restored side street that is! Parts of it were paved with gently round river stones from Mura, the river that marks entire Styrian region and towns upon its shores.The street is compact line of one storey houses (ground floor plus upper floor) with high red tiled roofs, and some facades lightly ornated and colored - each unit (a house)...

  • Look at the river..and cross the border.

    The river Mur forms the modern border between Austria and Slovenia.But since the Schengen agreement came into force there is no border control.So you can walk to the river, wander through both sets of border crossing buildings (now empty) and no-man's land and then explore the little Slovenian town of Gornja Radgona (part of Slovenia since 1919).

  • Town walls.

    Bad Radkersburg was once fully-walled and was a major fortress against Hungary, and later against the threat from the Ottoman Empire.Its walls had sixteen towers (four still stand) and encircled what was a properous settlement.Bits of the walls still remain. I found the section in the photo whilst on my way to the Stadpfarrkirche. this...

  • Kapuzinerklosterkirche.

    This is a really ancient church.It dates from the 1400s, and was originally part of an Augustinian monastery. It was abadoned by the in the early 1600s, and then became a Capuchin monastery, also later abandoned in the time of Josef ll.The only part of the monastery buildings now remaining is the church ...and, sadly, it is private property. A...

  • Mariensaule

    The Mariansaule, in the middle of the Hauptplatz, was erected as a plague memorial in 1680.It now forms a focal point for the Hauptplatz, the large and pleasant mostly-pedestrianised town square.

  • Rathaus and Stadtturm

    The very obvious tower (Stadtturm) attached to Bad Radkersburg's Rathaus is in the Hauptplatz, orginally Bad Radkersburg's marketplace.Dating from the 1500s, the tower functioned as the town lookout post. gothis in style, is was restored in the early 1800s. The tower now also serves as a memorial to the war dead, with plaques set into its sides.

  • Murgasse

    Murgasse is a wide, cobbled street running parallel with Hauptplatz.Its cobbles......large flat stones.....came from the bed of the River Mur and are called 'Murnockerln'.It's a very pretty street, with old buildings on either side and, if you look closely, some late Medieval architectural details still visible.

  • Frauenkirche

    The Frauenkirche is a rather twiddly, Gothic structure originally dating from the early 1500s, with a tower erected in the early 1800s.Over the main doorway is a rather lovely sculpture of the Virgin Mary....and the cast metal doors are beautiful.Inside, there are late 19th century frescoes.The area outside and under the church......the...

  • Stadtpfarrkirche

    A lovely church, this, with a beautifully carved doorway. Dating from the 1400s, with additions in the 1600s, its mellow sandstone blocks absorb the sunlight.....I did not get chance to properly explore the interior, because a school party arrived and (accompanied by the priest) began a service. It felt wrong to be there, so I tactfully removed...

  • Sculptures

    There are a lot's of sculptures all around the city, try to see them all hehehe, here are just few of them....


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  • lotharlerch's Profile Photo

    Brunnenstadl: The perfect Styrian Gasthaus

    by lotharlerch Written Oct 7, 2006

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    We tried first to find a reasonable lunch in the "city" of Radkersburg avoiding the restaurants of the area where the "Thermal" hotels are but since it was low season we did not find what we had liked so we left Radkersburg towards our next planned destination Kloech. Immediately after having left Radkersburg we saw a typical roadside Gasthaus of the kind you find it everywhere along the roads in Austria in areas where no or very few tourists are. The rather crowded parking (with mostly local cars) was a clear indicator for a good eating place. So we stopped and the dishes of the day announced on a blackboard outside near the entrance seemed really promising.

    We found a table in the nice garden under a wine pergola.

    The lunch we could eat here was one of the three best I had this year (the both others were in Paris and near Trieste).

    Favorite Dish: All dishes we had were genuine local dishes made of products grown in an area which could probably easily been overlooked right from outside the Gasthaus. All except the dessert were in principle very simple dishes but made in the most perfect way and incredibly tasty. The only "exotic" was the vanilla icecream with the dark green pumpkin seed oil which is normally a must in the dressing of the most Styrian salads. And maybe our choice of the drink was also a bit special - we had "Sturm" which is the fermenting intermediate on the way from the grape juice to the wine.

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Bad Radkersburg Shopping

  • lotharlerch's Profile Photo

    At the farms along the way: Wines and Pumpkin Seed Oil

    by lotharlerch Updated Sep 8, 2007

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Much of the great food produced here you buy best at the farms or on regional markets. A very nice one is the big market in Graz right behind the Opera house on Kaiser Josef Platz.

    What to buy: Steiermark (Styria) is the second smallest of Austria's wine producing regions but the one with the widest variety. White wines are dominant, the main sort being Welschriesling, others are Weissburgunder, Traminer, Morillon and the international grapes like Chardonnay or Sauvignon blanc.

    Styrian food can be enjoyed either with Styrian wine or a good Styrian beer but it is quite impossible to enjoy it authentically without Styria's Green Gold, the Pumpkin Seed Oil (Kuerbiskernoel). This oil can best be purchased directly from the farmers but you get it in most Austrian supermarkets as well.

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Bad Radkersburg Off The Beaten Path

  • thank you for liberation

    What I have found walking in the end of the city the other day. Unusually enough to some - the statue of Soviet soldiers who liberated (well, they helped local resistance forces in fact) the area in the end of WWII in 1945; the statue is placed in a shy corner of the town, near Mura river and Finance office on Graztetor square, in a shade of large...

  • The Wineland north of Radkersburg

    Millions of years ago a lot of volcanos left their cones in eastern Styria. Some of them are crowned by castles (Riegersburg, Kapfenstein, Kloech), sometimes even together with parts of a village (St. Anna am Aigen) but mostly they are covered with wineyards on their sunny slopes.

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  • lotharlerch's Profile Photo

    Styrian Pumpkins

    by lotharlerch Updated May 10, 2010

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Favorite thing: The pumpkin is something of a leading theme in late summers and autumns in Styria. It is grown everywhere, shows many varieties and is one of the essentials of Styrian cooking. You may get it as a soup or as a sidedish and very popular are the seeds which are eaten roasted and salted.

    And the best of all (for those who like it but after a while in Styria I am sure that virtually everybody will like it) is the dark green oil (Kernöl is the German name for it). The production process is quite complicated. The seeds of a specific pumpkin which is grown exclusively in Styria and some neihbouring regions in Slovenia, Burgenland and Hungary are first roasted and then pressed. Some generations ago it was the poor man's oil but in the meanwhile it became an expensive delicacy. This oil has a fine nutty taste and is excellent for many salads as for example beans salad, salad with meat and others, excellent to add to some soups and it can even be great with an icecream as we tasted this year.

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