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  • The Mariazell Basilica
    The Mariazell Basilica
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  • Cross country skiing
    Cross country skiing
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  • My Sleigh Horse Ride in Mariazell
    My Sleigh Horse Ride in Mariazell
    by longsanborn

Mariazell Things to Do

  • The Basilica

    The Basilica originally had been built in gothic style, in the 17th century they added baroque elements. You can see the older gothic spire in the middle and to it`s left and to it`s right baroque spires. It`s church bell is the biggest one in Styria. The high altar`s design is by Johann Bernhard Fischer von Erlach (who planned also the famous...

  • The Basilica

    This church was founded in 1157. It is the most important pilgrimage site in Austria and also has great meaning for Catholics.

  • The Basilica, a white church in a green...

    For all tourists, for the inhabitants, but to only for the many pilgrims, who come up to Mariazell, the basilica is the most important objective.The church was built in three phases. In the year 1200 began the construction works to a Romanesque church. Later, in the 1340, was added a Gothic choir to the construction. From this second style, is...

  • The "Gnadenstatue" (statue of grace)

    The staue of the Madonna, whose healing powers reputedly helped King Louis of Hungary defeat the Turks in 1377.The Gnadenstatue is dressed and crowned. It is to express the adoration for the Virgin Mary.The statue of grace, since 850 years.

  • Madonna of tourists

    The statue, a carving from 1530, ist platziert directly under the dome, on a high column.In front of her they used to do penance and make candle sacrifices.

  • The high altar

    The high altar is a creation of the famous constructor of the Baroque JohannBernhard Fischer von Erlach.This was designed in the years 1692 to 1704.

  • The "Gnadenkapelle" (Chapel of...

    The Chapel is in the middle of the church placed.It is an edifice of gold and silver that houses the statue of the Madonna.This sacred place has seen the effects of the centuries:The main choice is Romanesque.The beams of the Gnadekapelle with the images of King Louis of Hungary are in Gothic style.The extraordinary stucco decor is Baroque.

  • The Basilica in Mariazell

    One cannot talk about Mariazell without saying something about the basilica.That is the most important tourist attraction in the town.It is a piece of jewellery that impresses, with its slim and fashionable line, its brightness, its splendid architecture, its marble embroideries, and its valuable treasures.The church was erected in several...

  • The Basilica, a church between the...

    The pilgrimage church, with a length of 85m and a width of 30m, was erected into several construction steps.The first church was Romanesque. Its construction started in1200The second (1340), was a Gothic church, and the Gothic middle tower (90m) is its visible rest. The present-day Basilica was built through rebuilding in the baroque time, with...

  • The Middle Tower of the Basilica

    The middle tower of the basilica is built in Gothic styles.The construction of the Gothic church began in the year 1363 and lasted until 1366.The tower, in octagon form, is also, a part of this building.

  • The Heiligenbrunnkapelle

    Die Heiligenbrunnkapelle (chapel of the holy fountain), wurde im Jahr 1711 gebaut. Dem Wasser, aus dem Heiligen Brunnen, wird Heilkraft zugeschrieben.

  • Bürgeralpe and the first funicular of...

    Most tourists, who come in Mariazell, visit the 1267m up Bürgeralpe. In the year 1928, was built, on the Bürgeralpe, the first funicular of the Styria. The gondola, with 25 places, drives with a speed of 5 m per second. The rope has a length of 1432m. The funicular drives in 10 minutes, over 6 supports, from the valley to the mountain station. On...


Mariazell Hotels

  • Hotel Drei Hasen

    It is a traditional hotel, with a familiar atmosphere, clean and comfortable rooms, a beautiful...

  • Hotel Weisser Hirsch

    Wienerstrasse 6, Mariazell, 8630, Austria

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Couples

    Hotel Class 4 out of 5 stars

  • Hotel Goldene Krone

    Grazerstrasse 1, Mariazell, 8630, Austria

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Business

Mariazell Restaurants

  • Restaurant with terrace

    This elegant and comfortable restaurant is a great gastronomically objective in the heart of Mariazell.Into a familiar and friendly atmosphere, one can enjoys here, daily, an exquisite meal, a good coffee, or an excellent ice. The lovely summer terrace is an agreeable place, to eats, to relax and to admire the splendid area.

  • Restaurant Café - Goldener Löwe

    An elegantly and well arranged restaurant, placed in centre of Mariazell, exactly opposite from basilica, in the Main Place of the town.The family Pirker is famous in Mariazell, for the miraculous and delightful gingerbread, but also for the modern hotel and restaurant, that is for the tourists a real attraction. A show bakery is beside the...

  • Gasthof "Jägerwirt"

    In the middle of the town, there are many traditional and remarkable restaurants and inns. One of those is the "Jägerwirt". Here, you can eat very well, and your silence finds. I can recommend you: Quark eddies with vanilla sauce (as dessert)

  • "Eder's Kamelbräu"

    A favourable specialty restaurant. A cafe terrace. own „Egger – Kamelbräu“ There is here an agreeable and comfortable atmosphere, clean, funny, and informal surroundings. Good Food and Drinks.All inquiries, table reservations, park leaderships: 0664/1111012 It is a joy to spend one day into this surroundings and to enjoy the hospitality of the...

  • Der Goldener Löwe

    Good place for coffee and cakes. There is a terrace at the front that gets a lot of sun and is quite warm even when there is snow on the ground provided the sun is shining.Great toilets too - I believe you can always judge a place by the standard of the toilets!

  • Hotel Grazerhof

    This is a very friendly place that serves good local food and has a wide range of well kept draught beer.


Mariazell Nightlife

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    The town Mariazell is an attraction, for many tourists that live in Austria, or visit this country.
    The town is also in the night exactly so beautiful, as on the day.
    The lights give a special magic ness to the constructions.
    Remaining at least a few days and nights in Mariazell is an unforgettable experience.
    Although the town is very small, there are many possibilities, to spend the time beautifully.

    The Basilica in the night The basilica oversees Mariazell The Basilica in the evening
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Mariazell Local Customs

  • Mechanische Krippe (Mechanical manger)

    This manger is built in a private house, at the Kalvarienberg.It shows 12 scenes from the new will, with 130 movable figures.Bruno Habertheuer manufactured the manger, in 18 winters.This laudable handiwork is to be viewed anytime, in the house of the family Habertheuer, in Mariazell.Address: Kalvarienberg, 1, Mariazell

  • Lebkuchen (gingerbreads). A tradition of...

    The gingerbreads are a sweet tradition in Mariazell."The entire bee " is a sightseeing program, where you have the possibility to see the tradition, and the old craft of Mariazell. This town is famous for its gingerbreads and the wonderful creations from this sweet dough.More info and pictures find you in the web page.

  • Mariazeller Advent

    Mariazell is a centre of Central European spiritual lives.Approximately one million pilgrims from whole world come annually to Mariazell.They come here to pray and to admire the lovely landscape.Many of these believers like to come, specifically on the four weekends before Christmas, to the Mariazeller Advent.The town is in this time, a real winter...


Mariazell Warnings and Dangers

  • Sharp curves, frosty streets

    The way, through the mountains, to Mariazell is magical.The street cuts the mountain and runs like a snake in direction Mariazell. It is possible that sometimes, one gets nausea, from so many sharp curves. In winters, there is also, the danger, to slide.It is necessary to drive carefully and alertly every time.The danger is higher in the morning...

  • Snow and ice covered roads

    The less-used roads around Mariazell are like this for several months during the winter, making snow tyres essential. I was amazed at how effective snow tyres are. England has a pretty mild winter most years so people just use their normal tyres year-round. On the odd occasion that we get snow the whole country just grinds to a halt because cars...

  • Mariazell Hotels

    8 Hotels in Mariazell

Mariazell Off The Beaten Path

  • Die Kerzengrotte (The candle grotto)

    The construction of 1985-1986 is placed behind the basilica of Mariazell.The pilgrims frequent, very often, this place of thinking and pray.The candle grotto is equipped with a modern ventilation installation. That is a necessity, to the many candles, that burns, every day here.

  • Marie waterfall

    Little of go minutes behind the house with the same name, falls the Marie waterfall.After some kilometres, it leads into the Salza.The peculiarity of this waterfall is that it falls over a steep rock wall, in which a Madonna stands in a niche of sandstone.I think that the Mariazells surrounding is a blessed place.

  • Hubertus see in the Walstern

    This romantically situated sea was positioned by the industrialist-family Krupp about the turn of the century. The sea was named, after the sacred Hubertus, the protection patron of the hunters.The whole surroundings, the shores of the sea, and the nature in this area, are a real paradise for plants and animals, and a splendid spa for the tourists.


Mariazell Sports & Outdoors

  • Scuba diving

    Yes, really! It is possible to dive in the mountains in a lake called Erlaufsee which is a few km to the north-west of Mariazell.The water is supposedly very clear but, I would imagine, extremely cold. Elevation is 828m so you can test your 'diving at altitude' skills as well as your freshwater diving skills. Maximum depth is 38m. According to some...

  • Downhill skiing

    Skiing is the number 1 sport in Austria and Mariazell is no exception.It is a common sight in the town to see skiers traipsing along in their ski boots to and from the ski-lift. Within 10 minutes it is possible to be on the slopes of Bürgeralpe.When I went up to take a look I was about the only person not skiing! Equipment is available to hire (or...

  • Cross country skiing

    Cross country skiing is a popular pursuit in Mariazellerland. Bring your own equipment. There is nowhere to hire equipment out in the country.


Mariazell Favorites

  • The Hubertussee, a gift for the people

    The sea lies in Walstern, not far from Mariazell, at the border of Low Austria and Styria.Dozens brooks lead into the always crystal-clear lake, that was positioned in 1906, as storage lake.The sea and its influx, the Walster are flying fishery waters of world reputation.A whole network of footpaths lies around the lake.The water of the lake...

  • View across the rooftops

    The view across the rooftops of Mariazell showing the Basilica (covered up for maintenance unfortunately) and the mountains in the background.

  • Hauptplatz - a somewhat distorted view

    I don't normally go in for 'creative' photography. Here is the exception. This shot of Mariazell Hauptplatz is the reflection from one of those street mirrors that assists motorists when vision is obscured.


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