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     Beautiful old town, hardly any tourists 

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     read more about in Rick Stevens books - Hall is worth to see 

Hall in Tirol Things to Do

  • The Mint and Münzeturm

    The Hall Mint (Münze Hall) has a great history and Hall seems very proud of it. This is where the Habsburgs minted their coins and the Thaler (the ancester of the dollar) was invented. The mint was established by Ferdinand II in 1567 and produced coins right up until the Bavarian occupation in 1809. In 1975 the mint was reopened and a few coins...

  • Burg Hasegg

    The Castle (or Burg) Hasegg in Hall dates back to at least the 13th century and was built to protect the salt mines which gave Hall it's name ('hal' was the old German word for salt). The name 'Hasegg' probably came from the fact that the castle was at the Egg (old German for corner) of the boiling pan houses ( Pfannhaus or Has ). The castle...

  • Stiftsplatz and the Sacred Heart Convent

    The Stiftsplatz where Muntergasse meets Schulgasse is a lovely little square surrounded by some fine old buildings, including the Jesuit Church and the Convent of the Sacred Heart. The convent has often actually been a "home for gentlewomen", starting with Archduke Ferdinand II's sister Magdalena back in 1569. It was closed down and much of it's...

  • The Jesuit Church

    The Jesuit Church in Hall was established in 1571 to serve the gentlewomen at the convent on Stiftsplatz but underwent wholesale renovation from 1671 to 1684 and apparently this and the other church on the square (in the convent) are the only surviving examples of late-renaissance ecclesiastical buildings in teh Tirol (according to the local...

  • St Magdalen's Chapel

    This double chapel was first mentioned in documents in 1330 and the ground floor is now home to a bakery. Fortunately the upper floor is still intact and can be visited. It's now a war memorial and has a late gothic winged alter from the second half of the 15th century and frescoes dating from between 1410 and 1610. The most interesting of these...

  • Pfarrkirche St Nikolaus

    The parish church of St Nicolas in Hall is kinky. What I mean by this is that the church has a visible 'kink' in it's architecture which is most obvious inside as you look down the nave to the high alter, which is clearly off at an angle to the rest of the church. I've never seen this before in a church and I assume it must have come about as a...

  • Rathaus

    Hall's Rathaus (or Town Hall) is a beautiful building and makes a fine backdrop for the main town square (Oberer Stadtplatz). The building was given to the town by the Habsburg Duke Leopold IV back in 1406, but it must be even older than this as Count Henry of Görz-Tirol, who twice became the short lived King Henry of Bohemia and was deposed both...

  • Schlossergasse

    Schlossergasse / Locksmith lane is one of the most beautiful streets in the old town of Hall.At No 13 on Schlossergasse is the oldest art and construction locksmith in Hall, dating from the 15th century.

  • Sacred Heart Convent and the Jesuit...

    At the southeast part of the old town of Hall , you can find the Jesuit church, Sacred Heart Convent and Stiftplatz . In 1569 the sister of Archiduke Ferdinand II – Magdalena along with her sisters and other noblewoman moved into the newly founded convent. The architectural ensemble was built by Giovanni Lucchese. In 1783 the Emperor had the...

  • The fountain at Uterer Stadrplatz

    Out of this fountain, on the 2nd of September 2011, there was wine flowing for the town celebration .

  • The lady with the moon and stars

    The lady with the moon and stars can be seen above the entrance of the church of the Sacred Heart convent (left) with a sword and child as head statue (right) by the main city sqare fountain.

  • the Town hall

    Next to the church is the Town hall of Hall proudly bearing the colorful coats of arms of the city and its rulers. The short-term King of Bohemia , Count Heinrich von Görz-Tirol (1295-1335) , called his “town castle” the “Royal Palace”.Habsburg Duke Leopold IV gave the building to the town in 1406. Since then it has been used as Town Hall. The...

  • The St.Nicolas church yard

    At the back of the parish church is St. Magdalen’s Chapel, that was first mentionned in documents in 1330. The double chapel decorated with frescoes is used as a War Memorial Chapel. Not to be missed are the late-Gothic winged altar (second half of 15 century) and frescoes from three centuries ( 1410 – 1610 ).The St.Nicolas church yard offers great...

  • parish church St. Nicholas

    In the year 1400, Hall had about 3 000 inhabitants. The people were deeply religious and the money was abundant, so many churches were built. Skilled builders, craftsmen and painters created unique works in Hall and its surroundings . Churches, chapels and monasteries are still to be admired today.In the west side of the main town square is the...

  • Oberer Stadtplatz and Langer Graben

    The “Oberer Stadtplatz”square is the living heart of the old town. The main street leading to it is the previously mentioned “Langer Graben“, where you can see on Sundays locals dressed in traditional costumes or tourists with cameras on their way up.The local people love wearing their traditional costumes (“called Tracht”) and use every occasion...

  • Fuchshaus

    Fuchshaus – first owned by a ship builder from Bavaria , who used it as corn depot. It was overtaken in 1830 by the cook family Fuchs, who prepared here their famous “haller törtchen” – pastries.

  • Kurzer Graben

    Returning to the “Langer Graben” on the way to the old town main square , I took left on the steep way up of “Kurzer Graben“. Open side doors will give you a glance into antique furnished interiors or hidden countryards where fluffy white cats peak through mosquito nets. I am dying to visit a house , any house, just to admire all the treasures that...

  • Shergentorgasse

    After crossing the square and continuing straight there is another jewel in the crown of Hall – the Shergentorgasse . Vaulted arches, faded painted facades and metal bars from long gone times are still to be seen . The Shergentorgasse – Shergentor or Henchmann’s Gate was the name of the gate through which the prisonners were led on their way to...


Hall in Tirol Hotels

Hall in Tirol Restaurants

  • Great Service on the Oberer Stadtplatz

    The location is obviously the big draw here. The Rathaus cafe sits right next to the old Rathaus (Town Hall) of Hall and so in summer there are tables outside and you can enjoy a great view of the historic heart of the town whilst having your lunch. In many places you find that eateries in such advantageous positions forget that they also should...

  • Guest house “The Golden Lion”

    At the opposite part of the town square, is the Gasthouse “The Golden Lion” with the excellent local restaurant and http://www.dianabar.at/. Don’t hesitate to take a look at their homepage – it has been created with lot of taste and love. Unfortunately for what I can see it’s only in german, so I would like to translate the opening words for you…”...

  • The best Schnitzel I had

    A pretty normal Austrian restaurant with great food for very reasonable prices and a friendly atmosphere. The Wiener Schnitzel with chips and cranberries I got here hardly fit on the plate and it was a taste sensation!


Hall in Tirol Transportation

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    Hall is well connected by train. The station (bahnhof) is a short 10 to 15 minutes walk from key attractions of the old town and the castle (Burg Hasegg).

    Trains to Innsbruck are very frequent, as are trains heading East to Jenbach and Kufstein. Services are provided by ÖBB (the Austrian federal railway) and are clean, comfortable and reliable.

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Hall in Tirol Shopping

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    For my dark soul to feed...

    by desert_princess Updated Jan 31, 2013

    Located in the enchanting old town, the haute-couture and tirolean wear boutique of an award winning young tailor will satisfy the expensive taste .

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Hall in Tirol Warnings and Dangers

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    by ealgisi Written Jan 5, 2010

    To use highways you must purchase and display a tax disc (vignette) on your vehicle. Choose from 10-day, 2-month and annual tax discs.

    The penalty for not displaying a disc is €120 for cars and €65 for motorcycles. They are sold at border crossings, fuel stations and post offices.

    €7,50 for 10 days
    €22 for 2 months
    €70 or so for a year

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Hall in Tirol Off The Beaten Path

  • Heilig Geist Kirche (Holy Spirit Church)

    The Heilig Geist Kirche is another lovely little church in Hall, but one that is often missed by visitors, despite being on the path between the old town and the Münzeturm and Berg Hasegg. Set back from the street and almost hidden behind the attached church school you can see the frontage of this baroque church built in 1727/8. You can't go far...

  • Hinterhorner Alm

    an attractive excursion from Hall is the Hinterhorner Alm which is reached via Gnadenwald (situated on a plateau northeast above Hall) from where a toll road leads up to Hinterhorner Alm at 1600 m. From here you have a spectacular view down to the valley of the river Inn and a convenient start for easy panoramic hikes as the one to Walderalm. On...

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Hall in Tirol Favorites

  • The Bones in the Church

    The Church of St Nikolaus in Hall in Tirol contains a grim but captivating collection of remains of various minor saints on display in glass cabinets in the Waldaufkapelle. These were donated to the church by the knight Florian Waldauf and the collection consists of 45 skulls and 12 other bones. They rest on embroidered cushions and are decorated...

  • Oberer Stadtplatz

    I just love this square at the centre of the old town of Hall in Tirol! It's just what I would have hoped for. Surrounded by lovely old buildings, lined with good cafés and not crowded with other tourists. There views of the tower of St Nikolaus Church on a fine day are superb.

  • Useful phone numbers

    The most common European emergency number 112 (following Directive 2002/22/EC: Universal Service Directive) and also standard on GSM mobile phones. 112 is used in Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania,...


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