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  • View from Fortress
    View from Fortress
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  • Fortress Kufstein
    Fortress Kufstein
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Kufstein Things to Do


    The Wilder Kaiser and Zahmer Kaiser mountain chains dominate this area. When we first saw them, it was wow! these Mountains are high, rugged and beautiful! We had been following this mountain chain from St. Johann in Tirol to Kufstein. In May, with a sunny day and clear blue sky with fields full of yellow daisies and those beautiful mountains, some...


    The River Inn was full and flowing fast as it passed through Kufstein. There are some really nice buildings and outdoor areas for eating and drinking whilst enjoying views of the River and lovely city. A walkway follows the river, this is what I like to do, though I have since found a cycle route starting from Kufstein that follows the river - that...


    THE PAST & PRESENT HOTEL EGGERIf you like Art Nouveau buildings, then don't miss these two!The one I liked the most, was the former Hotel Egger which is now the savings bank. It is a very large, attractive building with a Tower that looks like it may have been used as a lookout Tower. All types of shapes have been used in this building, and it...


    The Hörfarter Memorial was a fountain with a bust of this man, then higher up, impressive columns.I thought this impressive monument must have been for somebody very famous! At that time, I didn't know who Mr. Hörfarter was,Well, he wasn't a famous person, but the Deacon who set up the 1st Tirol kindergarten. He is also remember as the person who...


    The Holy Trinity Chapel I found quite close to St. Vitus Church. This Chapel was able to be built in 1502 because the Weinränntl family donated money. It was used as a house Chapel for the Augustinians. The architecture is Rococo and Baroque. In the crypt beneath the chapel, is a Rococo baldachin altar built in 1765 where the image is of the...


    St. Vitus Parish Church is a late Gothic hall church. I wasn't able to see the inside of this Church, this was disappointing as it looked interesting from the photos I have seenSome parts of this Church are quite old, like the Chancel which was built between 1390 and 1420. Behind the Altar are remains of frescoes dating to 1420. The Altar itself is...


    The Römerhofgasse is one street THAT SHOULD NOT BE MISSED!The street to me, was the most interesting part of the old town of Kufstein. I was absolutely amazed with what I saw when I entered this narrow street - I was transported back in time and really could imagine what it would have been like back in medieval times. The houses are traditional,...


    Marienbrunnen [Marie fountain] is a lovely fountain situated in the town square near the Rathaus. The cast iron fountain dates back to the Jenbach which was erected in 1861. That old fountain was demolished and this lovely new one built.


    The Kufstein Rathaus is believed to have been built out of stone in 1502, then used as a bread bank for the baker. Between the years 1921/24 it was renovated and the stepped gable with the coat of arms of all North and South Tyrolean towns was added. Worth a look at!


    The Fortress has quite a few museums and exhibits to see! If you want to view these, leave plenty of time to see them and the Fortress.One museum is about the Fortress and a local history museum. Another, in the Burgerturm is where a display of uniforms of the legendary Kaiserschützen regiment are on display. This unit was formed by Emperor Franz I...


    Originally where the funicular is, was the former hoist up to the fortress. The hoist is believed to date back to the 17th century and was used to transport food supplies and artillery. It was closed and dismantled in 1965.Now located in this area, is where we catch the “Kaiser Maximilian” funicular which is included in the entry fee, or walk via...


    After alighting from the funicular into Kufstein Fortress courtyard, I realized I had a lot of area to cover.Altogether there are 18 sites, this includes the new Fortress courtyard and the Funicular, or as they call it, the Panorama cable car.The covered walkway was built around the 16th century, this must have been in bad dis-repair as the whole...


    Kufstein fortress has been in this location since 1205. At that time it belonged to Bavarian Duke Ludwig and the Bishop of Regensburg. Over many years the Fortress has survived many battles and has quite a history!Next question - Do you want to only view the outside or go and see the inside? I decided to go inside, I was glad I did!In 1342,...

  • Die Festung Kufstein

    Die Festung Kufstein has been the centre of history since 1205 - a coveted gem longed for by Bavaria and Tyrol.It is romantic and very impressive - my visit was in January and the snow was heavy and deep. It made the setting all the more impressive. I was only one of a few brave souls who visited during that Saturday afternoon.It was in fact so...

  • Burg Kufstein

    Kufstein is a big castle in the inn-valley and it is a nice village also, not very big and it is close to the Autobahn from germany to Innsbruck.Also the village Kufstein is very nice and good for shopping.

  • festung kufstein

    pictured on the top of the hill overlooking the town is festung (fortress) kufstein. festung kulfstein is the town's major tourist attraction. the fortress was originally built by the bishops of regensburg in 1205. after 1313 the castle was owned by the dukes of bavaria. in 1504 emperor maximilian I conquered kufstein and enlarged the castle. there...

  • unterer stadtplatz

    located in the center of town is the unterer stadplatz. this area has numerous restaurants and shops. a great place to stop for lunch when traveling on the A12 motorway through the austrian tirol.

  • Climbing

    Climb the Thierberg! It is really easy to reach when there is no snow or ice and it only takes one small hour. From there you have a beatifull view over the mountains!

  • The Fortress of Kufstein

    It was first mentioned in 1205 as being owned by the the Patriarch of Regensburg. It joined Tirol under the reign of Kaiser Maximilian I. The Fortress was sieged and conquered in 1504 and was rebuilt and fortified until 1522. From that time is dating the Emperor's Tower - Kaiserturm that was later turned into Jail for political criminals. Today...

  • Cineplexxx Cinema

    In a rainy day you can go to the movies at the Cineplexxx Cinema. Or just hang out in the bar innside.At the end of the street , when you enlarge the pic ,you can see the towers of the fortress.

  • Into the corridors of the fortress

    There are two ways to get to the fortress - the corridors that you see on the photo or the panorama elevator Maximilian. it's up to you which one you'll choose . The walkway has a humid authentic dungeon atmosphere,with some windows here and there, from which you can admire the city. The elevator is way to quick for my taste.


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Kufstein Restaurants

  • A meal in the Fortress

    It was snowing heavily, and was becoming colder. I walked around the fortress, and thought I should have something to eat. I found the Festungswirtschaft, and after a little bot of a frosty greeting from the staff things warmed up.The service was good, great menu and the food was just what I needed. Soup, any of the warm main meals and of course...

  • Sunday breakfast available, but I had...

    I had arrived at the station quite a head of time, so had a final walk around the city centre, and crossed the river then found the cafe. It was busy, but I found a table with no trouble at all.There is a smoking and non smoking section - however you should note that to get to the toilets you will need to cross the smoking area and use the...

  • Kulinarium

    The restaurant is within the hotel I stayed in when visiting Kufstein for a conference. I had spent the day out and had decided not to attend the gala dinner, instead I returned to the hotel. I freshened up and then dined in.The service was good, great menu and all the cooking is done by the owner; one of them at least as it is a family owned hotel...

  • Great inn with local charm

    This place has been open every day for the past over 600 years! You can sample delicious European and local dishes, and the draft ale they offer is simply superb.

  • Bring some change or else!

    The cake was excellent, the day was sunny, the tables were facing the river, toilets were clean, everything was nice, the only thing in need of improvement was the humour of the lady serving us. When we asked for the bill she demanded the exact change. We only had 20 euro bills with us. She was not having it! We were sorry, but we didn't have the...

  • A great tourist trap

    I was warned that Auracher Loechl is a real tourist trap. As I like those we came here for dinner and I wasn't disappointed. The only characteristic which didn't fit into the whole tourist trap theme here was the quality of the food which was absolutely wonderful! Apart from that there was everything a real tourist trap in Austria needs: Waitresses...


Kufstein Transportation


    We arrived in Kufstein by car and as usual the problem was where to find a car-park. I had decided to see the Fortress first, so we drove around and around a couple of times before deciding I would be dropped off and my husband would find a car-park. He did manage to find a street car-park a distance away.Since being home I have researched to find...

  • The Highway over the river

    You actually never give it a thought as you pass the Inn river on the highway , but the bycicle route goes under the Highway Bridge . It's when you realise what a massive construction this is!!! I used it as a shelter from the rain once.Nearby is a water reservoir with emerald waters.The bycicle route is following the path of the Inn river all the...

  • Major Train station

    Kufstein is on the way from Munchen > Milano , Salzburg > Bregenz ....anyways major rail routes. This makes the train station quite a big one.The great thing about it it's that it is situated in the pure heart of the city ,and everything is about 5-10 mins walking distance.


Kufstein Warnings and Dangers

  • Another time zone for New Year's Eve?

    by sabsi Written Feb 28, 2006

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    We spontaneously came to Kufstein from Munich to celebrate New Year's Eve in Austria because I wanted to waltz on the street at midnight (as they do everywhere in Austria). When we arrived in the evening we were wondering why the streets were empty. When having dinner we asked the waitress where the people in Kufstein celebrate New Year's Eve. She looked at us surprised and told us that in Kufstein New Year's Eve is celebrated on 30 December. Can you imagine how surprised we looked at her then??

    Anywa, we waltzed in the hotel room and went out half an hour before the new year arrived. There were a few people on the streets, mostly surprised tourists like us probably ;-)

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Kufstein Off The Beaten Path

  • Go to Thiersee

    A little village (St.Nikolaus from the 15.century) on a beautyfull lake, 5 buses per day from Kufstein train station, it´s also possible to walk there from Kufstein or Schaftenau (train station), about 8 km, or a bit longer via Hechtsee.

  • The Antonius Chapel

    With the beautiful ridge of the Wilder Kaiser on the back ,The Antonius chapel is acessed by a walking route going in the Kaiser Valley, About an hour walking distance from the start of the trail at the end of Kufstein. You can see the chapel on numerous poscards of the region, but it's always better to go see it for yourself.

  • The Tree king

    The tree king or Ent ( as they were called in "Lord of the rings" ) was standing at the side of the road ,watching over the pedestrians. Isn't he just impressive , with his old hands raised to reach the sky. He even has a mouth ,but you gotta look carefully as the pic is sombre. He is dressed with moss ,to keep him warm during winter :)))


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