Bundesland Tirol Local Customs

  • Nordkette
    by lotharscheer
  • Wallfahrtskirche St Notburga
    Wallfahrtskirche St Notburga
    by zadunajska8
  • Local Customs
    by lotharscheer

Bundesland Tirol Local Customs

  • Food and Drink

    Innsbruck Local Customs

    Think of Austria - Think of Apple Strudel! Apple strudel is considered to be the national dish of Austria along with Wiener Schnitzel. Apple strudel is a traditional Viennese strudel, a popular pastry in Austria and in many countries in Europe that once belonged to the Austro-Hungarian empire. Did you know the oldest known strudel recipe is from...

  • Old Town

    Innsbruck Local Customs

    Innsbruck was where the Tyrolean sovereigns lived from 1420 until 1665, so the first fountain was built in 1485 in-front of the Golden roof. Probably the oldest preserved Innsbruck fountain is in the sacristy of the Jesuit church. It is dated 1635. Altogether there are 8 wells in the old town of Innsbruck. These are: The Memorial Fountain on the...

  • People

    Innsbruck Local Customs

    I came across the plaque on the wall of the Goldener Adler Hotel. I took the photo and wondered who was this person? - must be some one important! Andreas Hofer, was born in Tirol in 1767. During his lifetime, he was an innkeeper, wine merchant, cattle dealer, patriot, military leader, and popular hero, quite a mixture! He was very loyal to the...

  • Music

    Innsbruck Local Customs

    While we were in the Tourist information centre, we booked for a Tyrolean evening. We didn't go on a tour, but on our own. When we arrived at the establishment, the parking area was full of coaches and there wasn't any room for cars, so we parked in the street. It seems most people came as a tour group. The show is held in the evening. You can...

  • Traditions

    Innsbruck Local Customs

    Fiaker is the name used in Austria for a horse & carriage ride. This is a very old tradition probably going back to when Emperor Maximilian 1st, founded the first European postal service connecting Innsbruck and Mechelen. Innsbruck became one of the main cities for carriage production and carriage usage in Europe. The Fiaker carriages today are...

  • Seasons

    Innsbruck Local Customs

    The summer high season is in July and August, when crowds will be bigger and prices higher. The heat can be very uncomfortable during the summers in the cities. Some institutions also will close down during these months. During the winter months, the cities will be less crowded and prices in general for hotels will be lower Winter sports are in...

  • Innsbruck Card

    Innsbruck Local Customs

    Innsbruck Card includes free travel on public transport facilities, access to 21 sightseeing attractions and a return trip to the top of 'Nordkette' (7658 ft.), the Olympic 'Patscherkofl' (7372 ft.) and the Hungerburg ride. You can also get free entry to Innsbruck Casino, which includes a welcome drink at the bar. You can buy this ticket for 24,...

  • Events

    Innsbruck Local Customs

    If you have the opportunity to travel to Innsbruck at the end of November until some days before the 24th of December, you can enjoy the Christmas market. There is one in the Old Town at the Golden Roof (see picture) and one at the Landhaus square. Enjoy the atmosphere with hot Glühwein (mulled wine) and local specialties, although they are...

  • Traffic

    Innsbruck Local Customs

    Austria requires Toll stickers on all vehicles travelling on their motorways and highways. You can purchase these stickers from post offices and petrol stations or the Austrian Automobile Clubs. Neighbouring countries also sell these stickers. If you fail to provide this sticker, you will be fined.

  • Only men are allowed as a Schleicher

    The tradition of the Schleicherlauf goes back at least to the 15th century as it was mentioned in old documents already in 1571. But the way it is celebrated nowadays is a tradition that was started in 1890 and since then it took place every 5th year, except the times of WW II.Around 500 participants will be in the performances and only men are...

  • Big-game-hunters at Schleicherlaufen

    These Big-game-hunters were my favorite characters at Schleicherlaufen. There is an elephant and a camel, there is an orang utan in a cage, there are apes and bears running wild, a lama with 2 riders, an oistrich with a rider and a giant turtle as a part of the parade of Schleicherlaufen. They also have a wagon and while they are doing the parade...

  • Laningers, the Naz & the Schleicherlauf

    The Laninger-familyclan is another typical row of characters of the "Schleicherlaufen" and they are decendants of local farmers whose brothers had herited the farms and they had to search for jobs somewhere else and were mostly living in wagons like vagabonds, offering all sorts of "services" for the local farmers, everything from prostitution to...

  • Schleicherlaufen 2015 and next one in...

    Schleicherlaufen in Telfs is a carneval-event that takes place only every 5th year,so that will be in 2015 and the next time is in 2020 !It is not easy to translate Schleicher into english, but "sneaker" might be a good explanation : they have a bell fixed at their back and they have to make sure that this bell stays calm, this is why they have to...

  • Tipping in Restaurants, taxis ect

    Tipping is a sensitive thing and you will hear a lot of different meanings about it. In many "tips" on VT you can read, that it is usual to add 10% to the bill...THAT is simply not correct, as most people in Austria simply ROUND UP the bill like :02,70 --> 3,0027,30 --> 28,00246,20 --> 250,00The only "sense" of that kind of tipping is, not...

  • Almabtrieb

    Every year in autumn you might be able to watch a special spectacle in all the villages around of the higher mountains mainly in Tirol, Kärnten, Vorarlberg and the County Salzburg: Almabtrieb is an annual event in the very late summer or in autumn: It is the day when the cows and other animals are taken from the higher alps in the mountains back...

  • Almabtrieb in Tirol

    "Almabtrieb" is the day in autumn, when cows are brought back from the mountain ,to be relocated in cattle-shed for the upcoming winter. They are beautifully decorated with flowers for that occasion and pass through the village for a parade.

  • Sirens every saturday at noon

    If you happen to be in Saturday in Tirol or Austria , you will hear the sirens at 12:00h noon. Don't freak out , nothing is burning and you are not being attacked from the air - it's a reminiscence of WWII and a tribute to the soldiers that lost their lives for our freedom.

  • Herz-Jesu-Feuer - Fire in the mountains

    Hearts with crosses high up in the mountains, celebrating the coming of summer : Herz Jesu Feuer it's called.This celebration has a double meaning as the diverse sources state.It is true that it has to do with the highest point of the sun on the horizon, but it is mainly a sign of gratitude and remembrance of the victory of the Tirolean National...

  • Crosses in Tirol

    People in Tirol are very religious - they go every Sunday to the church.Crosses are present everywhere as a sign of their faith in god. Even on walking trails , in the middle of nowhere you can expect to find a cross or a tiny chapel They are made by local craftsman out of wood and painted or just lacked afterwards.I still do not understand why...

  • Après ski session...

    Do not to forget to relax after your great skiing day...Choose a sunny terracce with confortable armchair, nice people, refreshing beverage and cool music... a great cocktail for you Après ski session!PS: Don't drink too much if you need to go down to the valley by ski...

  • Tirolean women

    lol..there is this saying I heard from my boss in Nauders / Tirol Oberland : " Untill you get a kiss from a girl of Oberland ,You will have a kid from one in Unterland "hahahahha...it says it all :)))

  • Maypoles

    I suddenly noticed on our tyrolean trip of May 2004 that many towns and villages had a maypole decorated with ribbons in the centre of the village. Obvioulsy used for festivals and such like - May day of course!The one in the centre of St Johann was also prettily festooned with a tyrolean man and woman in local costume as well as the emblem of the...

  • Tirolean Attire

    Want to look like a typical tyrolean - then stand here and have a photo taken for your memories! The feathered hat and shorts with the braces are quite fetching don't you think ;-)

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