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  • Wattens - Kristallwelten
    Wattens - Kristallwelten
    by jojes
  • Wattens - Kristallwelten
    Wattens - Kristallwelten
    by jojes
  • The Giant's Head entrance to Kristallwelten
    The Giant's Head entrance to...
    by zadunajska8

Wattens Highlights

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     The most famous crystal show in Austria 

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     High-Tech Kitsch 

Wattens Things to Do

  • Kristallwelten - the giant

    The entire museum is located underneath this green water-spawing giant.The entrance price to Kristallwelten is :(prices june 2013)* single ticket --> 11,00 euro* group price (min. 10 pers.) --> 9,50 euro* accompanied child up to 15 y. --> free* members of the Swarovski Crystal Society --> free* Crystal Worlds Shop without exhibition...

  • Swarovski Kristallwelten

    The perfect day out for those people who have a magpie like disposition and are just drawn to shiny, sparkly things.Swarovski Kristallwelten is essentially an art gallery showing off art which makes use of crystals and light for it's effect. It is, of course, also aimed at trying to get you to spend some money on items in the Swarovski gift shop...

  • Kristallwelten - The Giant's Park

    The park at Crystal World, around and behind the amazing entrance is a delightful and well thought out garden dotted with water features and "art in the park". There are also children's play facilities and of course the labyrinth.

  • Kristallwelten - The Labyrinth

    In the park outside Crystal World is a Labyrinth in the shape of a hand which whilst not big is more difficult than it first looks. Actually, it didn't take us too long to find the centre, but getting back out was the problem!

  • Kristallwelten - Reflections

    A room of strange angles and changing colours. The surfaces are all covered with fragmented images from real life and fantasy.

  • Kristallwelten - Poseidon's Puzzle

    This corridor glitters and sparkles like the world beneath the waves. Look down at the sides of the pathway to see various crystal undersea objects and animals.

  • Kristallwelten - The Gallery

    The Gallery contains just a few (but very beautiful) crystal models of famous buildings such as the Empire State Building, the Pyramids and the Taj Mahal.

  • Kristallwelten - The Giant's Belongings

    This room contains oversized sparkly, shiny items that are said to be the belongings of the Giant. Again, slightly surreal but amazingly pretty.

  • Kristallwelten - The Ice Passage

    As you walk down the Ice Passage, accompanied by the cracking and clinking sounds of the Crystal World, the walls and indeed the floor under your feet changes and just keeps moving. It's a magical/wonderful/slightly disorientating experience. I've uploaded a video to VT of part of it.

  • Kristallwelten - The Crystal Theatre

    A strange, bejeweled collection of fairy tale-like surreal set ups this room is both bizarre and interesting at the same time. Like many of the other displays at Crystal World, it's all a bit surreal, but very pretty.

  • Kristallwelten - Winter's Dream

    Made from steel branches and many thousands of crystals this christmas tree is beautiful as it sparkles in the changing light and shadow.

  • Kristallwelten - The Crystal Dome

    The Crystal Dome is a strange and sometimes wonderful space. It's actually a domed room with 590 mirrors and changing light colours. When it's full of people it's just weird and felt a little uncomfortable, when you are in there alone it's quite magical, so wait a while and see if the crowds will disappear for just a few seconds.

  • Kristallwelten - The Mechanical Theatre

    This is surreal! I'm not entirely sure of what is has to do with crystals but it was certainly an experience to see this. Shirts flying by overhead on hangers whilst mechanical bodies fly apart and reassemble in the middle of the room, dancing disembodied legs ... it's all very strange, but stop and watch for a few minutes, you won't forget it is a...

  • Kristallwelten - Entrance Hall

    The shiny things start as soon as you enter the Giant at Crystal World. In the entrance hall you find a number of objects using crystals to good effect including a jellyfish-like chandalier and a bejeweled stallion. There is also the largest and smallest ever cut crystals on display here. The centenar is the largest with over 300,000 carats and 100...

  • The Giant

    Probably the most popular photo spot in Wattens is in front of the Giant. This is actually the building of Crystal World and the hill has been built around it with this amazing Giant's head with waterfall from the mouth above a pool in front. It's quite a sight! And the eyes are crystals, of course. The entrances are either side of the Giant's head...

  • The Mouse Who Guards the Entrance

    By the entrance and ticket office is a tribute to a mouse. No, not a real mouse, a crystal one. In 1976 Swarovski produced their first crystal figure and it was a mouse produced for the Innsbruck winter olympics. It was a big hit and now countless such figures of all sorts of animals (and other things!) are sold every year. This modern statue...

  • Kristallwelten - the globe

    In another hall you can see this huge turning globe.It's covered with (of course !) crystals.Thanks to the light effects it's a really nice sight.EDIT : the exhibition in Kristallwelten is constantly changing. Almost every year there is an added room or new artwork. Of course this means that others parts of the exhibition disappear. This is what...

  • Kristallwelten - the giant's belongings

    As a child, Andre Heller dreamed of giants roaming the streets in Vienna.One of these giants settled in Wattens. In this room you can see some of the things the giant took with him on his jouney around the world : a ring, a walking stick, an accordeon and his gloves.

  • Kristallwelten - the crystal theatre

    One of the main halls in Kristallwelten is the "Crystal Theatre".Here you can see all kinds of creatures, covered with crystal.The room pictures fairy-taled characters, leaving everything open to your own imagination.

  • Kristallwelten - the entrance hall

    When entering, you are in the entrance hall created by Andre Heller.An eye-catcher in the middle of the room is the largest crystal ever made in the world (the 'centenar' - 300.000 carats - 40 cm diamater). In contrast to this there is also the smallest one ever made by Swarovksi (0,8 mm diameter).Here is the beginning of the crystal wall, which...

  • Swarovski's Crystal

    Visit the Swarovski's Crystal World in the village of Wattens.Here you can see amazingly beautiful crystal artifacts, including the largest jewellery stone in the world. Caution: This is also a huge tourist trap. They will lead you into their shop and try to make you buy their stuff.

  • Kristallwelten - inside - extra

    These are some more pictures of things you can see inside ... not enough space to post them with the original tips.

  • Kristallwelten - the outside entrance

    This is the outside entrance of Kristallwelten.Here are the ticket counters. Waiting here until the next group can the exhibition area enter isn't totally unpleasant ... there's enough to see !

  • Kristallwelten - reflections

    48 polygons show the fascination for crystal in a wonderous variety of illustrations, pictures and animated films.What appears to be chaotic at first sight, seems to have a 'goal' in the end.


Wattens Restaurants

  • LeatherBikerGene's Profile Photo

    by LeatherBikerGene Written Jun 20, 2006

    This is the restaurant/bistro/cafe at the Swarovski Crystal Worlds. I really expected much more, so it was kind of a let-down, although I can´t complain about the food.

    Favorite Dish: I had a tuna-salad sandwich with the crusts cut off (good for tuna salad...had some chi-chi name I don´t remember) and a piece of raspberry-yogurt cake (I´ve had better cake, but I´ve also had worse...).

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Wattens Transportation

  • zadunajska8's Profile Photo
    Kristallwelten Shuttlebus stop at Museumstrasse 1 more image

    by zadunajska8 Written Jul 15, 2012

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    A Shuttle bus runs from Innsbruck to Swarovski Crystal World (and back again!) every 2 hours. The bus is free if you have an Innsbruck card (as is entrance to Kristallwelten). The bus goes from both the main train station (Hauptbahnhof) and Museumstrasse in Innsbruck and the journey takes just under 30 minutes.

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Wattens Shopping

  • Kristallwelten - the shop

    When visiting Kristallwelten, your visit will automatically end up in the huge shop.Besides the traditional figurines, jewels and gadgets, you can also admire these statues.Your entrance ticket entitles you to a discount when you buy something.Some people think the prices in this shop - being directly connected to the factory and all - are lower...

  • The Crystal Shop

    Since Crystal Worlds was built to promote Swarovski producrts It is of course the most important room of this whole ensemble. If you buy anything you get 2 EUR price reduction for every ticket.... All kind of Swarovski products.

  • Wattens Hotels

    0 Hotels in Wattens

Wattens Tourist Traps

  • Niki de Saint Phalle - the crystal way

    by sabsi Written Jan 28, 2003

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    An underground tour through uninteresting laser installations and crystal boredom. You will see some nice crystal arts by Keith Haring or Niki de Saint Phalle at the beginning but that's about the only interesting part of this place. Oh wait no, the toilets were very stylish, too ;) Apart from that there's a crystal room, lots of laser crap, crystal dresses and costumes and a half-interesting room designed by Brian Eno.

    Prices in the shop (yes, there is a shop. Probably the main reason for creating this place!) are not lower than in "normal" shops.

    Outside there's a little park with a labyrinth. We were looking forward to it because we thought it would be nicer outside than inside. But it wasn't. It was boring!

    Unique Suggestions: Run away! As fast as you can!

    Fun Alternatives: Go hiking! After all you're in the alps. Who wants to see computer installations in a wonderful landscape like this.

    Or spend the day in the beautiful town of Hall instead! It's very close to Wattens where the Kristallwelten are.

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