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    Cafe Sacher...: Elegant...

    by coceng Updated May 26, 2004

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Vienna : Joe in Cafe Sacher

    Joe insisted that we should have breakfast in Cafe Sacher because he wanted me to see the elegance of the interior !
    We had a good breakfast there (to me at least) & you can se what we had there from the bill in the tip below !
    Scroll down, please.

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  • Maggies's Profile Photo

    Go for Sachertorte

    by Maggies Written Sep 12, 2002

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    To taste Vienna you just have to sit in one of the cafes, drink a cup of COFFEE and try APFELSTRUDEL or SACHERTORTE. Well, actually both are the real must. And the best place to have a piece of Sachertorte is of course Sacher hotel.

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  • niwokee's Profile Photo

    Sacher: Um....the most famous chocolate in the world

    by niwokee Written Jul 15, 2006

    2 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Very nice cafe. Elegent and comtemporary settings. Service was pleasant. The head waiter was a bit too flirty though. About the Sacher chocolate cake.....well, it's okay but not that great. I won't mind having it again though.

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  • icamarica's Profile Photo

    Hotel Sacher

    by icamarica Written Aug 25, 2002

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Hotel Sacher
    They have the best chocolate cake in the city.
    To go there you must dress up a little bit. We went there after the training.. and we were a bit casual.. and the waitress almost not allowing us to come.

    Favorite Dish: Sacher Torte, a chocolate cake, and melange coffee

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  • SirRichard's Profile Photo

    SACHER CAFEThe cafe of the...

    by SirRichard Written Aug 25, 2002

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The cafe of the Sacher Hotel has an independent entrance directly from the street. Here you can try the original Sacher Torte, this famous chocolate cake whose copies you can find at any viennese cafe. 4 euros a piece.
    Philarm. Str., in front of te Opera.

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  • The Hotel Sacher Cafe: The Hotel Sacher Cafe

    by Billy_26 Written Aug 25, 2002

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The most expensive piece of cake you may ever have.
    The Cafe is a must see. Chandeliers with red walls and carpets and efficient waiters.

    Favorite Dish: Sachertorte !
    Chocolate apricot cake.
    Two layers of chocolate cake sandwiched between a layer of apricot jam and smothered in glossy chocolate.

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  • CvB's Profile Photo

    We had our dinner is several...

    by CvB Written Aug 24, 2002

    0.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    We had our dinner is several restaurants, but I cannot say that I like one more than another but...

    We had our coffee (Wiener melange of course) in the famous Hotel Sacher. This very chique hotel has a bakery which was for ages the provider of bakery for the royal family. There we had the worldfamous 'Sachertorte'
    Quotte from:

    The Hotel Sacher, one of the jewels of Viennese hotels, is situated opposite the Opera House in the centre of town.
    The 'birth-place' of the legendary Sacher cake offers differently spacious rooms and suites, all decorated with precious paintings, frescoed ceilings and antique carpets.

    Favorite Dish: Sachertorte (a pie from very pure chocolat).
    Here you can also buy a complete 'sachertorte' in different sizes. They sell them in a wooden box. (Very nice christmas gift :-))

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  • metallemon's Profile Photo

    Sacher: The original Sechertorte...

    by metallemon Written May 3, 2007

    Probably, all visitors in Vienna know the history of Sachertorte. It has become a monument and it's also a place that almost all visitors go!
    Sacher is a hotel and a cefe. It's behind the opera, next to Albertina and Hofburg Palace. It's very official and I suppose that during holidays anf high-tourist season it would be difficult to find a table!
    Of course, I tried Sachertorte, however there are a lot of other desserts, coffees, light food etc. As we were big company we tried sachertorte, appfelstrudel, sachercoffee (which is served with a small glass of liquer cafe), apple juice and soda with framboise syrup in it! Everything was delicious, soooo sweet!!!!! Only the ost nagging of the company took only a capuccino, but I suggest you DON'T make this mistake!

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  • Sacher Cafe: family UNfriendly, fastfood-like atmosphere

    by volkov Written Aug 14, 2013

    I'm never going to visit this place again and in fact strongly discourage anyone to spend money there, especially if you travel with small kids. While they do accept children and even have high chairs readily available, we had by far the worst experience in this place. First of all the waitress indicated us a small table, roughly in a middle of a room, despite she saw we were with the buggy (leaving it outside unattended was not an option for us), some bags and needed a high chair.
    Obviously, that created some congestion before we sat down and anxiety of the other waiters and perhaps guest. We ordered Sacher Torte (which I personally find nothing special, being too dry, with the margarine-like taste of chocolate layer, definitely not worth almost 5EUR), the other original Sacher cake (third on a list, forgot the name, also not being anything to order again, white chocolate on its side again far away from what I call even acceptable) and espresso (that was really tasty, but not warm enough, just hope it was freshly brewed...). We were, however, not able to finish as one of the waiters asked us to *leave* because our child had been crying "for 30min" (not true - 5 min at most) and - according to him - the other guests were complaining. When I told him that we were also the guests there and a child (who is not even 2yo) sometimes just cries and that I wanted to talk to his manager the waiter answered he had been the highest manager there. That was obviously not true (and very rude) so finally after I insisted to see a senior staff member a lady who was apparently higher in a hierarchy came out and said 'sorry'. She had not much idea on what to do (well...offered me a free coffee - which I did not use) and it was me who had to tell her that she should instruct a waiter on how to behave professionally in such situation.
    Apart from it - the place is very busy, you get your bill in a middle of your consumption, feel like "eat/drink, pay and GO".
    Bottom line: poor experience, cakes not worth the fame (nor the price), good coffee, but all and all: never again.

    Favorite Dish: Espresso was good

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  • cblanc9's Profile Photo

    Sacher: Best Ambience

    by cblanc9 Written Dec 9, 2004

    We only frequented the bar. Were not dressed well enough to have dinner at the restaurant. Bar has beautiful lighting. Great light food. Wonderful wine & drink selection to warm you. Staff is very freindly and helpfull.
    One of my favorite bars.

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  • nursesweet's Profile Photo

    Sacher: The world Famous Sachertorte!

    by nursesweet Written Mar 3, 2005

    While in Vienna you must try at least once the famous Sachertorte. Served at the Sacher hotel across from the Opera House

    Favorite Dish: The Sachertorte is a chocolate gateau containing a layer of apricot jam beneath a thick layer of smooth chocolate coating! Yummy. It was invented in 1832. It has been duplicated all over the world, but take the time to try the one and only original.

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  • where2next's Profile Photo

    Sacher: Dessert, Anyone???

    by where2next Written May 29, 2004

    I will be honest and say that the Sacher Torte that I had was so-so. I realize it is well known and has good reputation, though I've had much richer chocolate desserts. Overall, it was nice to sit out on the cafe's patio and relax and the cost of the dessert and coffee were relatively affordable (i.e. vs. a full meal), so although I only partially endorse going here the cost is low enough to try it.

    Favorite Dish: I had the Sacher Torte and overall was not so impressed. I liked the desserts from Demel's more.

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  • TracyBates's Profile Photo

    Sacher: Good food and torte!

    by TracyBates Updated Sep 21, 2004

    This hotel receives mixed reviews, but we liked it just fine. We had lunch in the cafe. My potato soup was very good, as was my husbands sandwich. Of course, the best part of the meal came at the end, when our waiter brought our Sacher tortes! The torte was heavenly!

    I didn't quite care for the ambience. It was a little too formal for our liking, and some of the restaurant workers (and guests) seemed a bit on the snooty side.

    Favorite Dish: The Sacher torte was delicious, especially with cream! A little drier than I expected but still wonderful.

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  • kindretspiri's Profile Photo

    Sacher: Taste real Sacher torte

    by kindretspiri Written Jul 15, 2003
    Sacher with whipped cream

    Sacher is the home of famous Sacher torte. Demmel is also competing about tittle of "Real Sacher". Take a cup of tea and piece of Sacher in hotel Sacher. Be careful though. It's very sweet. It's also pretty expencive but worth for testing.

    Favorite Dish: Sacher and tea.

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  • Hotel Sacher: Nice!

    by wildstrawberries Written Jul 29, 2003

    What else can I say that's not already been stated by other travellers?? Yes, it's overpriced and yes it's not such a big deal of a recipe. So don't rush here or make this your first stop at Vienna. But after a day of sight-seeing and you just want to soak up the atmosphere of Wien, then you might wanna consider having the cake at the original cafe!

    Favorite Dish: Sacher Torte and Apfel strudel, with Melange.

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