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  • typical Austrian specialities
    by colin_bramso
  • Vanilla cream cake
    Vanilla cream cake
    by colin_bramso
  • typical Austrian specialities
    by colin_bramso
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    Strock: Bakery/cafe at Naschmarkt

    by colin_bramso Written Oct 3, 2013
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    There are plenty of eating places at Naschmarkt but this is the one we always go to for mid-morning coffee and something from the bakery.

    It's really a bakery but has three or four small bench-style tables inside and the same number of tables to stand at outside. Very casual, clean, friendly counter service, oven fresh bakery items.

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    Gerstner: Cosy traditional cafe

    by colin_bramso Written Oct 3, 2013
    Vanilla cream cake
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    A cosy, traditional, busy cafe with a very nice atmosphere. It's another of the famous old Viennese companies, having been founded over 150 years ago.

    It's right in the centre of the city, serving cakes, snacks, coffee and drinks and on a cold or wet day when you can't sit at one of the outdoor cafes Gerstner is a very good choice.

    Counter service for take aways and table service if you decide to eat in.

    Favorite Dish: The Austrian white house wine is excellent, as is the coffee. Cakes are a bit rich and creamy for my taste but that's what most people like and they are top quality.

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    Wiener Wurstl - sausage stalls: Delicious street food

    by colin_bramso Updated Oct 2, 2013
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    Dotted around the city centre are a number of sausage stalls, serving a choice of various types of local sausages.

    They're freshly cooked, served with mustard and a slice of bread or a roll. There are extras of course, including cheese, pickles, sauerkraut.

    The ones we saw, and ate at, were very clean and hygienic, with stainless steel counters for customers to stand at to enjoy the sausages.

    Favorite Dish: There's a choice of five or six different flavours, so you choose whichever you enjoy most.

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    Stadtheuriger: traditional & traditional

    by croisbeauty Updated Sep 23, 2013

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    Zwoelf Apostelkeller
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    Zwoelf Apostelkeller is one of those a must see places when in Vienna, offering traditional Austrian dishes in a very traditional atmosphere. The restauarant is situated in one cellar, over 600 years old, and looks really attractive. It is slightly touristy place but still recommendable, and the prices are really affordable.
    Unfortunately, I didn't dining in the restaurant because it was full and had to wait over 45 minutes for a free table. Besides, since I was alone the waiter wasn't very interested to find a place for me, actually he was suggesting to find another place nearby.

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    s´Steger´s: Eat local

    by Ekahau Written Jul 4, 2013

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    s��Steger��s restaurant Vienna
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    One of my tricks when I travel in places that have good public transportation is to get on the train or trolley and go out of the city into the suburbs at least 5 or 6 stops get off the train /subway trolley and walk around until you see a neighborhood restaurant where they do not have the menu in English and than try that. s' Steger's was just such a place not a tourist in sight when I was there. As I eat everyone that walked in was a friend of the owner and his wife and I meet them all n the two hours I spent eating and visiting taxi drivers, school teachers, garage owner, and retired railroad worker. For food I just look at what other ordered and did the same I ended up with wonderful Schnitzel in fact as good as any form the fancy places at half the price and twice the cultural atmosphere.

    Favorite Dish: Wiener Schnitzel vom Schwein mit Erdäpfelsalat

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    Tichy Eissalon: Tichy - the very best Icecream in Vienna

    by globetrott Updated Aug 11, 2012

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    Icecream in Vienna is a MUST !!!
    And Tichy is the very best in my opinion and multiple experience !
    Be prepared to have a bunch of people ahead of you at the take-away counter where you may choose among more than 20 different tastes of Icecream.
    And of course you can also take a seat in the cafe or on the terrace and taste one of their many famous ice-coups, a cup of coffee or some icecream-cakes !
    This Eissalon is closed in Wintertime !!!

    Favorite Dish: My personal favorits are :

    Kastanieneis ( chestnuts-icecream )

    Coup Tropical ( a really big portion of fresh fruit-salad including cumquats, mangos, lychees etc. )

    Coup Joghurt

    Eis-Marillenknödel, a speciality invented by Tichy !

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    Palatschinkenpfandl: a perfect place to taste Kaiserschmarren

    by globetrott Updated Aug 11, 2012

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Kaiserschmarren & Zwetschkenroester
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    "Palatschinke" is the austrian name for pancake and in this restaurant you get a really wide choice of them, including one of the best "Kaiserschmarren" I ever had. This restaurant is in the very centre of Vienna, in a side-street without car-trafic and it also has tables in the street during summer !! There are 2 entrances to that restaurant : one in Koellnerhofgasse and one in Grashofgasse4
    All dishes are explained in English and French as well !
    The restaurant is open daily 10.00a.m.-00.00 midnight
    10 minutes of Free internet for each guest !!
    ask for the internet-coin at the kitchen !!

    Favorite Dish: Palatschinkenpfandl has a large choice of dishes, including 6-8 "Tagesmenues" with a main course + the choice of one of 5 deserts or 5 types of soup and of course you may get it also with soup+desert. Take a look at my pictures : I had a delicious pumkin-soup first (without pic) then a pan full of roasted potatoes, fried turkey&chicken & salad and for desert I had 2 pancakes, filled with sweet chestnuts and chocolate-topping. Such a "Tagesmenu" is 10,50 Euros , when you choose any soup OR desert with it !
    When you choose desert PLUS soup, you pay just 12 Euros.
    Kaiserschmarren is my favorite meal, it is some sort of "thick pancake" with raisins and cut into small pieces - I had mine with "Zwetschken-roester" (thick plum-stew) for 7 Euros - see my main picture !
    They have a total of 8 different "Kaiserschmarren" : with apples, cinnamon, poppy-seeds etc.etc.etc.
    For drinks you may get also Milk, milkshakes, yoghurt and some great austrian wines in addition to the ordinary soft-drinks and beers.

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    Schnitzelhaus: The cheapest Schnitzel in Vienna

    by globetrott Updated Jul 20, 2012

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness


    Schnitzelhaus is a chain of " fast-food-restaurants " serving mainly Schnitzel for a cheap price and in very GOOD QUALITY !!

    Favorite Dish: A Giant Schnitzel is 5,50 Euro - and it will mostly be bigger than the (plastic)plate
    potatoe salad, cucumber sald of french fries are 1,30 Euros each

    0,5l beer is 2,oo
    0,5l soft drinks 1,90

    And if you simply want to have a snack or try Wiener Schnitzel - take a " Schnitzelsemmel " - a roll filled with a Schnitzel for just 2,20 euros
    To be honest: Wiener Schnitzel HAS TO be made of veal, so:
    this is not the real Wiener Schnitzel
    they make it according to your wishes with
    pork, turkey or smoked pork-cutlets
    b.t.w.: the famous Figlmueller Schnitzel from your guidebooks
    is also NO real Wiener Schnitzel, as it is made of PORC !!!

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    Zur Goldene Glocke and Ubl: A couple of typical Austrian restaurants

    by WardrobeMK Updated May 29, 2012

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The garden in Zur Goldene Glocke

    We visited these two typical Austrian restaurants:

    Zur Goldene Glocke at Schönbrunner Strasse 8, 1050 (the 5th District) and Restaurant UBL at Pressgasse 26, 1040 (4th District).

    Both have friendly staff who speak good English and the food is marvellous. Average bill for two people with a couple of drinks, main course and a sweet in both places is around 30-35 Euros.
    The menus are typically Austrian.

    Both have outside space as well, Goldene Glocke has a garden tucked away at the back (which is partly covered so OK to eat when it's raining), UBL has a terrace on the street corner (no roof) but it's behind a tall hedge so the traffic doesn't disturb dining at all.

    Nearest U-Bahn:

    Goldene Glocke:Pilgramgasse (line U4)
    Restaurant UBL: Kettenbrückengasse (line U4)

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  • longsanborn's Profile Photo

    Zum Schmankerlwirt: Simple and nice

    by longsanborn Updated Apr 12, 2012

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

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    The restaurant is located in the 3rd district and it is easy to find; the place is simple and very casual. The food is the usual Viennese-Austrian fare but really delicious. The prices were also very reasonable.

    This restaurant was proposed by Michael (Globetrott) for a small VT meeting during my sister's (Borneogrrl) visit in early May 2007.

    Favorite Dish: They served the usual Viennese cuisine such as Wiener Schitzel (breaded veal escalope), grilled Pork, or fried Chicken - all served with yummy potato salad or home-made fries plus crunchy coleslaw. You can drink the local Austrian wines and beers here too.
    They have a unique dessert - strawberries and vanilla ice-cream with pumpkin-seed oil. Yummy!

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  • gordonilla's Profile Photo

    Schönbrunner Stöckl: Classic and Wonderful Experience

    by gordonilla Written Dec 18, 2011
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    The restaurant was a short walk from our hotel; and it was fairly quiet when we arrived. However, as the afternoon progressed, it became much busier and more lively.

    The decor is fairly traditional, but as we were there on the run up to Christmas the music a little more international.

    Favorite Dish: The menu is extensive and enjoyable. I stayed very traditional and had a Wiener Schnitzel.

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  • Gastwirtschaft Hummer: Searching for schnitzel

    by verliebtinwien Updated Apr 4, 2011

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    For schnitzel Figlmüller in 1st district is the obvious choice,
    Schnitzelwirt in Neubaugasse (7th district) is recommended by lots of locals,
    for a "younger" atmosphere, check out one of the many Centimeter restaurants (for example in Spittelberg 7th district, behind Museumsquartier).

    My best tip is for the "homemade" feeling and ambiente is
    Restaurant Hummer, corner Florianigasse/Lange Gasse in 8th district. Reasonably priced and the food is made with pride and love.

    Favorite Dish: Kalbsbutterschnitzel - it melts!

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  • franz: spirit of vienna :-)

    by middle_european Updated Jun 19, 2010

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    If you want to try typicall viennese cuisine in a very traditional ambience is franz a perfect choise. The interior decoration is nothing special (typical "wiener beisel") but the food is great!

    There is a smoking and a non smoking part. The restaurant is run by an friendly austrian couple and you will be delighted with the informal family atmosphere.

    Favorite Dish: tafelspitz mit rösti, schnittlauchsauce und apfelkren (boiled beef with hash browned potatoes and horseradish) - because only the one from my grandma was better :-)

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  • morgenhund's Profile Photo

    Zum Leupold: Less touristy than Figlmüller

    by morgenhund Written May 16, 2010

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Friends who were visiting for a weekend really fancied a large Schnitzel and as Figlmüller was fully booked, I chose Zum Leupold, where I have also been with my mother before now for a mother's day meal as the schnitzels are well proportioned and tasty. Granted that there is a 1st district premium on meals, which makes it slightly more expensive than somewhere that is not within the 1st district, but for convenience and location, close to the University it was a very good choice. There are also a number of daily specials, and it makes a good place for either lunch or dinner and has a large seating area, as well as a terrace in fine whether. The beer is slightly pricey (over EUR 4 for a half litre) compared with pub prices but the meals are filling and the service patient and friendly.

    Favorite Dish: I tend to go for the coachman's goulash (Fiakergulyas) or a Veal Schnitzel (Schnitzel vom Rind).

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  • csordila's Profile Photo

    Viennese culinary customs.: Gusto as Goal of Life

    by csordila Updated Feb 10, 2010

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    4 more images

    The political changes did not remain without gastronomic consequences in the former Empire, you should think only of the many substantial components of the Viennese kitchen.
    The famous Wiener Schnitzel from Milan, the irreplaceable Gulasch from Hungary, the adored Apfelstrudel from Turkey, and not to forget the army of more heavenly Mehlspeisen from Boehmen.
    Even the coronation of the Viennese cult around the cooked beef, Emperor Franz Josef's more loved Tafelspitz , has its origin from Italy.

    Favorite Dish: The classical Viennese kitchen is very alive nowadays; first of all in gutbuergerlichen restaurants, which experienced a remarkable comeback in the last couple of years.
    The Naschmarkt, this once conservativ market at the "Wienzeile" became in the last years an indispensable meeting place for the young, hedonistischen inhabitants of Vienna with international taste - particularly on Saturday morning, when the large Degustieren and Selecting takes place here. The "Naschmarkt" and the neighbouring Freihausviertel rank at present among the most alive quarters of the city.
    Some examples from the gutbuergerlichen Viennese kitchen - thus you get appetite!
    - Grießnockerlsuppe - Photo 1 - Fiakergulasch - Photo 2 - Wiener Schnitzel - Photo 3 - Kaiserschmarren - Photo 4 - Palatschinken - Photo 5

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