Austria Tourist Traps

  • the phone booth
    the phone booth
    by croisbeauty
  • Do-It-Yourself Walking Tour
    Do-It-Yourself Walking Tour
    by Odiseya
  • Freistadt
    by lotharscheer

Austria Tourist Traps

  • The Sound of Music Tour

    Salzburg Tourist Traps

    I did a Panorama Sound of Music tour not because of any interest in the film (I've never even seen it, though I've heard the songs, of course), but because I was in Salzburg for less than a day and it seemed a convenient way of seeing some of the sights of the city and the surrounding countryside. It worked well. Someone came to the hotel as...

  • Swarovski Crystal

    Innsbruck Tourist Traps

    The best part of the visit was the trip by the public bus from Innsbruck Railway Station to The Swarovski Crystal World, as one could enjoy the beautiful Innsbruck suburbs. We took the public bus as we had just missed the free shuttle and did not have time to wait for another shuttle which was after 2 hrs. Once we got off the main road, the signs...

  • Mozart

    Salzburg Tourist Traps

    Sure enough, I found myself back in Salzburg with my new bride on our honeymoon. I always knew I'd be back, and this was a truly special trip. My wife is Swedish, and has traveled in Europe a lot. We felt like doing something "touristy" for once, and had dinner at the Mozart Dinner Concert. Relax, enjoy your evening. The food is no good (and that,...

  • Goldenes Dachl

    Innsbruck Tourist Traps

    Innsbruck is a delightful town, there is no denying that. On the other hand, to pretend that the the 'golden roof' is one of the great architectural wonders of Europe is somewhat over-egging the pudding. The balcony was apparantly built by Maximillian I (boy, if ever there was an alpha male name) to celebrate the marriage to his second wife. As...

  • Mozartkugel

    Salzburg Tourist Traps

    More than 200 years after his death, composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart continues to be a very popular fellow in Salzburg. You will find many establishments and products bearing his name and you will see images of his face peering out at you from many a shop window. It seems that there is still plenty of money to be made off the back of Salzburg's...

  • Souvenirs

    Innsbruck Tourist Traps

    Well, this is not a trap unless you are like me... I used to buy things from every countries I go but without a theme (if you know what I mean). Souvenirs are fine but when you've been to many places, a few items from each city adds up & then I ended up having to find spaces to store these souvenirs :-( Well, one way to enjoy them all is to just...

  • Transportation

    Salzburg Tourist Traps

    There is actually a funicular that takes you up for an entire 30 seconds to this lookout patio and *surprise* a restaurant. You can look over Salzburg. That's it. Go up Hohensalzburg fortress. The view is much nicer and at least there is something to do up there other than look at the city.

  • Alpenzoo

    Innsbruck Tourist Traps

    This zoo is built on and around a mountain. It has only animals that live in alpine habitats. I couldn' t find the time to visit it on my first visit to Innsbruck. I had read lots of info about this zoo and I thought it was a very interesting and funny place. Unfortunately it turned out to be a real tourist trap for me. I was given a map of the...

  • Skiing/Snowboarding

    Innsbruck Tourist Traps

    Don't buy advanced mountain passes that set you up with a certain amount of dates and specific mountains....unless you are at an advanced level, and that's all you plan on doing. Here are my reasonings: 1. The first day you snowride, you may be too sore to ride the next day or the following...a lot of passes may have you use the pass for...

  • Lots of Mozarts all over the centre of...

    Mozart-People will be found all over the centre of Vienna, mainly in front of St.Stephans cathedral and the opera or Schoenbrunn palace. When-ever they can, they try to catch the tourists and sell concerts-tickets to them. They will give you a voucher for the concert and for the reservation you will pay between 10% and 20% of the final price as a...

  • Swarowski Museum near Innsbruck - not...

    Just wanted to warn people not to get fooled by the name. It is called "crystal world", but instead of impressive collections of crystals, it is a collection of some absolutely insignificant abstract art! It is not worth visiting at all!! The entrance fee is too high...highway robbery for something so unimpressive!

  • Get it in writing at Schloss Schonbrunn...

    At the Schloss Schonbrunn Palace, there are carriages available to take you around the lovely grounds. Make sure that you get clear with the driver what the cost will be. In writing. I was verbally told that cost would be $19 for thirty minutes. When I got out of the carriage, I was told it was $90. Don’t ever get into the carriage without getting...

  • Tourist nap near tourist attractions!

    Near all tourist attractions the restaurants are higly priced. Pay and think: We are here for holidays we have worked hard for this! ... Walk a few meters away. Then you will see the towns and soon you will find cheaper restaurants or shops.

  • The Vorarlberger Landesmuseum in...

    The Vorarlberger Landesmuseum in Bergenz was a far from memorable experience. Perhaps because my guidebook really hyped this place, I expected something remarkable. Instead I found another museum full of folk and ecclesiastical art that, to be quite honest, was beginning to look all the same to me on this holiday. I do not mean to diss, the...

  • Getting drunk easily LOL

    Hot wine at X-mas is on of the best things you could ever try in Austria, but Puncsh is indeed a strong alcholic drink, and from the first cup you'll feel your head turning, and the second is a for sure drunk status, so be careful, it is delicious so be moderate please! LOL

  • The Bergbahnen area in Mellau.

    This is a fantastic walking paradise, its keep you fit. Websites: Many possibilities, find your way and you will discover a wide variety of nature, flowers, manific views, horses and many other things.

  • Mozart chocolates: don't overpay!

    Pretty much every souvenir shop in Austria sells Mozart chocolates. However, you will quickly find that prices vary greatly from one shop to another. Be careful not to overpay! The best place to purchase this delicious gift/souvenir/snack is at a Billa supermarket. They already the lowest prices when, during my second week in Austria, they...

  • Make your own way to Innsbruck

    You can pay to go on your package holiday tour operator's trip to the capital of the Tyrol (Expensive!) which means sitting on a hot uncomfortable coach for hours getting useless info. about the history of the area OR you can make your own way there via bus/train. The public transport system is excellent. It's simple to work out, runs on time & is...

  • You have to pay to bath at...

    One of the nearest attractions to Scheffau is the Hintersteinersee. It is billed as a place for lake bathing - the catch is, that to bathe in the lake you need to pay to go into the Lido! Annoyingly there is also very little flat ground around the lake for you to sit and take a pic-nic. All the grassed areas are private land. There are a couple of...

  • No Tourist Traps in Austria !! :-)

    I am Austrian and I speak for my country. - There are really no tourist traps in Austria! People in Austria are nice, friendly and polite, sometimes a bit reserved. People are NON-intrusive, which could make you feel like an outsider until they get to know you. There is nothing to say here, because there are no tourist traps.


    OK... Let this stand as an 'I TOLD YOU SO' Do not waist your time or your money to stop at the Swarovski Museum. This is such a trap you will be looking for the exit from the first moment you step in the door... problem is that you have to walk through the whole place to find the exit. Go to the big store in Innsbruck.See my Innsbruck page for...

  • Salzburg'Huh? Didn't you list...

    Salzburg'Huh? Didn't you list this as a must-see activity??'Yeah, I did. Here's why: If you've already seen Salzkammergut, Hallstatt, Wachau, and Vienna- this place is not for you. Also, if you've only been to Vienna, but don't particularly care about the Sound of Music (This town makes a good buck on The Sound of Music), skip Salzburg.

  • The weather can change very...

    The weather can change very quickly in the mountains.One minute its sunny and the next it is pouring with rain.

  • Please notice if you are going...

    Please notice if you are going to Autria by car: Speed limits are to keep strictly. But even if you do, it can occur that the austrian police will force you to stop and pay instantly for driving too fast(if they identify you as tourists). Tell them you don't have the money cash...the should send you a bill. You probably wont ever get this bill :)

  • Take a look at the pic, this...

    Take a look at the pic, this is an acutal tourist trap of the two legged (webbed) kind. Tal (our daughter) saw these two donald ducks and had us stop the car so she could photograph them, we were 'trapped' till she got them in a good picture.

  • Language. I mean that...

    Language. I mean that Austirans do not speak in others languages (I mean the older people), but you will find people who speak others languages (english, italian, and others).So be aware of that, when you want something to be explain to you, you have to look for younger people.

  • You DO NOT need to buy tickets...

    You DO NOT need to buy tickets to see the Vienna Boys Choir sing mass on Sunday. They are very expensive and your seets will probably suck. Just show up early and stant in the vestibule. You're going there to listen any way. You don't really see the choir since they are behind you in the sanctuary.

  • PAY for public transport to...

    PAY for public transport to avoid problems! - Controls are often and austrian burocrats are known to be very stubborn and strict. Take a week- ticket or a 24 or 72 hours vienna ticket - it also gives you price reductions!Try arriving before 22:00 if you take the plane to Vienna - the public transport stops and the shuttle service is expensive. If...

  • When taking a bus tour many...

    When taking a bus tour many drivers a paid to take you to places where they sell souveniers. Some of this are quite expensive. So when buying Souveniers it's allways good to check around a bit. Also don't get into buying something you don't want just because a guide told you it is nice. Well I guess this advice goes for all world though I think...

  • The biggest tourist traps are...

    The biggest tourist traps are the prices on the ski lodges on the mountains. It's really expensive to buy some drinks or a dinner. I bought sometime something to drink, and always the prices annoys me. I had to pay 2.70 Euro for 0.5 litre Applejuice. That'S to much! For this price I can buy 2 litre of juice in the supermarket.But if you have too...


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