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    Visoki Decani Monastery

    by ELear Written May 24, 2009

    The monastery isn't exactly undiscovered (it's a UNESCO World Heritage site), but not many people go there - or at least there weren't many visitors there at the time I was. Apart from myself, most of the people who weren't monks were UN (or possibly KFOR ?) Italian soldiers coming to pray.

    I got there by taxi from Gjakove/Dakovica. (Not far, and it's easy enough to get a taxi who'll take you and then wait outside for an hour or two until you've finished and are ready to go back to Gjakovė/Đakovica.) When you get near the monastery, there are zig-zag barriers on the road to stop a car crashing through, and a checkpoint where soldiers check who you are, all of which may sound a little disconcerting but it isn't really a big issue, anyway for tourists. (I didn't feel at all nervous, and my Albanian taxi driver didn't seem the least bit worried.)

    Decani monastery itself is wonderful. Inside a circle of high walls, with the domitories, sleeping quarters, library, etc built into them, there's a stretch of green grass, and in the middle of that the ancient church, with the tomb of King Stefan (I think his name was), and staggeringly beautiful mediaeval frescoes. You come away with the sense of having been out of the world for a spell, in a sort of oasis of calm and order and beauty.

    There's a community there of Serbian orthodox monks, one of whom speaks English fluently and shows English speaking visitors around.

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Kosovo Warnings and Dangers

  • rude airport staff

    by alex97 Written Oct 23, 2011

    The country is not such a mess as it is presented, and the cost of amenities is quite low. However, be ready for a disappointment right as you arrive. The airport of Prishtina recently taken over by Limak will await you with bad services, rude staff and security and stale food at the restaurant. So be careful and move out of thee place as fast as possible or you will get the worst impression ever about the country just as you land in.

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  • Horns and no break's and dog's!

    by KayleighErica Written Dec 6, 2006

    (1) while I lived in kosovo for a year.I came soooo close to getting run over many of times.They tend to use their horn's more than their break's.So be careful whith the zebra crossing as it does not work,you have to virtually step on to the road alittle to give them a fright and then they stop.Then again they might not!!

    (2) At night it is very scary as gangs of stray dog's rome the street's scavaging for food, as not many pople in kosovo keep animal's for pets which is ashame.But beware they may bite, so stay clear and cross the road or scare them off somehow.Does not sound too nice to do but better to be safe than sorry ehh!

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  • TRAFFIC potholes

    by Autopilot Written Nov 26, 2004

    The roads are very pot-holed, and some are big enough to lay inside of (quite why you'd do this i am not sure of).
    The drivers were not the greatest in the world and it seems that the bravest wins theory is in force here.
    DONT let it put you off though.... BUT DO WATCH OUT, IT CAN BE DANGEROUS, more dangerous than you think.

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Kosovo Tourist Traps

  • Tourist Trap organization

    by frankfranklingsucces Written Aug 15, 2009

    A tourist trap is an establishment, or group of establishments, that has been organized with the aim of attracting people and their money

    Unique Suggestions: Tourist Trap is a way to travel to many country without spending much money

    Fun Alternatives: good things

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Kosovo What to Pack

  • Tea bags!

    by KayleighErica Written Dec 6, 2006

    Luggage and bags: Pack tea bags if you like your cuppa! They do great tea aswell.But if you are there for along time you may miss it as I did.

    Clothing/Shoes/Weather Gear: In the winter it is very cold and you get ALOT of snow.So pack sturdy shoes as they do not have gritters their to do the work it just lays for days and end's up as a skiing rink!! You shall have fun but watch you don't fall!

    In summer it is the complete opposite but very very HOT!! So just pack what you would take on a lovely holiday in say Greece!

    Toiletries and Medical Supplies: They don't tend to use toilet roll but do sell it if u need it.So if you get invited by a lovely albanian family to their house you might want to pop abit in your bag.They just fill bottles of water up and that is beside you if needed and you wash yourself with that.

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Kosovo Favorites

  • Worth it !

    by eschar Written Aug 20, 2006

    Favorite thing: If you are driving you have to go through Pristina to get to the roads south. Do not stop in Pristina unless you must. Head south to Prizren. It is a lovely town. But some of it has not been rebuilt since the bombing stopped. Large military presence, the KFOR which is backed by the UN. Be sure to go to a tiny hardware store very near the river. The owner makes knives with polished bone handles. Also sells Sheep and lamb bells and other interesting things.

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