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Ardennes Things to Do


    Let me start with telling you that wherever I come where are CAVES, I shall visit them......I adore visiting caves.......These wonderful caves are called: THE CAVES OF 1001 NIGHT and are situated in HOTTON, in the Belgium ARDENNES.Some PRO'S: perfectly accessibleample parking place free of chargethe guides are the best you can imagine, they tell...


    LE CHâREAU D'ANNEVOIE....Ahhhh, here are some wonderful gardens and my love for trees got me there.......and made me enjoy the atmosphere, forget my troubles for some time and relax....These Gardens of Annevoie are well-known for their great beauty, their great aesthetic, historic and cultural value.They are listed as an important feature of the...


    Here is another great place in ARDENNES (Belgium) to go ....... to have a nice day.....Once this was the largest CASTLE OF THE "FAMENNE" it is an important & historic & archaeological site.....The ruins can be easily reachedthere is a lovely Archaeological Museum with findings....Wonderful views, guided tours, great walking-tours...

  • LA VILLE DE HUY.....

    When we visited DURBUY we toured THE ARDENNES extensively ....... and so we arrived at HUY one day.This city really was a sweet, unexpected surprise.......Like a present it was finding this spot on a very Autumnal day.Lots of the photographs are already in my DURBUY PAGE , are invited, don't tell me I forgot doing that!!Here I shall...

  • LA VILLE DE HUY 2.....

    This pleasant place has more....a HALL were several sports can be practised....its many works of art, huge and minute, all very worthy of your attention...a fine spot for those who prefer camping to hotels....well-sign posted walks through city and beautiful surroundings....and last but not least: BOAT TOURS on RIVER MEUSE: for an hour, a day or...


    Europe must have been dotted with Castles, castles and churches.......This is about LA ROCH-EN-ARDENNE where are great ruins ( term.!?) of an medaeival castle.It was built between 11th, 12th & 14th Century and the remains show us how sturdy, sombre, dark, rough and impressive it must have been.....once......long ago.....It is nestled in a...


    BOUILLON is another nice city with of course a CHâTEAU, a CASTLE and all that comes with it: history, stories, old buildings, spiralling alleys, panoramic views, rolling landscapes and steep slopes with forests and in these forests............There is also a FALCONER......Here you can see him, in his medaeival outfit: he is so lucky that he can...

  • The Bouillon Belvedere

    The Belvedere is the top of one of the hills surrounding Bouillon (I think!) It's a strenuous walk if you rush it, but the views are... well, judge for yourself.

  • Abbey of Clairefontaine

    Its best to make the Abbey the destination of one of your walks but even if you can't do manage this, make sure you pass by. The nature is amazing and it's worth the effort if you don't feel like entering the abbey or the shop.The Abbey was founded in 1935 by French followers of the Cistercian Order which felt persecuted in France.

  • Bouillon Castle

    Visit the Castle of Godfry (Godefroid) of Bouillon. Godfry sold the castle to raise money for the First Crusade, but it still bears his name.It's a nice historic break, with something to learn... plus pretty nice view of the Semois and the town.


    BOUILLON: jewel of the SEMOIS and the Semois is a wonderful stream that freely flows through the woody ARDENNES.....and in the very heart of these ARDENNES you will find BOUILLON......This indeed is a place to be for a real holiday!It is a not too big effervescent town that has a lot on offer: plenty of SHOPS, lots of HOTELS, an outstanding...


    This is a MUSEUM with a very special collection. For over 25 years a number of ethousiast people have worked very hard to get as many items for this museum from private collections as possible.You can see photographs which show you the DESTRUCTION of LA ROCHE by the ALLIED FORCES during the winter of 1944 - 1945.The collection contains 20 cars,...


    Theux is situated in FRANCHIMONT, a region of HISTORY & TRADITION.Here you see a CHARMILLE and I do love these lanes: CHARMILLES are lane bordered by trees or bushes (often hotnbeam) that, while growing higher and higher will form an arch and......with an ARCH of trees/plants always come such a special atmosphere, e.g. when the sun dapples the...


    The Potters from BARVEAUX create the most wonderful works of art: bowls, pot and jars, vases and plates, richely decorated and on demand with names/dates or something like that: a real personal gift!They work in a traditional way of the ARDENNES, I saw LE TOURNAGE (throwing of pots), le séchage (the drying) and much more...Interested in POTTERS'...


    This really is a place of tast, tis VILLE DE HERVE......This sweet place is situated between the low lands of The Netherlands and the slopes of the forests of the EIFEL in Germany!It is a small place, that seems to be forgotten by the world, it seems such a lost place but.....that is only what it SEEMS to be.... in reality this spot, PAYS DE HERVE,...


    This really is such a nice region, even on a rainy day!You can visit famous chocolate makers, cheese makers, a brewery, a mill, have boat trips and oh, so much more can cylce or ride on horseback and...WALK......being in the ARDENNES is just GREAT AND A blessing FOR WORN-OUT PERSONS......Below you will find the address of the Tourist...


    Are you feeling like having a pleasant short stay someplace quiet and beautiful??Then "FOLLOWING THE HERMIT'S FOOTSTEPS" will be great for you!You go to HAN-SUR-LESSE (there is a quiet hotel, called Henri IV) and visit the FAMOUS CAVES there.Another cave with its many surprises and its underground, hidden beauty, which will touch your heart!Always...


    Here you will find a sweet touch of VERSAILLES (FRANCE) in an impressive setting along the ardennes river MEUSE (MAAS).This is a RENAISSANCE mansion, enlarged into a ducal residence, royal guests (?) refined and cosmopolitan furnishing.......and so much more!There you will see a historical treaty dating back to 1675, when COFFEE was tasted for the...


Ardennes Restaurants

  • The trout & the Boar

    Altho there are a lot more chic places to eat, I like this little family-owned restaurant on Quai des Ramparts. The lady there reminds me of my first boss (in another country and with another nationality) and i like her no-nonsense attitude.They serve a wonderfully simple and delicious trout (4 varieties - with butter, with almonds, w/ cream and...

  • Recrealle

    This is a recreation center and altho we wouldn't go out of our way to visit it, once we are in Alle, we'll have dinner there. The restaurant is by the river, but doesn't really have a view on the river, unless you sit on the terrace (it may rain, wind may blow, etc.)However, the food is good if you chose simple and local fare. Trout - again! -...

  • The Preacher's Chair

    This is the best place in Poupehan in terms of surroundings, view and cuisine. It's not exactly budget, but it's not breaking the bank either - it's about what you'll get charged in the region. I like sitting in the garden by the river, altho you have a great view from the restaurant as well. The freshwater trout is a specialty of the region and...


Ardennes Tourist Traps

  • Stardustdutch's Profile Photo

    Brewery La Choufe tour rip off

    by Stardustdutch Written Apr 4, 2009

    Are you thinking of visiting the La Chouffe brewery in Achouffe, near Houffalize? In our experience it's rather a rip off. The tour consisted of some 20 minutes standing in 2 boiler rooms, (there was no room for walking around) listening to the explanation. This we could have read also in a brochure.
    Then we had to drive 4 km to an other location, but got poor instructions and the guide drove off, leaving us to look for the place, which we could not find. This could have been avoided, if he had waited for us to follow him, or given us a small map. We missed the tour of the distrubution centre out because of this.
    After driving back and forth several times, and some arguing, we got the promised glasses, and two beers each, which we had to get from a pub further down the road. This turned out to be draft, so no souvenir bottles, and the drivers of the cars could take a soft drink, missing out on the beertasting all together.
    It left us with rather a bad tast, and for 7,50 Euro each a rather expensive deal.

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Ardennes What to Pack

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    Hiking, biking and rowing gear

    by Scarlie Written Feb 25, 2003

    Clothing/Shoes/Weather Gear: Make sure you have your hiking gear, plenty of socks, a cap, a wind breaker and/or water-resistant clothes. Beach-wear would also come handy in the summer.

    Toiletries and Medical Supplies: If you can't say it in French, better have it in the bag! ;-)

    Remember that this is a pretty remote area so anything fancy or special prescriptions should be acquired beforehand.

    Photo Equipment: Do not count on finding anything more advanced than a 36-pic rolls.

    Camping/Beach/Outdoor Gear: Most campings offer rowing equipment. In Bouillon you can get biking stuff... provided you can say it in French (remember that!).

    Miscellaneous: Mosquitto-repellent is always handy as you are close to rivers. I have not seen snakes but there are frogs... and bugs of all shapes and forms.

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Ardennes Off The Beaten Path

  • Corbion

    Another small village - just up the hill from Poupehan. The short path rather challenging (20 or so minutes of steep climbing), but luckily there is a long way, too. There are two cafés and if you ask nicely, they'll let you watch the footy on a French channel (which is, admit it, better than nothing). The town also has a Delhaize (supermarket) and...

  • Frahan

    Frahan is a tiny village just under (literally) Rochehaut. Walking from Poupehan to Frahan and back is one of my fave paths in all seasons, and we always stop for a warm drink or a waffle in Frahan before we head back on the other side of the river.

  • Tombeau du Géant, Botassart

    The Giant's Tomb is a mount just off the village of Ucimont (and you could walk from Bouillon/Corbion/Poupehan to there and back). At this point, the Semois is forming an oxbow creating what someone described 'a peninsula of a splendid brutality '. I find the view better in the winter when there is less folliage.


Ardennes Sports & Outdoors

  • Kayaking on the Semois

    This is a great way to spend a day, if not longer. The kayaking is generally from Bouillon to Alle (25 km) with various stages (stops in between) you can chose from - ie. Poupehan, Frahan, etc. From Alle you can go further down, but it's a different operator than the one to Bouillon. (You can rent also in the different stages - i.e....

  • Paragliding in the Ardennes???

    You didn't think that was possible, did you! After all the Ardennes are generally on the hilly side as far as mountains are concerned. Well, they are full of surprises, too. Rouchehaut has a paragliding launching pad (very bizi in the summer, too!) - 120m. steep, South – Southwest orientation. It's fun to watch even if, like me, you prefer to stay...

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