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  • Chapelle des Apparitions (Chapel of Apparitions)
    Chapelle des Apparitions (Chapel of...
    by Diana75
  • The entrace to the Sanctuary
    The entrace to the Sanctuary
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  • Hospitalite Banneux Notre-Dame
    Hospitalite Banneux Notre-Dame
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Banneux Things to Do

  • The house of Beco family

    The house of Beco family is located on the right hand side of the Chapel.The house has remained the same ever since the time of the Apparitions.

  • La Chapelle du Saint Sacrement

    La Chapelle du Saint Sacrement is located right next to the entrance to Banneux complex, near the Beco house and Chapelle des Apparitions (the Chapel of Apparitions)This is small chapel with the entrance opening on a cover gallery.

  • The High Altar and the Esplanade

    The High Altar and the Esplanade are located in the center of Banneux complex and are bordered by the Chapel Queen of the Prophets, the Chapel of the Sick, the Chapel of the Message, the Chapel Mary Mediatrix, the Sacristy and confessionals.With the High Altar covered and raised by some steps, the Esplanade is made for accommodating a large number...

  • Chapelle des Apparitions (Chapel of...

    On Friday, January 20th, 1933, the Virgin appeared again to Mariette Beco.The little girl asked her: "What do you want, my beautiful Lady?"The Virgin answered with a smile: "I would like a small chapel."The Chapel of the Apparitions was built on the place where the garden of the Beco family was and was inaugurated in 1933.

  • The spring

    On Wednesday, 18th January 1933, early in the morning, Mariette was praying in the garden. Suddenly she left the garden and started walking up the road where the lady was calling her. She fell twice to her knees on the frozen ground. The third time she knelt near a pool of water coming from a spring.The lady told her: "Push your hands into the...

  • The Virgin of the Poor

    On Thursday, January 19th 1933, on a really cold day, Mariette went outside and knelt down to pray.The Lady appeared again to her and Mariette asked: "Who are you, beautiful Lady?" The Lady answered to her:"I AM THE VIRGIN OF THE POOR".

  • Inside the Chapel of Apparitions

    The Chapel of Apparition is actually small and modest. A large image of the Virgin of the Poor, placed on the wall in front of the entrance, is what captures the attention of everyone.The walls, from one side to the other, are covered with small ceramic plaques ordered by the pilgrims who have been healed by the Virgin of the Poor from.

  • Banneux center

    In Banneux there is much more than the small chapel dedicated to our Lady.There is a large church, other small chapels, shops, restaurants and Hospitalite Banneux Notre-Dame.Entirely renovated in 1993, the Hospitality is situated within the Sanctuary and has 360 beds, to accommodate the pilgrims.

  • Arriving to Banneux

    Going to Banneux it was for us more a moment decision than a planned visit. It was even hard to find the place on the map and when we finally find it an a really detailed map of Belgium, we changed the plans and didn't stop to Liege.By car, you should take the motorway Liege-Aachen (E40) and exit via Pepinster.Don't look for traffic signs...


Banneux Favorites

  • Banneux map

    This is a map that we have found at the entrance to the sanctuary and definitely helped us to orientate around.Banneux is a huge complex with many facilities for pilgrims and taking a look to this map before starting the visit is almost a mandatory thing to do.

  • Around Banneux center

    As I mentioned before, Banneux is a truly developed pilgrimage center.Beside the facilities near the Chapel of the Apparitions, there are also small shops selling religious souvenirs and restaurants and an evening walk around, gasping the fresh mountain air, is definitely relaxing.

  • Prayer meetings

    The Masses are held on weekdays at 8:00, 11:30 and 16:00, while on Sundays at 8:30, 11:15 and 16:00.The International High Masses are held on Sunday at 10:30 and the benedictions of the sick are done every day except Friday at 15:00.


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