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    La Regina: Perfect Menu Printanier

    by johngayton Written Sep 13, 2015

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Having a random sort of wander whilst searching out somewhere local for lunch I came across La Regina on the corner of Rue Pont d'Avroy overlooking the crossroads on the city's inner ring road. The restaurant looked reasonably busy, always a good sign, and the terrace at the front was pleasantly shaded and separated from the main road by a profusely colourful planting of potted chrysanthemums .

    The three-course "Menu Printanier" at 25 Euros caught my eye offering new season asparagus as a starter with fillets of John Dory (St Pierre) as a main and so I took a seat on the terrace overlooking the crossroads.

    Although slightly formal service was very swift, friendly and relaxed as I ordered. My waiter explained that the tiramisu on the menu wasn't available but that certainly wasn't a problem for me since I'd been going to ask if I could have had cheese instead.

    My first beer arrived promptly, along with a little dish of olives and stuffed cherry tomatoes and the asparagus soon followed, along with a basket of crispy-crusted chewy bread. The asparagus, the local white variety, was perfectly cooked and finished with the classic butter sauce and grated boiled egg in toasted breadcrumbs.

    The fillets of John Dory were equally delicious, served in a rich Calvados cream sauce with sauteed apple slices, and more bread and another beer.

    Then to finish a quartet of French cheeses, the plate having been warmed before assembly to bring them up to the perfect serving temperature, and more bread.

    Coffee, which was included, came with a complimentary Peket, the local gin-like liquor, and all in all this was pretty much exactly what I'd been looking for a light, but substantial, lunch.

    I think the final bill came to about 32 Euros and whilst not particularly cheap was excellent value considering the attentive service, the laid-back ambience and the quality of the food.

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    La Maison du Peket: Where To Try "Les Boulets"

    by johngayton Updated Sep 12, 2015

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    On my first visit to Liege, as a day out during our VT Aachen Euromeet 2015, the highlight of the day was the historical guided tour, condensing about 4,000 years of the city's past into an entertaining hour's wander.

    Then it was lunch time.

    As always, when travelling, I like to try the local culinary specialities and here in Liege the particular dish I went in search of was the "Boulets a la Liegeoise".

    This is basically meatballs, usually a mix of pork and veal, in a sweet & sour sauce (aigre-douce) made from the local "Sirop de Liege", which is a molasses-style reduction of apple and/or pear juice. The traditional accompaniment is, of course, French Fries - HA!

    I'd noticed Maison du Peket down an interesting-looking alley just off the Place du Marche during our walking tour and it looked like the sort of restaurant which might serve les boulets. It was.

    This turned out to be a characterful bar/restaurant whose main speciality is the local jenever-style liquor Peket. The main bar with its open brickwork, beamed ceilings and row of barstools was intriguingly inviting but with the sun out the terrace at front had to be the place to sit.

    My cheery young waitress took my order, in French, for the boulets, along with a local-ish Blanche de Namur and both arrived promptly.

    Favorite Dish: Obviously this was Les Boulets, which were substantially meaty, subtly-seasoned and the sauce rich, slightly sweet and with the added fruitiness of a handful of sultanas. The fries nicely crisp and the little, piquantly-dressed, salad made for a perfectly enjoyable lunch, sitting in the sun and watching the world go by.

    I think my bill came to 16 euros, which was about right for a decent lunch and beer.

    PS - Before my Belgian "fiends" form a lynching party - I was of course joking about the fries ;-)

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    by DAO Written Jul 17, 2015

    When I was looking for a reasonable place to eat near the Liège Train Station, I first found the Grand Café de la Gare. This Michelin stared restaurant carries the expected high prices. Just across the street was this nice pleasant place with outside seating. The waiter was swift and polite and the menus were already on the table. I ordered a cheery beer and it arrived swiftly. On the menu were some dishes marked’ Restauration Rapide’. Some sounded rather good and I orderdered the Filet Americain. What arrive relatively quickly was actually Steak tartare. After taking a second to realise that, yes, it was raw, I dug in. Delicious!

    This is just a small place, but it is fairly good. They have free wi-fi, take credit cards, offer a professional service and have reasonable food. It is literally a 45 second walk from the front of the train station.

    Please note – this place is also known as L'Underground.

    Favorite Dish: %s

    Filet Americain (Steak tartare) and beer!

    Taverne Underground Taverne Underground Taverne Underground Taverne Underground Taverne Underground
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    Chez Bolas Bug: A relaxing lunch

    by toonsarah Written Jun 12, 2015

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    There were plenty of places to choose from when a group of us decided to seek out a light lunch in the Place du Marché. We settled on this one, which had a menu of fairly traditional snacks and small dishes. The main priority for many of us though was beer – we were in Belgium, after all! SO it was good to also see a reasonably long beer list. I chose one I have enjoyed in the past, Orwal, which was as good as I’d remembered it. Others drank Jupiler, Chimay Bleu and fruit beers.

    Most of us I think opted for one of the toasted sandwiches or croques on offer. Along with several others I chose “Le Liègois”, with a local cheese, ham and something called “Sirop de Liège”. The latter proved to be a sweetish paste which came both thinly spread in the sandwich and in a little tub alongside. The sandwich was OK (I did really like the flavour of the cheese but would have welcomed more) but small for the €7.50 charged.

    Service was just OK too, with the waiter a little slow at times to pick up on the fact that one or more of us wanted to order something – although the piecemeal way in which our part grew from four people to seven and eventually to about ten, as more VTers spotted us and came to join the table, may have contributed to that! But the beer was good and well-priced given the pleasant setting, and I thoroughly enjoyed my Liège lunch-break.

    One quirk of this place is the paper place mat brought if you order food, with a little cartoon story about their emblem, Bolas Bug – see photo four. In case you don’t speak French, I believe the story goes as follows:
    ”At first, Bolas Bug should have looked like Rudolph Valentino, Clint Eastwood and Brad Pitt (all at the same time).
    But he stayed so long in his egg (or rugby ball) that he ended up taking on its shape.”

    After lunch there was time for a little more exploration

    Croque Le Li��gois Birthday girls at lunch
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  • Atahualpa: Don't miss the steak

    by painriche Written Mar 26, 2010

    Greate service, with an owner who creates a familiar atmosphere. Like in most places i Liege the personnel only speaks French, but you get by with pointing at the English menu. You don't see English menus that often in Liege.

    On the weekend you will find a live band in the resaurant, and the place will be packed with peoples.

    Favorite Dish: I ate one of the best steaks I have ever eaten there, the meat was extremly tender.
    You can choose from a wide variaty of dishes, with some interessting combinations.

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  • BillNJ's Profile Photo

    Andre: Try a Gaufre de Liège (Waffle of Liège)

    by BillNJ Updated Jun 19, 2008

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Andre is a small sandwich and waffle shop on a narrow side street near the Place Saint Lambert. At Andre, I ordered a Gaufre de Liège (Waffle of Liège).

    If you like local specialties, you cannot leave the city without having tasted a Gaufre de Liège. When most people think of Belgian waffles, they think of the rectangular, Brussels style. The Liège waffle is more or less oval-shaped and a thinner and smaller waffle than the Brussels waffle. But the Liège waffle is also more substantial, and has a significant crunch due to the small nuggets of parelsuiker or "pearl sugar" that are added to the batter just before baking. These bits of sugar melt when being baked on the waffle iron and caramelize, producing a sugary crust like what's found on top of a creme brulée.

    When in Liège, you definitely need to try one of these delicious waffles!

    Favorite Dish: Gaufre de Liège (Waffle of Liège)

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    Taverne A Pilori: Drink a Jupiler Beer at the Place du Marché

    by BillNJ Updated Jun 18, 2008

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The Taverne A Pilori is located in the lovely Place du Marché in the city center. Like the other restaurants in the area, they have a large outdoor seating terrace in the front. During my visit, I sat outside and enjoyed a Jupiler beer.

    Jupiler is a Belgian pilsner brewed by InBev. Its producer claims it to be the number 1 selling beer in Belgium. The name "Jupiler" comes from its place of origin, Jupille, that used to be its own municipality but is now part of Liège. Jupiler beer is made from malt, maize (corn), water, hops and yeast. It has a golden yellow color and compact white head. Jupiler is a smooth beer with a soft bitterness, and it has an alcohol content of 5.2% vol.

    Great atmosphere and great beer!

    Favorite Dish: Jupiler pilsner

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  • wandeljp's Profile Photo

    Restaurant- Café Lequet: Taste the old local speciality

    by wandeljp Updated Feb 25, 2008

    4 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Restaurant-Café Lequet

    This is well known: "One does not pass to Liège without eating at Lequet!

    Ideally situated, on the side of the Meuse river, close to the small bridge linking up the city with Outremeuse. Employer of gruff pace but be sure that it know well his matter.

    Pub setting, photos of the market of La Batte and "famous" visitors hiding the walls. Does only works as restaurant. No tralala here: one comes for well to eat, and after the traditional question: from where are you come from? You feel comfortable.

    C'est bien connu: "On ne passe pas à Liège sans manger chez Lequet !

    Idéalement situé, sur les quais de Meuse, près de la passerelle reliant la ville avec Outremeuse. Patron d'allure bourrue mais soyez sûr qu'il connait bien son affaire.

    Décor de café, photos du marché de la batte et des visiteurs "célèbres" de passages tapissant les murs. Fait seulement office de restaurant. Ici pas de tralala: on viens pour bien manger, et après la traditionnelle question: d'où venez-vous ? Vous vous sentez à l'aise.

    Favorite Dish: Here, one can only counsel the famous one "Boulets de Liège"(10,10 €) : Two beautiful pellets of minced, fried meat accompanied crudely cut French(Belgian) frittes seasoned of sea salt. Serve according to the smell with apple compote or salad.

    On the counter a superb selection of wines, all to the same price (17 €). On the counsels of the master of the places chose us for a Coast of Roussillon ripe in oak drums: a true delight!

    Ici, on ne peu que vous conseiller les fameux "Boulets de Liège" (10,10 €): Deux belles boulettes de viandes hachées, poêlées accompagnées de frittes grossièrement coupées assaisonnée de sel marins. Servis selon les gouts avec compote ou salade.

    Sur le comptoir un superbe assortiment de vins, tous au même prix (17 €). Sur les conseils du maitre des lieux nous avons opté pour un Côte de Roussillon muris en futs de chêne : un vrai délice !

    (February 23 th 2008)

    The bar with the wine choise The famous
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  • handsoum's Profile Photo

    Le Th?me: A table in the centre of the Opera's stage !

    by handsoum Updated Jan 26, 2006

    This very special restaurant is hidden from the crowds, but is famous amongst the Liegeois. The interior is a theatre showcase decorated in flamboyant fashion.

    Every 10 months, the theme changes and everything in the restaurant, from the walls, to the seating and the menu changes to fit the new theme. Most of the themes are based on French & Belgian history, legends & Litterature.

    Previous themes include:

    "Dinner at the Colonial Pavillion in French Africa" (pictured)
    "A midsummer's night on the Place du Village" (pictured)
    "Do you renounce the Devil and his temptations ?" (pictured)
    "Carmen: near the fortifications of Sevilla" (pictured)
    "Under the sky of the Gypsies"
    "The lab of Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde"
    "The Court of Miracles (from Notre-Dame of Paris)"
    "Honey and the Bees' Nest"
    "The lounges of Madame de Pompadour"
    "Mafia gangs"
    "On the Sea"

    Although the dramatic decor of the restaurant will make for a very special evening, you may just remember it best for the very high quality of the food. Mostly French cuisine, the chef will add exotism and spices according to the current Theme.

    The clients of the restaurant play along with the theme and are prepared to discover whatever the chef suggests. The menu is restricted, however, they are able to provide for special diets.

    Favorite Dish: An amazing "Croustillant de thon mi-cuit, mi-cru" is a top starter ! A delicious taste from the half-raw, flash fried and breaded sashimi tuna with hints of soya, lemon and parsley, with a subtle presentation.

    Do you renounce the Devil and his temptations ? Dinner at the Colonial Pavillion in French Africa A midsummer's night on the Place du Village Carmen: near the fortifications of Sevilla
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  • Cafe Romano: The best low price restaurant in Liege

    by dutchguy001 Written Aug 11, 2005

    2 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Being in Liege for 16 weeks, I've had a lot of time to find a decent restaurant. The best one is the Cafe Romano. It serves a lot of different dishes, raning from steaks to pizza and pasta. They of course serve Belgian beers, which combine great with all of the dishes they serve.

    In the summer they have a terrace outside on the sidewalk. The only downside of sitting outside is that it is located next to a busy road with lots of traffic. It is located very near the city center so especially in the summer it can be very busy. The See and Be Seen game begins.

    Favorite Dish: I do not really have a favorite dish. I've tried most of the menu as I had a lot of time to try it. One of my US colleagues was especially charmed with the steak.

    cafe romano
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    Le pain cotidien: Great place!

    by m-joy Updated May 13, 2005

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Le pain cotidien is a cosy little place for a short break with excellent bites or cakes.
    The interior is unique with a wooden great table for more than 20 people in the middle of the room. If you like you easily get in conversation with other guests that way. Apart from the excellent salads their specialities are the tartines, for example with pesto, tomato and Mozarella, grilled aubergines and parmesan and so on. I love them all! For dessert the tartelettes (de citron or caramelle) are delicious.

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  • Le Mouton Blanc: Le Mouton Blanc

    by derry Written Oct 29, 2004

    Stylish, contemporary surroundings, good service and delicious food - always impressive, more so as we were dining while the Tour de France was in town so everywhere was chaotically busy! Despite being absolutely packed full, the restaurant didn't let quality or service slide.

    Vegetarian options were available.

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  • Il Babylo's: Dine in an Italian courtyard

    by derry Written Oct 29, 2004

    Step into this restaurant, and you move from the streets of Liege to an Italian garden. This courtyard has statues, stonework and copious foliage - but also, thankfully, a roof! It makes an enchanting environment for the delicious Italian food served here.

    The only disappointment of our meal here was the absence of a dessert menu. That aside, this is a lovely and special place to dine.

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  • IceBear7's Profile Photo

    Le Perron: Savoir Vivre

    by IceBear7 Written Mar 17, 2003

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    We could not resist and sit outside in the sun in this lovely restaurant. The market square with the "perron" in the middle (a famous column) is small but with lots of atmosphere, some restaurants / pubs / tapas bars with tables and chairs outside...

    Unfortunately all tables in the tapas bar were occupied -their food and cocktails looked AWESOME.

    But we also enjoyed our beer and coffee next door!

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  • IceBear7's Profile Photo

    Pollux: Waffles!

    by IceBear7 Updated Mar 17, 2003

    Guess why you have to stand in a queue for a long time to get one of these gorgeous waffles. You could smell it in the whole square in front of the cathedral... freshly baked waffles!
    Or cold ones with a thick layer of chocolate!

    It's just wonderful sitting at the fountain in the middle of the square, eating waffles, watching people etc..

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