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  • Durbuy
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Durbuy Highlights

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     Crowded with tourists during the summer season 

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     See it but stay elsewhere - like Barveau. 

Durbuy Things to Do

  • JUST FOR FUN......

    Another nice photograph of the smallest city in the WORLD (do we believe that???)In any case it is very worthy of your visit: please have a look at my travelogues: filled to the brim with pgotos that will make you want to leave NOW...KEEP IN MIND that it is so very atmospheric during the weeks of the ADVENT, the weeks before...

  • Explore The Streets

    Take a walk round this small place and you'll soon discover its medieval charms. Visit the high cliffrock, the castle with a long history, walk the narrow streets and take a look at the town's lovely old houses. Most of the houses are built with the typical grey stone of the Ardennes.Durbuy is very small but you'll also find a few lovely shops that...

  • The Rock

    While exploring this enchanting place, we ended up in front of this high cliffrock called 'La Falize'.

  • So many activities

    For enjoying Durbuy as a little town, you just need to wear comfortable clothes and walk around to discover every corner of this beautiful place.However, that's just if relaxation if on your agenda. Several other activities are available - for horseriding, to kayak, to cycling- just check out the Durbuy Adventure Website, as they seem to be the...

  • So many activities

    For enjoying Durbuy as a little town, you just need to wear comfortable clothes and walk around to discover every corner of this beautiful place.However, that's just if relaxation if on your agenda. Several other activities are available - for horseriding, to kayak, to cycling- just check out the Durbuy Adventure Website, as they seem to be the...

  • The Castle of Durbuy

    At the entrance of the town, past the old bridge over the Ourthe River, lies the most eye-catching building in Durbuy which is the Castle of the Counts of Ursel, erected in the 11th Century and rebuilt by the same family in the 17th Century on the ruins of the ancient feudal fortification.

  • The house...

    What i was impresed in Durbuy is the old air that the small city has. The Castle and the old fashiond car's , the Hotels and shops with antiques and nice things to buy. You just can't describes it in words...

  • ICE SKATING.....

    Keep in mind that from the 1st December - 6th January DURBUY has a "PATINOIRE", A SKATING RINK to make the festive season still more festive for everyone, residents and tourists!Info: ROYAL SYNDICAT D'INITIATIVE DE DURBUYTEL. 32(0)86 21 36 17


    Situ? au coeur des ardennes Belges, dans un ?crin de 120 hectares de for?ts et d'?merveillement, venez d?couvrir le charme et le caract?re de Golf de Durbuy.Il vous offre:1 parcours 18 trous, par 72 de 5.963 m1 parcours 9 trous, par 27 de 1.058 m accessible ? tous1 practice de 30 postes dont 8 couvert1 ?cole de golf adapt?e ? votre niveau de jeu


    Ever heard of DURBOYSE ?????That is the special beer that comes from a brewery in DURBUY....I tried it and must say: yes, it is really fine....and see in the photo: places galore to have a nice drink, lunch, dinner or a snack and especially during the weeks before CHRISTMAS IT IS GREAT BEING THERE: still more specialities for the festive days....I...

  • VISIT DURBUY......

    Hiding deep in one of the many bends of river OURTHE , Durbuy, which has already received the title of town in 1331, prides itself as the SMALLES TOWN in the world...... Witness of a prestigious past, Durbuy pas kept its traditional character and has achieved fame as a place of GASTRONOMY..... For all those dreaming of relaxation, calm and...


    Your visit will take 1.15 hrs.: and...very worthwhile it will be!Replongez dans l'atmosph?re d'un village ardennais....C'est un parcours-spectacle sur le monde rural ardennais des ann?es 1930 ? 1960.Let yourselves be guided by the sounds and lights for about an hour, an hour of humor and relaxation.You will wander through the works of ARTHUR...


    Here you can practice all kinds of sports skills....individuals and groups: there are 30 weekends for sportive activitiesthere are 6 weekend organised for which you can make reservationsHow about 6 unforgettable days in THE ARDENNES??And there are lots of new things to discover and try out!They have 30 accomodation places with every comfort you...

  • La Falize ... a rock that seems to be...

    Behind the church of Durbuy one meets a strangly shaped rock that is known as "La Falize". The earth / stone layers are bended in regular half circles as if the rock is chopped of like a piece of tree, showing it's yearrings.

  • The castle of Ursel in Durbuy

    On a rock at the banks of the Ourtheriver a castle was constructed by the Count of Luxembourg somewhere in the 14th century. Durbuy and its castle had to serve as a defense town against eventual aggressions of the mighty neighbor, the Prince-bishopry of Liège. It's the most eye-catching building in Durbuy and now belongs to the family d'Ursel. It...


Durbuy Hotels

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Durbuy Restaurants

  • Peaceful and tasty

    One thing special about it is that it was the only place other than mainly takeaway fast food joints to eat in Barveau. Another is that as Barveau is not widely proclaimed as a tourist town - although all the hotel accommodation was full - there is a 'come and enjoy it or don't bother' air to the place that I liked. I have only eaten there once -...

  • An overdosis in choices, but all...

    Along the bank of the Outhe-river in the shade of the castle are a few very good restaurnats with inviting terraces. A little further into the little town there is a wide range in restaurants, bistro's, lunchrooms and cafe's all serving tasteful dinners and menu's. With the view that most of them offer, the deliscious food only can taste even...

  • Durbuy Hotels

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Durbuy Transportation

  • Limited Transport To Durbuy

    Regarding going around Durbuy, it's just very easy to walk in a few hours, since it's quite small.However the problem is actually reaching Durbuy. First of all: it is important, when doing Internet research to prepare your travel there, to distinguish between the town of Durbuy and the Durbuy district. The latter consists of Durbuy and some other...

  • Walking or let yourself be taken for a...

    There is a possibility to be driven through the alleys of Durbuy by horse and wagon, but ... Durbuy is so small that it easily can be done completely on foot (and I mean all streets and corners). The town's roads however are everywhere done by "kinderkopjes" (rounded stones laying in a pattern) and so do not think it is wise to walk in high heels...

  • Car, motorbike, bicycle or hiking

    Durbuy has only one frequent busservice running to the outside world. Best is to go there with your own transport and parking is often guided rather good. In the weekends Durbuy is car-free and so then you should reckon with no passing through the valley as well. An own car is usefull if you want to visit the overlook point on the top of the hill...


Durbuy Shopping

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    Narrow streets hiding funny little shops

    by Pavlik_NL Written Aug 9, 2003

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Durbuy is very small. However, there are a few little streets with lovely shops that sell local specialties. A walk through this maze of streets will give you the impression that Durbuy is quite large, because one has a tendency to stop at every little shop. The shops variate from the average souvenirs to little funny antiquity shops selling all kinds of grandmothers stuff.

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Durbuy Warnings and Dangers

  • Dangerous Ourthe, dangerous Durbuy :)

    An unusual tip, maybe.Don't go there when you are sad or depressed. You may just throw yourself from the cliffs or dive into the Ourthe... to escape the harshness of life. What a nice place to "forget about all that" indeed!HahahaWhat I meant is that it is so beautiful, so serene when you go there. Superb when you are in a good mood but would...

  • For those who despice touristic hotspots

    Durbuy is maybe THE touristic hotspot in the Belgian Ardennes and everything there is commercialised for the massive tourism that it knows in the highseason. Travellers who dislike these kind of things should not go here, as they will be disappointed. Durbuy is a nice town and has surely some scenic beauty, but you will be in the crowd in the...

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Durbuy Tourist Traps

  • Tourist Info

    Ok, it maybe just that a person happened to have a bad day. But the only person present in the Tourist Information Office seemed very unwilling to help. So before going, it would be ideal to take your map and ideas of what rather than hope for help for the Information Office in the main square. As a compensations, the locals are very helpful.

  • Sthg in common with Venice, L'Ile de...

    Visiting Durbuy in summer would leave you with annoyment. One reason, it shares with some onther "beautiful, picturesque" places this ability to attract as many tourists as it can hold in summer that it's just "disgusting"...Can you imagine this place in hot summer, crowded, packed with cars and coaches (Uuh! the coaches)... Go out very early in...

  • Durbuy - all for tourists.

    Rarely have I seen a place where hotels, eating places and tourist shops take up such a high proportion of the available space. The hotels I saw advertised were all upward of €60 - which I find too much.Only a delightful 7 kilometres away at Barveau I stayed in an en suite room above a wine shop for €35. Enjoy 'the ambience,' buy an ice or a drink...


Durbuy Off The Beaten Path

  • Parc de Topiaries - AWFUL

    The Parc de Topiaries was an awful experience. They've raised the prices, such that even with a coupon to get two adults in (they charge for parking) it was 12 euros. They entire "grounds" took us 10 minutes to walk. The shrubs were not trimmed (they had signs up they were fighting a fungus so they couldn't trim them...would have been nice to have...

  • Parc des Topiaires

    In the Parc de Topiaires you can find all kinds of buxus plants, which are chaped in all kinds of forms like a crocodile, Manneken Pis, a mermaid and so on.For those who love gardening a must see!AdmissionAdults € 4,50

  • Wéris

    As well as Durbuy is " the smallest town in the world",Wéris is " one of the most beautiful villages of Wallonia"... It's 6 kms.away from Durbuy,and the best thing of this area is menhirs and dolmens.There is a Exhibition Centre in Wéris and a Megalithes Museum.


Durbuy Favorites

  • Sthg in common with Venice, La...

    Another point it shares with those nice "beautiful, picturesque" places, Durbuy is a city to walk in. Bring the good shoes, certainly not the stillettos! The cobblestoned alleys wouldn't leave you alone if you venture there with high heels.You would see, landscape is different but its charming alleys, cobblestoned streets will enchant you... You...

  • Old town of Durbuy.

    Durbuy has a nice square with a lot of good restaurants and cafes around it. It has a medieval character with nice houses. It is one of the smallest if not the smallest cities in the world according to the Belgian Tourism Authorities. Drinking hot chocolate and a warm waffle on a heated terrace in the center of town.More info on: www.durbuyinfo.be

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