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  • Torgny's typical houses
    Torgny's typical houses
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    A view towards France from Torgny's...
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Torgny Things to Do

  • 20) Back to Torgny

    To go back to Torgny, either walk back (1 km) or follow the street (see picture) which will bring you in a straight and short way to the church (500 m).But for me, I hope "Back to Torgny" will be in the next future and on a sunny day.

  • 19. The snail

    This strange construction, called snail, is an oratory created by Dominique Schmit who came in 1835 to live in the hermitage, because he felt responsible for his brother'sdeath. He restored and enlarged the chapel and built two oratories in spiral (one wasdismantled to built a bridge over the river Chiers). The remaining construction wasrebuilt in...

  • 18. Chapel & Ermitage

    In 1636, the chapel Notre Dame of Luxemburg was erected due to the outbreak of plague. In 1729, the hermitage was annexed to the chapel. Young women without husband and pregnant women used to come there on pilgrimage.Nowadays, there is an important procession the fifth sunday after Easter.

  • 17. Nature reserve Raymond Mayne

    Raymond Mayné, entomologist, was active in that southern region of Belgium ("Gaume") and discovered for instance the cicada (around 1930).This nature reserve, the first in Belgium, was created in 1943 from a stone-pit where stones used to be extracted for construction. The temperature and sun exposition allowed for the development of particular...

  • 16) Large Barrel

    A place to live for vine-workers?And they roll their home from place to place?For sure, a safe and romantic place in case of sudden shower.

  • 15) The Wall

    A work of art?A tourist attraction?A building project?A place to shoot pictures?Free interpretation. No bet."We don't need no education!" - The Wall. ;-)

  • 14) Village panorama

    Coming back on the initial road that we left to see the vineyards, leading to our still mysterious destination, admire the small village of Torgny lost in the sea of green.Things get stranger when you arrive at the two next curiosities: a wall and a large barrel.

  • 13) The Vineyards

    At a Y-cross of the road, turn left to climb to the vineyards "Poirier du Loup". The site benefits from a sunny exposition, the wood protection against wind and the micro climate of Torgny. This wine production (9200 square metres; Rivaner, Pinot Blanc, Pinot Noir, Auxerrois) is more important than the one presented above ("Clos de...

  • 12) Typical house

    Houses are not only typical for their stones and tiles mentioned before. They are normally away from the street by a place which used to be for wood or manure heap and a social area of stones for sitting outside.Back to the parking place (in front of the red house) either walk up the street (North-East) or drive, if you fear to climb 1 km long....

  • 11) Yellow stones

    The typical stone is yellow, calcareous, sandy and including small shells (dating from a time the sea was here!). This stone is not an exclusive characteristic of Torgny but serves the architecture of the whole region.Green vegetation, yellow stones and red tiles. We only missed the blue sky!

  • 10) Torgny's Church

    Climbing a few meters more rue de l'Ermitage you arrive at the church, dominating the village.Built in 1582, rebuilt in 1777 and severely damaged during the war in 1940, the church was rebuilt in 1952 in neo-roman style.Climbing further you will discover the cemetary on your right, transferred here in 1885 due to a lack of place around the church....

  • 9) L'auberge de la grappe d'or

    Would you appreciate to find a restaurant after wine tasting ?This inn suggests an attractive menu, changed every two months, but read lettersrather than numbers of the menu! (No wonder, it has a one star "Michelin" quotation).We have not been there and if you plan to go, please tell us about your experience.Half or full pension.Closed on sunday...

  • 8) Wine production

    In the barn, the producer will enjoy sharing his experience and explaning the production process (pressing, fermentation in vats). The "auxerrois" vintage is adapted to Torgny'scalcareous soil and benefits here from the micro climate, the sunny exposition and the wood protection against wind.The glass of wine you just tasted (or the several ones...

  • 7) Wine tasting

    Just above the church (see 10) below), there is a vineyard "Clos de l'Epinette" of about 1000 square meter. Its small production, typically 300 bottles a year of white wine, can be tasted (2 euro/glass) and bought (9 euro/bottle) in a renovated barn.

  • 2) Parking places

    From anywhere you arrive, drive until you reach the centre of Torgny. The village is so small and concentrated that you cannot miss it. We arrived from Lamorteau and found a parking ('P' on the map, 5 places!) but more are spread all over the village.On the picture, the street leading to Lamorteau. The parking stands in front of the red house.

  • 6) Above roofs

    From our upper position, we can observe the typical tiles. They are U-shaped and stacked on each other. As souvenir, do not bring one with you but pass the nearby village Charency-Vezin to buy special biscuits of this shape, called tuile de Torgny (Torgny's tile) in bakery of François Cipriano.Following the street, turn left into "rue de...

  • 5) The Belgium-France border

    Look in the west direction, towards the valley of river Chiers: the hill at the rear is in France. (The river is the border there).Our next destination is the first street down the place on the left.

  • 4) The big fountain

    Fed by a stream, this washing place was built in 1901 and classified since 1982. Due to the discussions held at this place during washing, it was called "chamber of deputies" and "hornet's nest". Mention the well preserved wooden framework.

  • 3) Torgny centre

    Leaving the parking down towards the village centre, you first notice a place with a fountain (and a VT friend hidden behind her camera: Guess who!).You should have also noticed by now the yellow stones particular to that region (more on this later).

  • The yellow stones

    The yellow stone is a characteristic of the village and give a wonderful charm to the houses.La pierre calcaire jaune clair, mi-poreuse et grenue, est constituée de débris de coquillages, de grains de quartz, le tout cimenté par de la calcite. Elle est pierre des champs pour l'intérieur du mur et les parties cachées ; pierre de carrière en blocs...

  • 1) A guided tour around Torgny

    A signed walk around Torgny is suggested as shown on the picture. Main references are given on the map (Fountain, church, cemetery, nature reserve, chapel, ...)In the next Things to Do Tips we will only follow a small part of the suggested itinerary. This map is useful for general orientation.

  • Belgian Wine proving!

    There is Belgian wine, yessss!!!! You can taste it in the building of the proprietary of the Clos de l'Epinette, rue de l'Ermitage : the grape "Auxerrois'' gives a very delightful white wine!

  • The Roman tiles

    The Roman curved tile is a rest of the Roman period. They are placed on the roofs 35° incline and are hold on the sides with stones

  • The Big fountain

    In the middle of the village, there is the wonderful building of the Big fountain. It dates back from 1901and is classed since 29 april 1982. This fountain,used as "washing place", was called "nid de guêpes" ou square of the "mauvaises langues" because that was the place where women talked about everybody and built or destroyed reputation


Torgny Restaurants

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    La Grappe d'Or: A restaurant with Michelin stars

    by Joeplaboem Written Nov 3, 2003

    Good Restaurant which has Michelin stars.
    Lilaine and Jacques Boulanger will receive you in a beautiful veranda in a very old house.
    Take care the floor is not even.

    Favorite Dish: Everything is ok

    the veranda
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