Da Giovanni, Antwerp

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Jan Blomstraat 8, B-2000 Antwerpen +32/(0) 3 226. 74.50

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  • Da giovanni
    Da giovanni
    by yashiko
  • Da giovanni
    Da giovanni
    by yashiko
  • Italian restaurant
    Italian restaurant
    by irisbe
  • Nathalie_B's Profile Photo

    Da Giovanni: Great pizzas and pastas

    by Nathalie_B Written Jul 18, 2004

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Thanks to Peter_P and Norali, who organized a great VT meeting on November 2, 2003, I had a great meal in this Italian restaurant. The food and the service were really good. We had a little problem communicating in English, but there were enough Belgian and Dutch VTers that could help!
    If you walk by the restaurant beware that the waiter (or whomever he is) will be chasing you all the way down the street trying to convince you to choose their place. Well.... if it happens either walk in and enjoy the food or run away as fast as you can ;-)

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    Da Giovanni: Don´t take more than 20 friends..

    by tompt Updated Nov 6, 2003

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    DA Giovanni had a bit of trouble to make room for the 30+ of us at the november 2003 meeting. Although we had a reservation for 30 there was only a table for 24. It took some negotiation and then we were moved to another part of the restaurant. We had places close to each other but not really together.

    The food was terrific. The pizza was so big most of us didn´t finish it.

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  • aadil's Profile Photo

    Isola Sarda Pizzeria: Ask for the opposite of what you want!!!

    by aadil Written Oct 27, 2002

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Nice little place near the Cathedral square in Antwerp with nice decor but the pizza was not to my liking!!! Not even after being made to order!!

    Favorite Dish: Pizza ofcourse!!! But it wasn't so good after all!! I asked for something very spicy and all I got was a very bland one!!!!! Even the chillies were not hot!!! HAHAHA!!!

    Pizzeria by the Cathedral

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  • irisbe's Profile Photo

    Previous Isola Sarda now Da Giovanni: Italian stuf

    by irisbe Updated Nov 11, 2004

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The Giovanni restaurant took over Isola Sarda. So you still can eat there but it is now Giovanni.

    In the shadow of the Cathedral you can find this restaurant where you can enjoy very good pizzas fresh made.
    But we found out that the spicy pizza was not spicy at all!
    Of course you can wonder if the pizzas are still the same?
    When we had the big Antwerp meeting in 2003 this restaurant was already Da Giovanni.

    My pizza was so salted (and I suspect they use taste enhancing spices) that even the day after I felt bad.
    I thought the it was better at the previous owner

    Favorite Dish: All kinds of pizza's!

    Italian restaurant

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  • Sinjoor's Profile Photo

    Da Giovanni: La Bella Italia in Antwerp

    by Sinjoor Updated Apr 9, 2004

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    This restaurant, lying at the foot of the cathedral, right off Groenplaats, is an establishment that cannot be easily missed, for in its doorway one or other member of the staff is constantly advertising the qualities of the restaurant and beckoning people passing by to enter and sample them. Always filled to capacity this restaurant boils with an atmosphere of frantic mediterrean exuberance. Apart from the exquisite cuisine, the hustle and bustle of the waiters running back and forth and rattling away in their almost musical Italian is an attraction in itself. As is the ceiling of the restaurants which is covered in numerous chianti bottles.

    Favorite Dish: As the cuisine is overall quite tasty I don't have any favourite dish to recommend. Only that when you order a pizza be sure you're hungry because they are quite sizable. Even the children size ones are a mouthful. But they are so very good they invite you to make an extra effort and make them disappear none the less.

    Da Giovanni restaurant
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  • steventilly's Profile Photo

    Da Giovanni: Fast and Frenetic

    by steventilly Written Sep 18, 2002

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Fast and frenetic is the only way to describe this italian restaurant. When some other places nearby seem quiet and empty, this place is always busy & full, and yet they seem to always find you a place.
    The waiters dash about, always in a hurry, always talking loudly or even shouting. But it's a quite entertaining spectacle, and quite amusing to watch. Oh, and the food is great too.

    Favorite Dish: I took Pizza with Spinach & Egg - at home we call that a Fioerentina, there they call it something else - I don't recall what. Susan took Pizza with Pineapple, Caro had some kind of seafood Pizza and Filip had something else, that I don't recall.

    With All That Red You Can't Miss It

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  • steventilly's Profile Photo

    Da Giovanni: Fast and Frenetic II

    by steventilly Written Sep 18, 2002

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    We liked this place so much we went back a second time.
    And I forgot to tell you too that if you get a seat near the Piazzaola (the guy who makes the pizzas) you can watch him spinning the doughs to form the Pizza base. This is very entertaining, just be careful that you don't knock your table over in your eagerness to photograph him, as I did :-S

    Favorite Dish: Susan went for the same old Pineapple Pizza, but I took Spaghetti Arrabiata - a spicy tomato sauce. It was lovely, and since we'd been to Hoegaarden and Caro had introduced me to the Sabayon, I was hooked, and had to try the Sabayon here too. It was absolutely lovely, and quite enormous too, it was almost a struggle to finish. Almost.

    Tossing The Pizza

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  • petwouters's Profile Photo

    One of my favourite...

    by petwouters Written Aug 26, 2002

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    One of my favourite restaurants in Antwerp is Da Giovanni. It's a very good pizza restaurant, located nest to the cathedral, in the city centre. It's an excellent restaurant, and... students get 20% off if they can show a student card!!!

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  • Innovator's Profile Photo

    DA GIOVANNI Ristorante Pizzeria: DA GIOVANNI - cosy & friendly & fair prices

    by Innovator Updated Dec 17, 2003

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Nice restaurant with real italian crew, good food, not expensive, good opening hours, mostly till 01:00 after midnight!

    Exists some 8 years,now a second restaurant is opening on the other side of the street. 2 floors, big terrace (cosy in summer) and nice warm in winter inside

    FUNGHI TRIFOLATI Gestoomde champignons in witte wijn & knoflook 6.00 EUR
    MELONE AL PORTO Verse meloen met rode porto 7.70 EUR
    COCKTAIL DI GAMBERETTI Garnalen coktail 7.70 EUR

    Deeglagen met gehakt, bechamelsaus en kaas €7.30
    CANNELLONI Opgerolde deeg met gehakt, tomaten en kaas €7.30
    TRIS SPECIALE Lasagna, cannelloni, tortelloni €8.90

    MARGHERITA Tomaten en kaas 4.50 EUR
    CIPOLLA Tomaten, kaas en uien 5.60 EUR
    FUNGHI Tomaten, kaas en champignons 6.10 EUR
    ANANAS Tomaten, kaas en ananas 6.30 EUR
    PROSCIUTTO Tomaten,kaas en ham 6.40 EUR
    SALAME Tomaten, kaas en salami 7.10 EUR
    NAPOLETANA Tomaten, kaas, ansjovis en kappertjes 7.10 EUR
    ROMANA Tomaten, kaas, artisjoken en olijven 7.50 EUR
    HAWAI Tomaten, kaas, ham en ananas 7.60 EUR
    SOLE MIO Tomaten, kaas, spinazie en ei 7.60 EUR
    CAPRICCIOSA Tomaten, kaas, ham en champignons 7.80 EUR
    PRIMAVERA Tomaten, kaas, courgettes en aubergine 8.20 EUR
    VEGETARIANA Tomaten, kaas en groenten 8.40 EUR
    BOLOGNESE Tomaten, kaas en gehaktsaus 8.60 EUR
    GORGONZOLA Tomaten, kaas en gorgonzola 9.40 EUR
    TONNO Tomaten, kaas, tonijn en uien 9.40 EUR
    FRUTTI DI MARE Tomaten, kaas, zeevruchten en knoflook 9.50 EUR
    SALSICCIA Tomaten, kaas en Italiaanse pikante salami 9.70 EUR
    QUATTRO FORMAGGI Tomaten en 4 Italiaanse kazen 9.70 EUR
    CALZONE (Gesloten pizza) Tomaten, kaas, salami, ham, paprika, uien, artisjok, champignons 9.70 EUR
    GAMBERETTI Tomaten, kaas, garnalen en peterselie 9.70 EUR
    QUATTRO STAGIONI Tomaten, kaas, ham, salami, uien, paprika, champignons en artisjok 9.90 EUR
    MARINARA Tomaten, kaas en mosselen 9.90 EUR
    CARNE Tomaten, kaas, ham, salami, mortadella, salsiccia, Parmaham 12.50 EUR
    DELLA CASA Specialiteit van het huis (gesloten pizza) 24.20 EUR

    Favorite Dish: PASTA
    BOLOGNESE Gehaktsaus €7.10
    NAPOLETANA Tomatensaus €6.00
    AL PESTO Basilicumsaus €7.10
    CARBONARA Roomsaus met ei en spek €7.60
    AGLIO OLIO E PEPERONCINO Olijfolie, knoflook en pikante pepertjes €5.70
    MATRICIANA Spek en uien in tomatensaus €7.50
    VEGETARIANA Verschillende soorten groenten in tomatensaus €8.40
    A MODO MIO Pikante tomatensaus €7.60
    ARRABBIATA Pikante tomatensaus €7.70
    QUATTRO FORMAGGI 4 soorten kaas €9.70
    VONGOLE Zeeschelpjes in tomatensaus €8.90
    FRUTTI DI MARE Zeevruchten in witte wijn en tomatensaus €9.30
    TAGLIATELLE SALMONE Zalm met kaviaar en roomsaus €11.20
    TORTELLINI ALLA PANNA Gevulde deegkussentjes met ham en roomsaus €8.20
    AGLI SCAMPI Grote garnalen in tomatensaus met cognac €12.10

    COTOLETTA MILANESE Gepaneerde kalfschnitzel €12.60
    COTOLETTA D'AGNELLO Gegrilde lamskoteletten €13.00
    SCALOPPINA AL MARSALA Kalfslapje in marsala roomsaus €15.00
    SCALOPPINA AL VINO BLANCO Kalfslapje in witte wijnsaus €15.00
    SCALOPPINA LIMONE Kalfslapje met citroensaus €15.00
    SCALOPPINA ALLA PIZZAIOLA Kalfslapje met speciale pizzasaus €15.20
    SCALOPPINA ALLA BOSCAIOLA Kalfslapje met champignons en kappertjes in roomsaus €15.20
    SALTINBOCCA ALLA ROMANA Kalfslapje met salie, kaas, ham in witte wijnsaus€16.70
    BISTECCA AI FERRI Gegrilde biefstuk €14.70
    BISTECCA FUNGHI Biefstuk met champignons €15.90
    BISTECCA PEPE VERDE Biefstuk met groen peper €15.90
    BISTECCA AL PEPE NERO Biefstuk met zwarte peper €15.90
    BISTECCA AL GORGONZOLA Biefstuk met Gorgonzola creme saus €16.40
    ENTRCOTE AI FERRI Gegrilde entrecôte €14.70
    ENTRECOTE SICILIANA Entrecôte met verschillende groenten, tomatensaus €15.90
    OSSOBUCO CON TAGLIATELLE Kalfsschenkel met speciale saus €14.90

    SOGLIOLA MUGNAIA Tong gebakken in boter €19.50
    SOGLIOLA FERRI Gegrilde tong €19.50
    GAMBERONI FERRI Gegrilde gamba's €17.50
    GAMBERONI MARINARA Gamba's in een pikante saus €19.70
    CALAMARI FRITTI Gefrituurde inktvisringen €12.20

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  • myriam_c's Profile Photo

    Da Giovanni: Da Giovanni

    by myriam_c Updated Feb 8, 2004

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Just one of the numerous pizzeria's you will find all over Antwerp.
    Some are good, some are not so good.
    Da Giovanni is a good place for students or other people with a small budget. You will get plenty of food for little money but it's plain and simple.

    Favorite Dish: Pizza, pasta, wine ...

    Me at Da Giovanni

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  • yashiko's Profile Photo

    Da Giovanni: Da Giovanni

    by yashiko Updated May 15, 2006

    Favorite Dish: There pizzas are excellent. But the rest of the menu is good as well. It's good food for a good price: Pizza's start around 4.50 euro and students get 20% discount on the whole bill when showing their studentcard.

    Da giovanni Da giovanni Da giovanni

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  • Da Giovanni: Beware! Run by Credit Card Fraudsters

    by threecman Updated Sep 12, 2005

    Beware! Run by Credit Card Fraudsters

    We dined there in June 2005 and paid by credit card. We needed a power outlet to connect laptop. The waiter showed the table next to the outlet. To our surprise he charged us for using it when he brought in the bill. When we disputed it, he said that the owner ordered him to do so.

    Moreover, the restaurant continued to charge our card several times in the following months trying to defraud us by $500 dollars. The place is run by crooks.

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  • dila's Profile Photo

    Da Giovanni: vt meeting at da giovanni

    by dila Written Nov 6, 2003

    after some trouble to find enough place for us. we had a great time.
    the pizza i had was good enough and the restaurant was not expensive.
    they have two restaurant one on a corner the other across the straat here we ate.

    Favorite Dish: sole mio a pizza with cheese , spinach and egg on it.

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