't Pakhuis, Antwerp

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Vlaamsekaai 76 - 2000 Antwerpen +32/(0) 3 - 238.12.40

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  • Brewery Het Pakhuis
    Brewery Het Pakhuis
    by FilipDemuinck
  • Brewery Het Pakhuis
    Brewery Het Pakhuis
    by FilipDemuinck
  • Brewery Het Pakhuis
    Brewery Het Pakhuis
    by FilipDemuinck
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    Het Pakhuis: Beer brewery Pakhuis

    by FilipDemuinck Written Jun 25, 2010

    If you are looking for a special place to have a drink or something to eat in Antwerp, go to "Het Pakhuis" located on Vlaamse Kaai. You will not find any of the normal Belgian beers because they only serve home brewed beer. They serve blond, brown and a high alcohol percentage beer called "Bangelijke". It's a nice place to visit and have fun.

    See link:

    Brewery Het Pakhuis Brewery Het Pakhuis Brewery Het Pakhuis

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  • 't Pakhuis: Don't come here!

    by roadronner Updated Jun 8, 2009

    I visited this restaurant twice during first half of 2009. 1st visit was a bit of a let-down. We went with 6 people, had a table and were given menu cards. It wasnt until 20 minutes later that we were asked if we would like something to drink. We didnt really felt welcome.

    Anyway, the beer is housemade, and tasted very good. After a while came the dishes with food: it tasted quite good, except for the french fries: almost cold, soft and way too salty. We sent it back and got a new bowl of french fries, this time hot, but still too shortly fried and therefore soft.

    2nd time i went there was with my girlfriend, to see if the first time was a one-time mistake. When we came there, we were seated at a table near the bar. In the restaurant was a tour going on, where people could visit the house brewery. A bit disappointing was the fact that this tour ended next to us: loud and noisy men drinking beer while listening to the manager who told stories about the house brewery. Not really great if you're trying to have a relaxing dinner with your girlfriend. We ordered our drinks and food, but the food was way too early: one of the waitresses already walked towards us with the precourses, when we didnt even had our first drinks yet. The waitress was quickly pointed at this by another waitress, and she put down our plates, went to the bar, made our drinks and delivered them to us (one glass was filthy with lipstick, we sent this glass back for a new one). Then came the plates which were left at the bar. My girlfriend had carpaccio, but it was swimming in some sort of dressing. She reluctantly ate it. I had beer soup, which tasted really nothing different than a vegetable soup. Decent, but not what i expected.

    Then came the main courses: i had a mixed grill and my girlfriend had asparagus. Mixed grill were 4 tiny pieces of meat for €20, and my girlfriend's asparagus were very bitter and hard. Arent asparagus meant to be really soft, so that your knife can slice through them like through butter? And aren't they supposed to be less bitter? I learned at cooking school that asparagus need to be at least proper trimmed and cooked for 30minutes in order to make them soft and less bitter. But this wasnt the case. So we sent them back with our remarks, and after 30min my girlfriend got another plate of asparagus. I ofcourse finished my mixed grill already. With the second plate of asparagus came a small cup of sugar, as to compensate for the bitterness. The asparagus were prepared exactly like the previous ones, and by that time we really didnt feel like staying any longer. We asked for the cheque, and we didnt want to pay for the asparagus, as we hardly ate it as it wasnt properly prepared. But the waitress said: "well we can't take it off the bill, because when we have to do that every time people complain, we would have a problem". Well, thats a convincing remark? Then we asked for the manager, which took another 20minutes as she was giving another tour (which once again ended next to us). We explained our situation, and we explained we understood her situation as well (they made costs as well). But she refused to take the asparagus off the bill, and offered a cup of coffee or dessert from the house. Hesitantly we accepted it, and said to her: "surprise us", to give her the opportunity to show if she really wanted us to feel any better about this restaurant or not. Then came the "surprise dessert": one little ball of ice and 5 grilled strawberries, which tasted like meat, so i assume they were grilled on the same grill as where the meat is being grilled. Not the kind of 'comforting' dessert one might expect after the appalling experience with the asparagus. We took off after finishing the ball of ice, paying the cheque as a good customer tends to do, but i will never again come to this restaurant, as there are too many mistakes being made, in the kitchen as well as by the waiting staff.

    Favorite Dish: Well... the housemade beer is quite good, all 3 sorts.

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    't Pakhuis: Good brewpub

    by bonio Written Apr 2, 2007

    Always interested in a brewpub, still searching for that perfect pint!
    Anyway the beer is pretty good here and impressed by the food too, lots of asparagus on the menu to keep Mrs Bonio happy and desserts to keep her happier still.
    It's a huge place, once a warehouse I think, but service is good and friendly, well worth the short tram ride from the centre.

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    't Pakhuis: Belgian cuisine

    by Dabs Updated Jan 21, 2007

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    We had our only VT meeting of the trip in Antwerp with lovely Ilse (MATIM) and her husband who came to meet us at t' Pakhius, a brewpub where they brew their own beer. It's located in the southern part of Antwerp close to the river, within walking distance of the Rubenshof where we stayed.

    It was a week night so the restaurant wasn't very busy besides a large convention and service was quick. We sat for quite a while but as is traditional in most of Europe, they didn't bring our check until we asked for it.

    The interior looks like it might be a renovated warehouse and you can see some of the copper tanks they brew the beer in. Chances are if you have a VT meeting in Antwerp, you'll probably end up here :-)

    Favorite Dish: I ordered entrecote (tender steak cut from between the ninth and eleventh ribs of beef) with garlic butter and it was very good. I ordered this dish several times in Belgium over our 10 day trip.

    MATIM's husband, MATIM and me

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  • Nathalie_B's Profile Photo

    't Pakhuis: Nice place to have a beer... or two

    by Nathalie_B Updated Jan 3, 2007

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    't Pakhuis is my favorite restaurant/brewery located in the southern part of Antwerp. The place is big enough to accomodate huge VT meetings! The beer I like to drink there is Antwerpse Bruin, although this is not the only beer they make. I've been to the place countless number of times and can assure you that all their dishes are absolutely delicous! Great appetizers, tasty salades, wonderful meat and fish dishes and absolutely delicious mussels, Antwerp's specialty. Although fries are great addition to beer you won't be able to order them unless they come as a side dish to your meal. And by the way, don't call them French fries, the waiter will get mad at you. Those are Belgian fries!!!!!!

    Foooooooood! Antwerpse Bruin Mussels

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    by LoriPori Written Aug 24, 2005

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Wednesday, August 3, 2005
    Our VT Meeting Dinner was held at the 'T PAKHUIS. It was an excellent location, as we just about had the whole place to ourselves. Tom, our waiter was witty, wonderful and very effecient ( This is for you Tom as I didn't fill out my customer evaluation card). Hans had ribs which he says was excellent and I had the Belgian Sausage & potatoes which was very good.
    We all had a wonderful time and actually it was a good thing we were mostly by ourselves, because we were a pretty noisy, rowdy buch.

    'T Pakhuis

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    't Pakhuis: 't Pakhuis

    by OlafS Updated Nov 24, 2004

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    It's a shame that this place is a bit outside the centre, and that's the reason why I have been here only once, years ago. I do recommend it though, especially if you like beer. This is a restaurant and brewery in one. I only had a simple lunch when I was here, but it was good. Just bread with cheese. Very good, but expensive, although still about the cheapest thing on the menu. But I came here for the beer. They make three different ones, of which I only tasted the strongest one, Nen Bangelijke. Very good. See their website for more information. You can buy big (1 litre) bottles of the beers.

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    't Pakhuis: Lunchtime

    by irisbe Updated Nov 12, 2004

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    ‘t Pakhuis is a micro brewery in the Southern part of Antwerp.
    It has its own different beers amongst De Bangelijke. This is the one I usually drink there.
    This picture was taken when Ralph (Ralph_II) visited Belgium.
    We made a stop at lunch at ‘t Pakhuis and had some bread (made on base of yeast of the beer) and cheese, some “washed” in the beer, so do eat the outskirt of it! You also can eat some meat with home made mustard.

    For big hunger you can dine there. Different prices and menu’s you can find on their website.

    Favorite Dish: Bread with cheese, riped in the home made beer, and bread with meat and mustard home made.

    So far I only went there for lunch (bread) and beers !

    They are very friendly and patient with you :)
    We had a meeting point here with a huge amount of people on our VT big Antwerpe meeting in November 2003.

    The place is very much suitable for big groups, although if you decide to have a dinner there then you might have to settle with some suggested menu's because a la carte would be too difficult to cope with.

    (didn't ate this all at the same visit, I revisited it a couple of times

    Lunch at 't Pakhuis in Antwerp

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    't Pakhuis: Beer everything

    by Norali Updated Jul 6, 2004

    4 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Cool place where all activities would have to do with beer.

    Beer as drinks: not compulsory but the place has the advantage of brewing its own Bangelijke beer so you'd better try it.. then switch on something else if you don't like it... Yet, I ensure you, you are likely to appreciate it.

    Well, life is about that after all, try, "give it a chance", wholeheartedly experience it then switch if you don't like it. Then, probably a second chance? It worked for me at the Huis so, why not?

    Beer as food.. hmmm.. no, not a solidified beer. Yukes! No, no, rather a homemade beer-refined cheese that you will savour with your draft brood. 't Pakhuis draft brood is a bread made from diverse fibers obtained from brewing process. Yep, I told you "beer everything"

    Last but not least, 't Pakhuis is a brewery that you can visit. It has the copper tanks visible.

    Favorite Dish: Draft brood sandwich with beer-refined cheese

    What can I say ? It was heaven !

    't Pakhuis is a fun place for meetings, beer...
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    • Food and Dining
    • Beer Tasting
    • School Holidays

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    Het Pakhuis: Superb Brewbub/Restaurant

    by steventilly Updated Sep 19, 2002

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The first meal of our stay in Antwerp, and Caro brought us to Het Pakhuis, a great brewpub/restaurant in the "trendy" quarter of town, close to the river in what was once an old warehouse.
    Inside Het Pakhuis you can see the brewing machinery - it forms an integral part of the decor. I think many "Mini VT Meetings" have been held here - and it's a great venue :-)

    Favorite Dish: I had a strange but wonderful dish of exotic mushrooms in a creamy sauce served with exotic fruits and sprouting beans. Lovely.
    And the beers? I had first a Bruin and then a Bangelijke, both very nice indeed.

    Mmm, Heaven On A Plate

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  • hayward68's Profile Photo

    t' Pakhuis: t' Pakhuis

    by hayward68 Written Aug 25, 2002

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    It's located in what seems to be a renovated warehouse and they brew their own beer on the premises. You can see the brewing equipment from the restaurant. Quite a spacious place and the menu is great. I stole a menu, much to the chagrin of Caroline ;) but if you'd like to know what's on the menu just ask! :)

    Favorite Dish: Actually, it was the beer which they brew inhouse, but the food was wonderful as well. I tried a beef stew.
    The beer I tried was Nen Bangelijke and is 9.5 percent alcohol vol.

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