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  • The front facade of the oldest part of the abbey
    The front facade of the oldest part of...
    by Pavlik_NL
  • Many beautiful corners discovered around the abbey
    Many beautiful corners discovered around...
    by Pavlik_NL
  • Postel Abbey
    Postel Abbey
    by tompt

Postel Things to Do

  • De Kaasboerin

    Drinking, dancing, eating , a lot of fun in this cafe/restaurant.Everyone in the south of Brabant knows this place, famous for the good beers and food.Special sundayafternoons are fun with live music as wellFrom Holland take direction Eindhoven, Eersel, Postel (Mol)

  • Abdij Postel

    A must do for sure is a visit to this monastery special for their beer and famous for their Äbdij"cheeese.In the summer its great for a day out, take a long walk in the woods and visit the Äbdij Postel", which has a restaurant and a terrace where you can have some great tasting beer.and opposite there are many "Friteskotten"-The shop of the...

  • The herb gardens

    The herb gardens were established in 1994 and have become an important source of income for the abbey since. Right from the start the growing of ginseng was of big importance but there are other herbs too. Products made from these herbs are available in the shop.

  • The church

    I had to restrain myself not to run directly to the church. It's an interesting one, wityh traces of several different architectural styles. The church dates from the 12th century and originally was in Romanesque style, which is still especially noticeable at the choir. The nave has had some changes in Gothic style, the side-aisles have windows in...

  • Recent and architectoral history

    After the French were beaten definately at Waterloo, religious life returned to the abbey. Here a summery of the abts (abbey leader) with their leading period, since the return:J. de Kort (1872-1890) made again a living abbey after it was abondanned.Herman Jozef Herstraets (1890-1926) restores many buildingsHugo Bennebroek (1926-1951) sees the...

  • History of the Postel abbey in years

    Norbertine (or Preamonstratenser) order has been founded in 1121 at Prémontré (F) by Saint Norbert of Gennep (NL) following the principles of Saint Augustine. The Postel monastry is founded even before 1138 by the abbey of Floreffe (near Namur) with as main tasks: care of the soul, singing prayers (the choir is founded in 1140), refuge for...

  • Inside the domain of God

    The inside of the Postel abbey church is small, yet dazzling with beautiful colours that shine through the glass-in-lead windows. The interior is dark and open, but narrow. The church is not that huge as a cathedral. The wooden benches invite to sit down and make you gaze around to the saints on statues and the shrineworks behind the altar. Still,...

  • Centre of the Postel abbey: the church

    The Norbertine Monchs are every day in a ritual in which the prayer stands on a most important place. Besides that prayers are done with many occasion and activities, the morning, afternoon and evening prayers are collective and done in the centre of the Postel abbey, the church. At the entrance a note for visitors:This churchbuilding is the house...

  • An ensemble of architectural styles.

    The abbey of Postel is a collection of several buildings that were built through several centuries. Therefor the styles and architectural are various, which however doesn;t mean that the abbey is a garbage of them. No, it is a wonderful belnded mixture of them and a lust for the eye. Especially the mix between the Roman-Rhineland church with the...

  • Abbey far away from everything yet in...

    Postel is situated in a rather rough area with deep forests, open (unsafe) heatherfields and sandy places. Desolated from the inhabited world one would say it is located absolutely wrong. Still, in the heart of the medieval developed world, it was a famous place or travellers and pelgrims between Antwerpen, Brugge, Gent and Brussel with Koln and...

  • Do some walking

    The surroundings of the Postel abbey are perfect for walking. There are several routes you can follow. We did the yellow route, only 6.5 km. The route is indicated by this signs and / or a yellow round marker with an arrow in it pinned on the trees.

  • the abbey stables

    It is possible to have a tour of the abbey, apply at the Mol tourist office, maybe you are able to see more of the stables then.Normally it is off limits. Thought it made a nice pic anyway.


Postel Restaurants

  • Cafe-restaurant across the street

    On the other side of the street one finds a café restaurant with terraces as well as inside places. The menu is simple, but the collection of beers is - like it is tradition in Belgium - wide. Sit down and relax after visiting the monastry or walking the beautiful forests surrounding it.

  • across the road

    Across the street from the abbey is de drie linden. They have a lovely terrace on which you can enjoy the sunshine and a good kitchen. We had stoofvlees met friet , a typical belgian stew with fries.

  • An abbey beer and bread

    This restaurant has a nice terrace in front of the abbey. You can try all the abbey products here. Just take an abbey beer with abbey bread and abbey cheese, delicious !


Postel Transportation

  • Taxandria car route, discovering the...

    Through Belgium and The Netherlands is an interesting car route, called the Taxandria. This is the Roman name of the surroundings that are now-a-days named "Kempen". Stretching out on either side of the border, the cover a large surface that is generally known for it's sandy and poor soil. Agriculture here had it rather difficult, though on world...

  • Postel, not a village on the map

    Postel will not appear on the map as being a village, as simply it is not a village. The abbey me simulate a village society, but the only group of buildings here are actually the abbey itse;f and the castle plus a shop and a cafe outside the abbey. Dessel is the most nearby village in Belgium and Eersel just over the border within The Netherlands....

  • Postel Hotels

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Postel Shopping

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  • The abbey's own products

    Like many other abbeys in Belgium, this one has a shop where you can buy products made at, or for, the abbey. The abbey is famous for its cheese and has a nice choice of different types plus home-made butter. These go nicely with the bread that's also made at the abbey and also comes in several varieties. Not cheap but high quality. The same goes...

  • Shopping in an abbey? Yes of course!

    Postel abbey is producing a few famous house specialities. Above all the famous Postel dubbel and triple beer is recommended highly. Furthermore there are specific kinds of bread (wood-oven backed) and cheeses. All made by the Norbertine monchs themselves and very tasty.

  • beer !

    In the abdijwinkel , the shop of the abbey they sell the products that are made in the abbey. The abbey makes its own cheese, herbs, bread and much more.The Postel beer is brewed elsewhere under license. But is sold in the shop too. Defenitely buy the beer! There are different varieties, but so far all we tasted were great.


Postel Local Customs

  • The rooster of the Postel abbey

    Remember that on top of most churchtowers within the Lowlands a rooster is pointing out the direcion of the wind? Well, in Postel that rooster is not only on top of the church, but ... walking around freely, like the hens and some other farm animals. So, be careful while driving around.

  • The obvious

    You're in an abbey. A religious place. The people who live here do so because they want to live a life of worship. They're not here to entertain you. Act respectfully. Respect the silence at any place and time and do not enter the church during services. You're welcome to attend services but do arrive in time. Some parts of the abbey are...

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Postel Off The Beaten Path

  • Dessel, the nearest village on Belgian...

    To reach Postel from the South, the easiest way is first to focus on the map to the little village of Dessel. From here one will be able to drive to Postel through the forests of the border-area. Dessel itself is a small village in the "Kempen" (name of these surroundings) and has little fame in itself. The large church and the cityhall are the...

  • The hidden castle in the forest

    The Postel abbey is surrounded by the border forests that stretch out over a vast terrain on the border between Belgium and The Netherlands. Across the street at the abbey many walking routes start through the forests. There is also - hidden between the trees - a castle. Sadly enough it cannot be visited and it is taken out of sight completely. It...

  • Try to guess which saint is which

    All the buildings of the abbey are baring small statues of their patriot saints. Therefor there is only in this already a lot to see in the abbey. Can you guess all saints right? Often they carry a specific sign that makes clear who is who.This one (see picture) is quite easy as it is of course Saint Joseph (my favourite since I am the father of...


Postel Favorites

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    by tompt Updated Aug 17, 2003

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Favorite thing: The abbey of Postel is hidden away in the forest. There are some great walking routes for you to discover.

    And after a walk you can always sit down at the abbey and have a beer.......

    Forest around Postel Abbey
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