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  • Achel
    by FlyingDutchmen
  • Achel
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  • Achelse Kluis, Achel Belgium March 2007
    Achelse Kluis, Achel Belgium March 2007
    by catnl

Achel Things to Do

  • St. Benedictusabdij De Achelse Kluis and...

    all kind of great delicious belgium abbey beers, you can buy them at the shop of this monastery. also belgium chocolate and home made cheese and lots of other productslast time i was here was with Rudy and Lenny march 8. 2007thanx guys for the great time we spend:-)

  • Walk around the outside of the Abbey

    By walking around the monastery you can get a better feel as to what the daily life is like within the abbey.

  • Inside the Abbey

    Walk around the inside of the Abbey if you get a chance, it is clean & quiet. It gives you a better idea as to how the Trappist Monks live.

  • The Abbey's Church

    The Church is many time the center of the Abbey. Out of the Trappist Churches I was in (Achel, Westvleteren and Orval), the iside of Achel was the most decorated. The afternoon prayers did not take place at the main Church, but at a smaller section of the Church next to the abbey.

  • The Abbey's courtyard

    During mass & prayers there will be someone at the Courtyard Gate that will give you entrance & show you the way to the Church. During my visit, a little girl (last picture) stood in the courtyard and showed us the way to the Church. The courtyard has several statues worth taking a look at.

  • Entrance to the Abbey

    There are several entrances to the the Abbey. Most are simply entrances to the Souvenir shops, Cafeteria, etc. In order to enter the actual abbey you have to either be a guest at the guesthouse or be attending prayers or mass. I was not a guest, but I was lucky that the 1500 hrs prayers were taking place and I was able to enter the Abbey throught...


Achel Restaurants

  • Achel Cafeteria

    The cafeteria in Achel is very simple. You can obviously buy their beer here. They also offer coffee and a variety of sandwitches.

  • The beer

    This is a young brewery, set up with the help of the Westmalle trappist abbey. They produce two beers, a dark and a blonde one. Personally I'm not so crazy about the dark one; it's definitely not bad, but I think there are already many beers in the same category that are better. The blonde one on the other hand has quickly become one of my...

  • Ice cream

    Would you believe it, ice cream with beer flavour? Well, they sell it here! Based on fresh milk, this is very creamy stuff. You won't feel any alcohol 'cause there ain't any. One advice: try the ice cream before you drink the beer. The beer has quite an aftertaste.


Achel Shopping

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  • Achel Supermarket

    The Food & Drink market sells anything from beer glasses to meats & cheese. It was one of my favorite parts of the Abbey.

  • Two shops

    The complex has two shops. One sells religious stuff mostly; candles, books, statues etc.. We found this shop open on sundays. The other one is a small supermarket and is apparently closed on sundays. Here products made in other monasteries and convents are being sold, such as candles, soap and even toys, as well as the normal everyday necessities....

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Achel Favorites

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  • The monastery of the "Achelse Kluis"

    Certainly worth a vist this old monastery, its between Holland and Belgium, 15 min. by car from Eindhoven direction Valkenswaard.The monks have a special shop with special beers, cheese and other food.Its cheaper to buy the Trappistbeer here then in shops. We used to go here almost every week when my parents were still alive.Beside this monastery...

  • Who are the trappists?

    The Trappists are a Cistercian order of monks. Unlike the Norbertines*, some of whose abbeys I describe elsewhere, this order tries to stay away from the rest of society as much as possible. Until the 1960's these monks didn't even speak! Their wish for seclusion still means that you won't see many monks, except for a guide maybe, or a monk having...

  • History

    In 1656, when in the Netherlands catholicism is persecuted, a small church is built just over the border near Achel. Here the catholics from Valkenswaard and surounding villages can safely celebrate their religion. In 1686 a secluse is formed, a small community of hermits, a "kluis" in Dutch. The French revolutionists close the place, but in 1846 a...


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