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Hasselt Things to Do

  • Go for a walk amongst the largest dunes...

    À la taverne, vous retournez sur vos pas jusqu’à la piste cyclable pour vous engager dans un large chemin sablonneux. À l’embranchement en T, à gauche.Vous traversez un paysage accidenté. Les bosses sablonneuses se sont fixées grâce aux arbres et à la végétation. Plus loin apparaissent de plus grandes dunes qui sont des dunes continentales...

  • Visit the Tourist Office

    The staff at this office is excellent. Make sure to purchase the walking guide. They even have some nice gift items.

  • even if you do not drink it -- this is...

    National Jennever Museum. This is a very historic site and quite interesting! You can even taste the genever at the end of your tour. And Genever makes wonderful Hasselts' coffee! Yum!

  • National Jenevermuseum

    Quite an interesting museum where you can see the process of jenever-making and afterwards have a nice... jenever.

  • Wall Art

    Some people could call this graffitti, but I would call it "Wall Art", it may not be a fancy art form, but it does add color and interest to what could be bleak cityscape wall. Here in Hasselt there were many examples of fine wall art.

  • Impressions of a great fall season

    Walking around city centre shopping area. No cars allowed, plenty to see and do. Especially Demerstraat and Koning Albertstraat are well-known, the latter has just been repaved which is a blessing of you're wearing heels. Or are clumsy.

  • Too hot for ya? Have a swim!

    Kapermolen Zwembad (Public Swimming Pool), Elfde Liniestraat, 5 mins walk from city centreThe best place to go when you've done your sightseeing bit in the city centre and are moving towards the Japanese Garden, which is the biggest and prettiest of Western Europe. You can easily walk to this garden via the Kapermolen Park, where you also find the...

  • Water Boy

    Right on the main shopping street in Hasselt you'll find this cute little statue. Brussels has their statues -- little boy and girl peeing - and this has a cute story of the people being thankful for having good water. He is named for the River Demer as the Demer Manneke.


    De ZWARTE MARKT is located in Tessenderlo, about 25 km from Hasselt.It is a very large indoor market only open on Sunday (9.00 untill 18.00). You will find there all different kind of things (clothes, old things, hobby, books, etc..) and there is a unique atmosfere.

  • Bokrijk

    Officially, this splendid Open Air Museum lies on the territory of the city of Genk, in the "Park Midden-Limburg" but it is close enough to Hasselt to consider it one of the major attractions in the region around Limburg's capital.The domain of Bokrijk is some 550 ha large and consist of woods, gardens, farmland and ponds. The large playground is a...

  • Fashion museum

    The Fashion Museum gives a nice overview of the evolution of fashion. Moreover, regularly theme expositions are organized. Also here a brochure can be obtained at the Tourist Infomation with an outlined "fahion-walk" through the streets of Hasselt.

  • Japanese garden

    The Japanese garden in Hasselt is the largest one in Europe. It has a big ceremony house in the central part of the garden. Here there are held teaceremonies which one can participate in. On the central court there are several festivities durring the year such as cherryblossom viewing, sakefestival, o-bon, koi-nobori, degustations of the japanese...


Hasselt Hotels

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  • Radisson Blu Hotel, Hasselt

    Torenplein 8, Twee Toren Wijk, Hasselt, Limburg, 3500, Belgium

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Families

    Hotel Class 4 out of 5 stars

  • The Century

    Leopoldplein 1, Hasselt, Limburg, 3500, Belgium

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Solo

  • Holiday Inn Hasselt

    I stayed one night at Holiday Inn Hasselt in April 2008. The room (normal) was 130 Euros. I got an...


Hasselt Restaurants

  • “Affordable Italian Charm”

    This restaurant is an institute in Hasselt.The menu always has several Italian specialties listed. Also you will find some classical dishes (goose liver, scallops, lobster, ...) all year round, but seasonally prepared. The food and wines are very good at a reasonable price. I wonder why this restaurant isn't rated in any major gourmet-guide.

  • Fresh and tasty

    This is a health food oriented restaurant. Sincere cusisine served in a modern ambiance, presided over by a very hands-on chef. Perfect for lunch. One of their house specialties. I had the Aardappel with Russian salad. About $20.00 with 25 cl of wine.

  • very cosy restaurant

    very cosy but crowded restaurant . We had some toast and eggs here, they add some food decoration at our plates what I like so much that I took a picutre of it for you.

  • Hasseltse Koffie

    When you visit Hasselt don't forget to taste a real 'Hasseltse Koffie'. It is fresh coffee with a taste of creamy liquor and cream on top. Delicious!!

  • Fine restaurant in a cosy street

    I don't really remember what we ate here (September 2004), but I do remember that the portions were big and the food was excellent.Located in a cosy little street (the Walputsteeg).

  • Toet Friet (Pomme Fritte)

    These shops of the local fast food, serving Toet Friet (Fried Potatoes, or Pomme Frites in Holland) are a great way to break your fast from your last meal...you see people eating them on the street all the time, like Ice-Cream in the US or Fallafel here in Israel. But you add Mayonnaise instead of ketchup. Some of the shops serve them up with...


Hasselt Nightlife

  • Sipping on a drink

    God, isn't this just my kinda place. Cocktails are shaken or stirred fresh, right before your eyes. Also the decor is the best: seventies style interior design, but mixed up with a good dose of naughties bright funkadelic. Whatever you like, depending on the fact that you like to be noticed or just notice. Hasselt is a place for cool cats you...

  • Dance the night away

    Great club. I only made it out on student night, which i believe was on thursday nights. Very cool sound, lights, and center dance floor which revolves around. Check in advance for dresscode, I do not believe there is one for student night, but the other nights might have one.

  • avant-garde art center.

    Concerts, exhibitions, movies, bar,... They got it all. Little alternative spot with a cosy underground atmosphere. none


Hasselt Transportation

  • Getting to Hasselt

    I enjoy travel by bus. Since we lived in nearby Maastricht, NL, we used the bus going to Belgium several times. The bus service called de Lijn is very convenient. Here is a picture of the one going to Hasselt.

  • Free ride

    We love our mayor here in Hasselt . And the reason for that is that he made all the busses in and around the city free. No pay. Free ride for everyone. You can get a brochure for all the timetables and routes off the busses at the busstation.

  • Getting around

    Hasselt is a small city. It is easy to do everything on foot. Here is a map of the walk we did (see my 'must see activity' section for the walk).


Hasselt Shopping

  • Shopping

    In the city center of Hasselt, you can find more than 600 shops. When you have some free time, stroll around the Demerstraat, Koning Albertstraat, Hoogstraat and the Grote Markt.

  • Oil & Vinegar

    This brand new shop is wonderfull. A small store full off olive oils, vinagers, pastas, pesto's, stuffed peppers,... Ingredients for a marvelous dish. They have it all. A good place to find a perfect gift for someone who likes tasty things. You can choose from almost 30 different kinds of olive oil which are displayed in glass jars at the back of...

  • Shopping in Hasselt

    The shops are known for their tasteful decor, lighting, shop windows and above all the quality of the goods on offer.The stores are usually open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday to Saturday. There is no late night opening. Stores are closed on Sundays and holidays. According to "Test Aankoop" (a consumer's research and testing magazine) Hasselt is...


Hasselt Local Customs

  • Jesus ??

    Okay you tell me, is this an actor portraying Jesus or what...we saw this guy all dressed up with no camera crew, so it was not a film, with no photographers, so it was not a fashion show or photo shoot, no other "characters", so it was not a cult gathering.....and even stranger was that while people would glance at him you could not really say...

  • Beer

    I found beer in Hasselt to be very good.I'm fond of white beer and that's what I firstly ordered when sitting in a nice Bistro in the central square.

  • Comic art

    If you have been to Brussels, you have surely seen a lot of nice cartoons painted on walls of houses. Belgium is the land of several comic strips, among which Tintin is the most famous one. Lately, I have noticed that the city of Hasselt has also started to paint their open spaces with Belgian comic strips.


Hasselt Off The Beaten Path

  • Hasselt - Bokrijk

    Officially, this splendid Open Air Museum lies on the territory of the city of Genk, in the "Park Midden-Limburg" but it is close enough to Hasselt to consider it one of the major attractions in the region around Limburg's capital.The domain of Bokrijk is some 550 ha large and consist of woods, gardens, farmland and ponds. The large playground is a...

  • Hasselt Jenever ( gin ) city

    Hasselt is an important commercial centre in Belgium and it is a paradise for shoppers. The shopping streets are pretty and dotted with colourful terraces and stylish shopping arcades.Hasselt is the Jenever City ýpar exellenceý. The Borrelmanneke and the National Jenever Museum have become the symbols of Belgiumýs Jenever capital. Hasselt is the...

  • Kiewit nature reserve

    The unique, natural beauty of Houthalen-Helchteren, with its magnificent forests and moorlands, dunes and meres, has a great deal to offer. yahoo


Hasselt Favorites


    One of the nice things about Hasselt (and many towns in Limburg) are the historic sites you can see as you walk. Walking Hasselt is a pure joy!

  • The Virga Jesse church

    The Virga Jesse church. Virga Jesse is honoured because of the many miracles she did.This basilica is the third building. The first collapsed in 1727 and the second was destroyed during WWII.You can find this church at the Kapelstreet

  • palace of justice

    When Hasselt became capital of the province of Limburg in 1839, there was no town hall. The city had to wait 70 years before this town hall was built.Today court of law is situated here.


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