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Tervuren Things to Do

  • English guide book to exploring Tervuren

    There is a really lovely and useful little pocket guide available to Tervuren. It's in English and gives directions to Tervuren, a map of a lovely 6 km walk around the park, notes on the history of the region, nature notes of birds and trees to see etc, and some recommendations of where to eat and drink. I found the "activities and ideas for...

  • Statues in the Warande Park

    Throughout the park you will discover several statues. The most valuable one I am told is the one where the father is killing his daughter to save the honour of the family.

  • To be remembered and honoured

    Building the Royal Museum of Central Africa took its toll on lives: three people died during the construction period.The Museum was built on occasion of the World Colonial exhibition, an off spin of the World Exhibition held in Brussels at he same time.It was meant to bring the local population into contact with this new colony of BelgiumThe...

  • The Congo, I presume?-Tom Frantzen

    For those who are interested in the artist Tom Frantzen, he has a new project that still needs some financing. Big companies are willing to offer money but in return for rather unaesthetical promotion signs. That future project is again a collection of different statues with fountain that will decorate the roundabout at Tervuren.Some of his other...

  • The Congo, I presume?

    Tom Frantzen “The Congo I presume”At the East side of the French garden was a compilation of statues erected in 1997. They were created by Tom Frantzen and inaugurated on occasion of the centennial of the Colonial World Exhibition. The monument was baptized “The Congo, I presume. Congo-Tervuren 1897-1997”. It is an artistic ode to the beauty of the...

  • Museum of Central Africa

    You cannot miss visiting the Royal Museum for Central Africa.It is the landmark of Tervuren.Facing the beautiful “French” garden, the museum is build almost on the crossroad where the central path from the Warande park, crosses the path going from the Castle at one side towards the side where you can see a beautiful sculpture, erected on the...

  • The Horseshoe or Panquin barracks

    This harmonious building was part of the demolished castle of the Dukes of Brabant. It was built in 1749 by Charles of Lorrain and architect J.A. Anneessens. It was used as a stables and housed the castle staff. It was also the first horse-carriage post service in 1829 with next to it the "Hotel de la Poste". It was called "Horseshoe" Do you know...

  • The Saint Hubertus chapel

    This barocque chapel was built in 1617 by Albrecht and Isabella following the plans of Wenceslas Coeberger. You’ll find it at the entrance of the Warandepark, as a part of the former castle of the Dukes de Brabant. The legend tells it was on this place St. Hubertus died.

  • The former Dukes of Brabant castle

    The Duke de Brabant, the Governors of the Netherlands, Duke d’Albe, the Archduke Albert and Isabelle and Duke Charles de Lorraine, chose Tervuren for their summer residence and brought successively to the old castle built in the 13th century by Henry I, the embellishments and the extensions which made it, in 18th century, a real royal palace...Next...

  • The ruins of the Dukes of Brabant Castle

    This castle was demolished in 1783 and gave way to another constructed building from 1817 till 1821 by the Government of Netherlands (architect Vanderstraeten) in aid of the Prince of Orange to whom it was offered in 1823 and this rewards for it of its bravery during the battle of Waterloo.Emperor Joseph II ordered the demolishon of the castle...

  • The Parkpoort pump :-)

    Your horse is thirsty ? Then this is the place to be :-) Of course this waterpump has been very helpful to the 19th century horses. Nowadays it is only here as a decorative element.

  • The Parkpoort (Park gate)

    The Parkpoort (gate) was built in 1897 and lead to the “Congo village” at the World exhibition. It had been restored in 1990 and still leads you to the lovely Warandepark, it ponds and canals. A very nice and quiet place to hike and cycle alone, with the family, your lover or your friends.

  • The warandepark

    The French garden surrounding the Africa Museum has been created by E. Lainé on the occasion of the World Exhebition of 1897. Rich and poor Brussels’ inhabitants came to Tervuren as they loved strolling down the lanes, admiring the well maintained hedges and the many lovely flowerbeds. At the time they still do …. In 1910 the french garden has been...

  • Station Spoorloos

    In 1882 the rails of the train track Brussel-Leopolsburg-Oudergem was prolonged till Tervuren. Three new stations were built along that line: Wezembeek-Stokkel; Oppem and one at the Brusselsesteenweg. On occasion of the Colonial Expo the last one was deviated towards the Colonial museum at Tervuren. King Leopold II requested this. The new station...

  • The manse

    The Pastorie (formerly called the Paepenhuis) is a well kept old house which dates partly from 1616. It has been built in brick and sandstone. It has been enlarged some years later with a 1st floor, a brewery and a well, a kitchen and a dining room. It seems to be hidden in the small Pastoor Vandersandestraat, behind the Kasteelstraat (behind the...


Tervuren Hotels

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  • Hotel Rastelli Tervuren

    Hoornzeelstraat 63, Tervuren, 3080, Belgium

    Satisfaction: Very Good

    Good for: Solo

  • La Vignette

    Leuvensesteenweg 12, Tervuren, 3080, Belgium

    Satisfaction: Terrible

    Good for: Solo

Tervuren Restaurants

  • Excellent belgian cuisine

    I'll call this excellent belgian cuisine in a charming small restaurant. It's good to make reservations. Very friendly and thoughtful service. We had a delicious lunch (13 €) with an appetizer of water melon pearls and thin salmon slices with a dip sauce of sour cream, a warm spanish soup and a delicious steamed fish with shrimps and a light cream...

  • A pub and a place to eat, to meet, to...

    At the Leuvense steenweg 10, just opposite the Royal Museum of Central Afrika you will notice a sign (see picture) of a bar/petit restauration on the locations where was once a Station that was build on purpose of the building of the museum and the African Expo, held on occasion of the World Expo in Brussels.The interior of the building that is...

  • Tervuren Hotels

    2 Hotels in Tervuren

Tervuren Transportation

  • Hire a bus

    When you really are with a bigger group it might be interesting to hire a bus yourself. The bus drivers usually know the way around and you don't have to worry about losing your friends in traffic. It is fun to be able to talk to every one while getting to your destination and it is fun to be the "leader" of the group and have the microphone `-)Our...

  • The 44 tram to Brussels

    What a lovely tram ride to take to get from what was my home in Tervuren into the centre of Brussels (Montgomery)Probably one of the nicest tram rides in the world through the Foret de Soignes

  • Publc transportation

    This old fashioned streetcar will take you to Montgomery where you can take the Metro further into the centre of Brussels.This is still an old type of tram that is driving this tracks. Each tram has it's own identifying number.There are people who really like to go tram spotting.For those there is the Museum of public transportation (tram museum)...


Tervuren Local Customs

  • St. Hubertus celebration

    Every year around the 4th of November there is a St. Hubertus celebration. During this celebration there is a pets, horses and other domestic animals blessing and a horn concert.

  • I don't think this is a French cut!

    What was said about the lakes and canals, of who is taking care for what, also implies on the maintenance of the park itself.What used to be a beautiful French garden is only a shadow of its old glory.The buxus and other trees are not cut in the right shapes anymore because for years they have been neglected and it seems that IF they get a cut,...

  • It is a lovely day for a wedding

    A more pleasant local custom is using the lovely area as a background for wedding photography. Not only we were lucky with the weather that day, the company and the couple who were there taking the pictures of their lives, could not dream of a better day.My favourite was the lady with the hat, which is why I chose this picture.While the guys are...


Tervuren Warnings and Dangers

  • When rumours are considered to be true

    There was medical care, something Belgians lacked that time, and they were well fed.But you cannot avoid that none of them was struck by illness and sadly enough seven of them died of influenza.Those seven were not allowed to be buried within the wall of the local cemetery of the church but at the periphery. Those days the rules were very strict on...

  • When rumours are considered to be true

    When in 1897 the World Expo took place in Brussels, Leopold II organised as a spin-off the Colonial World Expo at the same time in Tervuren.I recommend you to read the other tips to situate this event.The colonial exhibit was meant to introduce the new colony to the Belgian population.There was not yet television and all that kind so there was a...

  • Crossing the road

    In front of the Royal Museum of Central Africa you have a huge zebra path to cross the rather heavy traffic road.There were no lights so it looks a bit hazardeous to cross.In Belgium the pedestrians have priority but at a street where they drive fast, you best be careful, look if there is not a car approaching fast and make a gesture so that they...


Tervuren Off The Beaten Path

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    by cadzand Written May 6, 2006

    You do like nature, you are an outdoor lover, with a passion for hiking and cycling, dont miss the Tervuren geographical Arboretum, with many big trees as chestnut trees, maples, redwoods, auracaria, larches, etc. along shady and large pathways. This is the perfect family trip for the whole family.

    his majesty the oak
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Tervuren Sports & Outdoors

  • Fishing with respect for the...

    Fishing is one of the most done sports in Belgium.Here in Tervuren it is not different.Although there are a few problems to be solved and I hope they can do it without too many fuss.The club who first had the permit to fish at the other lake (behind my back from where I took this picture) had a lifetime agreement for a small financial...

  • Cycling paradise

    This area is a real cycling paradise: not too hilly, only a tiny bit and lots of greenery to cycle through.On the day of my visit there was a special cycling event and we saw many sportive people rushing by... or more at a touristic speed :)

  • Hike and bike as long as you wish

    There are at least 12 different well indicated walking paths in Tervuren, starting at 4,5 km until 9 km, which can be combined which each other. They lead you as well though the Zoniën Forest, as along cottages, in the town center, as along farms and fields.Ask for the brochure in the local tourism office.Many bike routes will take you through the...


Tervuren Favorites

  • A little bit of history (10)

    Soon the Colonial palace became too small for the huge collection and in 1905 Leopold II started with the project of a big Colonial Museum.Nowadays it is called the Royal Museum of Central Africa and is no longer a museum but also a research institute. It is the most visited museum in Belgium!Architect of the museum is Charles Girault. The building...

  • A little bit of history (9)

    After the fire in 1879 destroyed the castle and Princess Charlotte was moved over to Meise, Leopold built a new Colonial Palace on the ruins of the former construction.He built this Palace on occasion of the World Exhibition that was held in Brussels on 1897.At Tervuren he organised a Colonial exhibition as part of the World exhibition and in this...

  • A little bit of history (8)

    Forty years after the destruction by Joseph II of Austria and after the defeat of Napoleon in Waterloo, who too was responsible for lots of further destructions, especially monasteries and places of religion, Tervuren was donated to the King of the United Netherlands. A new castle was built on the spot of the contemporary colonial palace. The new...


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