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  • The Centre of No-Man's Land
    The Centre of No-Man's Land
    by johngayton
  • De Panne Railway Station
    De Panne Railway Station
    by johngayton
  • Tobacco Terminus
    Tobacco Terminus
    by johngayton

Adinkerke Things to Do

  • Adinkirk Belgium Booze Cruise

    Just got back from a Belgium Booze Cruise to Adinkirk. Wooo what a trip. Booked it through Five Star Travel of Liverpool. Joined the coach at Knutsford Services. Apparently they pick up in Merseyside and all points South along the M6 and M1 ... was a bit of a tiring journey as we traveled through the night to catch the 4am ferry to Calais. We ended...

  • Cycling In No-man's Land

    On my September Monday afternoon wander I noticed quite a few recreational cyclists and the area looks ideal for doing so. As you can see from the pic the cycle path is well marked and well separated from the road traffic. Next time I'll ask at the Bar/Tabac about cycle hire.Update March 2011Still not sure about cycle hire - the only cycle shop I...

  • Adinkerke Military Cemeteries

    On a more sombre note to the rest of my tips on this page.During WW1 some of the most horrific battles took place in Flanders, particulary Ypres and Passchendale, and a couple of casualty clearing stations were established at Oosthoek, just outside Adinkerke.There are two military cemeteries - one just off the road between Adinkerke and De Panne...

  • Plopsaland - A Family Day Out

    This is a family fun park official tagged as in De Panne but is in fact in the no-man's land between Adinkerke and De Panne. This is a Disney-style attraction with rides and bits and pieces designed for kids of all ages and the physical and web sites both look quite attractive.As well as the rides there's a little animal farm, plenty of family...

  • Het Calmeynbos - Go For A Walk In The...

    This is a large nature reserve between the two towns on what is one of the major stretches of Flemish sand dunes, the Westhoek Dunes. The area was planted by the agriculturist Maurice Calmeyn in 1903 and has been a designated protected landscape since 1935.The reserve is criss-crossed with public footpaths but otherwise is left pretty much to...

  • The Bowling Stones - Definitely A Bar...

    This is another no-man's land place, once again officially in De Panne. I liked the name and yep it does look like there's a bar here but it was shut on the Monday that I was passing and so can't comment any further except to say here it is.Website has the info:


Adinkerke Restaurants

  • A Three-In-One Place!

    This was an almost ideal little find for me on my March 2011 visit, and it provided me with a little chuckle. Tobacco Pub is foremostly an other tobacco shop which has the added bonus of having a cafe-bar which offers a small range of simple snacky-stuff and very-reasonably-priced beer.Whilst I was enjoying my beer and a light lunch an English...

  • If You Find "The Lost Prawn" - Eat It!

    Normally my tobacco runs take me to Adinkereke on a Monday when De Verloren Gernoare is closed for the day (just like my place is and hence my Monday travels). This time round though where I was working was closed for a week for a major refurb and so I made a mid-week trip and noticed that it was open.Having picked up my tobacco from Tobacco...

  • Adinkerke Hotels

    0 Hotels in Adinkerke

Adinkerke Transportation

  • De Kusttram - The Coast Tram

    This looks like an interesting journey. The Belgian Coast Tram is reckoned to be the longest tram line in the world, following almost the entire Belgian coastline from Adinkerke/De Panne, on the French border, to Knokke, on the Dutch border. There are a total of 70 stops over the 68 kilometres and all the coastal towns and villages can be visited.I...

  • De Kusttram - A Bit Of A Disappointment

    Having finally gotten the time off to explore a bit more of Belgium I decided to have an overnight stop at Ostend after I'd done my tobacco shopping (and had an excellent lunch) here in Adinkerke. This also gave me the opportunity to ride the Coast Tram between the two.As a means of getting around the Belgian coast (well, up and down anyway) this...

  • Nice Train Station - Scruffy Trains...

    Adinkerke's train station is actually called De Panne but seems to be niether in De Panne nor in Adinkerke, both being a kilometre or so distant. I'm not sure whether there's a bus connection to Adinkerke but it's only a 10 minute or so walk to the south. There is a tram connection to De Panne though, the Coastal Tram, which runs every 10 minutes...


Adinkerke Shopping

  • Another alternative from the mainstream...

    This was window shopping for me as I didn't feel inclined to pop in to see what was on offer but an interesting shop nevertheless. I like the purple-faced old building and 69 is one of my "lucky numbers" - HA!Maybe I should have ventured in as it does sell tobacco as well as the other stuff and by all accounts (well according to the website) it's a...

  • A definite digression from the tobacco...

    Rather bizarrely this little shop came up in a VT forum question last week. Not many people ask about Adinkerke unless it is tobacco-related but this post - specifically about this rather interesting little shop.I haven't actually...

  • A Bar/Tabac Par Excellence!

    Most visitors come to Adinkerke for one and one only reason - to buy cheap tobacco and cigarettes. And that's exactly what I was there for too.Having done my calculations I reckoned that a trip to Adinkerke from the UK, including my travel costs and the treat of an overnight stop in Brussels, would save me about 600 pounds over the course of the 4...


Adinkerke Local Customs

  • johngayton's Profile Photo

    by johngayton Written Mar 27, 2011

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    These are the sort of little things I notice on my travels. Not because I'm some sort of "Eco-Warrior" but for the simple reason that I care.

    So it's good to see even quite modest homes with solar panelling here in Adinkerke - an example to us all.

    Modest A Commercial Building
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Adinkerke Favorites

  • More Than Just A Tobacco Town #2

    Adinkerke sits scenically astride the Nieuport-Duinkerke canal, the 19 km waterway which connects Nieuport, in Belgium, and Dunkerke, in France and provides an inland waterway connecting the two ports (and of course their respective countries).As you can see from the pic the former towpath is now a cycle/footpath and is part of the local cycle...

  • More Than Just A Tobacco Town #1

    The suffix "kerke" in Flemish simply means "church". I've no idea about the "Adin" bit but the church here is one of the main places of worship in the area.Dedicated to Saint Audomarus (an especially devout 7th century Flemish bishop) the present-day church was built in 1856 and there has been a church on the site for over 900 years.I've only seen...

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

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