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  • Sports & Outdoors
    by wandeljp
  • Sports & Outdoors
    by wandeljp
  • lovely park in Dadizele, with the pumpshiter
    lovely park in Dadizele, with the...
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Dadizele Things to Do

  • The real oldest house of Dadizele !

    The real oldest house of Dadizele ! As already stated in previous "tips" in October 1918 marked the Allied attack against releasing the village. This way, the destruction of many houses was inevitable.A house, oddly the first on entering the village was spared and still today has exactly the appearance myself in 1918. We tested on old photos.You...

  • Have a look on the British cemetery...

    Have a look on the British cemetery (first war) During the First World War (1914 - 1918), a front line (west) takes place between the North Sea and Switzerland. During that conflict of four years, millions of young soldiers from each camp will lose their lives ... for our freedom. The Germans on one side and the Allies: the British Empire (and...

  • Visit the basilica (1)

    Visit the basilica As almost everywhere in Belgium, again believers are Roman Catholics here.It Monsignor Malou, Bishop of Bruges in 1854 decided that the construction of the building dedicated to the Virgin. He appealed to the English architect Pugin Welbey to complete the project.The church was named basilica from 1882. The interior is richly...

  • Have a look to the castle

    Have a look to the castle With the Rosary and the municipal park " 't Torreke" the park Mariastede form a green oasis in the center of the town.The park is owned by the municipality (formerly of the Diocese of Bruges) and is made available to the non-profit "Mariastede" who care for adults with mental or physical disability. And over the years,...

  • Walking around the town

    Walk the "Pompeschitterspad" This walk takes you to the interesting points of the village. It includes the park (refurbished) Mariastede castle, the statue of Pompeschiter near the cemetery, of course, also next to the Basilica of the Rosary.The possibilities are numerous and depending on the season you can experience cultures around:apples and...

  • Views from across the lake at Dadizele

    Walk right around the lake so you get to see the view right through across the lake to the church and 'castle'.We got to see a heron looking quite picturesque in the solitude.There is a well cleared path that takes you right around the path and the ground is quite steady terrain for walking.Surrounded by the suburbia of Dadizele its lovely to have...


Dadizele Restaurants

  • Best in town

    Marhaba We big appreciated this restaurant to 2 steps from our place: the personnel was very kind, the cared and quick service, the dishes serve well hot and the copious portions. I particularly liked the shrimp to peel accompanying the aperitifs (campari/orange for me, kir for Rosa)---oooOOOooo---Nous avons grandement appréciés ce restaurant à 2...

  • A great cook

    Comme chez moi : at my home! A unique address: Rosa is not only a great host she is also a great cook. Only ask to my guests. As you already know I "host" as member of hospitalityclub and couchsurfingKnow you are always welcome on week-ends. Just drop a line, please. ---oooOOOooo--- Une adresse unique: Rosa n'est pas seulement une grande hôtesse...

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Dadizele Local Customs

  • Legend of the Pompeschijter

    Legend of the PompeschijterThe little history says that a man who's during the fair in the town has drink to much and eat much pies to the plums. He feel asleep for any hours. When he awoke he was seized with cramp on his belly. So he looked for toilets and al pubs where closed. He panicked and found no better place to do what he must do in a...

  • The Pumpshiter or Pompeshitjer

    Apparently a man who had been drinking too much, and who would blame him with all that wonderful Triple Karmeliet, Kastell blond, Leffe blond, Kriekboon, and so on! - and then eating too much plum tart - which is also a famed dish in Dadizele - and not being able to find a toilet in time having to let loose on a handy water well!So its now the town...

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Dadizele Off The Beaten Path

  • Meiboomkruis

    Meiboomkruis See also "Off The Beaten Path Activity: A bit fresh air"Located in the heart of Provinciaal Domein Bergelen, along a hiking trail, you will discover a relic of the past. Symbol of ancient devotion, a monumental crusifix surrounded by 6 linden.The people casually refer to the place "De Meiboom" or May tree. Indeed, since the Middle...

  • A bit fresh air ?

    W-Vl Provinciaal Domein Bergelen , Gullegem W-Vl Provinciaal Domein Bergelen, GullegemIt will not take you more than 10 minutes by car to join Gullegem almost nearby village of DadizeleEstablished in 1996 by buying a farm 29 hectares, this area has now an area of ​​47 hectares. The small river Heulebeek, flowing Lys, has a 20 km...

  • Tobacco farming

    Tobacco harvest If you take a walk in the countryside, in the direction of Wervik and Ypres to the spring or even summer, you will certainly see tobacco crops. Once very important, it comes again today only thanks to subsidies of the EEC. It must be said that the work intencif and manual, continuous attention and competition from non-European...


Dadizele Sports & Outdoors

  • Discover the region bij bike

    "Bedevaartroute" or Pelgrimstrail An itinerary of 40 km takes you into the surrounding countryside, allowing you to discover the most beautiful sites in the region at your own speed. The route is marked with red hexagonal panels on a white background placed at each intersection. The route uses quiet roads, but Belgium has a network of roads...

  • Bicycle race behind derny (motorbike)

    Bicycle race behind derny (motorbike) Imagine a bicycle race behind a bike with small cylinder capacity, but still reaching speeds exceeding 50 miles / hour.The bikes are designed to protect the rider away from the wind and allow it to reach high speeds. It is practice in close circuits or even on a track.It is a tradition that one time a year...

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