Ieper Local Customs

  • Poppies at Menin Gate Memorial.
    Poppies at Menin Gate Memorial.
    by breughel
  • Last Post on trumpets of the Ieper fire brigade
    Last Post on trumpets of the Ieper fire...
    by Pavlik_NL
  • Belgian Waffle
    Belgian Waffle
    by shavy

Most Viewed Local Customs in Ieper

  • 1. Cat Parade

    Cat haters must love the Kattenfestival which has it's origins in the 12th century when they would throw live cats from the Cloth Hall belfry, hope they hadn't cashed in on all of their 9 lives yet!...

  • 2. Last Post

    The tradition of the final bugle call of the day signalling the end of the soldier's day dates back to the 17th century in the British Army. After the officer on duty had inspected the final sentry...

  • 3. Poppies

    The sight of the poppies on the battlefield at Ypres in 1915 moved Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae, of the Canadian forces, to write a poem starting with: In Flanders’ Fields the poppies blow Between...

  • 4. Town Fair...Twice a Year

    Ypres center(centrum) hold fair twice a year . The first fair held in March and second in August, each time for a week. Everyone can enjoying on this day. There...

  • 5. Belgian Delicacy

    Belgium is known for many things, such as; beer how many kinds of beer in Belgium they had approx 1150 and maybe more. Besides, the beer they also had some good...

  • 6. The difference between Dutch and Flemish.

    The only official language in Ieper and more generally the Flemish part of Belgium is "Nederlands" (Dutch).Don't really expect to hear what scholars and...

  • 7. PRALINES (Belgian chocolates).

    Genuine Belgians use the word PRALINES for what is called "chocolates" by tourists. If outside the touristic centers you ask for chocolate you will get a bar of...

  • 8. Mosselen met Frieten.

    This is not a local custom of Ieper as Mussels with Frites are a national dish in Belgium so that you will find them in the Ieper restaurants. The season for...

  • 9. BELGIAN Frieten/Fritten.

    This is not a local custom of Ieper as Fritten-Frites are made everywhere in Belgium but as you will certainly eat some in Ieper, please note the following:Ban...

  • 10. Yperman Beer and Glass

    Yes, each town and its specific brew, here in Ypres it is Yperman. And of course aside from the bottle having its own logo and distinct label, the GLASS is also...

  • 11. Is it Ypres? Ieper?

    As we were driving through Belgium, we were glad to have a map that had both the French and the Flemish words for the cities we were heading for as many times...

  • 12. Darker days call out the poet in many

    In Flanders Fields may be the most famous of all poems wriiten in these hoorible circumstances. It's amaizng to see how art in this form survives the heartships...

  • 13. Statues in the wall inside, chapels outside

    As much as there are statues of holy saints watching over us in town, where they are houses in small corners in or on the walls of houses and buildings, as much...

  • 14. Details tell about history

    Ieper, Flanders and the whole of Belgium is full of them. In my homecountry The Netherlands only in the southern provinces you'll find them. Statues and chapels...

  • 15. Religious

    Going down South from the Netherlands as I did, brings you from a protestant to a catholic area. On the streets you just are confronted with more statues and...


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Ieper Local Customs

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Local customs in Ieper are mainly those linked to the remembrance of WW I i.e. the Last Post

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