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  • Menen: German cemetery
    Menen: German cemetery
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  • One grave with a lot of names
    One grave with a lot of names
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Menen Things to Do

  • The German cemetery (2)

    The German cemetery (2)In the middle of the flat stones of the tombs, in the solitude of the meadows surrounded by trees, a small chapel houses a sober monument in the shape of a Greek cross supported by four stone lions mosaic.Each stone is engraved with a score of names. The long lines are separated by only a few pairs of stone crosses.The...

  • The German cemetery

    The German cemetery It is located on the northern edge of the city the "Deutscher Soldatenfriedhof" near Wevelgem. This is one more German cemetery of the First World War (1914-1918)According to official 48,049 German military body's are grouped together. Indeed, in the sixties the Belgian authorities decided to merge all the German cemeteries in...

  • The belfry

    Visit the belfry The belfry, as are all the belfries of Belgium, is entered in the UNESCO World Heritage since 1999.Its construction, symbol of the rights and freedoms of the city, was begun in 1574. In 1576 the work is stopped (religious wars) in 1610, one resumed the construction. At the time, the tower had a floor below and was topped by a roof...

  • The town hall

    The town hall The town hall of Menen is a quadrilateral formed by several buildings. Destroyed many times during its history (French Revolution ,...) Around 1800, Napoleon order to restore. A second restoration in 2005 including the rehabilitation of the interior garden.The current building dates from 1782, during the Austrian domination...

  • The river Leie (Lys) for walking...

    The river Leie (Lys) for walking pleasure. You can walk almost all along the River.It takes its source in Lisbourg, France, regional Pas-de-Calais. From Armentières till Menen it forms the border between France and Belgium and cutting off some villages and town in 2 where as yet Wervick Comines.It flows into the Scheldt in Ghent, where its waters...

  • visit the casemates

    Visit the casemates (bunkers) The city was fortified in 1679 by order of King Louis XIV of France, but the (remains of) the current walls date back to 1817 (period under Dutch domination)Under these defences, the casemates (bunkers) are a part of the fortifications. They are places covered, vaulted ceiling,in bricks here, allowing defenders to...

  • Sint Niklaaschurch, Rekkem

    The St Nikolaaschurch in Rekkem has a square tower which is the oldest part of the church. After a fire the church was rebuilt between 1658-1660.

  • German Militairy Graveyard

    The Deutscher Soldatenfriedhof Menen 1914-1918 is probably the most unknown in Belgium. Even people from Menen, do not always know about it.......It is one of the largest German graveyards of the first world war. There are 48.049 soldiers resting here (that is more than the sign at the entrance says-47.864) In october 1914 the Germans occupied...

  • Windmill De Goede Hoop

    This windmill is dating back to 1798. It is made of stone and can be used to mill grain to flour. It actually worked up to 1948.In 1993-95 the city Menen restored it, and since then it can actually be used again.Open:Easter to half september: sunday 14:00-17:30

  • tabacco factory

    The building was made in 1684 to serve as a hospital for the troops of King Lodewijk XIV.But from 1830 to 1991 a tabacco factory was based here. Today it is used for some culturele manifestations.

  • Citywalls

    Before 1566 Menen was an open city, without any defence. Then garde houses and barriers were built. When the low countries began to uprise against the spanish the fortification began in 1578. First an earthwall and moat. Five gates closed the city. The river was free. It was not enough the french soon occupied the area. King Lodewijk XIV ordered...

  • Monument for the Fallen

    In the small park at the Vander Mersch Plein stands the monument for the fallen. It is made by the sculptress Yvonne Serruys (1873 - 1953). She was born in Menen and died in Paris. If you want see more of her work go to the academy for music and word in the Y Serruysstraat. It was formerly a museum with her work, and now there are two pieces...

  • St Franciscus church

    Looking ancient from the outside, the interior is quit surprising. Very open and light.The church was originally a part of a monastery. The monastery has gone and the present church dates from 1861. Inside are some older pieces though. Like the crypt of the brothers from the monastery and the altar dating from 1733.

  • Old Locks

    In an old arm of the river Leie, not used anymore because the Leie is flowing south of it, you can find the old locks.These locks are not very old though. They date from 1920. On 28 april 1944 they were disabled by a few resistance men and two paratroopers, with the use of a pair of scissors. To prevent the Germans from using it. At the other side...

  • Schippershof

    The city museum ‘t Schippershof, is a 17th century inn and was originally located at the old Leiebridge. It was the entrance of the harbour. Today the river is a bit further from the citycentre.Because Menen is located at the crossroad of the river Leie and the road Brugge- Lille (France), it became an important trade centre.The inn was strategicly...


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Menen Restaurants

  • Not to be missed

    From omlettes to steaks, the menu is good and not over priced. The restuarant is clean and the staff have a welcoming attitude. Belgian hospitality at its best. Steaks are a must not a better steak in Belgium come from owners family farms (Fresh and Local)

  • across the river

    Just across the river Leie, the Rijselstraat becomes a shopping paradise for the french neighbours of Menen. In weekends ( they are open on sundays) the french cars can't find a parkingspot and there is constant row of walking people along the shops. The shops sell chocolat and other sweets, but you can also buy clothes in this area.All those...

  • eating with the fish

    A very good chinese restaurant in Menen is the Jade Paleis, at The Grote Markt. It is located just behind the cityhall and Belfry.We were sitting next to the aquarium with koi, who kept us busy during the waiting. In our oppinion it took just a bit too long before we got our next course. We ordered a menu with 4 courses, it took them over 2and1/2...


Menen Shopping

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    the Rijsselstraat, in the Barakken area.: Expedition Francais

    by tompt Updated May 12, 2004

    Every weekend it is very busy in the Barakken area. That is the area across the river from the centre.
    The street is filled with french cars and people are pushing each other trough the streets to get to the shops first.
    At the end of the sunday the street is filled with trash, empty package material and so on.
    So if you can avoid this area on sunday.

    Rijsselstraat on sunday

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Menen Local Customs

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    Taste a "Ne GOEN" (translate: the good...

    by wandeljp Updated Apr 4, 2011

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    Taste a "Ne GOEN" (translate: the good one)

    High fermentation beer making 8 ° alcohol fermented in the bottle. To my knowledge not anywhere else drink that here. On the bottle label refers to the giants of the city, the Belfry and the wheel symbol of the city.

    The name came from a phrase in the region mean that if you drink, drink good!

    Like all beers in Belgium, Ne Goen uses in its own glass. These are manufactured in Italy and have a beautiful elegance.

    This is a beer from the brewery Van Steenberghe at Ertvelde .


    Bière de haute fermentation tirant 8° d'alcool refermentée en bouteille. Ne se boit à ma connaissance qu'ici. Sur la bouteille l'étiquette évoque les géants de la ville ainsi que le Beffroi et la roue emblématique de la ville.

    Le nom viens d'une expression courante dans la région signifiant que si on boit, on boit du bon !

    Comme toutes les bières en Belgique, Ne Goen se sert dans son propre verre. Ceux-ci sont fabriqués en Italie et sont d'une belle élégance.

    C'est la brasserie Van Steenberghe à Ertvelde qui la fabrique.


    Ne Goen Where drinking it ? In het Schippershof !
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Menen Sports & Outdoors

  • special horseroute

    And if you don't like to do the walking yourself, there is also a special route for horses in Menen. It is called the Roterij-ruiterpad. It leads through the valley of the Leie river between Menen and Kortrijk. The route starts at the Leie near 't Bekenhof and Top Horse. If you come with a trailer you can use the parkinglot of the riding school Top...

  • Take your walkingshoes

    There are some great routes plotted around Menen. We did take the citywalk. This is not signposted. But you can get a brochure at the tourist info, or see our travelogue.Another great and very different is the Smokkelaarspad. A route across the borders, through the fields and along the smugglers route. This signposted with 6sided signposts. But do...

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  • Discover Menen by GSM

    At the major attractions and monuments you can dial a phone number and listen to the explanation on your mobile phone.There are different numbers for three languages: dutch, french and english. Choose your point of interest 1-20 and press#. The number is found at a sign near the monument. (see the picture.) The explanation will take between 1.5 to...

  • the river Leie

    The river Leie starts in Lisbourg, France, and of its 186 km it streams 93km through Belgium. In Ghent it merges with the river Scheldt.The river Leie has been used for transportation since the middleages, and cities along the Leie became important trading places. A large part of the has been canalised to prevent flooding and make the use of larger...

  • Famous people from Menen

    More or less famous and from Menen:Jan Andries Vander Mersch born on 10 januari 1734 in Menen. He liked all things militairy and became a volunteer in the french army. He got some medals in the 7 year war. In 1778 he signed for the austrian army. The radical changes of emperor Jozef II lead to resistance of the people, aristocracy and the church....


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