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  • The castlefarmhouse t Hooge offers history & rooms
    The castlefarmhouse t Hooge offers...
    by Pavlik_NL
  • Mine crater in the hotel's garden.
    Mine crater in the hotel's garden.
    by Pavlik_NL
  • Tranches after heavy rainfall, can you imagine ...
    Tranches after heavy rainfall, can you...
    by Pavlik_NL

Zillebeke Things to Do

  • Little sarcastic or cruel: a funpark...

    Near Zillebeke along the Meenseweg is the funpark "Bellewaerde". This rather old park contains of a few rollercoasters and other attractions that could give you a ride of a livetime, but ... I keep wonder if these fields of destruction are a place for such park. Not that one has to grieve every moment of the day, but ... my humble opinion finds it...

  • Hill 60, battle after battle

    At Hill 60 the circle of Zillebeke is round. On tour of the "In Flanders Fields" car route one will turn now in the direction of the higher hills near the French border and after that towards Poperinge, further away from the frontline parts that are filled with cemetries and memorials. Hill 60 was of course not the last part of the frontline, but...

  • Perth cemetry, moving the death

    Perth Cemetry, just against the first houses of the village Zillebeke itself has a special part. The cemetry was already longer there, but got a group of moving death extra in the years after the war. This party of 33 fallen allied soldiers was burried in Poelkapelle on the large German cemetry and thus laying their eternal rest "in enemy hands"....

  • Hill 60, tunneling coy memorial

    At the railroad near Hill 60 is a special memorial for the 1st Australian tunneling coy. As you can imagine, fighting above ground had the risk of being shot any second of the day (and night. The tunneling coys however had another danger and this group of Australian were burried alive when the tunnel they were digging collapsed. A memorial...

  • Hill 60 another hill of dead corpses

    Hill 60 is just on the other side of the Eastern slopes of Zillebeke. Another hill of strategic importance to either sides and so another place of dramatic victims in a tragic battle lasting four long years. After the hills were almost all fallen into German hands, the British forces changed tactics and started tunneling underneath the hills in the...

  • Zillebeke in Flanders, a devote area

    Along the road through the village one will see them. If it is because of the war, or just because it always has been like this. In and around Zillebeke, as much as in and around every Flanders countryside village or town, there are small chaples and crosses placed at junctions or sometimes even in the midst of ackres and fields. Roman Catholicism...

  • Hill 62, the Canadian memorial steps

    For the Canadians Hill 62 was one of their battlegrounds. Here many of them fell and like in all frontline parts here too many of them fell "nameless". Almost half a million men were killed in and around the Ypres Saillant and almost half of them do not have a grave in sacred soil as their bodies were never retrieved from the mud that covered "no...

  • Hill 62 museum and authentic tranches

    From the cemetry one rises up to the top of the hill (not that high by the way). Next you will pass the Hill 62 museum, where in the forest behind it one can see authentic parts of the immens tranche-system that was covering the Western Front from the Swiss border to the Belgian coastline. For four long years the front was practically stuck and one...

  • Hill 62, a Canadian-German battle ground

    Here at Hill 62, just a kilometer from the Meenseweg, a Canadian detachment was covering the frontline. As said before, hills were of strategic importnace and were heavily fought over. Hill 62 saw tragic batlles in which the hilltop was changing sides several times, but actually the frontline only moved a few 100 meters each time at the costs of...


Zillebeke Restaurants

  • Restaurant at the hotel

    The restaurant annex tearoom of the hotel kasteelhof 't Hooghe serves wonderful Bourgondian dishes in a beautiful room of the building. The cosy atmosphere and the deliscious food make one feel at home even more. Provided in the room are also a selction of historical books about the Great War, for those who just want to know everything that went on...

  • Oriental food on Bourgondian soil

    This restaurant is on 't Hooge across the entrance of the "Bellewaerde" funpark. It serves fine Chinese dishes in a quite atmosphere.

  • Zillebeke Hotels

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Zillebeke Transportation

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    In Flanders Fields car route

    by Pavlik_NL Updated Apr 4, 2011

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    Zillebeke is one of many stops along the "In Flanders Fields" car route. This 82 kilometers long drive through and around Ieper shows all mayor sites that are connected to the fierce battles around here in between 1914 and 1918. It is available through internet on the website of Westtoer as well as in the local tourist informations.

    Driving along many monuments, cemetries and sites

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Zillebeke Local Customs

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    The hopfields of the Benelux

    by Pavlik_NL Written Feb 6, 2004

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    Beer, Belgian is famous for it. Hunderds of different variants and almost all of them are deliscious and better then any other beers in the world. On the basis of beer is hop and therefor it will surprise you that this little plant is only grown in the surroundings of Poperinge (a town not far from Ieper). Zillebeke also has a few hopfields and in the province of West Flanders over 90 % of all hop in the Benelux is grown. No wonder that beer is a product that is available in all villages surrounding Ieper and Poperinge. A most famous one from this area is "Kwak".

    Early morning looking over wintery hopfields

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Zillebeke Off The Beaten Path

  • Civilians, the ones who suffered most

    In the battles that took place around Ieper one almost forgets what the civilians that lived in these parts had to go through. They lost everything they owned, just because two fanatic parts of the world decided to colide in their backyard. The few that stayed, often were killed in bombing or shootings. The others, driven from home and land, the...

  • The smaller cemetries

    With 147 cemetries surrounding Ieper many smaller ones are often forgotten. Of course people who have lost a loved one that is burried here (grandfather or distant familymember) come to visit them, but we should also pay tribute to them. Let them not be forgotten and agree out front to also visit a few remote or smaller cemetries. I did and if we...

  • The village Zillebeke itself

    In your search for Great War history one should almost forget the village itself. The Flanders village Zillebeke is actually like all others, but suffered tremendously under the 1914-1918 battles in it's surroundings. Of the villages buildings nothing was left after again and again the front had shifted over it and continuous shelling had flattened...


Zillebeke Favorites

  • Hope

    The Great War of 1914-1918 was called by many that fanatically threw themselves into the tranches that became their graves, the "War to end all wars". Let all who believe that violence, fighting or war ever could make an end to itself come to Ieper and visit the memorials, cemetries and museums. Let them smell the bloody acres and hear the trumpets...

  • WW 1 history of Zillebeke and t Hooge

    The small village 't Hooge and the little larger Zillebeke, astride the Meense weg (Menin Road) just outside of Ieper (Ypres) were a valuable price in the Great War of 1914-1918. Day after day for over four years long the fighting raged backwards and forwards over only 300 meters resulting in utter devastation. The battle occured on the grounds...

  • Don't Forget Insurance

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