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  • Dancing
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  • Dancing
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  • Dancing
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    Chez Johnny-Claridge: No fuss fun

    by melissa_bel Updated Apr 4, 2011

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Chez Johnny I think embodies a bit of the Belgian spirit. It's kitsch, quirky, does not take itself seriously and above all, knows how to have fun.
    People, if you're looking for cutting edge techno, this is not your place! First of all, Chez Johnny doesn't call itself a "nightclib" but a "party room" and no need to wait after midnight (like in most nightclubs) to have fun. Chez Johnny starts swinging early and ends late. That's to give you a hint. Between actual hits, kitsch French songs every sings along with, '70ies disco and '80ies nostalgia, Johnny lets you know he's got a serious sense of humour. And to top it all, they've got DJ battles, karaoke and... ladies, you'll like it, what in French is called a "Quart d'heure americain" (litteraly, "American quarter of an hour"). And what is it? Well... first of all, playing lovesongs is soooooo out-of-fashion, Johnny never minds, but girls during this quarter, you'll be the one inviting the guys. That's right! You can grab a cutie and slow-dance with him (finally, there is justice).
    And if you're willing to shake what your mama gave 'ya on the bar (they have competion!!!), you may end up with some free champagne (I know, I tried... lost to a 1,70 meter razor thin blonde... there was no competition *;o)*)
    Chez Johnny also offers free dance classes too (see website for details).
    It's a friendly, no-fuss, anything goes place best enjoyed with a group of friends who'll appreciate the "so kitsch it's hip" attitude.
    Enrande is 6 Euros, free for the ladies before midnight.

    Dress Code: The fashion police is not in the building!

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  • melissa_bel's Profile Photo

    Le Sud (Warning : closed but may re-open): One club, 3 rooms

    by melissa_bel Updated May 28, 2008

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Aaaaaaaah... Le Sud!
    An old acquaintance, so to speak. When I first got to Brussels, going into Le Sud was tantamount to entering a speakeasy. First of all, it was not safe (as in not complying to safety building code) and frankly, not legal. But the club had been able to gather a consistent crowd of "underground-hipsters" faithfully hooked on peanuts and Le Sud's vodka-citron. Personally, I ended up there just following my way cooler than me friends. The place looked like a squat and the decor was like one of a tired bazaar. That was part of the bohemian ambiance the place had. It was closed several times but now, Le Sud is back.
    For those who are wondering, Le Sud is now up-to-code. You will be greeted by a bouncer and yes, he may not be the nicest, but don't be impressed. The entrance will be probably be around 2.50- 3 Euros and if it is still the case, you'll get a card that will give you free access for a year! The peanuts, vodka and Middle-Eastern influenced interior is still there but now, Le Sud has 3 rooms. The main one plays current hits, the smallest one is more techno-oriented, the basement is for "oldies" (understand '80's and 70's).
    The crowd: long gone is the era of those "in-the-known". Now, you'll be more likely to bump into young European Union trainees, local students and maybe an old faithfull or two (most of them are too old anyway*;o)*).
    The mood: Not snobby or stuffy and with the help of Le Sud's vodka, it gets even friendlier. You're likely to have a great time.

    Dress Code: Anything goes.

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  • Sjalen's Profile Photo

    Dancing: Music life

    by Sjalen Written Sep 25, 2007

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Most of my time in Brussels involved having an infant and toddler in my life so nightlife, and before she arrived, I was mainly involved in various so called "stagiaire parties" with students lucky enough to have a placement with the European institutions. There are plenty of those parties around if you know someone, and all differ since they are held by different nationalities.

    Still, I managed to get out on other things now and again and most of those other things involved music. Brussels having belonged to the great Spanish empire has a strong tradition of salsa and other dance places downtown, just head for the old Place St Gery food halls (near the Bourse) and follow the music, or read the advertisments in local papers.

    Another of my favourite pasttimes was the jazz gigs that the city is equally famous for and here, rue Antoine Dansaert in the same area is always a good bet but again, there are plenty of other ones.

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  • Dancing: Dirty Dancing @ Mirano

    by nyxxx Written May 13, 2007

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    This is T-H-E club in Brussels! I truly wish that more clubs were like this one!!

    At first, after a short internet research re. good clubs in Brussels, I'd been a little insecure since this place was always described as being very glamorous and posh, temple of jet-set etc.... but decided to go there anyway. However, when arriving, there were two entrances: "guest list" and "members". I belonged to either category of course, so I just went for any entrance, smiled at the bouncers (sometimes it's practical to be female) and got in:

    Great location, fantastic music and DJ's, excellent atmosphere, interesting people - i.e. not the overdressed, tons of makeup or I'm the coolest kind, but all with some style - all very friendly, relaxed and open.

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  • Lyneke's Profile Photo

    Dancing: Around Grote Markt

    by Lyneke Updated Apr 1, 2007

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Sint-Michielsstraat 18-20
    Beer per liter.

    Korte beenhouwersstraat 35
    The oldest electro bar in town.

    Getrouwheidsgang 4a
    2004 different sorts of beer!

    Duquesnoystraat 18
    House, electro.

    Kerstenmannekensstraat 2
    Trendy, chic

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  • ptitetoile's Profile Photo

    Cellule 133: Tango in Brussels on Friday

    by ptitetoile Written Nov 2, 2006

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    In front of the St Gilles Prison, great place to dance tango on Friday evening and last Sunday of the month (from 4pm). The place is relaxed, a lot of sofas, a warm atmosphere with candlelights, etc.... a mix between the old place 'Rue de l'Argonne' and the relaxed tango atmosphere of the dissapeared Rue de l'argonne, the international El Corte (Nijmegen) and Tango Colon (Cologne). The host is Vincent Morelle, one of our internationaly famous Brussels tango teacher ;-)

    Cellule 133a with the resident teacher Vincent

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  • ptitetoile's Profile Photo

    La tangueria: Tango in Brussel on Thursday and Tuesday

    by ptitetoile Updated Nov 2, 2006

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    PRACTICA organised by Al compás del corazón (during and after the lessons given by Marisa&Oliver)

    Every Tuesday from 9:30 pm and every Thursday from 8:30 pm (except when there are no classes - check calendar above!) till midnight

    Practica is 2,50 euros.

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  • ZiOOlek's Profile Photo

    Dancing: La salsa

    by ZiOOlek Updated Sep 8, 2006

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Brussels is a great place to enjoy yourself during nights. I hadn't planed to dance so much but it occured that the atmosphere of Brussels' music clubs and pubs are just awesome. One of them is `La salsa`. This was the place I enjoyed the most. This is rather a tiny club, with limited place but nice music. You will be able to dance here with such music as: salsa & other latino music, etnic (African) and other black music.

    What is important - clubs in Brussels are not crowded till about 1 am. This is the hour when people starts to gather in the best bars and dance pubs. Dancing, of course, lasts till the morning.

    Second thing is that prices in clubs are not so high (as for example in London). Usually small Haineken costs 2,50 - 3 Euros. To most small clubs you won't pay to enter. However, there are guards and when you leave it is nice and popular to give them some Euros...

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  • BeChar's Profile Photo

    Dancing: Cellule 133a: Argentinian Tango on friday evening

    by BeChar Updated Apr 14, 2006

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Since end of March 2006, you can enjoy dancing Argentinian Tango in a new "Milonga" called "Cellule 133a". Roof partly out of glass, wooden floor, white walls, this new place has features remembering dancers of the sooner Milonga "rue de l'Argonne", also initiated by Vincent, and closed in 2002.

    Schedule: each Friday evening (around 10.00 till ...) except the last friday of the month (Milonga BRYC at the Brussels Yacht Club) which is replaced by the Sunday (4.30 pm .. 9pm). Schedules are probably not stable yet and one should ask for confirmation.

    Dress Code: Nothing special, but dancing shoes welcome.
    Organisers are looking for a way to ventilate the room which tends to be warm: light clothes appropriate.

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  • BeChar's Profile Photo

    Les Bains::Connective: Dancing Argentinian Tango at Les Bains

    by BeChar Updated Mar 23, 2006

    On sunday March 5th, a new tango place was born in Brussels, in the former Art-Deco swimming-pool ("Bains::Connective").
    Bains::Connective is an artistic place for performance and visual arts, music and other disciplines (http://www.bains.be).

    The next planned Tango events is the Monday ball (April 10th) of the next Brussel Tango Festival (6-10 Apr 2006).

    Dress Code: No special code but appropriate shoes.


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  • BeChar's Profile Photo

    Dancing and Life Music: Brussels TANGO International Festival

    by BeChar Updated Mar 23, 2006

    In 2006, Five nights to dance Argentinian Tango from 6th till 10th April.
    Refer to website for details.

    In 2005:
    (Three beautiful places to dance Argentinian Tango from April 7th to April 10th 2005:
    April7th: Sofitel Astoria, Rue Royale 103, 1000 Brussels, 8pm-2am, 15 euro;
    April 8 and 9th: Albert Hall Theatre, Chauss?e de Wavre 649-651, 1040 Brussels, 9pm-3am, Live music, 20 euro;
    April 10th: Vaudeville Theatre, Gallerie de la Reine, 1000 Brussels, 8pm-1am, 15 euro.)

    Dress Code: No special dress requirement, but classical dress will perfectly fit to the places.

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  • Innovator's Profile Photo

    Dancing: BALNEO

    by Innovator Written Jan 15, 2006

    Un des plus beaux ?tablissements de la ville dans sa conception et son architecture. Un bar long de 15 m?tres en bois, des fauteuils en cuir ultra confortables. On acc?de ? l'?tage par deux escaliers en colima?on. Devant nous, une somptueuse biblioth?que en bois laqu? autour de laquelle de gros canap?s en cuir vous permettent de bouquiner en buvant un caf?. Le soir, l'ambiance est plus ? la f?te avec un DJ et de jolies filles au bar.

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  • Innovator's Profile Photo

    Dancing: Louise Gallery

    by Innovator Updated Jan 15, 2006

    Thursday - Sunday
    Very luxury location & people. French-house.

    DJs residents : Olivier Gosseries, Erick, N?mio et Milo. Ouvert le Vendredi, le Samedi et le Dimanche.
    Sans doute le plus beau club de Bruxelles, tant dans la decoration que dans la population qui frequente la bo?te. Un vaste espace tendance neo coloniale o? se m?lent les fauteuils pourpres style Louis XVI, les grands rideaux rouges et les colonnes de marbre. Une logistique et des equipements derniers cris (eclairages perfectionnes, pistes de danse modulables par niveaux, bars rotatifs?) au service du bien-etre et de la fete, bref une insolente reussite. Au fur et ? mesure que la boete se remplit, les murs avancent pour une occupation de l'espace maximale. Si vous pouvez, allez faire un tour dans le carre V.I.P, exceptionnel dans son architecture. La musique, comme dans la plupart des lieux branch?s, est axee sur la house, mais une house tres agreable ? l'oreille. Seul petit bemol, l'entree. Elle est difficile sans etre impossible. Les portiers sont intransigeants, mais le look "pantalon sur les hanches, hauts moulants, bandeaux sur la tete" passe plut?t bien. Pour ne prendre aucun risque optez quand meme pour le pantalon chemise.
    Les portiers ont vraiment le controle de l'etablissement, donc pas de negociation possible. Passez la porte, ce n'est que du bonheur. Une clientele hype, sans chichi, et les plus belles filles de Bruxelles? Le Dimanche, soiree Cabaret, la soir?e Gay la plus courue de la ville, ambiance garantie. Entr?e gratuite entre 22 heures et 23 heures avec un open bar.

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  • Innovator's Profile Photo

    2nd floor = groovy music, 1st floor = techno: THE FUSE

    by Innovator Updated Jan 15, 2006

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Overwhelming atmosphere...
    Don't come earlier than 0:30 after midnight or there will be nobody...

    This is definitely one of my favorite places in Brussels!
    Suddenly around 01:00 people come from everywhere! The dancefloor gets filled and the atmosphere is great.

    You get into the mood, and before you know it you are dancing, even when you don't like to dance ;)

    This is mostly thanks to Belgium's best djs that work there: DJ Geoffroy & DJ Raoul.
    They play a smooth mix of deephouse / disco / funk / soul / latin / afrobeats, ...
    A very hip & funky place.


    Every Saturday 23.00 - 07.00
    between 23.00 - 00.00: 2,5 ?
    after 00.00: 8 ?

    The first floor is Techno (futuristic electronic music). The second floor is deephouse/funky house (close to disco) served by belgium's best dedicated DJ Raoul!!!

    Smartbar Chicago (August 2002): ?Belgium?s finest export since Stella Artois!?

    1996 was the year that Raoul?s DJ career stepped into the next level when he was offered a residency at ?Food?, nowadays Belgium?s premium house night with a weekly spot at the Motion Room in the Fuse Club in Brussels called ?Food in Motion? and also doing parties all over the country and abroad. Numerous star DJ?s coming from all over the world joined Raoul and the other residents Geoffroy and Regis to play at a Food night and amongst these Derrick Carter, Kenny Hawkes and DJ Sneak count in Food as one of their favorite clubs worldwide.

    Besides being a very skilled and widely appreciated DJ, Raoul is also very busy producing and remixing tracks for more than 7 years now.

    Dress Code: Modern,hip,...like you want

    Mixed cultures and sometimes extravagant people. Definitely the most hip place in Brussels at the moment!

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  • BeChar's Profile Photo

    Dancing: Tango in the Royal Park

    by BeChar Updated May 10, 2005

    Since 2003, the kiosk in the centre of the Royal Park hosts a Milonga (Tango Ball) every 1st and 3rd saturday from June to September (17h00-23h30).

    Come there to listen to tango music, look at the dancers or dance yourself.

    Tango in the Royal Park

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