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  • pieter_jan_v's Profile Photo

    De Slegte (former POLARE): Second Hand Books

    by pieter_jan_v Updated Mar 19, 2014

    It was a little strange to find De Slegte bookstore at Brussels. It was not my goal to travel to the belgium capital to find Dutch shops, but I encountered some.

    Well, De Slegte is not a bad place to visit, even in Brussels. As usual we walked out with a couple of books.

    The store is a real De Slegte one. The inventory is spread over multiple floors and rooms, not a straight interior, but one with many corners and hidden spaces.

    In June 2013 the name of the stores was changed into POLARE. That only lasted a year whereafter the 8 Belgium stores were bought by their previous owner and will continued as De Slegte again.

    Mo-Sa: 9.30AM - 6PM

    What to buy: BOOKS!

    De Slegte (at the left) - Brussels
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  • ATLC's Profile Photo

    Just a flower shop: Expensive flowers and plants.

    by ATLC Written May 7, 2013

    When you are from The Netherlands, like I am, you are used to flowers and plants being quite cheap. In other countries, even an hour over the border in Belgium it is expensive!

    What to buy: What NOT to buy may be the motto here. This little lemon tree cost 149 euro. I looked it up on a Dutch website and if you want the largest (in a pot), fruit carrying one, you come to only 50 euro!

    Same goes for these very common little purple plants. At 8.50 euro I find it ridiculous. No more than about 2 euro (possibly less) in my country!

    What to pay: Too much!

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  • gwened's Profile Photo

    Galeries Royales Saint Hubert: shop with class at galeries of Bruxelles

    by gwened Written Jan 4, 2013

    This is a must, and with family even more so. The place has about 50 stores and 70 private apartments since 1870.
    Inside is cheer beauty you have the théatre de Vaudeville, flower shop in 1847, cafe concert in 1851, and finally a theater in 1872. the great Josephine Baker dance here, and now its a spectacle hall.

    Théatre des galeries, dedicated to drama, vaudeville,and comedy, started in 1947. It no longer does this as not to interfere with the theater of the monnaie, but exhibitions are held with shows for new years.

    the Cinema is here! a moviehouse for creative films. Galerie Expo, more room for exhibitions and movies to expand the space in the Cinema. Photo Gallery ,all about photography and exhibits link to it.
    The MLM the musée des lettres et manuscrits or museum of letters and manuscripts, the biggest names in art, history, and architecture, and science , a place of discovery.
    A fresco by English artist Paul Day, displaying the comédie humaine or human comedy of Balzac.

    Then ,you have the stores, like many but my favorites will only mentioned, Corné Port Royale chocolates pralines belges (see separate entry) ;the coffee shop mokafé, and the manufacture belges des dentelles or laces.

    What to buy: Corné Port Royale chocolates pralines belges (see separate entry) ;the coffee shop mokafé, and the manufacture belges des dentelles or laces.

    What to pay: good prices for top quality, in essence you come here for the best.

    entrance galerie royale de saint hubert galerie royale saint  hubert mokaf�� galerie de la reine galerie du roi galerie de prince
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  • gwened's Profile Photo

    Corné Port Royal: shopping chocolates or pralines

    by gwened Written Jan 4, 2013

    Chocolates or as they call it locally pralines are a Belgian institution, even us in France admits the best is from Belgium. I have come and go on many shops there from the leonidas,godiva,planéte, niehaus,wittamer, and then this one I am showing here,Corné Port Royal.

    It has a chic allure to it, the stores is magical, the main one, and has plenty more in Belgium and France, but nothing like getting it here. A work of art begun in 1934, and immediately the creators of the ‘Manon Sucre’ a wonderful smooth cream with crisp nougatine and the tang of fresh walnuts. This is always an artisan-made praline, hand enrobed with confectioner’s sugar.

    I have try them all here from the teas, the honey, the orange sticks, the pâte à fruit or fruit candy, the figures like the soldier for Christmas, and the chocolates in boxes one for gifts and other rounded for own consumption. All wonderful, highly recommended.

    The main store that we go is in the galerie royale Saint Hubert, the webpage for it is here
    full of wonderful shops too.

    What to buy: teas, the honey, the orange sticks, the pâte à fruit or fruit candy, the figures like the soldier for Christmas, and the chocolates in boxes one for gifts and other rounded for own consumption. All good

    What to pay: very good prices compare to similar establishement of 27€ for a kilogram box (2,2 pounds)/and so on. price is the least ,the quality is sublime, try it.

    window of corn�� port royal window shopping for now the pralines chocolates in gift boxes the history of the store in wall gallery the galerie royale st hubert
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  • gwened's Profile Photo

    City 2 Centre Commerciale: City 2 shopping Bruxelles

    by gwened Written Jan 2, 2013

    This was great ,remind me of the great Malls, and it was our headquarters at night every day. We had clothing shopping, ice cream, groceries, snacks,and just plain people watching it was great.

    There you have it from them, 51 000 m², the biggest shopping center in urban Belgium, 104 stores on four levels with one dedicated to FNAC, check city 2 at rue Neuve.

    also, carrefour market for all your groceries needs, great for families like us.

    You should make it your headquarters on nights and rainy days in Bruxelles.

    What to buy: you can buy anything on malls, frm clothings to gifts, to eating, and be seen. We purchase souvenirs, clothing , and groceries, food. There is honey ,chocolate shops galore, and great ice cream Australian.

    What to pay: mall shopping center prices as anywhere

    inside City 2 at Christmas 2012 the store mall at night City 2 flooring layout at City 2 the lineup of stores at City 2 top floor entry to FNAC
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  • gwened's Profile Photo

    Utopia, and the Fantome Espagnol: shop for BD ,mangas and dvds brussels

    by gwened Written Jan 2, 2013

    if you are into mangas, DVD, Games, BD, figurines, etc these two places will show you the way at nice prices for some collectibles ,hard to find, and older stuff.
    My sons are into it so needed to stop on them,its very interesting stuff, and sure to please all younger crowds and then some.

    The stores are Utopia, Rue du Midi 39, metro Bourse, and it has shelfs of figurines, mangas and BD books and DVD galore very small but well stock place. webpage at

    The other is the Fantôme Espagnol, Boulevard Maurice Lemonnier 71, no webpage but email at ,and listed with Brussel tourist board.

    There are many others, as it seems the city to search for these is here in Brussels,

    What to buy: mangas, DVD, Games, BD, figurines, etc

    What to pay: very good prices if selection is limited by the size of the stores.

    Utopia store at rue du midi le Fant��me Espagnol store Boulevard Maurice Lemonnier ,near fantome
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  • mindcrime's Profile Photo

    what to buy in Brussels: what to buy in Brussels

    by mindcrime Written Oct 25, 2012

    4 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The main interest for us was chocolates of course, Belgium is famous for some top quality chocolates and produces more than 200,000 tones of chocolate every year!! We tasted many different ones and although we bough some for friends back home we kept checking the numerous chocolate stores, we were already addicted to them, especially the pralines (filled chocolates)
    Prices vary from one to other but also the quality, of course in most cases what you will get will be 3 times better than anything you have tasted back home :) In every chocolate stores they had boxes with mixed pralines but also empty ones where you could choose the types you like most.

    Another typical item from Belgium is beer of course, so many different beers and most of them with great taste, blond, amber, dark ones, trappiest, limbic, blanche etc I tried many of them in pubs but we also bough some in local super markets. At the airport they also sell boxes of beers that may include a typical beerglass too. Don’t forget that the Belgians never drink from the bottle but from an appropriate glass according to the type of the beer.

    For clothes the pedestrian street rue Neuve was full mainly mainstream brands and chain stores and you can find there 2 shopping centers (City2 and Galeria Inoo). For upscale clothing take your big wallet and check avenue Louise.

    Of course there are the typical souvenir stores too with lots of tacky things, magnets, bags, umbrellas, cups, glasses and so many other things with the word Brussels on them or the shape of the naked boy :) The area near Manekken Pis is full of them

    Another nice souvenir is to buy a local comic strip book, Belgium is famous for Tintin, smurfs, Lucky Luke etc

    Waffle with chocolate is also popular in Brussels and bough at least one each day.

    At Sablon Antiques Center that is located at Place du Grand Sablon you can find a lot of antique items (very expensive though). There must be some open air markets too but we didn’t have to visit any of them.

    beers belgian bisquits Sablon Antiques Center Tintin and smurfs

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  • gwened's Profile Photo

    Shopping Malls & Streets: shopping in Brussels-general

    by gwened Written Aug 7, 2012

    my favorites there

    and this one will show you around

    hope it helps

    What to buy: chocolates, jewerly, and laces are very good value

    What to pay: best in the above

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  • pieter_jan_v's Profile Photo

    Record Gallery: Second Hand records

    by pieter_jan_v Updated Dec 11, 2011

    Record Gallery is the best record shop I found in Brussels. Next to a nice selection of mainstream records, there are many smaller special collector ones, stowed away everywhere. To me the section around the stairs was most interesting.

    The owner has a lot of knowledge and will help you in any way he can.

    What to buy: Special items off the main stream (Radio, TV or movie ones).

    Record Gallery - Interior Record Gallery Record Gallery
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  • Tintin: Value for Money?

    by sabsi Updated Apr 4, 2011

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I walk into a Tintin shop everytime I am in Brussels or Belgium - and so far I have come out of it again empty handed almost everytime. The stuff they sell is incredibly nice and I would love to have some things, even though I never was a huge Tintin fan, but the prices just shock me everytime I visit.

    What to buy: The cuddly Milou has been on my to-have-list for a long time already! My sister still wants the big rocket! I bought her the T-Shirt and the keychain once, they were rather affordable.

    What to pay: A huge plastic rocket in red and white 3000 EURO
    A small plastic rocket in red and white 400 EURO
    Plates in Tintin Design 100 EURO
    Walking in and just having a look PRICELESS

    A tintintree

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  • Bigjones's Profile Photo

    La Maison d'Egypte - Egyptian House: For bellydancers ...

    by Bigjones Updated Apr 4, 2011

    All you need for bellydancing : belts, costumes, accessories, pearls, jewelry, etc.

    If you can't find what you want there, may be you'll find it at Bella in Gent, they have a bigger choice.

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  • sue_stone's Profile Photo

    Cheese and Chocolate: Local Delicacies

    by sue_stone Updated Apr 4, 2011

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Belgium is known for it's chocolate and it's cheese is pretty good two!

    There are plenty of shops though out Brussels where you can pick up some of the local goodies.

    Enjoy - you're on holidays!

    What to buy: Godiva and Leonidas chocolates

    cheese please
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  • gordonilla's Profile Photo

    Magritte Gallery: The World of Magritte

    by gordonilla Updated Mar 3, 2011

    A commercial venture with some good examples of the work of René Magritte - the venue is small but has a good stock of postcards and books.

    Closed on Mondays to mirror the opening hours of the Museums in the city.


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  • chocolates

    by euskaldun Written Sep 21, 2010


    If you like proper chocolate, I would also advise Pierre Marcolini, as well as Wittamer. Both have stores on the Grand Sablon Square but are expensive. Neuhaus is much cheaper and is all throughout the city, even at the airport, as well as other brands such as Godiva or Galler. Leonidas is even cheaper, but it is equally fine. All these brands are more focused on pralines and truffles, however.

    Enjoy your chocolates.

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  • rajiv00's Profile Photo

    Hours of Shopping

    by rajiv00 Written Oct 21, 2009

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Most shops and malls are open till 6pm or 6.30pm and till 7pm on Fridays. Saturdays they are open from approx. 10am to 6pm. Sunday EVERYTHING is closed. however, on sundays, Midi Market (near Midi station) is an open market that sells just about anything (like a Sunday market)

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