Tourist Attractions in Brussels

  • The Bar Area
    The Bar Area
    by johngayton
  • Stunning Building Though!
    Stunning Building Though!
    by johngayton
  • What you see, might not be what you get.
    What you see, might not be what you get.
    by melosh

Most Viewed Tourist Traps in Brussels

  • huggy93's Profile Photo

    Horse and Carriage

    by huggy93 Written Mar 9, 2005

    2 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Guess you'll find the following trip a bit of a tourist trappy kinda thing to do but we wanted to give it a go and have some fun.

    Unique Suggestions: Yeah it was a laugh, so we hired this Horse and Carriage thingey to take us on a bit of a tour of the City.

    Was really funny and embarrasing and kinda disgusting all rolled into one... when ever our horse walked, it kept farting!! And when our guide kept turning around and telling us about the various sites of the town, he kept spitting in our faces as he spoke (though not intentionally I think/hope). "Say it don't spray it!" Hahaha.

    Fun Alternatives: Forget the alternative, give this a go if it's a nice sunny day and of course go and see the "Pissing Boy" if you get a chance.

    Horse & Carriage

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  • rsilva's Profile Photo

    Rene Magritte museum - Don't bother

    by rsilva Updated Dec 17, 2004

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    A friend of ours that had visited Brussels told us we should go see the "Magritte museum" as it was very interesting and had a lot of his works. However, what she meant was the Museum of Modern Art, not the Rene Magritte Museum...

    First it took us about an hour to find the place, then we walked in and could see that it was the house where he lived, not actually a museum.
    We were told that the it was a biographical museum with only 2 actual paintings and that it included a small guided tour.
    We were considering leaving, but then we saw a couple coming down the stairs saying that "it is great!", so we decided to go in the end.

    Most of the rooms were not accessible, meaning that you could stand at the door and look into his livingroom, bedroom, bathroom, etc. Some of the rooms were not even original from the time Magritte lived there.
    Then there were a couple of halls you could walk around and see some sketches and drawings, but not much interesting, in my opinion.

    I think that those 6 Euros were not well spent...

    Unique Suggestions: Just take a look at the webpage: - it's enough

    Fun Alternatives: Go see Magritte's works at the the Museum of Modern Art, there are 26 of them there....

    For information:

    This is what it looks like

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  • irisbe's Profile Photo

    Too much money for a morbid drink

    by irisbe Written Nov 1, 2004

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Le cerceuil, the coffin and yes when you walk into the small long dark hall you are welcomed by darkness, undertaker’s decoration and a really morbid style of interior.
    Here you can drink out of skulls and put your glass on top of one of the coffins.
    This show comes at a certain price! So don’t go in if you are on low budget!
    I wonder how many had indeed their last drink here? How many grabbed towards their failing heart while reading the bill and passed away on one of the really worn out sofa’s.

    It is a pity that the music was far from adapted and even the guy behind the counter didn’t dressed up like an undertaker anymore, just t-shirt and jeans.
    So huge part of the show was gone… but we didn’t got any reduction on the bill.

    Featuring on the pictures are Tompt (Tom and Gonnie) Ralph_II (Ralph)

    Unique Suggestions: I would not recommend this place but as it has a “reputation” well maybe you just want to go in and have one drink so you can say “I was at the Cerceuil”?

    No dresscode needed. It is so dark you can almost walk in naked without being noticed `-)
    Be careful with inflamable cloths... there are a lot of candles there

    Fun Alternatives: There are other nice pubs at lower prices.

    Get a heart attack reading the bill at La Cerceuil
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    • Beer Tasting

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  • Imbi's Profile Photo


    by Imbi Updated May 13, 2004

    3 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I don’t drink Tea, but it has been recommended from Sahar that never ever drink Tea from an ice cream shop. I don’t want to mention the name but that world’s leading ice cream shop had awful Tea.

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  • ChiTownMike's Profile Photo

    Museum of Cocoa and Chocolate

    by ChiTownMike Written Apr 28, 2004

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    When I saw that there was a museum devoted to chocolate, I got excited. What could be better I thought. My expectation was to see lots of...chocolate being made and plenty to sample. I was disappointed, finding the "museum" to be small and rather boring. Also, one only got a tiny taste of chocolate for the admission fee.

    Fun Alternatives: Save the cash and spend it on chocolate at a store or buy a couple beers at a bar just a few feet away.

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    • Food and Dining

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  • belgianchocolate's Profile Photo

    Dial that telephone number

    by belgianchocolate Written Apr 19, 2004

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    For popular restaurants it is usefull to make
    a reservation. If you want to see a theater
    performance...same thing.

    02 507 84 44
    Is the telephonenumer for the infoline
    for the 'palais des beaux arts'.

    If you want to make a call for information
    from outside Belgium you call...
    OO32 2 507 84 44
    0032 is the access code for belgium.
    02 is the code for city Brussels.

    On websites with an international character
    they often write a phone number like this.
    (0032) (0) 2 507 84 44
    You now know which numbers to pick from
    which location.

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  • Mahieu's Profile Photo

    Jeanneke Pis

    by Mahieu Written Feb 5, 2004

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Oh well, feminism I guess ;-)
    Besides Manneken Pis, we also have a statue of a little girl urinating, called Jeanneke Pis. It was built during the 1980's and the only reason is to provide the nearby restaurants (Rue des Bouchers) with even more clients. Next to the fountain where Jeanneken urinates, it is even mentioned that she urinates that much, because she had a beer at the pub in front of the statue!
    Come on, get real!!

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  • matcrazy1's Profile Photo


    by matcrazy1 Updated Dec 27, 2003

    1 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    There were very few public toilets/restrooms in Brussels in my opinion and they were not free.
    So, when you find one, expect to pay for it. So, always carry some small change on you. You can always find public toilets in the train stations and in some metro stations.

    Unique Suggestions: An easy solution to find a place to go when nature calls is to look for the nearest hotel or fast-food restaurants (a rule which you can apply in all the cities all over the world).
    Sometimes you may even have to pay when you go to the toilet in the cafe where you are drinking your beer in. But when you need a public toilet bad you don't care what it costs.

    Fun Alternatives: My secret toilet tip while travelling (not only in Brussels) is to walk into a nice big hotel, pretend you're staying there and go for the hotel lobby loo/toilet. They're always clean and I've never been bothered.

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    • Hiking and Walking
    • Backpacking
    • Budget Travel

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  • Le Cercueil

    by wombebru Written Jun 2, 2003

    Le Cercueil is a bar/café about 10 metres from the Grand Place, of courseTHE Brussels' tourist location. Although quite original (drinks are served in skulls and one sits on coffins...), the prices for drinks are way too high. Even for this area where a plain beer can be twice the price compared with other cafés in Brussels, this place beats them all... You are warned!

    Unique Suggestions: If you want to take a look at the decor, simply walk in, stumble around for a while (the place is almost dark - it's all about coffins, remember...) and walk out again. The place is mostly packed, so probably nobody will notice....

    Fun Alternatives: Pick any other café in the neighbourhood. The drinks are the same, the prices "normal" and you will have a splendid view on maybe the most beautiful marketplace in the world... As for the coffins and the skulls, pick a nightclub at random...

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  • Buying stuff

    by Gorbatzjov Updated May 14, 2003

    In the centre, near the Grand Market, you'll find many tourist shops. It's a great opportunity to buy some souvenirs, but they are all very expensive. Most of them are owned by one family or friends, so they kinda have a monopoly.

    In any case: do NOT buy food or alcohol there.

    Unique Suggestions: for a great shop with all kinds of beer, glasses, books, ... go to the Biertempel. I don't exactly know the address, but it's one of the streets surrounding the Grand Market. It's THE best place to buy funny beer stuff, but prices are high!

    Fun Alternatives: When looking for a place to buy food, or beers to bring home, go to a supermarket. Ask yourself whether you want to spend € 25 for a 4-pack Duvel with a special glass, or spend € 5 buying Duvel in a supermarket and buy a single glass somewhere else...

    There is a supermarket right in the centre, between the Bourse and the Muntplein (Place de la Monnaie) on Avenue Anspach Laan. It's called AD Delhaize.

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  • brons17's Profile Photo

    Phone Call Charges

    by brons17 Written Feb 21, 2003

    When making a phonecall from a hotel beware of huge charges and also local calls are times
    The phone system wasnt that reliable as I called several times to directory assistance and even when the number was un available i was charged for teh calls ???

    Fun Alternatives: I ended up calling my freinds briefly and got them to ring me back

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  • Sjalen's Profile Photo

    Waterloo battle field

    by Sjalen Written Aug 26, 2002

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Waterloo battle field is little more than a mound with a lion on and a huge parking space full of tourist coaches and a café. Not worth the difficult trek unless you have a car. True that there are some nice things like the circular 'battle panorama' exhibition and the 'Auberge' where Napoleon stayed is still a cosy country pub but it's not enough.

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    • Seniors
    • Historical Travel
    • Museum Visits

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  • ErikF's Profile Photo

    Just watch out for pick...

    by ErikF Written Aug 26, 2002

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Just watch out for pick pockets...for sure in the 'nieuw straat'
    another thing is DON't leave anything on the back seat of you car ...they will steal it by smashing your window ....even when you are sitting in the car !!! and always lock your door.

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  • tanjake's Profile Photo

    a drink at the 'Grote...

    by tanjake Written Aug 25, 2002

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    a drink at the 'Grote Markt'... OK, I expected it to be expensive, but this was REALLY expensive and not at all good! I know it was stupid, but my colleagues insisted!! (so it's their fault really!!! )

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  • Jschukal's Profile Photo

    Belgium has a way of making...

    by Jschukal Written Aug 24, 2002

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Belgium has a way of making people think of waffles, much the way Philidelphia makes us think of cheese steaks. Don't let them suck you in! Don't be made to look like fools in a corner store eating waffles with crap all over your faces. You'll notice that soon after this picture was taken, me and my friend parted ways with the other two. As you can see, they had their problems.

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