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    Ticket Offices at Midi
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    Buses, trams and metro.

    by Maurizioago Updated Mar 1, 2015

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The city is well served by public transportation. Buses, trams goes almost everywhere in Brussels. The metro has only three lines, but it is useful to go to certain places far from the city center.

    One single ticket is valid for multiple jouneys across the whole network for one hour. There are also various kinds of passes are on sale; for ten, five travels or for one day.

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    The New Brussels Metro

    by johngayton Updated Jan 25, 2015

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    As from April 4th 2009 the Brussels Metro has been extended and now has four underground lines plus two tram lines which pretty much cover the whole city. Line 1 (magenta) runs across the city between Gare de l'Ouest to Stocke, Line 2 (orange) loops between Simonis Leopold II and Simonis Elisabeth, Line 5 (yellow) goes through the city from Erasme in the south west to Hermann-Debroux in the south east and line 6 (blue) spirals out from Simonis Elisabeth to Roi Baudouin. Lines 3 and 4 (green and pink) are the trams travelling, respectively, between Gare de Nord to Churchill and Esplanade to Stalle P.

    For a print-friendly map click Metro Map.

    There are a variety of ticket options including single tickets, 5 and 10 journey tickets, 1 day and 3 day passes as well as various group and disabled discount tickets. All tickets have to be validated in the yellow machines before travelling and single tickets are valid for any complete journey including transfers. There are two types of ticket, the MOBIB card and the JUMP ticket which are valid on the whole metro, bus and tram network with the exception of the airport buses (for which a separate ticket is required). Tickets can be purchased from machines and manned offices at all stations as well as various other outlets. At the time of writing (October 2009) a single JUMP ticket is 1.70 Euros and a one-day JUMP ticket 4.50.

    Station locations are well signposted (look for the white on blue M) and the system is very easy to navigate with excellent signage in the stations and most stations have an electronic train tracker which tells you when and where the next train is.

    Metro Station at Louise Ticket Offices at Midi Waiting For The Train at Schuman
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    London > Brussels...

    by arturowan Written Dec 1, 2014

    Student Bus Agency operate a daily service between London Green Line > Brussels...
    Coaches leave London every morning @ 11:00 > arriving in Brussels the same evening, drop-off at Kardinaal Mercierstraat, just off Rue Ravenstein (not far from Parc du Bruxelles...) @18:30
    Returning from Brussels @ 05:30 > arrives in London @ 10:30
    Tickets can be booked online using the Student Bus Agency website, or in person by visiting the agent on Collonade Walk, near the Green Line Bus Station...
    Despite claims from their competitors, Student Bus Agency offer the fairest deal on this schedule @ 30Euro, 1-way...

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    Brussels North Coach Station...

    by arturowan Written Nov 28, 2014

    Brussels North Coach Station is located near the Metro Gare du Nord...
    It is commonly known as the EURO-LINES Coach Station, because it is 1 of their central inter-changes in mainland Europe...
    However, EURO-LINES do not provide much for their passengers, but for a check-in & booking-0ffice for this operator alone on site...
    If you have a coach to board, the procedure is to hand-in your passport & ticket at the check-in desk, in exchange for which you will receive a luggage-label & a token to hand the driver when boarding your coach...
    The EURO-LINES office is not much bigger than a kiosk, so there is not much area for waiting, & this bus station is a cold, draughty space...
    The structure is 1 of the city's modernist designs, constructed in slabs of concrete, so although you are supposed to check-in 30-minutes before boarding, I would not wish to spend a minute more in this miserable terminus...
    0pening hours; 06:00 - 23:00 (daily)

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    The Brussels Metro

    by pieter_jan_v Written Aug 13, 2014

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The Brussels Metro started as so-called premetro lines; in fact tram lines that went underground at busy spots of the city. Post war traffic in Brussels grew rapidly and trams were delayed by traffic grid locks more and more. The 1958 World Exhibition was the second reason to build the premetro infrastructure.

    In 1976 the first of 4 real metro lines was opened.
    At present there are 6 lines; 2 of them premetr lines:
    -1: Weststation - Stokkel
    -2: Elisabeth - Simonis
    -3: Esplanade - Churchill (premetro)
    -4: Noordstation - Stalle (premetro)
    -5: Erasmus - Herrmann-Debroux
    -6: Elisabeth - Koning Boudewijn

    Brussels Metro entrance at Brussels Midi
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    Brussels trams

    by pieter_jan_v Updated Aug 12, 2014

    The following Brussels trams are serving the city:
    - 3 - Esplanade - Churchill
    - 4 - Noordstation - Stalle (P)
    - 7 - Heizel - Vanderkindere
    -19 - De Wand - Groot-Bijgaarden
    -25 - Rogier - Boondaal Station
    -31 - Noordstation - Marius Renard
    -32 - Da Vinci - Drogenbos Kasteel
    -39 - Ban Eik - Montgomery
    -44 - Montgomery - Tervuren Station
    -51 - Stadion - Van Haelen
    -55 - Da Vinci - Rogier
    -62 - Kerkhof van Jette – Eurocontrol
    -81 - Montgomery - Marius Renard
    -82 - Berchem Station - Drogenbos Kasteel
    -83 - Berchem Station - Montgomery
    -92 - Schaarbeek Station - Fort-Jaco
    -93 - Stadion - Legrand
    -94 - Louiza - Trammuseum
    -97 - Dieweg - Louiza

    Brussels tram
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    by antistar Written Aug 6, 2014

    Brussels has a decent metro system, with a subway backed up by trams and buses. A simple way to travel is to buy a 5 or 10 journey travel card from one of the booths (if someone is manning them). You validate these strips when you leave or exit the metro; the logic of entry/exit validation I never quite understood but it seemed to work. The cards are probably better value than the day tickets, as there's not a lot you need the metro for outside of a trip to Atomium.

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  • pieter_jan_v's Profile Photo

    Night buses

    by pieter_jan_v Updated Aug 2, 2013

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Local public transportation at night is carried out by the following night buses :
    N01 De Brouckère – Peter Benoit
    N02 De Brouckère – Saint-Vincent
    N04 De Brouckère – Cimetière de Bruxelles
    N05 De Brouckère – Marcel Thiry
    N06 Bourse – Musée du Tram
    N07 Bourse – Herrmann-Debroux
    N08 Bourse – Wiener
    N09 Bourse – Boondael Gare
    N10 Bourse – Fort-Jaco
    N11 Bourse – Uccle Calevoet
    N12 De Brouckère – Stalle (P)
    N13 Bourse – Westland Shopping
    N14 De Brouckère – Westland Shopping
    N15 Porte de Namur – Hunderenveld
    N16 Porte de Namur – Berchem Station
    N17 Gare du Midi – Heysel (via Miroir)
    N18 Gare du Midi – Heysel (via Bockstael)

    Nightbus single fare = 3 Euro's.

    Nightbus network map

    Brussels night bus map
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    Maatschappij voor Intercommunaal Vervoer Brussel

    by pieter_jan_v Updated Aug 2, 2013

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The Maatschappij voor Intercommunaal Vervoer van Brussel (MIVB) is the main transportation authority of Brussels. It operates the metro, (night)buses and trams.

    Public Transportation network map

    Other companies supplying transportation to/from Brussels are:

    SNCB (Belgian Rail): with some thirty stations in greater Brussels, the SNCB is very complementary to the other networks. The three main Brussels stations are Brussels South, Brussels Central and Brussels North.

    DE LIJN (Flemish Public Transport): some sixty bus lines connect the Brussels region with the main cities of Flemish Brabant.

    TEC (Walloon Public Transport): 6 TEC lines connect Brussels with its French-speaking outskirts.

    MIVB bus at the Beurs Bus station - Brussels - Midi
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    By Bus to Bruxelles City

    by cochinjew Written Feb 6, 2013

    No 12 which is Express and no 21 which is slower (on sat and sundays there is no 12 service) go from the bus stops just outside the arrival hall.
    the tickets have to be bought in the machine.
    4 euros one way in february 2013 and 27 euros for ten trips which is wonderful.
    Unfortunatlely if you dont have a pin number for your credit card you are really in trouble. On the bus the driver can charge you up to six euros if he has a ticket to give you..
    and it does not take notes so you have to have the correct change..
    be warned.
    the service is rapid, within 25 minutes you are in Schumann just at the head fo Archimede street in European Quarters ..

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  • lina112's Profile Photo

    moving around...

    by lina112 Written Jul 25, 2012

    The «Société des Transports Intercommunaux de Bruxelles», better known as STIB, is the main public transport operator in Brussels. Thanks to their underground, tram and bus lines, their network can take you to the four corners of the city each and every day.

    La «Société des Transports intercommunaux de Bruselas», más conocida como la STIB, es el principal operador de transporte público en Bruselas. Gracias a sus líneas de metro, tranvía y autobús, la red puede llevar a las cuatro esquinas de la ciudad cada día.

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    No 12 from Airport to Luxembourg Quarters

    by cochinjew Written Jun 29, 2012

    There is a bus that goes with few stops from the Brussels airport to the Luxembourg European Quarters of Brussels. it is cheap only 3.50 euros and takes about 45 minutes . If you are staying in the european quarter this is a good alternative

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    Ride the Trams

    by von.otter Written Apr 2, 2012

    My first ride on a tram was here in Bruxelles.

    I loved it!

    These light rail transportation options are faster than buses, more easily accessible than the métro/subway. The city’s first horse-drawn tram took off in 1869. The city’s tram system is quiet extensive, being the 10th largest in the world. One tram line, #92, passed directly in front of our hotel, making travel to the sights quick and easy.

    Ride the trams!

    A Tram near Place Stephanie, Bruxelles, May 2011 A Tram near Place Stephanie, Bruxelles, May 2011 A Tram near Place Stephanie, Bruxelles, May 2011 A Tram near Place Stephanie, Bruxelles, May 2011 A Tram near Place Stephanie, Bruxelles, May 2011
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    Brussels Metro

    by steedappeal Updated Nov 20, 2011

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The Brussels Metro system is reliable and is a good, inexpensive way to avoid the expensive taxis. It works similar to the Paris Metro in that a train's terminus determines the direction. The disappointing thing is that the trains are fairly worn and dirty. Stations are a little creepy after 9 pm. I was apporached repeatedly by panhandlers (3/27/06)

    **AS OF NOV 2011** A one-way fare is now 1.80 Euro. Ticket machines accept only coins (NO bills) and my magnetic strip USA debit card did NOT work. So either have enough change or wait in a long line at some of the major transfer point stations (if you can find a window open). My 3 day card was swallowed by a machine at Madou and not a soul to help- tant pis!

    Also, there is a map for 50 cents that the Tourist Info people sell (I bought mine at Midi/Zuid) that is the most handy reference for the Metro. It is printed on really good, flexible paper that does not disintegrate.

    Be very aware of pickpockets on the Metro, too!

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  • Public Transport in Brussels, and most of Europe

    by Vickm Written Oct 31, 2011

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    First time tourists to Europe are always advised to take some foreign money in advance for small purchases such as water, candy and public transportation. What they are not told, is that buses,
    and metro tickets need to be purchased out of a ticket kiosk which will NOT take paper bills.
    If you arrive late, and the airport stores are closed, you will have a real problem getting anyone to give you change for a paper bill.
    Also, kiosk machines are usually broken, or hard to understand the directions, and you become a great target for scammers, and thieves walking around just looking for confused and stranded tourist.
    Again, just make sure you have some COINS if you are a budget traveler, and not taking a taxi from ANY airport in Europe.

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