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  • Youth square
    Youth square
    by Odiseya
  • On the bus station in Brčko
    On the bus station in Brčko
    by Odiseya
  • Fontain of Youth
    Fontain of Youth
    by Odiseya

Brcko Things to Do

  • Fontana mladosti - Fontain of youth

    The fountain of youth is a symbol of the city (with the Town Hall) and is located at the Square of the young. Original name is "fontana mladosti".Square has through history changed its appearance. Sometimes it was a downtown of a small artisan shops. Today is a pedestrian zone with modern stores.Author of fountain is Sead Ekmečić. The...

  • Touristic train station

    Interesting building train station in Brčko was build in 1946. It is serve primary for railway and transportation of passengers and goods. Local government prepared this building to become a tourist attraction of Brcko District.

  • Interesting builiding

    Former main bookstore for wider area "veselin Masleša" and place where was store named "Samoizbor", is after reconstruction become main city art gallery in Brčko District. Work on reconstructed was started on 4th April 2011. For these purposes, the capital budget of Brcko District government is provided 200000 KM.Institution city gallery was...

  • Monument dedicated to hero of WWII

    This monument is near cross border to Croatia. It is dedicated to fight against enemy and local traitors (like is write on monument plaque) near monument. Especially is dedicated to local baker and revolutionary and partisan Hasan Aganović called Tač. He is participated in action on 16th August 1941 when he burned down two Germans truck...

  • Experience atmosphere of Old town market

    Čaršija (pers. čehar are tur. čarsu) is the market.This was the commercial center of the town in Bosnia and Herzegovina during the Ottoman rule.The basic elements of her was mosques, shops and fountain.Today's bazaar are modernized and include local, municipal buildings, cultural centers and restaurants. It is well known Bascarsija...

  • Monument in city park

    The only monument in the main city park is dedicated to Dobrosav Dobro Jovanović (Serbian Cyrillic: Добросав Добро Јовановић). He was a volunteer in the World War I. He was hanged by the occupiers 1914th.The...

  • Relax in main city park

    Every town in Bosnia and Herzegovina has several so call "green area" especially in the center. Main city park in Brčko is big organized area with lots a paths and benches. One area of park is designed like children playground. Start on main street in city with Dobrin monument, near Catholic church and all away to the Economic faculty with way...

  • Kucukalic house

    Due to its favorable geographical position in Brcko at the end of the nineteenth century a rapid development of trade. Many people come here to live, especially the merchants.So he came to the city and Alijaga Kučukalić, capable trader and soon became one of the wealthiest merchants. He built the 1891st The Hotel "Posavina", which he...

  • The government headquarters of the Brcko...

    Modern building near the cross boarding with Croatia and across City hall (Brcaska beledija) on left side is a seat of Goverment of Brcko District.Brcko District is an administrative unit of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The District is under international administration. The seat is the city of Brcko District. It is on beginning of Bulevar mira street...

  • Firehouse

    Development of firefighting in Bosnia and Herzegovina extends from the era of the Ottoman Empire, since it encouraged some form of fire protection. Serious and systematic development of firefighting in Bosnia and Herzegovina began only after the occupation by the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy 1878. For this purpose, the Provincial Government of Bosnia...

  • Bridge over Sava river

    This is former railway bridge over the Sava River to Gunja (Croatia), 755 m long with 27 towers.The construction of the bridge was funded by the Austro-Hungarian Government and the Provincial Government of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Preparations for its construction began in early 1892nd. The collection of oak wood rafts that is transported from the...

  • Brcanska beledija - City hall

    Brčanska Beledija or City Hall was built during the Austro-Hungarian occupation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.Brčanska Beledija-Hall was built in the pseudo-Moorish style of the time from 1891. to 1892., specifically, has been delivered to the use of I8. August 1892. It is still the most representative buildings in Brcko.The author of city...

  • Brka river

    Brka river springs under Mount Majevica in Brcko empties into the Sava River. Therefore, in the river there are several fish species. Across the river crosses several bridges, and debt is about 30 kilometers. River follows its course long pedestrian one in the old town. But it can not be seen from the pedestrian zone of the buildings the river...

  • Old town core

    From the old architecture Brcko remained very small par of what once was. In addition to the Town Hall and Hotel "Posavina" there is a building where the bookstore and premises cultural activity, building on one side of the square and the youth street next to the building of the Brcko District. These buildings have a specific and beautiful...

  • Sacred Heart Church

    The Catholic Church in Brcko, this contemporary, built in the 14th October 1933rd and bears the name "Sacred Heart Church" (Croatian: Crkva srca Isusova). According to the original design of the church is supposed to have two towers, or towers, one on the left and right sides. The original sketch of the future church was transferred and the...


Brcko Transportation

  • Train station Brcko

    Train station Brčko is also known as Stanica Brcko, Stanica Brcko Novo, Stanica Brčko, Stanica Brčko Novo.Some interesting story from history is construction of railroad from Brcko to Banovici - the first youth action in former Yugoslavia after WWII.After the WWII, in the period of reconstruction of the Yugoslavia from war, before...

  • Already leaving Brcko? To abroad!

    Current (2012th) timetable for departure from city to abroad is:- Belgrade (via highway-Croatia): 01:30; 07:55; 10:30; 11:30; 12:10; 12:55; 13:40; 16:00; 18:20; 19:00- Belgrade (via Sabac): 09:30; 14:50- Novi Sad: 00:00; 08:00; 10:30; 11:35; 11:50; 14:45; 15:15; 17:20; 19:50 - Subotica: 11:50- Stara Pazova: 11:30Zagreb: 01:30; 08:30; 10:30; 14:00;...

  • Bus station in Brcko

    Bus station Brcko (Company Laser Brcko District Bosnia and Herzegovina) is located across the train station of Brcko. It is usually first thing that travelers see when visit city. The bus station itself is very modest without auxiliary facilities and has a movable toilets. Information from official web sites is not update recently and i know that...


Brcko Shopping

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    Planet obuća

    by Odiseya Written Jan 28, 2014

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Planet obuća (literary translate as "Planet of Shoes") is popular store from Croatia that I find in many towns within country.
    It is known for wide selection on trendy and nice shoes with affordable price.

    What to buy: The widest selection of seasonal shoes, top quality leather and school programs.

    What to pay: From 5 euros for sandale up to shoes to 50 euros. That was avarage

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Brcko Warnings and Dangers

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    Information about City 2 more images

    by Odiseya Updated Nov 25, 2012

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    Brčko district have a good information system for visitor but only from region. Still not like over Republika Srpska when you can find a main signs trough urban zone and for touristic resort vacation you can find a interpretative maps and market trails. All sign are bilingual (but not on English) and with digraphs (Cyrillic and Latin) .

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Brcko Favorites

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  • Stay on surface

    Brčko port is a biggest port in country. From 2006 it has and status of international port because its importance for river transport. Small cottages on riverbanks Sava are a very nice place for rest and fishing. During floods, cottages are looks like it flow on river stream. This is not a usual sight, at least not for me. I saw this scene...

  • Brcko - an interesting gateway...

    Brcko - an interesting gateway to Bosnia and to Bosnian political affairs (you cannot travel through this country and neglect the politics). Set as a 'third entity of BiH' the District of Brcko shows how Serbs, Muslims and Croats can live together.

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